Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fun Links

It's the weekend, guys! Time to stop slaving away at the computer, get outside, and do fun things!!

But first look at this awesome stuff.

- Absolutely adorable upcycled necktie ruffle collar:

Plus, McKell makes it look so easy, even *I* might be able to do it.
Tutorial here, found via craft:

(Note: here's a good question raised in the comments: what if the tie isn't machine-washable? I wonder if you could make it removable...)

- If you love the film Labyrinth as much as I do, you'll get a kick out of this:

From this post which includes a letter from Jim Henson to David Bowie regarding the Fireys scene, plus a few sketches and pictures.

- Which reminds me, you can watch the complete making-of special on the Dark Crystal here. After watching the first 30 minutes, I realized I *still* think that film is creepy as heck. Cool stuff, though. [UPDATE: video has been pulled. Sorry, guys!]

- Christopher Lloyd plays Doc Brown again (in the DeLorean, woot!) in this new commercial. (I couldn't stop grinning for like five minutes.)

- And now, the world's most adorable Tauntaun carousel "horse":

Needle-felted sculpture by PushPLAY (hit the link for more pics), found via @jmaruyama

- And finally, would you believe this is a dollhouse?

The Bloggess posted a whole photo set of her painstakingly detailed (not to mention creepy) "Haunted Dollhouse," and this was my favorite shot. Check out the little Tinkerbell on the dresser! Er, right next to the skull. (Hey, I *said* it was creepy.)

Hit the link to see the rest.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Dang it, just tried to see the Dark Crystal vids and they've been taken down by Jim Henson's people. Well, everything else was fun, anyway. :)

  2. It's gonna be an AWESOME weekend here; I'm displaying my action figs (mostly grrls) - taking them out of the packaging and playing. It's not outside, I'll grant you, but it IS fun. :D

    Hope yours is just as fab!

  3. I'm old enough to remember removable collars. Pin the tie to the top and arrange all the folds just the way you want. Pin the folds to the tie itself and not the top. Remove and sew. Then add either snaps or velcro tabs to the tie and top every couple of inches. Presto removable tie collar.

  4. Love that collar! Gonna have to try that.

    And the Dark Crystal is creepy. Always has been creepy. Always will be creepy. The end.

    And I haven't seen Labyrinth in a long, long time! Wonder if I can snag it from Netflix?

  5. For the tie collar, you could try washing the tie before attempting the collar just to see what happens.

  6. OMG I love Labyrinth. And that tie thing is adorable.

  7. Doc Brown vid=AWESOME!! I actually *met* Christopher Lloyd when he was in Chicago for Wizard World a few weeks ago. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. He's my favorite actor of all time. Now I have to go and check out the haunted dollhouse...darn you for finding my weaknesses!

    WV: betchn. Doc Brown has a betchn' car.

  8. SCRAPS! I see Scraps in the dollhouse! That is IT...I need to make one for myself. Along with the billion other crafts I want to do for my Tim Burton themed office...

    I own the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth DVDs, and they come with the making of features. You can get them at most stores around $10. They are WONDERFUL. I was also creeped out by Dark Crystal when I was a kid (especially the Garthim), but the beauty of that film is what stands out for me now. I miss animatronics and puppetry!

  9. Okay, LOVING the Tauntaun. The Star Trek cat's playhouse yesterday was awesome, too. I'm deathly allergic to cats, but I'm half tempted to buy one of those anyway and decorate it as my "every holiday except Christmas" tree or something!

    JNCL from "The Beauty of Eclecticism" (

  10. Okay, now I want there to be a whole Star Wars themed carousal somewhere so I can go ride on it! There could be Taun-Tauns, speeders, spaceships, walkers....

  11. Love that t-shirt and, OMG, that doll house is incredible.

  12. Hi! This is McKell from "McKell's Closet" :)
    Thanks so much for posting my Ruffle Necktie Tee Turorial, you are such a sweetie!

    I actually had a lovely lady that used to be a dry cleaner post in the comment section washing directions for ties. I hope that helps :)
    Thanks again!

  13. I was at the local fan expo and saw something that made me think of you! There's an artist that does great retro pictures (we got a Wonder Woman one for a friend last year, one day I want a commission of Jubilee), but she has one I took a picture of for's staypuff carrying a female GhostBuster! Here's her webite with some of her other work

  14. @ Kat - I love Laurie's work! She has such a cute, Disney vibe to her pin-ups. Plus now I'm dying to see the Ghostbuster one you mentioned - do you have a link?

  15. I still am freaked out by the dark crystal and I will not let my husband bring it into my house. I have so many people make fun of me for it too. I am so glad that I am not the only one creeped out by it!

  16. The necktie necklace - I found it on Pintrest originally, and I just happen to have a bag-o-tie's.....

  17. Love the haunted dollhouse! And thank you for sending me over to thebloggess by posting about her giant metal chicken. She's officially been added to my favorite bloggers list - you my mind. :)

  18. NOt creepy but here is an amazing hobbit hole dollhouse. AMAZING:

  19. The Dark Crystal was my favourite movie as a kid. I rewatched it with my husband as an adult...and it's seriously creepy. That probably says a lot about me as a kid.

  20. BttF = best movie EVER. :)

    You can see how the actual commercial turned out here:

  21. I made the tie shirt, 2 actually, all from thrift store finds and they came out just great


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