Friday, August 6, 2010

The Cutest Geek Toys EVAH

One of the things I like best about being a geek is that we geeks still revel in the Joy of the Toy. Sure, we don't always call them toys: "action figures," "art dolls," "limited edition screen-used stand-in photon-rifle prop" - whatever. They're toys, and as a girl geek I say the cuter, the better.

(Found via Super Punch.)

This adorable little Batman is only $7.99, if you pre-order him.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but somehow they managed to cutify an AT-AT:

Just look at those feet!
(About $45 over at Big Bad Toy Store, which isn't afraid to call it like it is.)

Of course, we always want the toy we can't have the most, so in my case, that's this guy:

Image from Proton Charging

This cute 3" tall slimed Venkman figurine came out last April, but was only sold in the UK, and they only made 150 of them. [pouting]

But wait, what's this? They make an un-slimed version?!?

Which is...out of stock. Curses! Foiled again.

Adding insult to injury, I learned that they also made this adorable t-shirt:

But that's no longer available, either.

You're killing me, WeenIcons. Really.

(And don't think the Star Trek captain makes it all better, either. It just makes it partly better.)

Plush David Tennant, anyone?

Better snatch him fast, though; Esty seller GirlCalledRic only has 1 in stock.

Any Kingdom Hearts fans out there?
I have this adorable chibi Sora cell-phone charm hanging on my purse strap, along with my felt PS2 controller.
(Play-Asia has been sold out of these for a long time, but I did see some available here for around $13.)
And here's the controller (I have the gray one):

They're 3 inches wide, hand-made, and only cost $7! I purchased it from rabbitrampage on Etsy, but sadly she doesn't have any available right now. If you're crafty, maybe try making your own? (And then sell more to me? Hehe.)

Or, if BioShock is your game:

ThinkGeek has these Big Daddy dolls for about $20. This bouncer version won't be back in stock until the 18th, though, and he's cuter than the Subject Delta.

And because robots are always cute, and robot dogs even more so:

(My inner 12-year-old just squeed a little. Now I'll just need an extra long Doctor Who scarf, some Jelly Babies, and a sonic screwdriver. [And yes, you CAN buy all those online.] Heh.)

I'm not sure how big this remote controlled K-9 will be, but he's available for pre-order now on Entertainment Earth.

Prepare to meet Cthulhu, Destroyer of Worlds!!

He also likes to snuggle.

And, hey, only $10 over at NoirNathra's Etsy store!

Obviously I've only just scratched the surface on all the adorable geek toys out there; the vinyl collectibles alone could (and do) fill entire websites. Still, be sure to link to your favorite in the comments: I'm always looking for more!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My (Additional) $.02

Time for a smashing penny update!

First, I think most of you agreed that my Dumbo penny looked out of place on that silver beaded necklace, so I put it on a simple chain:

Then I replaced it with more loops and beads on the silver necklace:

No pennies now, but it's still pretty cute.

For my Alice penny, I did another long chain design similar to the pirate ship Tinkerbell:

The old key came from a lot off ebay eons ago. I scrubbed off the worst of the rust and then clear-coated it with a matte lacquer, to keep the rust off my clothes.

To keep the pink crystal in place, I put the ring through the chain link, so it can't slide. This is also a *great* way to keep your necklace from twisting around on you. In fact, I may go do this to all my necklaces now.

Here's a closer look at the penny and crystal charm, which came off a broken bracelet:

By the way, I have a whole new respect now for Etsy jewelry sellers: photographing jewelry is HARD! I tried the photo cube, but the light just didn't seem right. My best luck was with these shots, which I took outside in the shade. And since I'm still pretty much helpless in PhotoShop, they're all straight-from-the-camera, for better or worse. :)

Here's a new necklace, where I played around with drilling more holes through the penny:

The two chains are part of a single necklace. All I did was break one in the middle and attach the penny on either end. I scavenged the beads from a third chain which used to be part of the same necklace.

This penny was the most brass-looking of them all, so it goes really well with the gold.

And finally, my most favorite of them all: my seahorse penny.

You ready for this? :D


Now, as you may remember, I started with this:

So to get the shape right, I had to remove the connecting beads, overlap the leaf sections, and then use bronze brads to hold the sections together.

The nice thing about the brads is that once I bent them open, they also held the penny in place on the back, like so:

The other ends I bent around the edge of the pendant, so everything is super snug without a drop of glue.

Once the frame was complete, I started brainstorming ways to cover up the text. Call me crazy, but I just didn't want to have "Virginia Aquarium" showing. Well, believe it or not, I had another necklace with matching crystals on it. A few snips with the pliers and dabs of Gorilla glue, and...voila!

No more "Virginia Aquarium"!

I don't have a backer on this yet, but I plan to turn it into a pin. I'll use a back that I can also string on a necklace, though, so I can wear it either way.

John and I went out to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday and snagged some more smashed pennies, plus a smashed quarter or two. I'm very happy to report that the quarters *just* fit the larger oval scrapbooking frames, so I may have one or two quarter designs to share later on. (The downside is that the quarters are much thicker, and therefore harder to bend.) I also snagged some great leather belts at a thrift store, so I think I'll make a few more penny cuff bracelets - perhaps for a give-away? [eyebrow waggle] Stay tuned!

Note: See my original smashed penny tutorial here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 3 G's: Baby Love

Barring divine intervention and at least two spontaneous surgery reversals, I'm never going to have a baby myself. (Don't worry, that's by choice.) That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the 3 G's of baby cuteness, though.


This is Lisa K.'s 9-month old son, on his first Halloween. Too cute, he is. Love his ears, I do.


Adele Enersen uses sheets, towels, and household items to create whimsical scenes around her baby daughter Mila while she naps. Then she posts the pictures on Mila's Daydreams:

The photos are magical and sweet; like a fairy tale. Guaranteed to make you sigh contentedly and think hazy thoughts of unicorns and (double) rainbows.


Remember when I was griping about the lack of great Star Trek fan art in the world? And how epic I said it would be to see a cute Andorian baby with a tribble in one hand and a tricorder in the other?

Well, Kelly C. managed to give me everything except the tricorder:

Ha! Yep, I was right, Kelly: this is pretty epic.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Geek Chic Round Up

Some fun apparel and accessories that have caught my eye recently:

Robin sent me a link to this sweet Neverending Story t-shirt.

Do you recognize it?

It's the oracle!

Ah, obscure 80's fantasy movie reference ftw!

Lisa found this next gem:

These shoes were made for...typing?

I can't find any more info on these, so I don't know what brand makes it. Anyone know?

Then, while I was researching the keyboard shoes, I stumbled across THIS:

[swooning] [falling on floor] [drooling]

I've never worn high tops before, but I can see making an exception here.

Just look how pretty!


These are custom Keds being sold on Zazzle, so they're seller lShakespeare's own design. Kinda pricey at 65 pounds - that's, what, $130? - but considering John has spent that on running shoes before, and that you're pretty much guaranteed to be the only one in the room wearing typewriter sneakers, I guess it's not that bad.

The design also comes in regular low tops and slip-ons, but I think the high tops look best.

This next item is rather bittersweet for me, but the design is so amazing I have to share it anyway:

So here's the thing: the second John saw this ring (and thanks, Jessica, for sharing the link!), his eyes went big as saucers and he asked, in classic kid-in-a-candy-store form, "Can I have one? Pleeeease?"

C'mon, who can say no to that? Besides, he wanted it for his wedding ring, since it's about a billion times cooler than the plain band he usually wears.

So, we bought it. And while it IS a very cool design, I'm afraid the feel of it is kind of loose and rattly. It jingles when you wear it, because there's so much space between the outer rings and the gears. Plus it feels a little crunchy when you twist it.

I contacted the company (which has excellent customer service, btw) and was told that's just the way the ring works, because they wanted it to be loose enough to spin with one finger. All told, though, we'd much rather see a tighter design that's a bit harder to twist, if that means less rattle and a smoother spin.

The ring costs $165 (available here), so we're going to be returning ours. And yes, we're really bummed about that. Say, any of you make jewelry? :)

Well, to end on a happier note, here's a cool USB ring a bride had custom made for her game-developer husband:

Found on Mashable

The inside reads, "For a lifetime of memories."

Man, that's nerdy.

I love it.

My Robot is Officially a Rock Star


This, my friends, is Epbot reader Jennifer's new tattoo. It's also quite possibly the most mind-blowing fan photo I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Seriously. I am in awe.

And since I've had a lot of folks ask where my little 'bot came from, this is probably a good place to mention that John and I actually made him! Woot Woot! [<-- me tooting my own horn.]
In fact, here's my original sketch:

I had the hardest time getting his belly round enough. Heh. From here, John did all the real work, though: cleaning up the lines and adding color and shading in PhotoShop. Since neither of us had ever done anything like this before (John was literally teaching himself PS as he went along), we were pretty excited with the end result.

Needless to say, it's pretty surreal for John and I to see something *we* made permanently adorning someone's arm, so a huge thanks to Jennifer for making our week! (Also, the bow tie is a nice touch.)