Saturday, January 18, 2020

Introducing The Squeegineers! (Because Silly Names Make Me Happy)

Here's something John and I've been talking about starting for YEARS. Like, so many years it's embarrassing, so let's get right to it:


This is going to be a small way for John and I to reward those of you who support Epbot with your dollars - because Squeegineers keep Epbot running.

Eh? EH?


So starting this month, John and I'll be holding monthly prize drawings just for you Squeegineers. The prizes are mostly crafty things John and I've made (like our Bog of Eternal Stench sign), cosplay bits (like our Knights Who Say Ni), some nerdy treasures I've been hoarding (I have too many collectibles!), and jewelry. SO MUCH GEEK JEWELRY. Seriously, I have a problem.

 These prizes aren't meant to be incentives for you guys to support us; they're just little tokens of our love and appreciation. Besides, we have too much cool stuff packing our closets, so this is a way to pass it on to our friends AND make room for more. WIN-WIN.

The best part? If you've given us any amount via Paypal this month, then you're automatically entered! There are no donation tiers, no minimum requirements, no forms to fill out. Each month I will randomly select a few people from our donation list (from that month), then contact them through their Paypal e-mail address to ask what they'd like from our Squeegineer Prize Gallery. Boom. Easy-peasy.

 And of course we'll also ship the goodies for free.

(Er, well, unless you pick the 2-3 massive bins containing all the Knights Who Say Ni costumes & helmets. We'll probably ask for help shipping THOSE. o.0)

In the future we'll be adding more options to the prize gallery, and in fact we're scrambling today to upload the small backlog we already have. I didn't want to put this post off any longer, though, so HERE WE GO ANYWAY JOHN WHEEEEE WORK FASTER OKAY.
If you're curious what all we're giving away/unloading on any unsuspecting fan who'll have them, you can check out our 2 Squeegineer Prize albums on Flickr.  For now we've separated them into Jewelry and Everything Else.

And finally, thank you so, SO much to everyone who's supported us over the years. I'm honestly staggered that so many of you have been donating for so long, so please know John and I are incredibly grateful to every one of you, and love you each to bits. I wish I had more to offer than our thanks and a chance at some of our accumulated flotsam & jetsam, but I hope you'll find some options here that make you smile!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

FoE & Tell: Fairy Lanterns, Caring Cats, & A Life-Sized Kevin

It's time for more of my favorite FOE finds! (FOE is Fans of Epbot, a fan-run Facebook group.) I don't see everything that gets posted over there, since you guys are pretty prolific, but here come a few of my favorites that crossed my feed:
Btw, I freely admit I fangirl the most over your faces and your creations, so this roundup is mostly things you guys have made. I'd love to see more of your selfies, too, though; especially the ones where you're at fun places or trying new things or celebrating some milestone. Makes me feel like I know you guys better. Is that sappy? 'Cuz I'm OK with sappy. ;)

Right, 'nuff blather: ON TO THE CRAFTS!

Starting with some seasonal Mickey wreath adorableness from Vanessa:

Vanessa made this last Fall, and she's been updating us on FOE as she changes it for different holidays:
St. Patrick's Day

And Halloween! Love those colors together.

I can't wait to see what you do for Spring, Vanessa!

 You might remember Allison from when she made the baby-sized Iron Throne. Well, she's at it again for her kidbot's birthday party, and this year she really... UP'ed... her game:

She made a life-sized Kevin!!

Just look how happy little "Carl" is: