Monday, July 16, 2012

Jen's Gems 7/16/12

I bet it would be impossible to feel sad if you had this hot air balloon mobile to look at all day:

 Spotted by Lydia F. over at  Craftiness is Not Optional (Hit the link for lots more pics & details)

It's just so gosh-darned cheerful.

Jess hand-stitched the balloons from felt, and even though I literally draw blood every time I even thread a needle, I am seriously tempted to try making one. (Jess promises to post a template and tutorial soon, too, since she also made that awesome wooden hanger. WE ARE NOT WORTHY, Jess!)

Speaking of hand-stitched cuteness, look what I stumbled across while researching my Villain Sweets for CW last weekend:
 Plush Joker & Harley! Made by Nebulous Frog over on Etsy, found via SuperPunch

I especially like Joker's hair, and Harley's ruffled cuffs. So perfect.

Harriet spotted these custom Mario shoes commissioned by a bride for her wedding:

At first I assumed they were decoupage, the art is just so fantastic. Then I realized it's all hand painted! WOW.

They're by Alexandra Trim of Bbee Shoes on Etsy, who has so many jaw-dropping works of art for your tootsies it's kind of ridiculous. Plus, if heels aren't your thing, she also paints Vans!

Calvin! And Hobbes!! [SQUEEEE!!!]

You know, I've never worn Vans before - just Chucks. I'm thinking I should change that...

This video is a bit old for an Internet find, since I waited a whole week to post it - but if you haven't seen this cutie-pie baby Jedi yet, you must:


Watch 'til the end - it just keeps getting more adorable! (And thanks to Sarah L. for finding it!)

For those of you who've already seen that video, though - and even for those who haven't - I'll leave you with the most visually delightful minute I've had all week. Robots, dubstep, and a some Tron-esque lighting effects? What's not to love?

P.S. I know not all of you follow me on Facebook (for shame!) so I just have to share my update from yesterday:

"Just video-chatted with my mom for an hour, during which she excitedly showed me all FOUR of the steampunk hats she made for herself for Dragon*Con. Yep, she has a different hat for every day. There are lots of gears. And feathers. And glitter.

"In short, I am being shown up BY MY OWN MOTHER."

Yep, I've created a monster.  
But I couldn't be more proud.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful videos and book recommendations you post. I have teenage boys and your suggestions have given us some great laughs and opportunities to spend time together.

  2. Wow, excellent work with the mother! I loved those pictures you posted of her and your Dad all steampunked up. When I explained the concept of steampunk to my Dad, he nodded approvingly, although he giggled at the name for some reason... I doubt he'd ever consent to dress up, but there's always hope.

  3. Jen, what did I do on the internet before I discovered the awesomeness of Cakewrecks & Epbot? You bring all the best of everything geeky! I've never worn Vans- I need shoes with more support- but I would TOTALLY buy & wear those Calvin & Hobbes shoes because of how much they would make me smile every day. And both the videos were awesome- I'd love to see more of the little girl as she grows up. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOL - the baby jedi video is greatness! And I love that robot video (my husband showed that to be a week or so ago and we probably watched it 10 times back-to-back)!

    And you really should try sewing with felt! It's so easy and you could probably do it with a dull cross-stitch needle with no problem. Here are some retro felt ornaments I made as Christmas presents a few years back. (I left them flat and unstuffed so I could put them in cards.)

  5. That mobile has inspired me! I see a version with jewel tones, metallic thread and some gears though...

  6. ACK! I KNOW I AM SHOUTING BUT I AM SO EXCITED! That dubstep tune is by Nostalgia, my brother-in-law! WOO HOO!

  7. That's so awesome that your parents are lovin' the steam! Can't wait to see pics of those hats; they sound epic! I just recently had to explain steampunk to my parents, my mom liked the idea, but it took my dad a while to get past the punk part (He thinks punk is anti-esablishment music and mohawks, so he just didn't get it). But they are both warming to the idea. Luckily my hubby likes it enough that he's letting me transition our living room into having more steamy elements. ;)

    Being a dubstep/Tron/robot fan, I absolutely LOVED that vid! Dubstep makes my body want to do the moves those bots were doing. xD

    Thanks so much for this awesome site, and posting all the projects you and John work so hard on.

    Keep up the steam!

  8. LOVE this post. I totally paint shoes like the Calvin and Hobbs ones (I do mainly Disney, but I'll paint whatever.) Jen, if you're interested in getting a pair I'll totally do them for you for free, just because I really truly love your blogs!

  9. @ Brooke, your felt ornaments are too cool! I especially love the peppermint candy - and the purple hippo!

    @ Colville Clan - Oooh, I think you're on to something there! Promise to send pictures if you make one?

    @ JHill - NO WAY! That is too cool!

    @ Julia - I wouldn't DREAM of taking advantage like that, but I'd still love to see your work! Have a link?

  10. Well, I'd still totally do it :)

  11. Seeing those felt hot air balloons reminded me of something I saw yesterday that made me think of you too:

    These are papercraft hot air balloons!

  12. Hand painted shoes, dubstep robot cuties, and a teaser for FOUR mama-bot hats: Whoo hoo! DragonCon is coming! :)

  13. Dear Jen,
    Recently I have been to the movies and I saw an advertisement for The Rise of the Guardians. I immediately thought of you when I saw it. It is a holiday bundle of awesomeness that can be summed up in two words... Russian Santa! Make sure you watch both trailers because the first dose not show the star character at all. If you read this comment please check it out!

  14. Mario wedding shoes!!! How awesome.
    And is it just me or are kids a million times more adorable dressed in/doing geeky things? I think my son is cute (biased much?) but put him in superhero clothes and I melt, lol. Can not wait for September when our anime con is, I'm working on 2 cosplays for him!

  15. I'm Sure you've seen this already but just in case you hadn't, it was the first thing I pictured after watching the cute baby with a light saber, just give her a few years!


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