Friday, May 7, 2021

A Horrifying Hand Garden, Magical UV Flowers, & Boba Fett, Boun-Tea Hunter :D

It's time for more random internet fun finds!

First up, one of my favorite people, Simone Giertz, made a chair relevant to many of our interests:

Her dog Commander Scraps is also one of my favorite people. Head to Simone's Youtube channel for 20 minutes of pure serotonin: Simone is hilarious, Scraps is adorable, and they're making stuff. That's a recipe for happy, right there.


And now, preeee-senting, for your punny cosplay-viewing pleasure:

the "Boun-TEA" Hunter
by @Maweezy.

Y'all. Y'ALL. Look at these details!

The helmet lid! The swirly cream paint job! The straw arm rockets. And of course the ultra-realistic faux boba in each cup, wowie. (She put print-outs in each empty cup, so they don't weigh anything.)

This is true dedication to a pun the world needed, and I am HERE FOR IT.


NerdForge is always a great follow for this geeky duo's incredibly complex builds, and this latest one is particularly gorgeous for my fellow Lord of the Rings fans:

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Starting A New House Renovation & Ending In Disaster

We had some renters move out a few weeks ago, a wonderful couple who've been there 7 years. The 1963 ranch they were in hadn't been updated in at least a decade, though, so John and I are tackling a whole house refresh and renovation.

Because the renters had big dogs, all of the trim looked like this:

It's sticky, so won't vacuum up. An easy way to clean fuzzy trim like this is to grab a cheap plastic broom, wet the bristles in the sink, and scrub. Saves time and your back.

Here's the trim after cleaning:

And then after painting:

Ahhh. See, if I have to paint trim, I want it to be super dirty so I get this kind of result. 
(Wall paint is still to come. Always paint the trim first!)

I never knew a fridge could have this many nooks and crannies, y'all. I had to use a toothbrush. I kept quitting and coming back, so this was a 3-day clean. Oof.

Here's a look at the kitchen: