Friday, July 6, 2012

Jen's Gems 7/6/12

Oh, this? This is just a wedding bouquet made from a sonic screwdriver and pages from a Sherlock Holmes story. No biggie.

(via BoingBoing)

[Kermit flail] AAAIIEEIII!!

Plus, I saw someone suggest making one with a lightsaber. BRILLIANT!

Yet another reason why I need to learn wiring and Arduino and whatnot:

The folks over at adafruit technologies posted a tutorial for building your own time circuit clock! I have that exact same Delorean model on my desk, too. Only now it looks lonely without a time circuit next to it.  (via NerdApproved)

I haven't done a jewelry post in a while, perfect are these white rabbit cameo earrings?!

They're only about $8 over on Etsy (shipping from England not included) - and while I guess they're not necessarily Alice in Wonderland earrings, that's all I can think of when I look at them. Can't you just imagine some adorable Lolita-style Alice wearing them?

I'm slowly going through the process of changing all my office art frames from black to white. I love the cleaner look, but getting new mats and painting all the frames and then re-framing every. single. piece. is taking sooo much longer than I expected. I'm roughly halfway there, and hating the chaos, but when I see something like this I remember what I'm striving for:

How great is that display?! Grouping by color on a mostly-white background gives the whole space such a bright and modern look - exactly what I'm hoping to cobble together in my own art-packed office.  (That's the home of graphic designer Sarah Harvey, btw; Etsy did a spotlight on her home [with lots of great photos] here.)

I do have one tiny half-wall done in my office, so when I'm feeling overwhelmed I just turn my chair around and stare at this for a few minutes:

Ahhhh. Soon *all* my walls will look this good.
I hope. ;)
(See my Dan Aykroyd print up there? I finally got it framed!)

And finally, I've never seen Peter Davison (my first & favorite Doctor) in person before, so I was beyond delighted when Colin Ferguson (of Eureka) tweeted this video of the two of them and Gareth David Lloyd (of Doctor Who & Torchwood) doing a Q&A at a convention last weekend:

And since John and I have been watching Eureka every night for the past few weeks, it was doubly delightful. If you want a fun way to kill an hour, definitely watch the whole thing. Personally, I'm now convinced that these are three of the coolest/nicest guys on the planet, and I'm desperately jealous of everyone who was there. (Oh, and the things in the little plastic cup are jello shots. Clearly this was a very fun con. Ha!)

Here's a photo Colin tweeted earlier of him and Davison at the same con:

That's all for now! As always, if you have something fun to share, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail!


  1. Yay Eureka love! A friend of mine was on it for the first season and I was so jealous he got to be part of it.

    Your wall looks beautiful! I love the way the art pops and I'm tempted to do it on my bedroom walls, though with black frames and matted.

    Thank you, as always, for the inspiration.

    Also, as a Disnoid...if you haven't seen the new Disney VILLAIN designer dolls being released, go check it out! Ursula is a bit wonky in my opinion, but they're really lovely.

  2. This just makes me miss Ianto from Torchwood... aaaaand I really need a sonic bouquet for my wedding. Y'know, in case I get into a Donna situation and get abducted from my wedding.

  3. I'm so glad you're watching Eureka too! I discovered it on Netflix and decided to give it a go because I follow Wil Wheaton on Twitter and he tweeted about it several times, and I saw Colin Ferguson on Tabletop (a board game show on youtube with Wil Wheaton). It's a fun show :)

  4. I'm aware that "Lolita" has a different connotation in Japanese fashion than it does in the literary world, but when you consider the themes of Nabokov's book, the fact that Carroll's Alice was only seven, and the long-running debate over whether or not Carroll's interest in young girls was entirely innocent, there's something a little disturbing about the phrase "Lolita-style Alice."

    I know I'm probably over-thinking it, but as an English major I guess these things jump out at me!

  5. I think I just figured out what my wedding flowers are going to be. Thank you. Now all I have to do is decide which books I love enough to...tear apart...Dammit.

  6. I've been watching Eureka since it first aired on SciFi. I'm sad this is the final season. :-( I love the humor mixed in.

  7. @ Anony - Yikes, yes, as a regular convention-goer and Lolita-style-clothing fan, that's definitely the meaning I was going for - not the original literary meaning.

  8. That bouquet reminds me of this one I saw this morning -- I thought of you because it seems like it could so easily steampunked up, with gears and stuff instead of broaches!

  9. Aw! I was a guest at FandomFest last weekend, and they were indeed adorable!

  10. I am still proposing a geektastic wedding proposal for my sweetheart (of course, somehow I doubt I can actually convince David Tennant, Alyson Hanigan, Nathan Fillion, or any of the countless others who've starred in our favorite geeky shows to join me by showing up with clues on the scavenger hunt that will lead to the ring), but assuming she says yes, I know what my bouquet will be! Thanks!

  11. This page isn't loading in Explorer right now - I had to use FireFox. is something wrong?

  12. I was the lucky girl who got to be Gareth's handler for that con and he was hilarious after those jello shots back at the table lemme tell ya!

  13. I love Eureka - have watched it from the beginning - so fun! So sad this is the last season - it is always very clever.
    and...did you notice we are safely in the future present now since we passed the date a few days ago?

  14. That bouquet was uh-mazing! I don't know if I could bear to tear up a Holmesian novel though. Maybe I could print the words on some nice paper and go from there. Lovely!

  15. Peter may be Doctor to you, but he'll always be Tristan to me.

    1. Same here!! My son actually was named from James Herriots books. Tristan James! Lived his portrayal in the series.

  16. My husband and I went to DragonCon last year for our honeymoon and got to meet and talk to Gareth David Lloyd for a few minutes. He is the sweetest guy ever. We even bought a CD of his band, Blue Gillespie from him. I always liked Ianto on Torchwood, but was never a huge Ianto fan, but I definitely am now. I hope he continues to be successful.

  17. @ Anony - Ack! Sorry about the Explorer issue; this is the first I've heard of it. If it keeps up, could you e-mail me a screen cap so I can look into it?

  18. Oh Eureka! I completely forgot about that show. I helped scope out the filming areas in Ladysmith in British Columbia near where I used to live. The photo gallery I created for the producers was really fun. Their lists of wants were old growth forest, big hill, long highway, somewhere we can use explosives, mine shaft, quaint houses, haunted forest. So fun to put together! I think I watched the pilot and a couple of episodes from the first season. I will have to pick it up again now that it's on netflix, thank-you!

  19. I have to say...what is with everyone thinking Marty traveled to 2012? When he visited his future he visited 2015. He always travels in "neat" number increments. 30 years back to 1955, 30 years forward to 2015, and 100 years back to 1885.

  20. Thanks for featuring our Fickle Queen earrings :D

  21. Colin Ferguson is SO cool. Last year at D*Con I got to his table and said "Oh, nothing to sign for me, I just wanted to say hi and ask a question or two if that's ok" and he said "Awesome!" and reached under the table, pulled out a takeout container, and picked up a forkful of food before looking up at me and going "uhhh... you don't mind if I eat while we're talking, do you?" I cracked up. He's very sweet.

  22. Not a huge deal, but I know you're a perfectionist so I thought I'd point out that you spelled Gareth's name as Garth. I just figured you'd want to fix that if you noticed.


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