Friday, December 15, 2017

The Fantastic Fashions Of Our Fantastic Beasts Party!

The best part of our Fantastic Beasts Potter Party was, hands down, all our friends who came. They dressed as flappers, nifflers, goblins, witches, and oh-so-dapper wizards. And oh yes, I HAVE PICTURES.

I posted these first ones on my Instagram Story the day of the party, but of course a lot of you aren't on Instagram, or missed the 24-hour window to see them. Not to worry, though; I got ya:

(I thought of this the night before the party, and I'm STILL giggling.)

My outfit. I lasted in the heels for about an hour, then switched to sparkly flip-flops. :D

The dress is $30 here on Amazon, then I added the sheer cape/sleeves by hand-stitching a wrap I already owned under the shoulder straps. Since the wrap hung down to my wrists anyway, I added another stitch so the ends would fit over my wrists like sleeves and move with my arms. Hard to describe, but super easy to do. (The dress is comfy and nicely made, btw, A+ would recommend.) I made the headdress from scratch, you can see how here.

Traci made her own cape, too, which is attached to those sparkly silver armbands and bracelets. Sparkliest Ravenclaw flapper EVER. (You can follow Traci's Disneybounding & Cosplay adventures on FB here.)


These two look like they walked off the set of Downton Abbey! (Chris is even wearing a tail coat!)

Christie up there and her sister Robyn (below) are more incredible cosplayers - you can follow them here.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We Made A Life-Sized Thestral For Christmas, Because Of Course We Did

So possibly our biggest surprise at the Potter Party last weekend was Tiny Tim, the life-sized thestral in the back yard. Yes, thestral. You know, the undead skeleton horses that can only be seen after you witness someone dying? I mean, HOW FESTIVE DOES THAT SOUND.

via Pottermore

It's all Home Depot's fault, of course, since they were selling life-sized horse skeletons for Halloween. We weren't about to drop $200 for it, though, so we waited 'til November 1st, called every Home Depot in the greater Orlando area, and on try #17 finally found one for half off. Still pricey at a hundred bucks, of course, but John was positively GIDDY at the thought of making our own thestral.

So we did.

And since this WAS for a Christmas party, we added a wreath around his neck to make him more cheery:


After dark is when Tiny Tim gets his wow factor, though: