Monday, July 2, 2012

Miami SuperCon!

As promised, my photo report of our weekend at Miami's SuperCon!

 C'mon. What's not to love?

If you know who this is, you're gonna FLIP:

It's Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon! Isn't she great?!

The best steampunk ensemble of the weekend:

 That jet pack is sooo cool - and I love the fins on his helmet and the arm bracer design. Not to mention it's kind of refreshing to see a non-distressed steampunk costume - so shiny and crisp!

Speaking of steampunk, reader Shellie tracked me down at the con and surprised me with this adorable sculpted Mini Me in my steampunk costume:

She even included my ray gun and feather hair clip! HOW COOL IS THAT?
(This is only two inches tall, btw. It's a MINI mini me!)

The Ghostbusters booth had this containment unit out front:

I managed to score a sufficiently creepy shot of Slimer:

 With a bonus Ghostbuster and StayPuft reflection!

Speaking of Ghostbusters, this guy had the slime pack from the second movie (and the video game):

You don't see this pack too often, and it's really well made. Major props! (Pun intended.)

One tricky thing about group shots...
It's hard to get everyone to look at you (and not blink) at the same time!

For once I find myself actually wishing there were other people in this shot, just for scale reference:

 These kids were actually quite tiny, so I took the shot while down on one knee. Aren't they cute? (And I'm guessing...Pokemon?)

Of course I couldn't resist Artist's Alley, which is where all my con money gets spent. Here's artist Chris Hamer of UrbnPop holding up my fabulous new Big Daddy sketch:

Perhaps I should explain.

I asked Chris to color the Big Daddy in crazy, technicolor rainbows and such. "Girl it up," I told him. He was more than happy to oblige, and I LOVE the result. Also, Chris is Super Cool - John and I had a lot of fun chatting with him both days we were there.

Speaking of fun people, our friends Chris and Christy introduced us to Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think I've watched maybe one episode of Hunger Force, and Dana didn't know us from a hole in the wall, but that didn't stop him from hanging out with us all for a bit talking iPhones and Disney stuff. (He besmirched the name of Voices of Liberty, you guys. BESMIRCHED it, I say! But it was funny, so all is forgiven.) Anyhoo, my point being: if you're a fan and you get the chance, go meet him. He's good people.

[Update: Chris made a short video featuring several of the voice actors at the con, including a lot of Dana. You can see it here - and watch 'til the end for the bloopers; they're the best part. :)]

Ok, back to the costumes!

Pretty Lady Loki:

Her makeup was gorgeous - I wish my photo showed it better.

 Green Goblin:

This little Harley Quinn shook her head when someone asked if she wanted her picture taken, but the second I raised my camera she immediately popped her little hip out and posed like a pro. Ha!

This Chell/Aperture Test Subject made her Portal gun out of foam, but wow does it look good for foam!

 She also made the long-fall boots. So great!

A fabulous Storm from X-Men - and check out those eyes!

 More kid cuteness:

And here's Daphne Lage working on an ACEO I commissioned. She's cracking up because John is growling and saying something about her being a tiger, and to "work it." You know, usual John stuff.

I'm officially in love with Lage's style, and I wish I'd found her sooner to commission a bunch more cards! Here's the finished piece:

Mr. Stay Puft!

And while I'm at it, here's the rest of my art haul from the weekend:

TMNT watercolors by Scott Vollmar (who painted the last two turtles for me overnight so I could have the whole set) and a cutie-style Edward Scissorhands sketch by Micheal "Locoduck" Duron. (Duron also did my Beaker & Dr. Honeydew sketch, so you might recognize his style from my MegaCon post.)

These were just a few of my favorite costumes from the con, btw, so to see the rest just head over to my Flickr account. (It saves me the trouble of posting 50+ photos here.)

Hope you guys enjoyed! Next up is more crafty stuff, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh wow - the Edward Scissorhands print is *amazing*! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. OMG - I just died of cute from Edward Scissorhands

  3. We just found the artist alley last year at our local con and promptly spent all our money there too. Now we might need to build new walls to get enough space for everything! I blame you for sending is to try it :)

  4. I think the answer to all my art problems would be to go some cons. Between yesterdays post of sewn cuteness and todays I'm dying of the cute!

  5. How fun! My best friend and her fiance actually know Chris Hamer pretty well, she made him a plushie of his little monster guy (the name is escaping me at the moment)! And those photos are making me all excited for Dragon*con - the same best friend and I are attempting steampunk ponies!

  6. Storm's eyes are a bit much to handle without sufficient coffee, but the Edward Scissorhands totally made up for it!

  7. I think I might have to do that Lydia costume for Halloween this year!

    So Jen, (sorry if you've already answered this elsewhere) are you and John going to Comic-con this year?

  8. I love Chris Hamer! I've gotten things from him at Dragon*Con before. He's such a nice guy and I still have the bonus buttons he gave me the last time I saw him there.

  9. The mini-mini you is awesome! More pics pretty please, I want to see the other sides of it.

  10. @ Elan - steampunk ponies? Ok, you HAVE to find me at D*C so I can see!

    @ Laura - No SDCC; it scares me. Heh. We prefer Dragon*Con in Atlanta each year, which is only about a month after SDCC. Plus this year we get Star Wars Celebration here in Orlando just before Dragon*Con, so we'll have a double-whammy of con goodness!

  11. is it just me? None of the pictures loading for the post :(

  12. The cute little kids are in Pokemon costumes. I had to ask my daughter, but the blue one is Mudkip and the green one is Celebi:) Love the Edward Scissorhands art!

  13. Love the Lydia costume and the tiny, sassy Harley Quinn!

  14. LYDIA from the Beetlejuice cartoon! I LOVE IT! And Edward weekend is now complete. :)

    That Slimer is awesome. I like the food floating in there as well. Was smoke being puffed in there to create that effect?

  15. I want everything! Do you known if Shellie has an online store? The mini you is too adorable!

  16. LYDIAAAAA. man i loved that cartoon.

  17. Voices of Liberty are cool, but check out Toxic Audio for amazing jazz a cappella; all previously VoL members. (they're also known as Vox Audio.)
    They're brilliant, and really really nice!

  18. Okay I am really, really disappointed now that YOU WERE AT SUPERCON AND I WAS AT SUPERCON AND I DIDN'T GET TO MEET YOU. DDD'= IT HAS BEEN MY DREAM TO MEET YOU. *whimpers*


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