Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Best of San Diego Comic-Con...So Far (And In Tweets)

Every year during Comic-Con I have an annual tradition of getting absolutely nothing done here while I obsessively read SDCC tweets and drool with jealousy over everyone there. (Except for the standing-in-lines and being-crushed-in-massive-crowds parts, of course. Those I'm ok with missing.)

Today is the biggest day of the con, so there's still lots, LOTS more to come, but in the meantime I just had to share a few gems with those of you not dedicated/insane enough to spend every waking moment since last Thursday poring over twitpics. See? My obsession = your gain!

- Adam Savage (of Myth Busters) dressed as a Ring Wraith from LOTR

(all pics via Adam's Twitter feed)

Every year Adam plays "Adam Incognito" at SDCC; he dresses up in some amazing costume, tweets hints, and the first person to find him wins a prize. (At Dragon*Con last year he was Chewbacca, and tweeted hints like "I'm carrying a purse.") This year he was a bit generous with his first hint, though, and was spotted almost immediately upon emerging from the elevator. Kind of a shame, really; I like trying to crack his hints from afar.

Awesome Cosplay

Cell coverage is spotty at best at SDCC, so for the most part we'll all have to wait 'til after the weekend for the the cosplay slideshows to start - but here are a few teasers that made it out:

 via @JenniferLanda (and that's her in the costume)

via @thinkgeek

I don't pay much attention to most of the toys that come out at SDCC, but my friend Amy (@Amy_Geek) spotted this adorable "Chewbacca Fighter Pod" by Hasbro:

I love it, even without knowing exactly what it is. Is he balancing on a tiny Death Star? Or is that a training sphere?

- Original screen-used Stay Puft head at the Prop Store booth:


Ok, so no one will find this interesting except for my fellow Ghostbusters fans, but I think it's seriously cool. Here's another shot for scale reference:

via Ain't It Cool - And hit that link for tons more great booth photos from the SDCC floor - really amazing stuff. (The Indiana Jones booth has live snakes.) In fact, here's one more:

 Recognize these little guys? 

They're the 'bots from Batteries Not Included! (Squee!) I reeeally want the two guys on the lower right. Like, really really.

 - The Firefly Reunion Panel

Probably the most talked about event of the con, this panel was filmed for a TV special that will air on the Science Channel this November, so eventually the rest of us will get to see more than shaky Youtube clips of it. (But speaking of those, you can see one of the more emotional moments of the panel here. So sweet!) Look for the special, titled Browncoats Unite, to air on 11/11.
[Update: Ooh, shiny -  the whole panel is already up on Youtube! Grab a tissue and watch it here.]

- And finally, even though the con still has two more days to go, I've already found the Best Thing Ever To Happen At SDCC 2012.  If you're a Chuck or Firefly fan, you might want to sit down.

A quick explanation first: 

Zachery Levi (aka Chuck & Flynn Rider) does a great charity event each year during Comic-Con called Nerd HQ. He gets his fellow actors and friends together for panels and photo ops and whatnot, and every dollar they make goes to Operation Smile

Well, apparently this weekend he started selling kisses (on the cheek) for $100 - again, all for charity - and one lady donated a whopping one thousand dollars. For that, she got a full-on dip and kiss on the lips - but then hilarity ensued. Just...WATCH:

Things I love about this:

1. Well, everything, but also...

2. You can clearly see Zach double-checking with the lady that it's ok before he dips her, and he's a perfect gentleman about it all [be still, my geeky heart...]

3. Zach's expression of sheer terror before THE AMBUSH, and sheer delight after

4. Adam Baldwin paying a lot less than Fillion, and Zach complaining about it.

I'm going to need someone to make a .gif out of THE AMBUSH, stat. I've just watched it about a dozen times in a row, and laughed every. single. time.

Happy Weekend, everyone! Stay tuned for a Saturday Steam post later tonight!

[UPDATE: THE .GIF LIVES!! Bwhahah!! That must have set some kind of record. I love it.]

[UPDATE #2: Melanie B., the lucky lady in that video, just contacted me to say she wrote about it on her blog! (Fun fact: Zac had no advance warning; the producer just brought Melanie out on stage!) Go read her post here, you'll love it.]


  1. Oh my gosh, THE AMBUSH was pretty much the best thing I've ever seen!!! Thanks for obsessing for us!

  2. Fear not, the .gifs are already coming. Fandom is the best.

  3. I normally don't comment on con stuff--I like reading coverage, but rarely watch videos or check on panels.



    Thank you.

  4. My poor puppy is not like the sounds I am making watching the reunion panel- thank you for posting the clips!

  5. Best video ever from Comic-Con! Stuck here in Atlanta..would love to be there!

  6. LOVE the Ambush! Love that NF throws a wad of cash at ZL! And how great to see the mini "Chuck" reunion, I miss that show so much!
    Thanks for sharing that :-)

  7. That video! I laughed so loud my husband came out of the house to my office to ask what was so funny! I agree about the .gif, please share when someone makes it for you! Pretty please? (And I'd wager that was the best grand that lady ever spent. Would be for me!)

  8. I was watching the NerdHQ live stream of that panel last night and was laughing so much I was in tears. I love those guys! Here's the link to where you can watch today's events and it looks like all the panels have been archived. There goes the rest of my day :)


  10. Love, Love, LOVE Firefly!!! Why, oh why did FOX cancel that show? It was and still is the BEST ensemble cast ever produced. PERIOD!!!

    Great video! Great post! Thanks Jen & John!

    Karla in CA.

  11. My dog that's recovering from knee surgery probably needs the same surgery in the other knee and can't walk at all right now and we have no real way to pay for the surgery. And I just found out that a woman that's been like a second grandmother to me my whole life is in ICU dying. Needless to say I've been crying all day. So, THANK YOU. THANK YOU x1000 for posting that video from Nerd HQ at SDCC. It's the first time I've laughed and felt happy all day and I really needed it. Something tells me I'm going to be watching it a lot.

  12. I seriously think this is the best sum-up I've seen of SDCC so far (I haven't been scouring the web for them, mind you, but still). This is so much awesome in one post.

    And that kiss!!! *swoon*

  13. That video was one of the best things I've seen from SDCC.Thank you for sharing that! (And now I will probably go share it on my tumblr...)

  14. My best friend texted me this the other day:

    SDCC: Knock knock!
    Me: Who's there?
    Me: *cries*

    It's really depressing because in all likelihood, Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan won't be back at Comic Con. And our favorite Doctor Who actors will never be seen by us all at once, again.

  15. THANK YOU for posting the link to the Comic Con Firefly Panel. Thinking of waiting till November was heart wrenching! I cried.. and laughed... I miss that show so much!

    Also, the ambush was hilarious!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you started my weekend off with so much awesome! Thanks Jen!

  17. i love that gif! and i love the look on everyone's face :D

  18. I have no idea how many times I have watched that. I love both shows. This just made my day!!

  19. ...

    I'll be in my bunk.

  20. Thanks for doing all the work so I don't have to search for all the cool stuff!

    lol - anyone else notice the butt-crack photo bomb in the awesome Evil Queen pic?

  21. If I had a million dollars, I'd totally give it to charity for a kiss from Zach Levi.



    This is amazing.

  22. now has Firefly.

    Been advertising it on the main scroll of new shows for about a week now :-)

  23. Chewbacca is a giant Star Wars Fighter Pods figurine. My boys have them and they're adorable!! Check your local toy department and you'll probably never be the same. They're probably a half an inch high. Cuteness!

  24. Zach is so yummy.

  25. Just spent the last hour of my life watching the Firefly reunion panel. Thank you SO MUCH for linking this! So fun to watch! And for the pics of the con. Someday I'll get to go to one. Someday...

  26. THANK YOU for the Firefly panel link! That was awesome. Joss's answer to the very last question got me crying because he nailed it so sweetly and perfectly.

  27. I'd already seen the Firefly speech (and cried, yes, because it was amazing), but that ambush is hilarious and exactly what I needed on a bad-endometrial-pain day, as I'm sure you understand :D

    I don't know if you're a Hellboy fan, but did you see this? Just, kudos to Ron Perlman for that.

  28. That was cool! I also don't comment on con stuff either like Kato said, but I'm a Firefly fan and that was fun to watch. Thanks for posting Jen! ;)

  29. I adore all three of those men, as much as you can adore someone whom you don't actually know. If I were that lucky fan, I would never wash my lips again. I think I'd just go ahead and have them bronzed.

  30. LOVED the ambush. Nathan is hilarious on his own, but put him together with Adam and you're in danger of laughing until you can't breathe. The more I hear from ComicCon, the more I wish I was there.

  31. Jen, I love Cake Wrecks because it makes me laugh, but I love it even more because it introduced me to EPBOT, which makes my inner geek soooo happy. The first verse of this popped into my head this afternoon, so I finished it up. Consider it a thanks for all the fun you've introduced to my life.

    Sung to Rick James’ “Super Freak”

    She’s a very geeky girl
    Got her cat names from Harry Potter
    She can name all of the Doctor Whos
    Follows ComicCon with tweets

    She likes the boys in brown coats
    But Nathan Fillion’s her favorite
    She knows sponge migrations happen at the right time
    Sometimes she’ll cross the streams

    That girl has got her towel
    The girl’s a super geek
    She knows that you don’t listen when
    Vogons read poetry
    That girl is into Steampunk
    That girl’s a super geek
    She’s even got a ray gun
    In purple – what a feat!

    She’s all right, she’s all right, that girl’s all right with geeks, yeah

    She’s a super geek, super geek
    She’s super geeky, yow
    Super geek, super geek

    She’s a very geeky girl
    Knows what grain to feed a tribble
    She will know when she is talking to a hobbit
    By the hair upon his feet

    “It’s clear that Han shot first,” she says
    Her grasp of Portal is amazing
    On her website now she’s featuring THE AMBUSH
    It’s such an awesome treat

    That girl is into cosplay
    The girl’s a super geek
    She knows the answer’s 42
    And that the mice can speak
    If you say “inconceivable”
    She’ll let you choose your drink
    And though you’ll never taste it
    It’s iocane, (I think)

    She’s a super geek, super geek
    That girl’s a super geek

    She’s a very geeky girl
    She helped out Katie and her mother
    We’re so happy that she lets us follow EPBOT
    So our inner geek’s replete

  32. Sharyn, that's my favorite song you've ever done. THANK YOU!! :D

  33. Thanks for the earworm, Sharyn! Lol. Now I'll be doing laundry all day singing this in my head. And laughing.

    Thanks for the post, Jen. Made my weekend.


  34. @sharyn = awesome

    For those of you into Doctor Who and Torchwood, John Barrowman will be at the upcoming DragonCon.

    I spotted this item on sale for scrapbookers that are into Star Wars


  35. Thanks for posting the link to the Firefly panel! That was amazing. :)

  36. That Snow White Queen is my friend Dyanamaria or @dinamet7

  37. First, I actually squeeed at the Adipose cosplay.

    Second, THANK YOU for that video. I will be watching that way too much.

  38. OMG! I know Mel! She posted that kiss on her FB! LOVE IT! She is so sweet! <3!

  39. Your blog was great! And, honestly, it humbles me that a donation turned into a fan phenomenon, especially since it all really was rather sporadic and not planned whatsoever! I blogged about it here ( if you are at all interested (if not, totally ok).
    I'm glad that Nathan and Adam turned that into something for everyone to completely LOVE! Gotta love those guys... all three of them!!!! :-)


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