Friday, November 27, 2020

Orlando's Festival of Trees 2020: My Favorite Decorating Ideas To Steal!

::running in::



Ok, so that was rhetorical, since you probably read the post title. :p

 I was so happy our Festival of Trees is still happening this year, and even happier to see all their distancing & mask requirements, which meant John and I felt safe enough to go. It was definitely a bit smaller than usual, but don't worry; I still found plenty of goodies to show you.

In fact, as usual I took way too many photos to cram into one post, so let's start with some of my top trees. I'll post the rest - along with my top 10 wreaths and a few tablescapes - next time.

First up, a traditional style in non-traditional colors:

I'm getting serious Tangled vibes from all this purple, pink, and gold - it just needs a few lanterns and a hidden Pascal. :)

You may remember I'm mildly obsessed with tree toppers, and always looking for new trends. This year most of the trees stuck with floral sprigs up top, but I'm also a fan of these ball-like bows. Great proportion, and really finishes off the peak of the tree nicely.

Next, we're running away to the circus:

I'm a sucker for over-the-top themes, so don't expect many subtle trees on this list. This one has so many great ideas to steal, starting with the top hat topper and the extra large ornaments: see how they change sizes as you go up the tree? Mixing ornament sizes is a great way to give your tree that extra "oomph."

Quirky ornament ideas: bags of peanuts, giant wrapped lollipops, and little stuffed animals.

Oh! See that paper fan? I'm thinking about using some of those for one of our tree toppers this year, since you can get variety packs for less than $10 on Amazon. Big impact, low cost - plus it's something unexpected, a big plus in my book.

One last idea from this tree to steal, I really love this:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dapper Day Fall 2020: Both At Home And In The Parks!

I guess one benefit of the time limbo that is 2020 is eventually you lose track of all the fun things you were supposed to do this year - which is my excuse for how I completely forgot Fall Dapper Day was last weekend. o.0

For Spring Dapper Day last April the organizers asked everyone to dress up and celebrate at home, which led to some truly magical gems where folks had photo shoots around their houses and yards with their pets and kids. (You can see all my favorites here.) This time, with both WDW and Disneyland Paris open, they had a hybrid celebration: some folks dappering it up in the parks, others at home. I love how this lets everyone participate, and honestly I hope there's an "at home" element for every Dapper Day going forward. 

But enough intro. Ready to see some dapper delights?

Let's start with a couple Epbot readers, who are the ones that oh-so-helpfully reminded me Dapper Day was even happening:

There's nothing low-key about Jillian's dapper flapper Loki - and I high-key approve. :D

Karen did a groovy 60s 'bound of Pluto, I love her makeup and the scarf "ears":

This group couldn't be at the parks for the weekend, so they celebrated a little early:

Any day can be Dapper Day if you believe - and convince a few friends to come with. 

Lauren is an amazing cosplayer and 'bounder, she celebrated with some stunning vintage Belle vibes:

I recommend checking out all the accounts I'm linking, btw; lots of great follows to add more pixie dust in your feed.

Fall Dapper Day is better than Spring for 2 reasons: A) it's marginally cooler here in Florida, so we sweat less, and B), more importantly, CHRISTMAS DAPPERS.

(Miss Bettie Bookworm)

 Flailing over Bettie's Nightmare Before Christmas look!

And check out Fifi in front of her sweet tinsel garland:


I want this whole outfit, Fifi, but especially your hat!

Brace yourself, because little Luke 'bounding as R2 is almost painfully adorable: