Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Debuting This Weekend at Dragon Con: Figment!

If you follow me on Instagram (which I've only started using again the past few weeks) you may have seen some imaginative works-in-progress lately. John and I started this project almost exactly two months ago, and it's been a long road of trying new techniques and tools, but in the end, I really couldn't be happier.

Introducing... Figment:

He is completely handmade from scratch, from the tips of his split tail to his hand-embroidered sweater. I'll be posting a complete build break-down and plenty of process photos next week, so watch for that if you're curious how we did it all.

For you non-DizGeeks, here's one of the many vintage reference photos we used of the original Figment:
We're scrambling to finish Figment's two tiny wings today, but I wanted to get some decent photos before our daily deluge began. (So. Much. Rain!)

For now, here's his wing-less back view:

That stand John built is a work of genius, and I plan to paint it brass & have red velvet padding on the foot and tail bar. Because, oh yes, Figment WILL be on display in our home after DCon.

Speaking of which, John plans to step out as Dreamfinder with his not-so-little friend here on Saturday at Dragon Con, so watch for him then if you'd like a photo with the two cutest guys at the con. ;)

Monday, August 31, 2015

John Made Us New Epbot Pins, And They Are SO COOL

For years now I've wanted to design some new Epbot pins, so I'd have something new to offer those of you who already have the original:

I thought it'd be especially fun to have the Epbot wearing different cosplays, and to debut a new design every year at Dragon Con.

WELL, since John's been having so much fun making those Epbot ad banners for CW (have you noticed?), he decided to tackle my pin wish-list. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.

John whipped these up in just two days, and is having so much fun he's designing even more as I type this. We worked together on designs and placement (ie I made him tweak a lot of stuff), but the actual Photoshop work is all John.

My favorite is the Ghostbusters one. (I came up with the green slime!)

It turns out the Star Wars font doesn't look very Star Wars-y without any Ss. (Leia seems a little plain, but keep in mind these are TINY buttons - just 1.25 inches across.)

Believe it or not, the Immortan Joe was our first design, and made us laugh WAY more than it should. It's incredibly creepy, and I don't expect many people will want one, but we got our entertainment value out of it. :D Plus I'd like to have a design for each year's biggest movie franchise, and I think Mad Max qualifies.

I'll be making as many of these as I can for DC, but I only have the material for 60 or so. So, may the best con-goers win - or, you know, find me in the crowd and ask for one.

Which reminds me: DC peeps, we're going to have a little Epbot meetup Thursday afternoon/evening from 4-6pm in the Marriot lobby, underneath the Pulse bar overhang. So if you're arriving early for DC, come say hi! I'll have pins, grins, and hugs for those that want them. (Friend me on the DC app to see my schedule and/or message me!)

For you NON-Dragon Con goers, tell me which pins you like best in the comments, and if there's enough demand, maybe I'll stick 'em on Etsy for a few bucks? Yes?

And if you have more costume suggestions, chime in with those, too! (John's working on a full-body Wonder Woman one now, and it's looking positively epic. After that, I'm making him do an Ariel. Because a seashell bra on a robot = WIN.)

UPDATE: John insisted I add Wonder Woman, so you guys can vote on her, too!



Speaking of winners, time for this month's art winners!

The winner of little Chewbacca is: Bunnylaroo
The winner of Monsters University is: LaurenKE
And my wildcard winner is Ronja, who mentioned wanting It's A Star Wars!

Congrats, guys, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!