Tuesday, August 16, 2011

World of Geek Craft 8/16/11

This "woven gift topper" by Kate of Minieco is made of pure happy:

Or maybe strips of paper. Whatever. The point is: I dare you to not smile while looking at it. I'd love to see a whole set framed individually on clean white walls: instant geek art! Hit the link above for more Invader dudes plus instructions. (Found via Craft:)

Some adorableness from the upcoming Stitch Wars gallery show:

Soooo cute. This one's my favorite, but there's lots more to squee over on SuperPunch.

Now, you could buy this necklace by Oak for $372:


...you could use this tutorial by Honestly...WTF to make your own with stuff you might already have in the garage:

Oh, the possibilities! I'm thinking braided ribbon for a more feminine look. What do you think?

(And thanks to Amanda H. for the link!)

Oh, and while we're at it, I Still Love You's tutorial for making "Magic Braided Leather" makes my head hurt a little:

...but I have to try this.

And finally, Josh H. sent me a pic of this awesome nerdy birthday banner his wife Sabrina made for him:

I especially like the Picard uniforms. :)

Josh didn't say, but I think these are all made from felt. Family project, anyone? (And great job, Josh's awesome wife!)

Seen any great geeky crafts lately? Be sure to share in the comments!


  1. I'm working on a Pac Man cross stitch sampler... it is coming along slowly, so maybe one day I'll finish it! (too many craft projects at once!)

  2. Have you seen these from dillondesigns an etsy shop? Rings

  3. The braided leather is so easy! We used to do them in Girl Scouts. It's like solving one of those wooden puzzles or the horseshoe & ring puzzle. You do it once, you know it for life.

  4. I'm currently knitting a Jayne hat for my husband. Need to finish by Saturday, eep!

  5. The banner that Sabrina made was even more cool in person. You're right - it is all felt and totally awesome.

    I stared at it for a while at Josh's party. :)

  6. Two words: Knitted Daleks! Found here, via Ravelry. I made one for my fiancee as a birthday gift, and he loves it! We have christened it the D'awwlek. ^_^

    That braided leather looks so cool! I'll have to see if I can follow the tutorial on that one.

  7. I know it's not a craft, but I've been thinking over the past week that you might appreciate knowing about a really awesome (and geeky) web series. It's called Platoon of Power Squadron, found here.

    In short, it's about four people exploring their superpowers, but it's also a pretty good character piece.

    I just... I don't even know. It's great. The quality picks up in the third episode, so if you want to see only a little bit, I would recommend starting there.

    It's got Joss Whedon homages, and something I appreciate: equal representation of male and female main characters being awesome.


  8. Geek crafts are the most fun.

    I made a clay Tardis about four inches high for my dad for Christmas a few years back with tiny little K9, psychic paper and a sonic screwdriver.

  9. That "Laugh It Up Fuzzball" stitching reminds me of the Wookie the Chew book by James Hance (see http://www.jameshance.com/wookiee-the-chew.html for prints you can buy and a link to the book). He's working on a second book and is even making an animated feature of it.

    Oh, and while you're at it, check out his other works. Some truly inspired geek art!

  10. must have that fabric chewbacca

  11. Star Trek symbols, PacMan figures, SMB goodness and Radiohead bears in the same picture?? The peak of awesomeness has been achieved, you may now close the Internet. Thank you.

  12. Oooh I love the woven Space Invader! *glee* I'm already incorporating it into my living room plans, thanks for sharing!

  13. Just had this one pop up over on GeekGirlCon's FB page:

    Disappearing Tardis

  14. Saw this NY Steam punk apartment and thought of you! :)


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