Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Steam 8/20/11

After MUCH peer pressure (thank you, peers!) I've started a Pinterest account. If you haven't heard of it, Pinterest is a super-addictive photo-sharing platform that rips open the space-time-continuum and sucks away your entire afternoon. Trust me. It's dangerous.

Anyhoo, of course I'm pinning mostly steampunk inspirational stuff, like this:

Submitted by Julie N. via locksmith-r-us; By Franz von Stuck and found at Bremen City Hall, Germany.

Now THAT is a door handle.

And check out these funky cool "light installations" by Liquid Light:

That's a chandelier.

And here's a floor lamp:

I'm sure they can't be as fragile as they look, but I'd still be terrified of even breathing on those crystal drops. Wow.

John and I have been working hard on our Dragon*Con costumes this week, and I'll give you one guess what they are since I'm mentioning them in this post. Heh. Anyway, we've been consulting the mighty Google image search quite a bit for reference and inspirations like these:

Found by Corinna H.; Victorian Picnic at the Clara Zetkin Park in Germany; photo by Regina Katzer.

Hit that link to see over a hundred fun costume shots. Eye candy galore!

And speaking of eye candy, I'd give a non-vital organ to look like this:

(I did a triple-take before I realized that's a real girl and not a painting. Sooo pretty.)

Or this:

Both photos from SteampunkCouture, which you should go click around for lots more gorgeousness. (And if you're that skinny - well, I hate you - but also you can buy that last outfit for only $175!)

And just LOOK how adorable this girl is:

Found via Steampunk Girls, another good time waster, but I don't have the photographer's credit. Anyone know?

[Edit: I'm a dolt. This one's *also* from Steampunk Couture. I should've known!]

Also, that skirt makes me ridiculously happy.

Ok, enough gawking at pretty steampunk girls.

Now let's gawk at pretty steampunk jewelry!

Love the art deco touch - and only $22 at Sandrandan.

$51 at the always fabulous Bionic Unicorn.

Ok, so this next one's more pirate than steampunk, but I love the enameled ship:

Found by Carthey S.; by Karen Keith Designs

I believe this was a one-of-a-kind that's been sold (curses), but click the link to see lots more.

Who says steampunk has to be all gold and brass?

$36 from Friston

I discovered Friston's etsy store last week, and quickly discovered that I have needs I never realized before, guys. Jewelry needs. I...I think I'm in love. With a purple leather cuff bracelet:

$47 from Friston

Not to mention at least eight of his other pieces. I'm telling you: NEEDS. I have them.

Oh, and finally - yes, I've seen the crazy steampunk apartment. I like the technicolor dirigible. So you can all stop e-mailing me the link. Please.

Seen something fun and steamy? Share your links in the comments!


  1. I can't remember if I've shared my friend's work, but...

    Scoundrelle's Keep gallery
    her Flickr account
    her Etsy

    have fun. :P

  2. so, are there no sexy steampunk guys to look at??

    -Barbara Anne

    P.S. only a non-vital organ to look like that? or did you mean just to have the outfit? LOL

  3. since you asked. . .

    I have been occassionally blogging about steampunk on my personal blog, but just this summer moved the steampunk posts to their own blog--Minnie Zephie's Steampunk Treasure Trunk!

    There isn't much there yet, mainly beauties from my own etsy lingering, but as one geeky fan girl to another, you are welcome to stop by anytime. : )

  4. Wow. I want all these outfits. Especially the white one.

  5. Your description of Pintrest is SPOT ON! I've spent too much time on there...
    And I checked out the etsy link for that purple cuff and found some earrings that I LOVE!! The watch faces... absolutely love them!

  6. that 2nd sexy steampunk girl with her stomach bared looks kind of disproportionately skinny to me, like maybe they photoshopped off some of her midsection.

  7. Gah! I just started on Pinterest a week ago, and I already have 200 pins! It's such a glorious time-waster, and so addicting!

  8. Don't know if you know about this yet, but if you haven't you need to check it out:

    The Steampunk Bible

    And also...

    1000 Steampunk Creations


  9. Gorgeous stuff, but that girl in the white either already gave her vital organs to look like that or she's been the teensiest bit photoshopped.

  10. I'm not sure who the photographer is on that photo but I'm pretty sure the outfit is from steampunk couture:

    The first photo in that album shows that outfit.

  11. P.S. I WANT those lights and that door handle. So. MUCH.

  12. Oh yes, that photo is from steampunk couture. I just saw it in their Autumn 2010 collection on their main website. Here it is.

  13. Yaay, steampunk! I've been in a crafting frenzy lately, steampunking a skirt and a hat for halloween. They're on my deviantart if you'd like to take a look :)

  14. I LOVE the flower/watch necklace and the bird doorhandle! These are great!

  15. @ Barbara Anne - Oh, believe me, there are *plenty* of steamy guys to gawk at. ;) These girls were just my most recent finds in my quest for costume inspiration.

    (And - organ for looking like that, yes. Much as I love the outfit, it's not worth elective surgery.)

  16. @ Laura - Oh, wow, your friend was one of the designers at the D*C steampunk fashion show last year! Sweet! Her stuff is amaaaazing.

    @ Blessed - expect a new lurker soon. ;)

    @ Literate Chick - I keep forgetting to mention 1000 Steampunk Creations, since the creators sent me a copy. I still have to get the bible, though!

    @ Anony - those are awesome! I especially love the hat; I want to make a feathered clip like that for mine!

  17. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for getting me into steampunk! I've done a couple of small designs and I LOVE the possibilities of this style!!

  18. $175 for that outfit? It doesn't seem to be in the 'for sale' section on Steampunk Couture. Where is it on the site? Help me out?

  19. Oh dear. I love so much of that. I cannot wait to see what yours look like when your finished!

  20. OMG the bustles @ Steampunk Couture re very similar to what I plan to make for my Halloween costume, only I am not that thin or perfect. And thigh highs are a thing of my distant past so I am making a very cute pair of black poke-a-dot on black material bloomers to go under with pink ribbon at the knee to match my pink corset. I am going to be making a steampunk fairy costume and I have never been more excited. I will of course send a link to my blog over at ( when it is all done.

  21. Chelsea steampunk loft in Wall Street Journal. I followed a link from yahoo home page.

  22. There's a shelf with a puffer fish, two typewriters and small bird... wonderful things

  23. adjusted the brightness on the screen, no bird but two puffer fish...

  24. I totally love the apartment and, OMG, that jewelry is to die for.

  25. i'd say stop looking into the void, but i suppose you have found some pretty epic steampunk amazingness there. so it's okay. keep flying into the void lol

  26. In the picture of the three girls, I'm almost positive that the one in the middle is Miss Overdose.

  27. LOVE it!!! Ooh, the silhouette on the white outfit's top is just gorgeous. Want.

    Just discovered Epbot--looks like I'll be coming back quite a bit now! XD

    ~Eve S. D'ropper
    (P. S. Contest on my blog! Win books/candy/gift card! Check it out:

  28. Ugh I've been on the Pinterest waitlist since April! I have some awesome steampunk costume ideas, but nowhere to wear them to or to wear them with :(

  29. I hope for John's those aren't the only pictures you're using for inspiration. I don't think he could pull off the corset look quite as well as you!!

  30. Love, love and more love! I'd give a non-vital organ as well! I think steampunk rocks. Now where are my veiled hat and rose colored glasses...

  31. Pinterest really is internet heroin. You described it perfectly.

    I really like the jewelry made by Absence of Time.

  32. Dr. Grymm Laboratories helped to organize the open house party in that Chelsea apartment, it is actually pretty cool in person in a way that I think the photographs do not convey. Thanks for posting the link, its such a neat property.

    I am looking forward to Dragon Con photos soon:)

  33. Seconding the Anonymous comment - where oh where did you find that white outfit from Steampunk Couture on their site?! I've looked through all of their collections (tough work, I know) and can't find it for sale.

    Thanks for the steamy inspiration in this post though!!

  34. Jen, I love Epbot and CW. Saw the link below from Mental Floss today and thought of you. :) Have a great day!

  35. I LOVE the door handle!!!

  36. The picture of the three girls in the field make me think of a Steampunk Spice Girls. Posh on the right, Ginger in the middle a bit of a Baby on the left

  37. Ok I had to come back and leave this link in the comments for you Jen. Check out these amazing Bioshock cosplay picks my friend Nate Buchanan took!

    Enjoy, I think you will like them!

  38. Glad you joined Pinterest. I pinned your Harry Potter Wand holder a while back and that is by far the most repinned thing I put on there. Hopefully you are getting a lot of traffic from them, a lot of geek girls out there that don't know about you yet and should.

  39. tried to warn be, but I didn't listen. Pinterest totally opens the space-time-continuum!! Aaahhh...

  40. Just caught up on your last entries and saw that you used the link that I sent you. Consider my day made! :D


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