Tuesday, July 20, 2021

New Room Reveal: The Star Wars Playroom!

Who's got a great feeling about this?

Yep, I'm back with another room reveal, this time the promised Star Wars playroom!

Quick background: Our friend Ray got a new work-from-home job, so we decided to swap his home's current office with the kids' playroom, for reasons you'll see in a minute. I already revealed Ray's spankin' new Spider-Man office, definitely check that out if you missed it.

The old office/new playroom is just inside the home's front door, and has two sets of french doors leading into it - basically the worst set-up ever for working from home, but fantastic for keeping an eye on a room full of kids. This project was a last-minute bonus for us, so it has less structural changes, more fun decorating.

I'm kicking myself for not taking better "Before" shots, but here's the general idea of what we were working with:

For years the only thing in this room was that tiny desk, dated track lighting, and a huge bookcase that we already moved out to Ray's new office.

Imagine a big bookcase here. Thanks.

Oh, and this rocker chair, which has sentimental value to the family:

The two sets of French doors made arranging furniture a huge pain. Keeping enough clearance for the doors to swing open in a not-large room was definitely our biggest challenge.

Our goal for this room was to add in a TV gaming area, change out the lighting, add a ceiling fan, arrange the rocker chair and desk area better, add storage for toys and books, and overall just make it more fun with a Star Wars theme.

Pro Tip: I like IKEA's online Home Planner for situations like this. It's free, easy to use, and doesn't require a download or even an account. The furniture selection is extremely limited, but if you only have a few pieces it can be a great start.

In fact, here's the design I sent to Ray and Julianne for approval:

(Ignore the flooring and wall color; this was just for furniture placement.)

And - BIG REVEAL TIME - look how closely the finished room matches the mock up!

We nixed the shelves flanking the TV after we realized we didn't need that much storage.

That was fun, let's do the other side of the room:

Friday, July 16, 2021

Eva Visits The Sears Portrait Studio & I Got A Stay Puft Duck Butt

::wanders in::

::looks around::

::notices you::


So I have a big project to reveal and another to debut, but I'm feeling kinda swirly today. You know, where you don't want to focus, but you do want to chat? Yep. That's got two thumbs and is sittin' right here.

So let me tell you about my new favorite cookies:

These are SO good, gang. Soft like cake, and the orange filling punches your taste buds right in the sweet spot. Plus, dark chocolate. Humina humina. You can get them at Aldi, I recommend buying 2 boxes at a time. For science.

Remember when I posted this Eva photo in my Story?

Someone - forgive me, I don't remember your name - said it had 1980s Sears Portrait Studio vibes with that stone column, which made me laugh and tell John. Then an hour later, John sent me this:

Let this be a lesson to you commenters: John is always up for a Photoshop challenge. 

I've been addicted to browsing Facebook Marketplace lately, which is my only explanation for buying a vintage Christmas bracelet in July:

Y'all. I don't even wear bracelets. But look how pretty.

I also got new-to-me Converse! Look at the cute lil' stripes on the back: