Friday, January 21, 2022

My Favorite TikToks To Keep The Gloomies Away

It's Friday and my panic's up, booo. Probably just my hormones having their monthly Kylo Ren moment, but trying to explain that to the screaming ferret in my brain doesn't seem to help.

You know what does help? After taking the appropriate meds?

(If you don't see the videos after a few seconds try refreshing the page; sometimes they get stuck loading.)
@officialcinetv #snlsketch #impressions #impersonation #voiceimpressions #movieactor #snlfunny #foryoupage #comedycentral #comedian #comedy #rossmarquand #voiceactor ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

John sent me a bunch of these, btw, so he gets some credit. I only log in to TikTok a couple times a month, and every time I have about 50 forwarded links from John. (Forwarding funny links is the "flower and chocolates" of our time, am I right?)

I think I've shared Parkour Cat before, but it may be my favorite TikTok ever. I simply can't NOT laugh every time I see it. (I tried once, and strained something.) 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"Silence of the Yams," Gothic Mushroomcore, & Gondor Gon-Doors

Hiya! Happy Tuesday.

Today, in the category of "content you didn't know you needed," I bring you Corinne's Food Art, aka _ghoul_mom:

Her whimsical anthropomorphic food art puts the biggest grin on my face. It's not all sugar and sweet, either; Corinne's work also has some bite:

... and she enjoys the occasional creepy food pun:

Like "Silence Of The Yams." (Bahaha!)

As of this writing Corinne has less than 3,500 followers on Instagram, but I bet her account is gonna blow up soon. These are too good to go unnoticed for long! Fingers crossed she'll start offering prints, because I so want to decorate a kitchen with them.


Then for a truly hidden gem at only 380 followers, meet Katie Martin of Suncat Illustrations:

I love her characters! This is Plushie Cat, and Hika here has his own dollhouse:

Katie's bright, soft colors bring me back to my My Little Pony & Care Bears days: pure smiles.

Be sure to check out the Sun Cat Illustrations Etsy shop for originals, stickers, prints, and coloring pages you can download instantly for under a dollar. Sweet!


Marika of roompic_ru calls herself the "guardian of luminous mushrooms and forest spirits," and her teeny hand-sculpted snails just might steal your heart. Slowly.