Monday, June 18, 2018

More Kitten Floofiness, Because Omigosh, SHE'S SO FLUFFY

What do you call a cat who's fearless, derpy, and easily mistaken for a giant cotton ball drifting across the floor?

No, really. WHAT DO YOU CALL HER??
(Don't worry, we do finally have a name - keep scrolling.)

If you don't follow me on Instagram then you missed this adorable development:


It's amazing that they're only a month apart in age, but Eva already looks like a full-grown cat compared to this walking floof-tangle.

We keep narrowing down names and trying them out for a few days, but everything seems a little too majestic for a fuzzy marshmallow with spatial recognition issues:

She's still in her 'running-headlong-into-furniture' and 'easily distracted by ceiling fans' phase.  

At least, we hope it's a phase.

(That face. Omigosh.)

Friday, June 15, 2018

June Art Roundup: S.P.E.W., Park Sweets, & Grumpy Dragons

I'm feelin' the itch for some happy art feelz, gang, and thanks to MegaCon I have LOTS of new artists to share! So come, come. Browse with me.

This piece titled "Betrayal" by Kristen Pauline is cracking. me. up:

Only a dragon could be this disgusted by surprise chocolate. Ha!

I also love the spooky story built into this one:

It's called, "Told You So." ::shiver::

And look at this grumpy mermaid getting a birdy wake-up call! Bahahaha!

Follow Kristen on IG for more, then go check out her Etsy shop for goodies. (Sadly none of THESE are in her shop, which is a shame, but there are other cool ones!)

Next up, Isabelle Angell's version of Hermione is giving me LIFE:

 The frizzy hair! The devil-may-care attitude! The concerned House Elves! YASSSSS

 And look how sweet Harry and Dumbledore are:

Isabelle also has this fabulousness:

And this bee! Ermergersh!
I have to stop or I'll post Isabelle's entire store, so promise me you'll go see the rest. (Her prints are less than $6, so I'm resisting the urge to buy EVERYTHING.)

Karl of One Awesome Artist does the coolest thing with silhouettes: