Friday, September 23, 2022

Spoop Up Your Instagram With These 10 Creepy-Cute Creators

Happy Friday, cuties & creeps! Aren't you glad it's finally officially Fall, so we can fully embrace our batty sides? Granted, some of us have been doing that for a while now, if not year-round... but I digress.

Today I've gathered up a veritable harvest of delicious seasonal creators for your Fall-oween feed tables. No, hang on. Maybe that metaphor got away from me. I'm not saying to eat people. DON'T EAT PEOPLE. Even if they're awesome artists. Just look at their work politely and maybe drool a little.

For example:

- Amy Greenbank paints technicolor pop culture Halloween mash-up Chicken McNuggets, which is exactly the kind of niche art we're here for, yes? (She also has a matching Boo-Berry!)

Amy is a "retro toy artist," and for the season she's doing lots of McDonald's content, which is pure nostalgic goodness:

Head to Amy's account to see every McNugget mashup you could hope for, including She-Rah, Stay Puft(!!), and Beeteljuice, haha. Bonus: she sells most of her art as holographic stickers!


- Cat Mallard has a delicate pen-and-ink style that's pure sugar and pumpkin spice:

Even better, in addition to prints Cat sells her work on teacups, coffee mugs, and even blankets!


- Pickled Circus makes silly spooky sculptures that always make me grin:

One of my all time favorites is Nosferatu in his lil bumper car, ermergosh:

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

We Made Chicken Wire Ghosts!

Happy Tuesday, foolish mortals. WELCOME... to my first Haunted Mansion Halloween post of 2022.

These are your hosts. Your... GHOST... hosts.

And also what we're making today.

Yep, despite the blistering heat and monsoon-level humidity here in Orlando, John and I are in full spoopy brain-space. We picked a new theme for our outside decor this year: HAUNTED MANSION - and I'm so excited to brainstorm with you over which projects and costumes we should make!

First, though, is something I've wanted to try ever since seeing the jaw-dropping creations of Brandon Hardy: chicken wire ghosts.

We started with a small roll of chicken wire, a mannequin we bought on FB Marketplace for $25, and a Styrofoam head. (The foam heads run small, so I recommend using the male one.) You'll also need wire cutters, gloves, eye protection, a silicon thimble (which was a LIFE SAVER), and a spool of extra wire for making connections.

While you could easily do this without a mannequin, the torso is super helpful for getting all those tricky curves just right:

In fact the torso is the only piece we used; no need for the arms or legs. We wrapped, squished, and trimmed off the excess chicken wire in the back.

Same process for the head: wrap & squish the wire around the foam head, then trim off the excess and close up the back.

When you cut your chicken wire aim for the middle of each row, so you have wire ends you can bend/twist together to join with other pieces. Then add wire twists anywhere you need extra support.

This was for the skirt. We started with a smaller form-fitting skirt, then added on pieces to give it volume.

Friday, September 16, 2022

10 Groups That Just Might Make Facebook Worth Using Again

Happy Friday, gang! WE MADE IT.

And I have fun stuff.

Now I know some of you gave up Facebook ages ago, and others are too young and hip to have ever used Facebook in the first place... which makes me feel old, so we'll be ignoring that fact.

HOWEVER. Hear me out.

As the landscape of social media gets ever crappier and harder to control, the ONLY place bringing me consistent joy online right now are my Facebook groups. The key is to fill your feed with all the happy-making, super-niche interest groups and fan pages you can find, and then unfollow most of your friends/family.  BOOM. Facebook is a healthy place again!

So to get you started on filling your feed with happy-making groups, I've put together a list of some of my favorites. And since I'm already onboard the Halloween train (CHOO CHOO), I'll be skewing them towards the spoopy side.

'Tis the season to join ALL the Fall and Halloween groups, at least for me, and this group lets folks share their collections and home decor, which is endlessly inspiring:

Right now I'm obsessed with Grace N.'s home tour, omigosh:


And this is her living room!

Please click the link up there to see the rest of her house, because it's all giving me grabby hands.

Even if you've never been to Dragon Con, this is a great catch-all of cosplay, memes, and general nerdy fun.

For example, this photo makes me so happy. These three are my Ones That Got Away this year, completely bummed I didn't see them in person, but I'm happy this photo at least exists. (They're from the original Superman movies; remember "Kneel before Zod"?)

Plus occasionally with this group you get a nerdy one-off, like this boldly going glow-up for Piper M.'s new car:

She made & applied the vinyls herself to turn her car into a shuttle craft! YESSS. I so want to do something like this with a Stay Puft theme on ours.

This one's a page, not a group, but it shares fascinating finds I think you're gonna love. It features gothic, steampunky, and just-plain-cool aesthetics, like so:

From tattoos to DIY to wedding photos, this group is for folks to share any and every thing spooky. I especially like the DIYs, like this classic spray foam burning coals effect:

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Wrapping Up Dragon Con 2022: Sunday Favorites & Stories

Happy Tuesday, my marshmallow fluffs and stuffeds!

As John and I skid through the finish line after nearly two solid weeks of work, I have to thank you for still being here, and for cheering me on even when you have no idea what most of the costumes in our videos are, ha.

(Although I bet you recognize these!)

Convention season is mostly over - just themed Halloween & holiday ones after this - so it's been a blast going all out with my Dragon Con coverage this year. Not gonna lie; my spark has been dimmed of late, at least when it comes to working online. It's so easy to get discouraged when your only measures of success are fickle social media numbers. So I needed this real-life celebration. I needed the face-to-face energy and laughter and creativity to fill up my nerd tank, and now I'm fired up and SO READY to tackle our next big project: Halloween.

(This is not a hint for Halloween.)



But first, let's wrap up the best convention of the year with one more "best of" for Sunday. The song we chose is a total chair dance, and this compilation has more silliness and sound ducked in so you feel like you're right there with us:

Friday, September 9, 2022

Dragon Con 2022: Our Favorite Saturday Cosplays!

If you've ever spent a full week at Disney World then you know that post-vacay stubborness: the one where your brain refuses to do anything but look at pictures and videos and remember all the fun you had, instead of getting back to normal "real" life.

That's totally me with Dragon Con.

Original comic by The Awkward Yeti, not sure who modified it, haha.

So I hope you'll continue to indulge me while I get all this magical wild wonder out of my system.

("Quiet, brain.")

That's the nice thing about being a con photographer: I get to re-live all this goodness while I work on editing, and that goes triple for video editing. Exhausting as it is, John and I haven't stopped for a moment since we got home. So while part of me never wants the work to end, another part is ready for a nice long nap. ;)

That said, early yesterday we wrapped our Saturday video, the longest and arguably best one yet. So. You ready for this??

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Dragon Con 2022: Bunny Hutch & Thursday-Friday Videos!

Happy Tuesday, dragons and (if you're like me) draggin's! I hope y'all had even half as much fun this past weekend as I did, because I'm still riding that Dragon Con high.

I'm also exhausted, of course, since John and I filmed Thursday-Sunday for 8-10 hours, then went back to the hotel to edit until 4-5AM each morning. Annnnd REPEAT.


We also had three separate Epbot meetups, which let us have smaller groups with different folks each time, so we could chat a bit more. (Or try to, over the deafening DJ, ha. Next year we'll go somewhere quieter!) Huge thanks to Rebecca for putting these together, and all y'all in the FoEs Go To Dragon Con group.

Of course the scheduled meets are just for folks who want a guarantee of seeing us; throughout each day we met even more of y'all who prefer the hunt. :D (I do love hearing happy shrieks in the crowd when someone spots us.)

I was a little amazed how often I approached some jaw-dropping cosplayer to ask for a video, only to be told they love us/Epbot. Makes me feel like a blushing fangirl every time - "YOU know who I am??" -  and it fills me up. (Korg, I remember meeting you years ago, too, and you always make my con!)

On Saturday I scribbled in my gratitude journal, "Today made me feel like I add value to this community," which is seriously my life goal, so thanks, y'all.

Now let's get the VIDEOS. Woot woot!

John and I filmed and photographed so much this year we put ourselves at a disadvantage editing-wise: so much content, it was impossible to crank out quick daily videos like we did in 2019. BUT. We do have the first 3 up! And John's working furiously at this very moment to get Saturday done, which will be our longest - and best - yet. Sunday will be epic, too. So definitely go follow the Epbot Youtube channel to see those as soon as they go up.

For now, though, let's watch these in order. I recommend sound on, because we worked really, REALLY hard to incorporate the music, not to mention the Bunny Hutch song is a chill bop.


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

24 Years Of Makin' It Weird

Listening to John talk to an A/C repairman outside my office door:

John: "You ever see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?"

Me, looking up: Oh no.

Repair Guy: "Uhh, yeah."

John: "You know Augustus Gloop, the German kid?"

Me: Where are you going with this, John...

Repair Guy: "I... think so?"

Me: ::abandoning all pretense at work and turning wide-eyed toward the door::

John: "That's what I look like when I shave this off."

Repair Guy: ::silence::

Me: ::horror::

John, cheerfully: "Yep, I'm 47, but I turn into a chubby little German boy without the beard."

This has been Life With An Oversharing Extrovert, vol. 12.

Also I think this photo series is worth a re-share:


In other John-related news, yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary!

(This was from last week, I can math, honest.)

In true Yates fashion, we stayed home and worked on DIY projects: give-away pins and stickers for Dragon Con this weekend. Tonight we pack, and tomorrow we leave for Atlanta! Dragon Con is always the best anniversary celebration, can't wait.

If you're also headed to Dragon Con this week, I hope you'll join us at one of the Epbot meetups! We'll give you a sticker or pin, a hearty fist-bump, the secret to laughing at trees together... it'll be good times. The first meetup is Thursday night in the Marriott at 6:30pm, watch my Stories or the FoEs Go To Dragon Con Facebook group for updates.

And everyone else, stay tuned for alllll the fun Dragon Con coverage. We hope to upload daily videos on the Epbot YouTube Channel, so be sure to subscribe there to see them as soon as they drop, plus I'll be uploading silliness along the way in my IG/FB stories.

See you on the other side!

Friday, August 26, 2022

The 2022 Dragon Con Survival Guide: New & Improved!

It's Fri-Yay, y'all!

And even better, after a too-long pandemic-y hiatus, John and I are heading back to Atlanta this Wednesday for the one, the only, Dragon Con.

Eeeeee I'm so excited.

We've been going to this con every year since 2009(!!), and Dragon Con was the only cancelled event I truly missed the last two years. Take the rest, but gimmie my dragony chaos crew. DC fuels me up all year, and feels like home in a way you just have to experience to understand - which is why I tell everyone to try it at least once.

Baby Jen's first Dragon Con, 2009. This was pre-Epbot! Also my first time asking for a photo with cosplayers, because Ghostbusters 4evahhhh.

And while I'm feeling nostalgic, here's my favorite photo from that first year:

Sparkly Edward Cullen & Mighty Mugs Chewie. Yep. That' about sums it up.

Anyhoo, so today we're revisiting my Dragon Con Survival Guide. These are helpful tips for newbies and veterans alike, plus it gives me an excuse to post some of my favorite photos from last time (2019), which always hypes me up.


To keep this entertaining you'll be getting a mix of crappy cellphone pics and my dramatic black-out portraits:

So if nothing else, I hope you enjoy the eye candy. :)

First, the Dragon Con basics:

What is it?

Dragon Con is an internationally known pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming convention held in Atlanta, Georgia. It spans 5 days over Labor Day weekend, and prior to 2020 had grown to an attendance of over 80,000 people.

That's by no means the largest convention in the U.S., but Dragon Con *feels* the largest because instead of a convention center, it's held in 5 large "host hotels" and two shopping center buildings, all of which span several blocks in downtown Atlanta.

Because the con is spread out over such a large area, it's easily the most confusing and potentially stressful event you'll ever attend. Don't worry, though, I got you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Dollar Tree DIY: Spooky Cloche Terrariums For Craft Night

Happy Tuesday, boos! I know this may be rushing things, but I am FULLY onboard the spoop train to Halloween Town, choo choo. This is my favorite time of year for DIYs, and the best crafts are the ones that change our dining room tables from this:

... to this:

Aw yeah Craft Night!

And check out what these talented chaos gremlins made this time:


For those of you who can't watch videos right now, here are a couple examples of our spooky cloche terrariums:

This one's mine. Can you tell I've been watching Youtube videos of Mickey's Not-So-Scary?

This one's Arielle's, who used a larger cloche made of real glass, because she's fancy like that. ;)

These cloches were such a huge hit - both with my friends and some of you watching my Stories - that today I'm going to walk you through the steps, share our templates, and show you why this is the PERFECT group activity for your own craft nights.

 I'll be making this boo-ty right here:

Friday, August 19, 2022

Witchy Chapeaus, Sailor Moon Jewels, & Oh Hell, Fall


job, let's celebrate.

 I even found the perfect party hats, handcrafted by EverCrumblyAndWitch. (Say that name out loud for a chuckle).


Can confirm, my grabby hands would like to be-holding this. Heeeeeeeyo.

Or this!

These sweet witchy hats are magical, and come in so many gorgeous styles:

The mushrooms! Eee! Give Ever Crumbly a follow on Instagram to see more, or head to their website to shop.


Speaking of magic, watch THIS:

Olga makes mostly Sailor Moon designs, but she also mixes in a little Harry Potter and even Star Wars with her beaded brooches: