Sunday, January 14, 2018

Better Late Than Never? Holiday Matsuri 2017, Part 2!

I know I already showed you guys most of my favorite Christmas cosplays from Holiday Matsuri last month, but wait, there's more!

 We'll just say she's more "Winter" than Christmas. :D

Look at all these gorgeous details! The fur collar, the poinsettias - and I love how she did her eye makeup with that blushing at the temples. 

HolMat really is THE con for big beautiful gowns, you guys:

In fact I only learned about HolMat through local cosplayers I follow online, who all see it as a can't-miss for the year. For a small con HolMat has a huge emphasis on cosplay, and was only the second con I've been to where I felt like the ladies noticeably outnumbered the men. (The first being Leaky Con.) 

Except when it came to the photographers, of course. Those are all men. Always. (Someday I'm going to write a post about this... but not today. NOT TODAY JEN FOCUS.)

Ahem. Right, 'nuff chatter. ON TO MORE PRETTIES:

Her cape was completely covered in (silk) autumn leaves! And look at that blue ombre fade!

Ooh, here's a funny one:

 I'm not sure this MST3K guy could even make it into the vendor hall, ha!

If you only follow one pro cosplayer online, make it Alyson Tabbitha:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DIY Star Wars Spinner Card: My Rebel Heart

I'll admit it's early for Valentines, but you guys, I needed a project. I've been lagging hardcore since New Year's, so out of desperation I started brainstorming crafts for the next holiday I could think of, and I happened to be looking at Star Wars stuff at the time, soooooo here we are:


 Ready for the big reveal? (Assuming you didn't already see my prototype on Instagram?)



Can I just say, I am so pumped this worked.

Plus this doesn't HAVE to be a Valentine; it could work for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers... well, maybe not baby showers. But maybe baby showers? Or, since the spinner section is made separately, you could add just that part to a card you make yourself.

I originally sketched this as a necklace, but almost immediately hit some roadblocks in the skills department - or lack of skills department, I should say. I love the idea of a heart hidden inside the Rebel symbol, though, so don't be surprised if I revisit this idea later.

For now, though, LET'S MAKE SOME CARDS.

You Will Need:

- white card stock
- black card stock
- red paper (or card stock)
- glue stick
- black mini brads (the teeny tiny ones that look like this:)

Mine came in a multi-color pack from the scrap-booking aisle in JoAnn's.

- printer
- thumbtack or small nail
- scissors

This is a pretty quick craft, since John and I've done all the hard stuff for you. (It took a lot of hours of tweaking and prototypes - I'm still finding paper shards all over the office.)

So first, print out my two page template from the bottom of this post. Print the text page on white, and the circle page on red.

I have an alternate poem I like better down below, btw, but I was afraid to post it up here because it's kind of... awful? Funny, but awful. :D  I'll give you both options in the downloads, so be sure to tell me which you like better. (AWFUL PEOPLE UNITE!)

There are two of each template on the red page, enough to make two cards. If you're just making one card, though, don't bother cutting out the duplicates.

Roughly cut around the heart circle(s) and glue them to your black card stock: