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More DIY Antique Key Necklaces!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I've been playing with re-purposing old jewelry and antique keys again:

 These particular keys are kinda strange; they're like a modern/skeleton key hybrid:

While going through my stash I found some filigree that fit perfectly, though, with just a little trimming:

The glass leaves were in a goody box from one you readers. (Every now and then I get a bag of old jewelry or keys from one of you guys to play with, and every rusty box is like Christmas. :))

 Here's another one:

The skull charm is another scavenged find, although I added the red crystals:

I like the idea of using the key body as a kind of charm bracelet, so next I made a really delicate one:

The key is a modern reproduction you can get at any hardware store for a few dollars. The little bow was its own necklace, if you can believe it, that belonged to my grandmother. (They made some TINY necklaces back then!)

I made the loops for the little pink Swarovski crystals myself - which I'm pointing out because it was a PAIN:

They all slide around a bit as you wear it, of course, but I kind of like the jumbled-charm look.

And finally, for something completely different:

This one's my favorite. :)

I saw a similar design on Pinterest, and since I'd just purchased some wing charms anyway, figured I'd give it a try. All you need is a Dremel to drill extra holes in the wing tips:

That chain is one of the coolest link designs I've ever seen, btw. I found it and the other heavy chains in this post from a junky stall at Renningers, the giant antique market out in Mount Dora. There was an enormous box full of random chains, and if I ever find that seller again, I may have to buy the whole thing!

Hope you guys liked the eye candy! I'm debating trying to sell a few pieces from time to time, assuming I can ever bear to part with any, of course. ;) Not ready to take that leap yet, though, so for now I'll just keep making the pretties, and hope they help inspire my fellow tinkerers!

Oh, and you can see my other key necklaces here, if you missed 'em way back when.

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Ashol-Pan, The 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jessica G. sent me a cool story from BBC News: For possibly the first time in 2,000 years, a 13-year old girl named Ashol-Pan has been apprenticed in Mongolia to hunt with Golden Eagles:


Ashol-Pan is part of the Kazakhs of the Altai mountain range in western Mongolia, the only people today to hunt using Golden Eagles. BBC photographer Asher Svidensky spent time with 6 of their apprentice falconers, and described Ashol-Pan as being "more comfortable" and "more powerful" with the eagles than her male counterparts.

Awww yeah. Care to join me in a little standing-and-cheering, my friends?

[standing] WOOTWOOOOT!!


Head over to the original BBC article to read more, and to see more amazing photos like this:

Now, who else is inspired to write a whole YA series based on Ashol-Pan? And/or cosplay as her? Just me?

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MegaCon 2014, Pt 5 - Last One!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ok, it's finally time for my last installment of MegaCon costumes. Is this a new record? Ha! I like stretching them out like this, though; less stress on me, and I think you guys can appreciate the costumes more in smaller bursts. Yes? Maybe?

Well, either way, ONWARD!

Daenerys brought one of her dragons along. Creepy little fella, idn't he?

Awesome Big Sister from BioShock 2:

She even has the pink bows on her Little Sister basket!

(I am suddenly seized with the need to see a Big Sister carrying a Little Sister in the basket. Somebody, please, make this happen.)

These next few photos aren't mine, but I had to share this adorable little girl Doctor fighting off Roxy the Rancor:
Posted by Joey Myers here on Instagram.

And then there were two costumes at MegaCon I was mildly heartbroken to miss: first, Captain EO:

How cool would it have been to get a pic of the good Captain here with John's Dreamfinder? Two vintage, cancelled Epcot attractions, together again! *sigh* Well, maybe she'll be back next year. (Before I'm corrected: yes, Captain EO is back at Epcot right now. Details, details... ;)

And finally, oh how I WISH I'd seen this motorized Patriot in person:

via Orlando Weekly

Check out the exposed leg pipes! And he's even got the two crossed flag poles on his back. Sweet.

Ok, back to my own pics:

When I asked this Lady Death for a photo she had her cape closed in front, and so then proceeded to throw it open to pose like this:
John was visibly startled, which was adorable. :D

This next photo is horribly backlit, but these elves were amazing:

The guy had to show us his legs to prove he wasn't on stilts; I think he was nearly 7 feet tall!

More bad lighting, but here's a lovely gender-swapped Sherlock & Watson:

Plus Zelda's Majora's Mask.

(The red carpet & high lighting in the vendor hall does terrible things to photos. Terrible things, precious.)

This Harley had a great hammer & shoes:

And Tink there has the classic pout down pat. Super cute.

Sonic, squared:

This photo is begging for a caption. BEGGING.

Oh! Remember I promised Disney princesses wearing their princes' clothes?

TA-DAAA! Aren't they great? Probably inspired by this artist's drawings.

Steampunk super heroes and the new record-holder for Most Ridiculously Oversized Sword:

Dude. THAT is a Ridiculously Oversized Sword.

You guys will have to help me out on this one:

 I may not know the character, but that is a super impressive costume - right down to the metallic face paint and wigwork.

[Update: Looks like he might be the Monkey King from The Forbidden Kingdom, a martial arts film. Thanks, Nisay!]

 How to unintentionally make your cosplay photo look like an ad for Aquafina:


I don't know what's happening here, but to be fair, you never really know with a gang of Deadpools:

This Roger Rabbit was the bomb; not only was he perfectly dressed, he NAILED that pose:

And this was at the end of the day, too! Love seeing enthusiasm last that long.

Here's another character you don't see much these days: Betty Boop!
 I LOVE the black-and-white color scheme; she even wore gray contacts!

And finally, a gorgeous gender-swapped Wolverine:

Digging the wild, color-dipped hair; so perfect for the character.

K, this concluded my MegaCon 2014 coverage! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

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