Friday, March 22, 2019

Universal's New LE Wand For 2019: Art Deco Goodness!

On Wednesday of this week Universal's Wizarding World quietly debuted their third Limited Edition wand, and you guys, she's a beauty.

Art Deco Hufflepuff vibes, anyone?

I haven't seen any official announcements of the wand yet online, but luckily someone posted about it in my local Slug Club group within a few hours of it hitting shelves. John and I took one look at the photo and made a beeline for the parks the very next day, ha. 

I'm mostly functional again after being out of commission all week with this migraine madness, so strolling around Universal was just what the doctor ordered, despite the heavy Spring Break crowds. The weather yesterday was lovely, and lemme tell ya, getting a little sun and breeze is heaven after a week of couch-wallowing.


We headed straight to Ollivander's, where they had about 20 LE wands still in stock for the day at around 6PM. I've heard there are more wands on order, so they're not in danger of selling out completely just yet. That said, if you want one, go now. The past two year's models were limited to 1,000 wands, and last year's (which debuted during Celebration) sold out before the weekend was even over. 

We asked 2 different Ollivander's workers, but no one seems to know how many this design will be limited to. Given the demand last year you'd think they'd make more than 1,000, but they may keep to that number again.
 My pictures taken in Olivander's aren't great, but they're a little more accurate on the color of the gold filigree:

The wand is a true black, so this is very Hufflepuffy. Just sayin'.

The wands cost $70 each, and because they're considered a "collectible" there are no discounts for AP holders or cast members. They are the interactive models, though. They're also not available online, so you'll have to hit up your local friends to grab one for you if you don't live here. (Much as I love you all, I am NOT volunteering as tribute. Sorry!)

I will say we were *slightly* disappointed in person, because the filigree isn't actually metal, it's the same plastic/resin as the rest of the wand. It photographs like metal, though, and the paint and finish work are gorgeous. So after that minor deflation, we still gave them all our money.

Here's a quick video I also took in the shop:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Two Worlds Collide: EPBOT WRECKS

If you follow along with my Stories then you know I had a Big Bad panic attack last Sunday - the kind I mercifully only get once or twice a year - and ever since I've been laid out by my first Multi-Day Migraine.

Lemme first say to all of you who deal with these monsters on a regular basis:

Godspeed. How do you do this.

As rough as the last few weeks have been, though - zigzagging through hormone swings and depression and now into panic and pain - it's OK. I'm actually OK. I see brighter skies ahead. I've been resting up and being extra lazy/gentle with myself, trying to be patient as my body works out all the random adrenaline shakes and tears and need for more sleep, all while binging Critical Role, reading actual books, and avoiding looking at screens as much as possible.

The light sensitivity seems the most cruel, of course, since I live my life looking at screens. So the other night as I was propped up in bed with an ice pack on my eyes,  John started describing some absolutely hysterical photos he'd just found on Facebook. Soon we were both cackling, and even though I hadn't actually SEEN any of them yet, I asked him to get permission to share them here with you guys.

So without further ado, allow me to present one of the FOE Scavenger Hunt Challenges. (As narrated by John, because I'm already exceeding my screen time for today, ow.)

Uhh, hi. This is john (thoJ) here. I've never written anything on Epbot before. I'm scared.

Maybe we should just start. The FOE Scavenger Hunt is another fan-run Facebook group, and there are a lot of these photos, so I'll try to give you a good variety.

 First one of my favorites, the Icing Bracelet:
I think even her ring is icing, so funny.

Several people used Jen's Flip Flop Tutorial.
Some members put their team logo in the picture collage.
Ya know.
If you're wondering why there's a Mr. T with a beak.

I love that Dominique even managed to make her "wreck" lovely:

I was happy to see a few Melted Crayon Art entries:
Let's hope that's crayon, anyway.

I was laughing so hard trying to explain this to Jen: