Monday, August 13, 2018

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2018, Part 2!

Let's get back to my favorite finds from Tampa Bay Comic-Con!

Starting with a few video clips from my Instagram Story:

Waluigi's Piranha puppet is so fun, and I love how in character he was! (He's saying,"Check your watch, it's Waluigi Time!") The Fallout guy is Dead Exposure on IG; he and his dad make the most incredible power armors, definitely worth a follow. And the Falcon purse, well, it's just shiny. :D

Supergirl and Black Canary:

Here's the best mashup of the con: Tin Iron Man!

 (His heart has a light in it, but my flash washed it out.)

And Cowardly Thor!

:D :D :D

For my fellow Overwatch addicts, here comes gender-swapped Genji & Hanzo:

For the record, I haven't seen anyone cosplay the hamster yet. YET. :D

Two classic Disney villains:

More adorable kids - again, there were tons! - this time representing Kingdom Hearts:

Friday, August 10, 2018

URINE FOR IT NOW: Let's Replace A Toilet! (Also A Faucet)

If you'd told me a year ago I'd be filming myself replacing a toilet for this blog, I'd have given you a SUPER dirty look.


Here I go:

John is very proud of his intro, so at least watch the first 10 seconds for him. :D :D (Sound on.)

Of course I realize most of you don't NEED to replace a toilet right now, so for your BONUS DOUBLE FEATURE, here's how to replace a sink faucet:

These home repair vids are surprisingly draining (heyooooooo), and I'm looking forward to getting back to our geekier content (Potter party prep, anyone?), but it's still super satisfying to do so much on my own. I usually let John take over because he's faster & stronger, so not only am I proving to myself I CAN, I'm also learning to get past some of my body issues and camera phobia. Sure, my belly is roly-poly, but I'm LIFTING A GOL-DANG TOILET, dangit.

Plus I'm actually having fun, at least when John and I are goofing around and laughing through shots. Not so much when it's 11:30 at night and we're on Take #3 of inserting a fiddly faucet plunger designed by Satan himself. (Flames... on the side of my face...) (Granted, this is what we get for buying a $30 faucet... BUT STILL.) At least all the scratches I made are facing the back wall where you can't see them, ha.

We're up to trim and painting now, so next we'll film our most requested tutorial: how to paint baseboards next to carpet. I'm excited to get back in my wheelhouse with painting again!

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday John and I set the date and sent out invites for this year's Christmas Potter Party, and I'm so excited I can't see straight. This year I'm not keeping anything a secret, either; you guys are going to see every project and decoration as we make them. I'm even going to show you the theme and my idea list soon, so you can make suggestions and brainstorm with me.


Next up is Part 2 of my favorite cosplay from Tampa Comic-Con, so stay tuned for that!