Thursday, March 26, 2020

Postmodern Pinky & The Brain, The Medieval Mandalorian, And Trap Door Kermit

 I have a full backlog of awesome internet finds to share with you guys, so let's get crackin'!

 First up, Bitty Bitey Ones usually only sculpts dragons, but when they came out with a rare CAT dragon, I knew you guys had to see:

SWOON. I love the markings, and the twisty horns! Give them a follow on Facebook to see more cuties.


Most of you probably already know Postmodern Juke Box, but on the off chance you missed their cover of Pinky and the Brain, I HAVE to include this:

Guaranteed smiles!


Muppet fans, prepare to Kermit flail. Richard Riley made something absolutely incredible for his house, and I am SO JEALOUS:

 It's a life-sized Kermit descending from the ceiling through a trap door! AAAAAAH! Head over to Richard's FB post for more photos and details on how he did it - and while you're there, give his replica page a follow.


 This is, hands down, the cutest thing I've seen in days:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Video! Easy 3-Step Woodgraining: Make Your Painted Furniture Look Like Stained Wood

John's pretty much finished with his big Sherlock room build, so now we're just waiting to install it. (WOOT WOOT!) In the meantime, and by popular request, we thought we'd share a little furniture building secret:


The secret here is this is NOT stained wood. It's painted. 

See? Totally different wood grain, with none of that ugly pine pattern showing through.

Here's the complete surround without the fireplace in it, so you can see the painted inner edges: 

The sunlight makes it glow extra red; I'll show you a more accurate color match in a sec.
This faux finish lets us use cheap plywood, so it's great for budget builds, and best of all it's easy to do! There are only 3 steps, using materials you can find at any hardware store. A more complex piece like this could be a little tricky because of the angles, but flat sides or shelves are super simple: