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My Book Tour Has Officially Been Out-Geeked

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dang it.

Ernest Cline, the creator of Fanboys, is on tour this week promoting his new book Ready Player One. Nothing unusual there.

Well, except that he's traveling in a thoroughly souped up DeLorean with "features from Doc Brown's Time Machine, KITT from Knight Rider, Buckaroo Banzai's Jet Car, and the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters."

Check it out:

Yes, I am insanely jealous.

No, I don't want to talk about it.


Cline will be driving about 2,000 miles in the DeLorean - John and I will be driving about 5,000 miles this October. So, our lousy generic rental car will at least be comfier, right?



Read more at The Geekiest Book Tour Ever, and don't miss the rest of Cline's series on his process of building the geekiest car ever - it's pretty amazing. (Especially the latest one about his proton pack. Omigosh so cool!) You can also find the posts and his tour schedule over on his blog.

(Before you ask: I haven't read his book yet, but I plan to. It has great reviews and looks like a lot of fun.)

Also, many thanks to Elizabeth A. for sending me the link and making me question my geekhood. -.- No, really. Thanks a LOT, Elizabeth.

As for my own tour, I believe we just nailed down the last tricky date in Houston, so final details are coming soon. (Hooray!) Stay tuned!

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  1. Goodness gracious! i NEED that car... like yesterday.
    *i wont show my husband, i wont show my husband*
    oh dear....

  2. I heard from a very reliable source that the audio version of "Ready Player One" is narrated by one Wil Wheaton, which is something I'd highly recommend looking into. I finished listening to his narration of "Agent to the Stars" by John Scalzi not too long ago. BRILLIANT! =)

  3. Houston TEXAS? We will all keep our fingers crossed that Texas doesn't try to do you in!

  4. Read his book in one day! Loved it, I think you will as well. Any child of the '80s can't resist.

  5. Tardis

    Get this for your rental car!

  6. I have an idea. You can have giant magnets made for the side of your rental that will make it LOOK like Ecto-1! Tada!I'm a genius.

    I am also available for drawing of said magnets if you go this route.

  7. I hope you guys are coming to Tucson... I was sad that I missed you in Phoenix on the last tour, but it is too insane to do the PHX trip and back on a workday/evening! I need me a transporter!

  8. In case you need company, I am insanely jealous too! Not of all his silly mods, but just because I am a car girl and DMC is amazing!

  9. Are you coming to Toronto?

  10. *Keeping fingers crossed that you'll be in Seattle somewhere between Oct 14-16* SteamconIII = steamy goodness, SteamconIII with Jen & John = fanFREAKINtastic!

    WV: strumbl - to constantly stumble while trying to casually stroll. I thought if I walked slow in the high heeled boots that I wanted to wear with my costume I would be fine, but all I can manage to do is strumbl.

  11. Please come to Pensacola! I know that you are only a few hours away in Orlando to begin with,, but I really, REALLY, want to see you, and traveling to Orlando is out of the question. (besides, I don't want to upset you by showing up on your doorstep)

  12. @SuperChunks- I BOUGHT IT!! ty for the link. I considered the Firefly one but, um, the ship's name was Serenity so Epic Fail.

    @JRose- genius, pure genius (Jen, I'll chip in to buy you some)

    -Barbara Anne

  13. Do you know what I just realized? I'm moving away from the middle of nowhere, and I might be able to go to a book signing! I am so happy!

    Also, did you know that Busted tees is having a $10 T-shirt clearance now?

  14. You should be traveling in a wreckmobile!

  15. Just have J(thoj) build you a TARDIS. A little blue box shouldn't be too hard to move, and it has soooo much more geek cred than this car.

  16. That video is so awesome.
    thanks for sharing.

    btw -- what is your book?
    Let me know.

  17. YAY HOUSTON! Like JeanneL, I also hope it works out better this time!

  18. You're welcome, Jen! Didn't mean to make you question your geekhood, just thought - "Hey, Jen NEEDS to have a DeLorean to drive on her book tour!" Don't know how to make that possible, but, hey, it's fun to dream, right? Right?



  19. I just got the book a few days ago.. ordered it the day it came out (which was the same day I heard about it from Wil Wheaton's twitter). I just spent almost 2.5 hours at the car shop reading that book and it's awesome so far!!

  20. You had me at the Kitt theme music...

  21. Hmmm... maybe an orange minivan with green streamers on the back and a giant inflatable mohawk baby? Somewhat less cool but much more noticeable.

  22. Jen, you MUST read "Ready Player One". It has absolutely everything that we geeks love in it! I really enjoyed it!

    and, yes, Wil Wheaton does narrate it. I'm not ashamed to say that I bought both the Audio version and the regular book... lol

    By the way, you ARE coming to Seattle, right??? :)

  23. I know!!!!!!! I recently won this book and am waiting for it to come in the mailbox with bated breath. Reading the reviews they had me at A) the DeLorean and B) Bladerunner.

    Funny - my husband is SOOOO not a geek. He can't understand why I'd want to watch Star Trek reruns on Netflix and fell asleep when I tried to get him to watch Bladerunner. Ce la vie.

  24. So, you will be coming through Amarillo, right? We're right on I-40, and we have a ton of antique stores on 6th st/route 66, who knows what you might find! Have I convinced you yet? :)

  25. That was fantastic! I'll be filing that under "things I didn't know I needed until I saw them and now I can't be happy without".
    In order to maintain your geek cred on your tour without going over the top, maybe you could just arrive on a scooter wearing this.

  26. But wait! Texas?? That can't be good.

  27. I'd added Ready Player One to my library request list a while back. It just arrived! Started it last night, and so far it's excellent -- a combination of my video game geekery and my '80s geekery, wadded up together in a futuristic dystopia.

  28. Honestly, the fact that you are coming to Houston is MUCH cooler than traveling around in a Delorian in my opinion!

  29. Yay Houston! And we're much nicer than Dallas, so you should be fine ;)
    Can't wait for the details!

  30. Yippee for Houston! Keep us posted on the tour dates, and I might have to be "sick" the day you're here.

    BTW, I frequently pass a guy on my way to work (in Houston) who drives most of my same route, and he drives a DeLorean. I'm guessing based on how old I think he looks that he bought the car new and won't part with it for a million dollars. My imagination tells me that his wife might have given him the ultimatum of her or the car. Either that, or she's a geekess like the rest of us.

    Interesting fact: There's a private-owned warehouse/distributor for DeLorean parts here in the Houston area.


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