Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Sew Nerdy!"

On the way down to Miami this weekend we stopped off at Tate's Comics for the opening night of the "Sew Nerdy" show at the Bear and Bird gallery (located inside Tate's.)

 I expected there to be major crowds, so I was both delighted and a bit baffled by how few people were there when the gallery opened at 6.

The gallery is a small-but-charming space, and while I've never considered myself a huge textile art fan, I had to resist the urge to take about half the pieces home with me. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Stag Patronus" 
 The threads actually seemed to glow from a distance. Gorgeous!

I was THIS CLOSE to buying this little Yoda:
 It's terrible having to prioritize my art buying these days, let me tell ya. I need more wall space!

Quite possibly my favorite piece from the entire show:
 "Lil' Bo Skeletor has Lost His Sheep"

It made me laugh. WHAT.

These next pieces were framed high up on the wall, and the spotlight reflections made them kinda hard to photograph:

It's Lydia from Beetlejuice!

Here's a close-up:

 Love this SO MUCH.

Next to her was this beeYOOtiful felt Uhura:

What a cool mod design! And check out the detail in the stitching:

Sew perfect! :D

If you've seen other blog posts about the show then you probably recognize this Pee Wee:
So cute! AAAAA! [Pee Wee flail]

A marvelous embroidered Mario set:
That Chomper chain is so clever.

And every geeky craft show needs a needle-felted Snarf, right?

And a Cheetara doll?

And finally, here's a TARDIS in denim-blue - literally:
I like that the doors can open and close - very cool! (In a terrifying kind of way, of course.)

There were lots more amazing goodies at the show, so head over to my Flickr account to see the rest. From Oompa Loompa pillows to geeky aprons to the embroidered Picard/Riker facepalm, I guarantee you'll see plenty more to make you smile.

In addition to the art, we had fun exploring Tate's itself, which is huge and a veritable geek's paradise:
Plus there are giant gears on the wall. Which is awesome.

So if you're in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami area anytime soon, definitely go see the Sew Nerdy show - it's going on now through August 11th. Oh, and while you're there, pick up some "Cream Collons" from the Japanese food section of Tate's. Trust me; they're delish. :D


  1. Oh my, I must have that Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!! AMAAAAAZING!

  2. So awesome. I love seeing comic stores do art shows.

    Also, the Mario pieces are from Love and a Sandwich on Etsy, if anyone is interested. I saw her post them on Craftster earlier this week. Her stuff has such a recognizable style, and she does some adorable Star Wars pieces.

  3. Awesome art!!! That Patronus really does seem to glow!

  4. Oooohhhh! Thanks for sharing! We moved away from Florida but I will be visiting family in Ft. Lauderdale next week and this just got added to the list of things to do. :o)

  5. The Patronis took my breath away. And the Tardis is worth every penny . . . that I don't have to buy it. A girl can dream.

  6. Ermahgerd, I can't believe you passed on that little Yoda. I so would have bought him!! 'Course I have a weakness (like kryptonite) for miniature things. And if there was any way to get that Uhura, she'd be mine. WAY. And The Patronus, aiyaiyai! Beautiful. Everything you posted was cool, but these are my 3 favs.

  7. Awesome heads up, I'm gonna have to check this out on my way up to Tampa on Friday.

  8. Oh how I wish I lived someplace cool like that.

  9. Oh my goodness, how awesome was that?????
    I would so love to see that in person, very inspiring what creative minds we have out there! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Those are so fun! Thanks for letting me see since I can't go in person!

    I have a friend who makes dolls and other interesting items. One of her new things are ROBOT dolls! The amount of time and detail she puts into them are amazing and photos don't do them justice! Thought you and others might like to see one of her robots that is in her etsy shop.

  11. Aaaaack!!! Why is the Angel INSIDE the TARDIS?!?? *cowers whimpering*

  12. The Mario trifecta is amazing! I think I may need to try crafting that myself sometime:) Wish there was a place like that near me!

  13. Oh my gosh, I totally want that little Yoda! I'm going to be redecorating my craft area in the basement with a geeky/nerdy/whatever makes me happy type theme (LOTR, Star Wars, dragons, celtic, etc)and he would totally fit! Wish I lived in FL!

  14. Photo #10 (underneath the amazing Mario art): MR. SATURN!!!! <3 I would have bought that in a heartbeat. Would you happen to know/remember who the artist was??

  15. Oh man - I love Tate's and Bear and Bird! It's the only store I go to on Black Friday. :) Sadly, I won't be back down to visit family in Florida before this show is over, but thanks for the wonderful photos!

  16. @ Mary - Rats, I don't have a closer picture of that one! I'm sorry! You could call the gallery & ask, or watch their Flickr page; they claim they'll be posting all of the pieces there soon.

  17. Thanks for posting the pics, I've been dying to see the stuff at the show (I'm responsible for Little Bo Skeletor)

  18. Why in the world isn't there a cool and nerdy store like this in Atlanta? Come on! We're the home of Dragon*Con for cripes sakes!

  19. Yeeeee! Three of my friends have work featured in this show! Thanks for the write up!

  20. I love the Tardis art. How seriously cool is that. Makes me wish I had kept up my sewing & embroidery skills!

  21. Yoda looks like it is an 80's Christmas ornament. Who needs wall space when you have Christmas to decorate for. Surely you need another tree this year somewhere in your house? Or yard?

  22. I had just started the wonder woman cross stitch (about 5 stitches in and stopped for a break!) if mine looks anything like that one I will be pleased!! Looks like an amazing display

  23. OMG, I am friends with Allison, who made the Pee Wee dolls. She and I were in the Conan O'Brian art show together in NYC!
    (I am trying to get her to make a JRose doll and llama friend, when she is done writing her book)

  24. Hi Jen - thank you! I will likely give them a call soon. Thanks for the help. :)

  25. Ah I love all of this. I love to do embroidery (though thanks to a college class I was convinced I had to "finish" items and not just frame them with an embroidery hoop. >.<) Can't wait to get back to doing embroidery and other fiber design!


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