Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Find Me at Dragon*Con

This week John and I will be packing up and heading to Atlanta for four fun-filled days with Our People, the Geeks. And, since it's an increasingly FAQ, here are some tips on finding us if you'll be there, too:

1) Sorry, we won't have a booth. And while the lovely folks at D*C have indicated they'd be delighted to have us do a presentation or whatnot, I'm selfishly choosing to do what I most want to do instead: see the con!

2) That said, I'm happy to sign anything you bring, pose for embarrassing photos, or just say hi, assuming...

3) you find me.

And, as an added incentive:

3) There will be prizes.

Yep, it's the return of the ever popular/frustrating "Find Jen and Win a Prize!" So

4) watch my Twitter stream for updates on my location and apparel throughout the weekend. I'll be there all four days, and I'll even be in costume one day for your blackmailing pleasure.

And just to make things a little easier, here are a few helpful hints in advance:

5) I'm not a morning person. So don't bother looking for me before 10 or 11 AM. (I will be at the parade, though.)

6) The tracks I'll be haunting most are 'Trek, 'Gate, and Alt History. I also hang out in Artist Alley quite a lot.

And to make it really, really easy:

7) There will be a small CW pow-wow in the ConSuite (aka "the place with the free snacks" in suite 223/226 of the Hyatt Regency) on Sunday afternoon, time TBA. This is because loyal henchperson Priscilla, one of the organizers there, took it upon herself to plan one. I hear there will be cake. (Rock on, Priscilla!) So, if you haven't found me by then, consider that your Plan C (for "cake").

And no, you won't win a prize for finding me there.

Now, since the ConSuite is open to everyone, I'm guessing most of the people there on Sunday will not be one of us Wreckies. Therefore, I propose some kind of code word exchange to ID each other. Preferably something having to do with sprinkles, carrots, Epcot, or all of the above.

Any suggestions?

Also, stay tuned for the exact time; I'll update this post once we get it nailed down.

UPDATE: Mark your calenders: party in the ConSuite will be at 5:35pm on Sunday! John and I look forward to hearing all your many and varied code phrases. ;)


  1. pretty sure the code word should be "horizons." i'm not going, but i had chime in with some epcot love. (mind you i'm tempted to head up to there just to meet you, but that's a level of creepiness i'm not comfortable with : ) have fun!

  2. I like "eating carrots at Epcot" as a code word. :)

  3. I wish two things. That I was on Twitter, and that I was going to Dragon*Con. :(

  4. "I sprinkled carrot jockeys on the fondant" reply would be "You spelled congradulations wrong!"

    might work... :)

  5. "Is that a carrot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

  6. I will be looking for you this year!! I'll even join Twitter just for you! Judging by a couple of pics that we both took last year, I think we were mere steps apart at least once!

    And you had me at cake...

  7. we should ask "are you a carrot jockey?" and the answer should be "NO! I WANT SPRINKLES!!!!!"

  8. I know! HOw about code word

    "carrot riders"!

  9. Hey there! I'm one of the musicians performing at D*C, and I and my friends are big Cake Wrecks fans. I declare myself ineligible for Finding Jen prizes, because I invite you, Jen, to come up to my musician's table (at the Marriott) or one of my concerts (at the Hyatt) and I'll give you a free CD. (I'm going to be getting ready for my Sunday night show during your Con Suite meet-up.) Hope to see you there!

    Tom Smith

  10. Can't WAIT for Dragon*Con. CAN'T WAIT!!

    Might I suggest code word "Jockey".
    Or code phrase "It's a gril".

    Although I'm fairly certain you'll be able to spot me easily enough. I'll be the fangirl screaming, "I'M AT DRAGON*CON. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

  11. Woo hoo! So looking forward to D*C!

    I have to learn to start following more peeps for D*C so I know where to find them. 2 years ago I almost went to the Zombie Prom and then kicked myself for not going when I found out Felicia Day was tweeting from ZP. D'oh! I should have gone to Zombie Prom!!!

    We need to all wear baby riding a carrot buttons or something.

  12. I think people should just walk into the room and yell "I WANT SPRINKLES!" It would be even cooler if there were people already there armed with sprinkles!

  13. "You can tell because it's the Disney font."

  14. SO wish I were going

    But your pass phrase should be

    Q: So where's the carrot jockey?
    A: At EPCOT of course
    Q: But does he want sprinkles?
    A: He wants them, but he can't have them.

    But I think you're wrong about how many people there will be CW fans - my guess is that your problem will be finding someone there who isn't a CW fan :-)

    Have fun - I hoping we can go next year


  15. The code should totally be, "Hi my name is [insert name] under neat that I'm a fan."

  16. how about.. Holy carrot jockey! It's raining sprinkles in Epcot!

    I wanna go but it's WAY to far away.

  17. Makes it seem like flying across the country to go to D*C is worth it after all! :( Wish I could be there, sounds like good, geeky fun. Well, it always does.

    I think the code should be something like, "are you going to put sprinkles on that?" while pointing to a random object the person is holding. *shrugs* It sounded good enough in my head...

  18. I didn't see you last year but I have a photo of that storm trooper with the lightsaber through him posing with a Princess Leia in front of the bathrooms, same as you posted here, so I must have been right next to you at some point. Plus you had a photo of a friend of mine. I laughed when I saw that photo on your blog.

  19. Spaceship Earth would be better with Sprinkles. :)Have fun at Dragon*Con!

  20. If you happen to think of it, a friend Elizebeth Tong will be doing henna in in the DragonCon Art Show and selling some of her metal creations (jewelry, etc.). She says they're the first big colorful thing you see when you come in! Her metalsmith stuff is called Crimson Art Metal and her henna work, which is BEAUTIFUL, is Crimson Art Henna.

  21. So want to go to DC! But being in Scotland, this may be a wee bit tricky... lol :) @sophieleemom - good code idea!

  22. Yay! Something else to look forward to this weekend!

  23. How about Happy Falker Satherhood?

  24. Anyone else notice two #3 instructions? Just sayin'....

    I like Fairy Unmother's code word suggestion best.

    WV: comasu are, you won't need a costume for D*C!

  25. The Epcot ball IS spaceship earth.

    Not Mission Space. Not Space Mountain.

  26. Q: Where are the sprinkles?
    A: The carrot jockey ate them all.

  27. I definitely want to go to Dragon Con and see the Star Trek group AND Jen and John!! :D (I'm still working on my husband) Anyway, when I told my husband that you'd be there, he said to invite you to our store, Treefort Games. Its in Fayetteville which is about 25 or 30 minutes south of Dragon Con. It is an extremely geek filled place -board games, chess sets, D&D, Pathfinder, Magic, Warhammer, etc, etc.. All Cake Wreckies are welcome! :D I will get my husband to do something special for any wreckies who come in. I'll say that "carrot jockey" is the code word for that. ;)

  28. I'll be working the dealers room at the table. Stop in say Hi while you do your shopping. Do you need new dice?

  29. "After 4 days of amazing geekery, I feel like a WRECK. All I want now is some CAKE."

  30. 4 more sleeps. WooHoo! Packing parts of my steampunk gear for shipping (cheaper than checking in the luggage). My goals for this year's D*C are:
    1 - meet Jen (most likely be at ConSuite meetup, but will also be following on Twitter.)
    2 - meet John Hubby of Jen.
    3 - meet Wil Wheaton, or at least hear him speak.

    SOOOOooooo hard to concentrate right now. Just 4 more sleeps!!!

    Toni from Colorado

  31. *wave of hand* these are not the sprinkles you are looking for...

    If they do it w/o hand wave then they're not real fans. ;)

  32. I'm thinking "Man Part Cakes!" would be a good password. or Carrot cake jockey baby, or a simpple "JEN IS A CAKE GODDESS" ought to work as well.

  33. I looked for you last year and didn't find you (even wore my very special homemade baby mohawk carrot jockey pin!), so I'm gonna be extra-aware this year. Sadly, my phone is dumb and thus no Twitter-on-the-go, but I love the idea of the Sunday meetup. I'll be one of the official-looking people running around with a staff badge and a TechOps headset :-)

    WV: vicked. As in, Dragon*Con vill be vicked awesome vith Jen there!

  34. I've got my fingers crossed for this whole adventure! I'm going to D*C and have a Twitter this year - amazing of epic amazingness. I will try to check your updates often enough and hope it works out!

  35. Wheeeee! I'm so excited about DragonCon. I'll keep my ears open for people saying, "The Carrots Shall be Ridden When the Sprinkles are Underneat." Or something like that. ;)

  36. What?
    No votes for "Pervy Malcontents" ?!

    That was the last time I shot coffee out of my nose at one of your posts so I am especially fond of that turn of phrase.

    I hope you have a delightful time! I will be sure to come to a book tour stop in Portland, Oregon. : )

    ~Jenn in Forest Grove

  37. The carrot jockey rides at dawn. ::slanty eyes::

  38. Dang it, we are planning on leaving DCon sunday at noon.
    If anyone sees The Flaming C standing around with a post apocalyptic cheetara- please say hi.

    Now I am going to have to sign up for twitter- something I swore I wouldn't do. Hope your proud of yourself.

    And I like "the carrot jockey rides at dawn" pass word someone else suggested

  39. I plan to be there Saturday night just to hang out and see the people/costumes. My friends actually planned that as my birthday party! Hope I'm not too drunk by the time I get there to follow you on Twitter!

  40. I will not be there, but I think you guys should carry around a carrot. It would be quite funny.

  41. I will be in Atlanta on Saturday, too. However, I will be at the Dome watching the UGA vs. Boise State game. Y'all have fun at D*C! :)

  42. Jen,

    If you ruin into Wil Wheaton at D*C this weekend, you have got to ask him about the Cape of D*cks he received at PAX. One of my friends from made it for him, and presented it to him over the weekend.

  43. How about a question/response sort of code? "The naked mohawk baby carrot jockey flies at midnight." correct response: "But only when the weather is pleasant at Epcot"

  44. Sign: "Happy Falker Satherhood"
    Countersign: "It's like a word journey."

  45. ack! Now your're making me choose between Torchwood Live commentary with Ianto himself and a wreck-tacular shinding!

  46. Wow, Jenn you going makes me wish I was...

  47. if the password is anything other than carrot jockey I protest

  48. code word:

    The cake is NOT a lie!

  49. Alas, I live in Austin. And I don't have a Twitter account. However, if as part of your CW book tour you came to Austin again and did this sort of thing, I would get a Twitter account. Just for you, Jen. And John.


  50. I will definitely be twitter stalking you. But in a nice way.

    Tried to find you last year, but was too easily distracted, I fear. With all these people searching for youo, you two should costume as Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. ;) Come to think of it, I've never actually found the consuite either.

    FYI, the Doctor Who costuming group is having a huge photoshoot on the steps behind the Hilton immediately after the parade, everyone welcome to come gawk/take pics. We're hoping to have the largest group in the parade this year- we were second largest last year at 102 people, we have over 160 this year. We even have a steampunk contingent.


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