Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September Art Roundup: Grumpy Yoda, A Poofy Fox Furball, & A Sweet New Take on Disney Princesses

It's time for my favorite art finds this month!

First up, Leanne Huynh has some stunning - and refreshingly different! - paintings of the Disney princesses:

 I love all these rough textures.

Then by contrast, look how soft Mulan's piece is:

So goooood. I love it when artists put their own spin on characters!

Huynh paints plenty of other fandoms and her own original characters, too.

Plus, Huynh has one of the cutest enamel pin sets I've ever seen:


Go browse Huynh's online store to see the rest of her prints and pins (prints start at $10), plus you can follow her on Instagram!


Carlos Fuenmayor has a crazy abstract/surreal fan art style... and I totally dig it:

C'mon. How could you not love this Yoda?

I like Fuenmayor's Star Wars stuff the most, I think:

It helps that these characters are so iconic; you instantly recognize them.

He's also got plenty of Marvel, DC, and other fandoms to choose from, though:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Dragon Con 2018: My Favorite Cosplay!

Some of you were worried that all those Dragon Con videos John and I took this year meant I wouldn't have photos, too, but NEVER FEAR. We worked in shifts, rotating between video, flash, and no-flash photography, so I still have lots more cosplay eye candy to share.

Now hold on to your hats, 'cuz there's a Storm a-coming!


Still one of my favorite pairs to photograph:

 [Jareth: Elliot's Cosplay, Sarah: Alexie Star Cosplay]

I couldn't decide which shot I liked better!

Black-out flash is still the most magical to me, but since that isn't always possible I have plenty of regular light photos, too:
Gorgeous art nouveau Sailor Moon group.

Proof that sometimes - though admittedly very rarely - I *do* go outside:

 Christine DaaĆ© from Phantom of the Opera! 

See, it takes either a theme park or amazing cosplay to lure me out in the heat. :D

This was one of my first photos of the weekend, and I swear it gave me a grin that didn't go away for 4 days:

 Mr. Tumnus! EEEE!!

These two ladies practically glowed; I didn't have to boost these colors at all:


This 8-bit space pirate from Metroid was absolutely surreal when he moved. I love optical illusions like this: