Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Eurovision 2022: Our Costumes, Food, & Favorites!

We interrupt this overload of Jungle Cruise party posts to bring you... another party post.

But this party is for Eurovision, so it's less punny.

You might remember I watched my first Eurovision ever last year, and how I was instantly hooked. "Song contest" doesn't come close to describing this experience. It's more like a candy-coated rave that bounces from soulful ballads in spinning laser-light sets to psychedelic polka rap and dancers in foil astronaut suits.

That was a fun sentence to write.

Happily our same friends streamed the finale again this year, and made it more of an event by inviting more people and asking us all to dress up, plus bring fun European foods to try.

John and I hit up our local thrift store for something appropriately fabulous, and this jacket immediately threw itself into my cart:


A few aisles over I found a hot pink tulle skirt to complete the look:

Unfortunately we couldn't find anything nearly as interesting for John, so he spent the night before making his own outfit. Here's a peak at his prop:

Full reveal of John's costume right after these car selfies of my big hair:

I also tried some stuff with my eyeliner.
I really struggled with these photos 'til I realized trying to keep my eyes open when I smile makes me look distant or annoyed. Finally I said, "screw it," smiled like I meant it, and got a picture I actually like:

Yep, here for the happy squinty eyes! And also dino necklaces, because dino necklaces are cool.

Now. Who's ready to see John's Eurovision ensemble?

Friday, May 13, 2022

Our Jungle Cruise Pun Party: All The Costumes & Food!

Get ready to roll your eyes, groan, and slow-clap your way through this post, gang, because our Orlando friends are punny PARTY ANIMALS:

... and I have all the pics to prove it.

In fact Christie & Robyn here made their entrance by kicking open the door, blasting music & air horns on their phones, and dancing through the house for a solid 2 minutes:

Later they exited the same way, haha.

I asked for costumes that were either "Jungle Cruise era adventurers" or puns, so our guests would have lots of options. Because our friend group is full of insanely creative artists, cosplayers, and designers, we had the full gamut of both, and everything in-between:

Traci here is a mashup of Jane from Disney's Tarzan and Imogen from Critical Role.


I'll let you guess Bianca's costume:

Did you get it?

She's an Investi-Gator.

And she's investigating... IN-TRAP-MINT.

Though she was quick to point out:

... she's just a gumshoe.

If you found that painful, buckle up. We're just getting started.

Matt and Rachael explained they were "Jungle Cruise adjacent" with their costumes:

The Pirates ride is next to the Jungle Cruise one in WDW, so that's already clever - but it's not all! Did you notice the menus on his hat and her corset?