Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Best of Star Wars Celebration VI, Part 1

I've done my best to wean down my favorite costumes of SWCVI to a more manageable size, but this is still going to take a good two posts. So get comfy, and let's get to it!

On Saturday John and I both brought cameras, and he played around with taking fun distorted photos like the one on the right with a wide-angle lens. Most didn't turn out, but the few that did are pretty cool.

Here's another:

 It's a really neat affect when the cosplayer leans into the lens like this.

Check out these great AT-STs:
The feet were attached to their shoes, so the machines walked when they did!

Here's the most impressive (and only) two-woman costume at the entire convention:

Yes, there are two ladies in there, and my back hurts just thinking about walking around like that. When a child wanted to pet the Bantha, they were able to smoothly lay down, front first, so the girl could reach its face. It was truly amazing to watch.

Some impressive baddies:

These two were so much fun. The first day they were steampunk Leia & Luke...

And the next day, well....
He said he did it on a dare. Ha!

Time for some cuteness:

That little girl meeting R2 was so sweet. She had such a look of wonder on my face while he whistled and beeped at her - I honestly got a little choked up, watching!

 When I took his picture, he immediately said - in character - "Ah, a 7D! That is an excellent camera." Which was amazing, because A) he was able to see what kind of camera I had through that mask, and B) it makes perfect sense that C3PO would both know & comment on our electronics!

The 501st had a room outside the main hall with all sorts of fantastic photo sets. There was the throne room, the trash compactor (complete with foam trash for you to stand in), and a Frozen Han Solo set, among others. Here's the Emperor:

 And let's wrap this post up with a nice group shot:

 I still have lots more to come, including my favorite costume of the whole con, so look for part 2 soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Adorkable Girls of Star Wars Celebration VI

There's a fun form of cosplay out there where geek girls incorporate a favorite character or series into cute skirts, dresses, or even full costumes that still manage to be feminine and frilly. I'm not sure if there's specific name for it, but here's a sampling of some of my favorites from SWCVI:

A Storm Trooper with petticoats? HECK YEAH!

And check out this sweet Rebel legion dress:
Complete with matching earrings!

Going by this gal's horns, I *think* she's a girly Bantha.

This little Leia had her own inflatable R2 on a pink ribbon leash:
The Rebel symbol on her boots was outlined in crystals, and would you look at those adorable hair buns?!

Most of us girls dreamed of being ballerinas at one time or another when we were little, so I'm loving these Star Wars versions:

And here are the droid ballerinas you're looking for:

I spotted Jennifer Landa (the same gal who wore that awesome Millenium Falcon skirt at SDCC) filming a spot for StarWars.com in a retro Star Wars dress & Millenium Falcon ring:
Oops, her hand is raised in that shot. Here's a close-up of the ring:

And here's a Vixen Vader:

Beach BUNny Leia:

This R2D2 gal is one of my favorites - she's just so stinkin' CUTE:

You've heard of poodle skirts, right? 

Well, how about a Wampa skirt?


And finally, I saved my good friend Christie for last. She threw all of this together just a few days before the con, if you can believe it:

She got the Death Star skirt from Etsy, but Christie made the head piece & leashed TIE fighters herself. The leashes have heavy-gauge wire in them, so she could "walk" the fighters. Isn't she great? I just love her retro pin-up style!

More SWCVI pics coming soon!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

21 Hilarious Mash-Up Costumes From Star Wars Celebration

You'd be hard-pressed to find a convention that can compete with Star Wars Celebration for epic mash-up ensembles. Most are absolutely hilarious, but a few are genuinely inspired. Here are my favorites from all four days of Celebration VI:

Boba Chicken:

Mr.T R2D2:
[Correction: Or possibly the Family Guy R2D2.]

Minnie Mouse Trooper:

Burger King Trooper, aka "TK-BK"

 Bender R2D2

Captain America Ewok:
Check out the wooden shield! Amazing!

Muppet Troopers:

Animal was the funniest; he had the voice down pat, and would yell, "WOMAAAN!" whenever a lady posed with them. Ha!

 Death Star Deadmau5

Joker Jedi & Harley Quinn Slave Leia:
One of the best mash-ups I've seen. Those costumes are fantastic.

 Green Lantern & Batman Mandelorians:
(I'm not sure which character the purple gal is. Anyone know?)

[UPDATE: Comments seem to favor either Star Sapphire or Huntress. Thanks, guys!]

Mario Jedi:
Check out the patches on his vest!

Pigs in Space Han Solo:

 Hello Kitty Slave Leia:

 Red Guard Life Guard:

This next one is brilliantly funny.

OB-GYN Kenobi:
A woman next to me started cracking up just as I was taking this picture, and he said, "That's what makes it all worth it: the 3-second-delay laugh."

Black Swan Jedi:
Not funny, but pretty!

Admiral Ackbar Ghostbuster:
 Say it with me, now: 

Jack Sparrow Trooper:

Chef Vader:

Where's Waldo Trooper:
I love that he painted the stripes on his armor - and the oversized glasses!

And finally, my favorite visual pun ever, just because it took me a solid 8 seconds to "get it."

I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what they are. Just think: They're neckties....wearing boxing gloves. Get it? GET IT?

If not, check the comments for the answer.

Stay tuned for the less funny but more awe-inspiring costumes from Celebration VI, plus a recap of my first real foray into the world of cosplay as Lady Vadore!