May I use some of your photos on my website if I link back to you?

Of course! And thanks for the link love! (Just don't go re-posting huge chunks of my posts, please.)

I have a press inquiry. How do I contact you?

You can e-mail me at Jen[at]Epbot[dot]com, but please be patient, as I don't check my inbox very often.

What's the fastest way to ask you a question?

I'm mostly on Instagram these days, so a DM there is fastest for quick Qs. The Epbot Facebook page wall is also great for sharing links and photos. I do my best to check it a few times a week, and I promise I *do* see everything posted there.

I have something I'd like to send you. Do you have a mailing address?

Yep, and thanks for thinking of me! Here 'tis:

P.O. Box 160537
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

Please don't send anything gross, though. Or smelly-in-a-bad-way. John inspects all my mail, and I'd hate to give him the satisfaction of being right in his paranoia.

If you're an author and would like to send me a copy of your book, feel free, but bear in mind that I don't post reviews of everything I read, nor do I necessarily read everything I get.

 I'm going to Disney World/Universal, and I want to meet you! Is that possible?

Maybe, yes! Just e-mail me the dates & which park(s) you'll be at, and I'll see if John and I can't come out to say hi. Make sure you put "Disney/Universal Meetup" in the subject line, and try to give us at least 2 weeks' notice, if possible.

Do you have a button I can use to link to you from my blog's sidebar?

I do! Here ya go:

Just right-click to download this image, and then make it a hyperlink to on your blog.