Saturday, August 27, 2016

PHOTO TOUR: Orlando's New Steampunk Chocolate Factory!

On Thursday John and I trekked out to Universal in the hopes of eating at the new Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, a steampunk-themed dreamland that serves as restaurant, gift shop, and take-out dessert bar.


(Toothsome replaces the old NBA restaurant next to Hard Rock.)

The grand opening isn't until this Fall, but Toothsome is currently in soft-open previews, which means irregular, unscheduled serving hours. The gift shop and take-out section appear to be open full-time, though, so you can see a healthy chunk of City Walk's newest attraction even if you don't get seated.

But luck was with us, you guys: WE GOT SEATED.

Not only that, we were the very first diners seated that day. And yes, I was screeching nonstop the entire time.

But enough talk, because I took nearly 400 photos, and I wanna see how many I can cram into one post.

There's a lot of movement to the exterior: the overhead gears turn, those golden twists on the left  rotate, and those giant brass canisters on the right have gauge needles that spin.

Obligatory HDR shot, taken with my iPhone.

We should probably go in now, huh?

Up the entry stairs and into the lobby, where the overhead view is so spectacular it needs a panorama:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Rainbow Brite Connection

One of my favorite artists once asked for fan art ideas, so I suggested Rainbow Brite, and the artist had no idea who that was, and in conclusion, I felt really old that day.

But then last week someone told me a book called "Wit and Wisdom of Rainbow Brite" was just published, so John spent a morning driving all over town to find the ONLY Orlando Hallmark that had one, and now I feel like a big kid again.


(This art and that sentiment need to be on everything everywhere. Pillows. Purses. Tea sets.) 

I don't remember much/any of the Rainbow Brite cartoons, but I looooved my doll with the crinkly holographic skirt, and I still think that art style is the cutest. So even though the "wisdom" of this little book is a bit on the "friendship is sparkles!" side, it's still a fun trip down memory lane, and well worth the $10.

I should mention it's ONLY available at Hallmark shops, btw, so don't bother looking online. But as a reward for making us leave the house, Hallmark also has THIS: