Monday, October 15, 2018

12 Insanely Creative Halloween Wreaths To Spook Up Your Season

Last week I went looking for Halloween inspiration - just anything different and quirky - and I found so many awesome wreaths. I wasn't even looking for wreaths, you guys, but after my 5th or 6th "Whaaaat, THAT IS BRILLIANT!" I switched gears and just started compiling a list of all my favorites to share.

Starting with this so-perfect-I-bet-you-want-to-make-one-with-me Maleficent wreath:

All we need is a spray-painted wreath, glittery craft foam, some ribbon, and a cute googly eye! I'm itching to go buy the stuff and make one right now.

I love non-traditional wreaths, and this felt ball design is so sweet and cheerful:
By My Sister's Suitcase, click for the tutorial!

Or how about using the wreath like a shadowbox frame, and making a little scene inside?

By Manal Aman for Martha Stewart

There are lots of cute owls in the shops right now, so this is another easy DIY that packs a big punch.

This next one is not a craft tutorial - it's for sale - but Nancy Freeman was an INSTA-FOLLOW once I spotted her Little Shop of Horrors wreath:

How fabulous is this?! I'm in love.

Nancy also makes headband versions of Audrey and this faaabulous Demogorgan hair flower:

I know I'm veering off the wreath path here, but I think you'll agree the detour is worth it. Go check out Nancy's Etsy shop for more - it's all so, SO GOOD.

It would never occur to me to sculpt a Halloween wreath, but that's exactly what artist Zachary Jackson Brown did:

SO CLEVER - and all built on a base of a Styrofoam ring! Someone should do a traditional man-in-the-moon in this style, right? I like how bright Brown's design is, though, and how it rides the line between cute and creepy with that realistic eyeball. ::shiver::

That one obviously takes an artist to make, but here's something more doable for us mere mortals:

Friday, October 12, 2018

Quick Craft: Spookify Your Candy Bowl For Halloween

This quick craft is SO quick I'm almost not sure it counts, but there's hot glue involved, so I guess I'll allow it. :D

Remember this floor lamp John disassembled for the Game Room makeover?

He removed the top half of the light since we never used it, so I turned the metal part into a display stand for our Sorting Hat.

That still left the plastic lamp shade on top left over, though, and here in the Yates household we aim to use ALL parts of the junk animal.

Sure, the shade had a big hole in the middle, but I figured it could made a good Halloween candy bowl. So I went to the dollar store and grabbed 3 plastic skulls, a rubber rat, and a strand of battery-operated lights:

 That's $5 in materials, plus some hot glue.

To do this yourself, you really just need a plastic bowl, the skulls, and hot glue. The rat and lights are optional. 

(Btw, "the rat and lights are optional" would be an amazing sentence to hear out of context. That is all. Carry on.)

Arrange the skulls in a nice tripod formation, then hot glue them to each other:

Now hot glue the bowl on top of the skulls.


Well, I also had to hot glue the rat into the middle of my bowl to cover the hole.


After that I arranged the light strand inside the bowl, covered it with cheap Halloween candy (because if we buy the good stuff this early I *will* eat it all), and bam. Now I'm done: