Monday, March 19, 2018

These "Unexpected Musicals" Made My Whole Week

How did it take me this long to discover Patty Cake Productions?? I mean, it's Disney, it's catchy pop songs, and it's based right here in Orlando. My shame is great.

BUT! I *did* finally find them, and my gain is your gain, fellow Dizgeeks.

Let's start with their most popular video, the story of Cinderella told through Taylor Swift songs:


How adorable is the Fairy Godmother singing 22?? I can't even.

I'm also loving the story of Sleeping Beauty set to Michael Jackson songs, because Maleficent singing "I'm Bad" is sooooo gooooood:

There are lots more on Patty Cake Production's Youtube channel, and you should absolutely watch them all - even when some of the song selections are a little hit-or-miss, ha. (I'm not sure I can forgive them for making Snow White sing "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears. NOOOOOO.)

For example, I didn't know most of the Ariana Grande songs they used for Little Mermaid, but Vanessa singing Dangerous Woman makes the whole video, so don't skip it. Besides, even if you don't like a song choice, the visuals and costumes are still pretty incredible.

I'll end with the first Unexpected Musical I watched, The Disney Showman. You guys, it's the story of Walt Disney told with Greatest Showman songs. SQUEEEEE. And again, so, SO well done:

I'm surprised this hasn't gone viral yet. Go give the Patty Cake team some love, won't you? I don't know them or anything - I just want them to make more! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Final Balrog Reveal!

The problem with posting crafts-in-progress is then you guys know how long it takes me to finish and write up each project. Which is a very long time. What can I say, I'm slow. And easily distracted. Heck, I will wander off this second if someone starts pulling a whoopie pie on a string past me. (MINE.)(::pounce::)


I *do* finally have finished Balrog photos for you! Remember that one? Ages back? When John and I started jamming LEDs into poor Boggy's head?

 I've decided to name him Boggy, by the way. I find it helps distract from the fact that - at least at night -  Boggy looks like a Hell Beast Come To Claim Your Soul:


Then again, that's kind of how the Balrog looks in Lord of the Rings, sooo... nailed it?

Since my first update we've finished the base, aged the existing paint job, added a few more lights to Boggy's head, and added some cotton "smoke" wisps from his eyes and mouth.

I did a lot of experimenting with different kinds of cotton for the smoke, as well as with coloring the cotton - dyes, powders, paints. In the end it turned out simple was best, since coloring the cotton blocked too much light and looked more fake, as you can see on the right here:

Of course it's also essential to "joosh" the cotton just right. That... is NOT right. 

This one's better:

I tried to get the cotton smoke to look good both lit and unlit, so there are only tiny shreds of it.

I ended up keeping the existing paint job, but I blacked out any too-bright red and orange areas. Then I aged down the red on his face, whip, and head flames:

For the base we used - get this - cheap kitty litter for stone gravel, followed up by some crushed walnut shells for the smaller crumbly bits. (The walnut shells are used to soak up spilled paint, so we already had some in the garage.) I attached it all with hot glue, then painted everything black.

I built up little piles of the gravel to hide the 3 LEDs embedded in the base - can you tell where they are? 

You can also see my aging better on the whip in that one. I like the black bits near the handle, reminds me of crusted-over magma.

Still loving those teeth; they're just so gross, ha. Again, all I did there was wipe off most of the factory brown paint with acetone, revealing the translucent yellow plastic underneath.

So that's Boggy during the day, with none of his lights on.

And here he is at night in John's room, all wired up: