Monday, July 30, 2012

Geek Chic Jewelry: Harry Potter & More!

Last week my new cuff bracelet from Friston arrived in the mail, and I may never take it off again:

Isn't it great? It's my reward for getting through that doctor visit the other week. A reward I got myself, of course. :D (Check out Friston's store for more amazing goodies; he's one of my all-time favorite steampunk jewelry designers.)

Silly as it might sound, there's definitely something to retail therapy. So if you need a few minutes of stress-relief, here are a few other new additions to my wish list:

"Long Live Hedwig," $24.95 by Enchanted Leaves 

This would go great with my golden snitch necklace!

 "Hogwarts Crest," $19.99 by Owl and Hourglass

I love the finish on this; the combination of matte and shiny makes it look like a blob of liquid mercury. Except in copper. :)

I promise I didn't set out to find all Harry Potter jewelry; I just kept stumbling across more great designs! Ok, last Potter one: check out this fabulous little potion bottle:

Felix Felicis Droplet Pendant, (with or without label) $14 at GeekOUTlet

John and I had some homemade Butterbeer last week at a friend's house, which got John to wondering what Felix Felicis would taste like. I don't think it says in the book, so we figured a base of honey mead would be a good place to start, for a golden, warm taste. Eh? (And the Butterbeer was awesome, btw. The recipe used a little butterscotch schnapps and a LOT of sweet whipped cream. There was so much sugar I literally vibrated for 30 minutes afterward. Ha!)

Anyhoo, getting back to the pendant - I've never seen a bottle like this before - or perhaps it's a solid glass droplet; I'm not sure. Hit the store link for lots more potions and designs, including this ├╝ber cool glow-in-the-dark "Lumos:"

"Lumos" $15


Ok, enough Potter mania. Now, how about a fun retro ray gun?

"Glass Lampwork Ray Gun," $25.00 by JeansBeads

Clearly Jean knows the way to my heart, what with all that teal and orange going on. Can you believe that's a handmade glass bead? (She can add a small metal hanger to make it a pendant.) My mind, it is boggled. The swirly flame inside is amazing!

Next, a little Hunger Games:

"Hunger Games Enchanted Fire Necklace," $29.99 by Old Junkyard Boutique

Ok, so the connection is a little tenuous (the girl on fire, I suppose?) but how cool is this?! The description says the light blinks slowly like a firefly, so I imagine it must have a self-contained LED in there. I'd dearly love to see one in person.

And finally, one of the ultimate symbols of geek love: a Portal companion cube.

"Pewter Companion Cube," $29.99 by DonaldJames77 (For $10 more, you can get one with Swarovski crystals)

You don't see handmade pewter jewelry too often (James casts them himself), and I'm blown away by how professional these look. It's a complete cube, and only about the size of a penny. Hit the link up there to see his miniature Portal guns and turrets, too - plus lots of nifty Star Wars designs. (!!)

Seen any great and geeky jewelry lately? (Or have a recipe for Felix Felicis?) Then link me up in the comments!


  1. Ohmygosh! I just dropped a salsa-covered chip in my lap. I must have that Hedwig necklace! Want so bad can't form real sentence.
    I think I deserve it. I went through all kinds of medical crap last year and I didn't get anything for it. Well, except to feel better, which is great, but still, I think I need that necklace.

  2. I'd love to have that butterbeer recipe. I adore the felix felicis droplet and the ray gun. And congratulations again on the doctor's appointment, you deserved a reward!

  3. Jen - we were in Chicago this weekend at a craft fair and this guy had a booth with jewelry made from watch gears...I instantly thought of you. My favorite were his bird pendants:

  4. I think I want the ray gun... It would match my hair perfectly. :) And the Hunger Games one. I wonder if it can be turned off though?

  5. I have the Hedwig necklace and LOVE it. She was even nice enough to make the chain a little shorter for me. It hangs great and I get tons of compliments from Potter fans and owl loves alike.

  6. I've seen teeny bottles like that before. You usually find them in those "your name on a grain of rice" tourist places. They write your name on a grain of rice (I know! Who saw that coming?!) and then pop it into an oil filled glass capsule in one of several shapes. They seal it with some sort of epoxy/crazy glue type deal and string it on a necklace and off you go :)

  7. I clicked the Etsy links only to have it say that Etsy is down. Jen, I think Epbot & Crew broke Etsy.

    One part scary, one part satisfying.

  8. I thought for sure Felix Felicis was described as mint flavored, so I had to dig out Half-Blood Prince to check.

    It turns out that it was the Euphoria potion Harry made that he put a sprig of mint in, and you're right, the taste of Felix isn't described.

    Looks like you have carte blanche, but I'd be really impressed if you can make it look like "molten gold"! :)

  9. The Felix Felicis Droplet Pendant looks like it is made from the glass vials used in the classroom biology assignment of extracting your own DNA. Look up "DNA vial pendant" on Google images and you can see a similar vial.

  10. Wow, all the jewelry today was just wonderful!

    As for the taste of Felix Felicis--the book doesn't say what it tastes like but does say that it smells different to everybody, according to what attracts them most. That makes me believe that it would taste different for everyone, too.

    What do you think?

  11. I think it says in the book that Felix Felicis smells different to everybody according to what attracts them. Do you think it tastes different for everyone, too?

  12. Jen, you seriously need to come to upstate New York! I took my kids to the Corning Museum of Glass a few weeks ago, and my daughter and I made our own glass lampwork pendants. We're going back to make beads for our Pandora-type bracelets. So come visit me, and I'll take you to the Museum, to our zoo (baby fennec foxes! lions, tigers, and ocelots! Oh, my!), and for some amazing ice cream. Our local ice cream place even has Dole Whip.

    But yeah, these are amazing. I want the Hedwig!

  13. does some great stuff. She doesn't have a lot of her work online yet (sadness) but I happened to see her at a show and it is amazing.

    She does Hunger Games, Harry Potter and more themed pieces, plus plenty of amazing originals. She also does custom work - and her steampunk stuff is amazing. She works in metal, polymer clay, and has a great aesthetic.

    She is my new favorite artist du jour and for me she is local! (Bonus)

  14. Im almost done with the sixth HP book, for probably close to the sixth time. Most summers I read the whole series, and anytime one of the movies comes out. I'm on the top of the tower with Malfoy, Dumbledore, and Harry right now. Sadly the library doesn't have the last book in stock right now, but I am first on the list when one gets returned. Love the HP jewelry.

  15. dang it! why did you have to include that last link? I followed it to see the Star Wars stuff, and ended up buying a pair of earrings: Han Solo on one side and Princess Leia on the other....I have no willpower

  16. You are so awesome!! Thank you so much for featuring my Hedwig necklace! :)
    One of your readers pointed me to your blog, and now I am hooked!!

    Thank you again for the feature!
    <3 <3 <3

  17. Oooooooo!!!!! Enchaned Leaves has Tolkien inspired jewelry, too! Must have Bag End locket!

    I love the jewelry posts. Shows off all of these wonderful artists.

  18. O.O Your posts are not so slowly making my wishlist grow out of control, haha. Really love the Felix Felicis potion, lumos and owl necklaces! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I don't think Rowling said what Felix Felicis tastes (or smells)like. It's Amortentia -- the most powerful love potion in the world -- that changes smells based on the smeller. (I just reread the entire series again.) It's probably good I like to reread books, because I'm going to be spending all my money on the sites you just showed us for a while.

  20. How fabulous would the Lumos pendant be as Christmas lights?!

  21. Your posts are trouble, my dear! I want it all...

    But here's my newest weakness. This artist does tiny pieces in brass with real moving parts--you'd think they were way bigger than they are, given the craftsmanship, but some are really tiny.

  22. Friston's steampunk lolcats are cracking me up over here!!!

  23. I have the Enchanted Leaves Hedwig necklace as well and am also SO in love with it. I wear it nearly everyday (am wearing it now!) and also get compliments all the time. They made my chain a little longer by request and it's just perfect. They deserve all the shout-outs!

    I totally want the Felix Felicis now too...I love these geeky round-ups - so much awesome in one convenient place!

  24. If it were me, I would definitely be using Goldschlager in the Felix Felices just for sparkle factor. Either that or just dumping in some edible glitter.

    What I'm saying is I like shiny things.... heh.

  25. Lightswitch WindowshadeAugust 3, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    Is the butterbeer possible to make in a non-alcoholic version (because the gang in the books is allowed to drink it at Hogsmeade)? I want to make it! Also, I notice that your logo is a robot, but we have to prove that we're not! Irony? Or coincidence?

    1. On youtube look up Feast of Fiction butterbeer. It's the only recipe I know and it says alchohol is optional.



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