Friday, May 17, 2019

MegaCon Orlando 2019: Thursday Preview!

Today I donned my finest (and only) galaxy dress to go check out MegaCon, the 4-day behemoth of a convention that brings in over 100,000 attendees.

(After this I'll be in my "work clothes" [jeans, hat, & holster bag] so I like to pretty it up for the first day. :D)

Thursday is sort of a preview/shopping day: the convention floor doesn't open to the public until 4PM, and crowds are low.

One great perk of having a Press pass: John and I were able to tour the enormous hall a full 2 hours before everyone else in this staggering line:


(Still mystified as to why folks would queue up 2 hours early. Maybe there were some great exclusives?)

We bee-lined it for one of this year's newest - and arguably coolest - attractions: the Millennium Falcon cockpit:

 Ok, so it doesn't look like much from here, but check out the view when you stick your camera through the front window:

Awww yeeeeah
 This is with almost no editing, too; it photographs insanely well, with so many lights and details!

Of course that coolness comes at a price: you'll have to pay $20 to get your photo inside.

In fact most of the cool photo opps around the con are pay-to-play now, though with several exceptions. (Some give their profits to charity, if that helps.) I think all the pay ones have signage up to warn you, but always ask first, just to be safe. If you have to get on or inside a vehicle for the photo, count on there being a fee.

Most of the best ones are Star Wars, of course. This community never fails to bring out all the stops: 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Jen's Gems: Animatronic Ravens, Mermaid Tail Jewelry, & Things To Watch On Netflix

I see so much cool stuff in my meandering online, here are a few things I think you'll love:

First, a reason to save up $300:


LOOK AT HER!! ::whispers:: She's so beautiful. 

I can't get over how fluid those movements are... and this is a kit, so you build it all yourself! (In my mind that's a feature, ha.) Granted, I don't think I have the skills to put her together, but I'm game to learn. Especially since the maker, Mr. Chicken's Prop Shop, has a whole Youtube instructional series on how to do it. SO TEMPTED YOU GUYS. (You think I could customize her to turn her into a phoenix? Or would those movements not work?)

As always, nothing here is sponsored, and all I know about Mr. Chicken is that Norm on Tested likes him, which is good enough for me.

I spotted some ingenious movie dioramas over on the Replica Prop Forum that use action figures and recycled TVs.
These are by Rickey Williams, and his post over on the RPF didn't get NEARLY enough love, so here:
This one even has the VHS tape in the bottom. Love it.

Best use for old computer wiring!

  And a classic:


Check out Rickey's post on the RPF to see one more Predator diorama. 


In sparklier news, Sarah of Mad March Moon Designs debuted this mermaid tail and earring set, and errrrrmergosh:

I once bought her rainbow dragon suncatcher for Sharyn (one of our FOE mods extraordinaire), but I've yet to get anything for me. Hmmm...

Then again, there are also Raven Wings:

And dragon necklaces: