Friday, September 14, 2012

Epbot Fan Art Gallery

I decided to start compiling all of your awesome Epbot art in one place, so this post will be the new gallery. Please excuse the formatting; Blogger is not thumbnail-gallery-friendly. (Grr.) Click any pic to embiggin, and if you have Epbot art to share, please send it to me at Jen {at} Epbot {dot} com!

By Eve Joos

By Missy Meyer

By Craig Michael Scott (prints available!)

By Bianca Roman-Stumpff
By Ashleigh G.

By Caitlin T.
By Sean Boyd
By Miranda A.
By Paula H.
By Kayla B.
Jennifer's tattoo!

By Trish
By Carrie H.

By Ashley
By Mandi W.
By Genevieve L.
By Amanda R.
By Christine E.

Duct tape bookmark by Diana

By Dyani
By Shellie
By Ashley

By Isabella A.
By Jordan

By Hilary P.

By Rose T.
By Carrie H.

By Stephanie K.

By Elsie, age 10

By Renee
By Marilou
By Tristyn C.

By Ginni
By Jodee Rose
By Erin N.
By Marilou (tutorial here!)
By Victoria G.
By Kelli

By Dyani
By Keren
By Janet M.
By Beth R.


  1. These are adorable! Such talented people!

  2. Every single one of those is amazing. I want to hug all the robots!

  3. All these people have amazing talent. Love all of them. I wish I could make something as great as these!

  4. Wow! Well done!

    Jen, would love 3 inch keyring of Epbot..with retractable neck..and the orange lights, lights up when you press his middle..and maybe pull back wheels on his feet so he could zip around on table tops...

  5. These are all so cool! I especially love the little steampunk Epbot with the 'stache.
    And, Hilary, when will you be making a full-size graphic novel featuring Team Epbot? I would buy it--that would be incredibly cool!

  6. "Some days, it is okay if all you did was paint your toenails green." :P I love that.

  7. GAH! These are so cute!

    Don't forget to put a photo here of your amazing knitted plush from Renee.


  8. It's always cool to log onto your favorite blog and see your own art staring back at you! ;) Glad you liked the steampunk 'bot!

  9. Jen, my EPBOT SQUEEwok feels totally left out! LOL

  10. Whoa!! Hilary P's Team Epbot is AWESOME!!!

  11. Rose T's girl dalek epbot and my dalek epbot should make baby dalek epbots! they would be soooo cuteeeee.

  12. I drew some pictures and was hoping to be able to send them to you. How can I do that?

  13. You can e-mail them to me (check the contact page) or post them over on the Epbot Facebook page!

    1. They're the Epbot 'round the House pictures actually. I was hoping to be able to send you the originals.

    2. Oh! In that case, e-mail me and I'll send you my mailing address! (Love those SO MUCH, btw. John and I were exclaiming over them just last night!)

    3. whats "Epbot 'round the house"?

  14. Wow! These are all very flattering. How nice to have carved a niche in the internet world where people love reading your blog and send you such fun, personal art! I LOVE Jodee's picture - the orange in background is perfect. ;)

  15. These are so beautiful! but its annoying me that I'm using a dead man account to write this anyway great job guys! :P


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