Friday, July 29, 2022

MetroCon 2022: Our New Cosplay Music Video!

Outside of Dragon Con, which is in a class all its own, MetroCon is my favorite convention. It's smaller, younger, funner (YEAH I SAID IT), and has a huge open dance area on the bottom concourse bopping all con long with a mix of popular dance and Disney tunes. I'm too self-conscious to join in myself, but I could watch OTHER people dance forever, so this area is pure joy.


So armed with our brand new camera and gimble, John and I set out to capture as much of the spirit of MetroCon as we could, which of course means MAXIMUM DANCING.

My new favorite thing is watching cosplayers break character when I ask, "And how do you feel about... dancing?" while doing my most awkward butt waggle. Over the course of two afternoons' filming we only had a single cosplayer NOPE out of frame (while her partner stayed to boogie). The vast majority lit up with big grins and busted moves. I was continually surprised and delighted; even the shy ones usually matched my awkward energy and gave us a little hip sway with a big laugh.

Keep scrolling; the video will be at the end. I have a few pics and stories to share first. :)

Metro is an anime con, but it reps plenty of other fandoms like Avatar, Critical Role, and Disney shows like Gravity Falls or Owl House. (Special shout-out to this Ember Island Player "Toph" on the left, ha.)

Also worthy of shout-outs: these furries. Imagine wearing a full fursuit in Florida... in JULY. 

My favorites are the neon rainbow one in the middle, and the adorable Saint Bernard on the floor.

Metro also has the best vendor room:

Soooo much Kawaii pastel eye candy: art, jewelry, clothing, and, of course... lounging John DeLancie pillows from Star Trek:

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

All Good Things

Halloooo, friends!



And I have all good things to share.

First and foremost, after nearly 3 weeks of waiting, my mammogram results came back clear. Woot woot!

Second, this break has been exactly what I needed: time to rest, recover, see a bunch of doctors, and all around focus on my health. I'm back in regular therapy, I've had some extra cronchy chiropractic adjustments, I saw a new hormone specialist, and I'm currently adjusting to a bunch of new pills and potions.

It's been a little rocky, but despite this week-long migraine and some continuing night-time panic, I'm feeling more like myself every day. John and I even went to MetroCon the weekend before last to do some filming, which was a blast, so I hope to have that video up for y'all soon. Thank you for being patient and sending all the good thoughts while I've been away. I'm still not 100%, so I can't guarantee regular posts again just yet, but please do watch this space. John and I've been working on some nifty projects and crafty builds that I can't wait to share with you, once I get back to writing-fit.

In fact I'd hoped to have something more exciting to share with this first post back, but since I've been struggling for nearly a week with these medication adjustments (sweet Stay Puft, migraines are exhausting), I hope this quick assurance that all is well is enough for now. I'm still here, I'm doing mostly OK, the cats and John are all good, and I'm looking forward to hanging with y'all again real soon.

Now, you go take care of yourselves, too, k? Meet ya back here later.


P.S. Here's a video of me trying to ignore social media so I can get my mental health chill on: