Thursday, July 12, 2012

Show And Tell Time!

Nothing thrills me quite like seeing other people's craft results from using my tutorials or suggestions. Seriously. I get all giddy and stuff. So I thought it might be fun to take a quick skip down memory lane and show you which Epbot crafts your fellow readers are making - and maybe inspire you to get crafting, too!

Let's start with my most popular tutorial by far (thanks, Pinterest!): my flip-flop hangers.

(These things are more famous now than I can ever hope to be myself. Ha!)

Meghan H. made this chic version for her own closet, and she even dressed up the rod bracket with some pretty paper!

Why didn't I think to use silk flowers?! That is seriously gorgeous, Meghan. Love it.

I've heard from other readers who made whole sets of these for holiday gifts, but so far I *think* Meghan is the only one to send me a photo.  So if you guys have tried this, you know what to do.

Probably my second most popular tutorial is our penny desk:

I know this one's pretty daunting because of the pour-over epoxy, but Amanda H. proved you don't need epoxy to make a gorgeous penny desk:

Look at that beautiful texture! Amanda says she might add the epoxy sometime in the future, but for now she's leaving it as-is. That desk was a great choice, too - I like the clean lines and black accents.

(Pro Tip: You could also have a sheet of tempered glass cut to fit over your desktop, Amanda, to get the same smooth surface as epoxy without the mess/effort!)

Here's a more recent craft: Christina used my bubble wrap earrings & bracelet tutorials to make a bracelet that's way cuter than mine. And I may never forgive her.

She used the same technique I did for these earrings:

And strung her bubble-wrap charms together with O-rings like I did on my bracelet:

 Which gave her....THIS!

Aaiiee! Look at those perfect little stars! SO FABULOUS, Christina. And you're making me look bad. Stop that.

In all seriousness, I love it. Now I want to find a small punch and make a dangly version of my own!

Here's another oldie-but-goodie: anyone remember my Halloween candy jewelry?

Well, Jeri Lynn used my instructions to make this gorgeous candy corn bracelet:

 (I love that cord & the extra beads!)

Plus these fun earrings!

This makes me want to revisit my candy-dipped-in-epoxy crafts. I still have a box of hard rainbow candies from the Japanese pavilion in Epcot that I want to experiment with. [rubbing hands together] Ohhh shall be glorious...

I'm less than half-way through the tutorial photos I want to show you guys, but since this is getting kind of long I'll post the second batch in another few days. I'd love to make this a regular thing, too, so if you have project photos inspired by any of my crafts and tutorials, then please, send 'em in!

Oh, and a quick word on watermarks: I'm a big fan of crediting original sources, so if the photos you send me are NOT posted anywhere else online, then unless you instruct me otherwise I plan to watermark them so people can track down the source. (That source being you.)

If your photo *is* posted somewhere else online, like on your blog or Flickr account, then please let me know so I can link to it & credit you properly. I never want to be seen as taking credit for anyone else's work, so I just wanted to explain my reasoning - and again, just say the word if you don't want an Epbot watermark on your photo, and I'll take it off immediately.

Stay tuned for the next batch! I've got some Ollivander's wand displays, steampunk medals, and other assorted goodies that're gonna knock your socks off.


  1. I still love the penny desk, and I agree on doing the little bit of plastic stuff over the top instead of epoxy (to make it simpler).

  2. Jen,

    Have you had any degradation of your candy jewelry? I want to try this but was concerned about it falling apart after awhile.


    It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

  3. You know, in the second line from the top, you say 'Epcot' instead of Epbot.. :)

  4. Great job, everyone! Can't wait for more share-and-tell

  5. I love seeing YOUR work and then your fan base work. But waht i really love is your Watermark and explanation. As a Costume Designer, I was taught to be inspired by but not copy someone else's work and when inspired to not post said work as my original design. Give credit where credit is due! getting off the soap box now...

  6. Hey, thanks for the mention! Flip flop hangers are way better than the box I used to toss all my flip flops in. :)

  7. I love that you have fairly easy stuff like the flip flop hangers and then the more advanced stuff like penny desks and dime buttons. That way, crafters of all skill levels can find something they can do!


  8. Ah, Jen. I love this blog for so many reasons! Thanks to you, I am going to try my hand making a steampunkish medal pin for a friend's birthday gift. I couldn't find any of the ribbons at JoAnn's, so I'm going to try to make some myself.

    Thank you and John for the inspiration and encouragement to try new things and ideas.


    M.E. :)

  9. @ Maureen, I actually gave that bracelet to a reader, but from what I've heard from others who've done the candy does just fine sealed in the epoxy. Since air can't get in, you shouldn't have any issues with degradation. (Anyone else want to weigh in?)

    @MechilleH - Bwahaha! Oops. Thanks for the heads up; I just fixed it.

  10. There are people out there making penny floors! They look awesome!

  11. Eee! Thank you for posting my candy bracelet! I had a ton of fun making it and my friend *loved* it! I'll probably be making some more this fall once candy corn becomes available again!

  12. Awesome post! I've always wondered if people sent photos in...more please.

  13. I just love being able to see how people are inspired and make modifications to fit their own needs. More please! (Giggy little girl clapping ensues.)


  14. This is really off topic, but since this is a "show and tell" post, I wanted to show you this cute video! Baby and daddy battling with light sabers. So, so cute. (It's on a "fail" site, but it's definitely a "win")


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