Thursday, November 23, 2017

Disney's Dapper Day, Fall 2017!

Twice a year most of the Disney parks have their own Dapper Day, a fan-run event that celebrates "refined style from yesterday and today." In a nutshell, you dress your best and come out to mingle with other Dappers. And last weekend was Orlando's turn!

Dapper Day actually lasts two days now, but Saturday at the Magic Kingdom is The Big One. Sunday at Epcot is the more relaxed, less-crowded option, but since I'm all about getting the most photos for you guys, John and I braved the Saturday crowds instead.

 Plus you just can't beat having Cinderella's castle as a backdrop!

 So many cute shoes! It only takes one Dapper Day to figure out comfortable footwear is a must; we saw at least one poor soul limping IN to the park in high heels, heading straight for the gift shop to buy some flip-flops. o.0

Of course "Fall" in Florida means it's still about 83 degrees and 83% humidity, so a moment of sympathy, please, for all the ladies in victory curls and fur stoles and gents in 3-piece suits. I'd also like to thank all the Dappers who squinted into the sun for me, and apologize now for all the dappled shade and harsh sunlight-spoiled-pics to follow. :D

Let me back up to our arrival at the TTC:

Disneybounding among Dappers is huge, but it's also been a point of contention among fans and officials alike, since the line between Disneybounding and outright cosplay has been blurred in past events. There have been a lot of rules and admonitions made, but in a nutshell, think fashion. Disneybounding is more subtle, more clever than cosplay. Mickey & Minnie up there are a perfect example, as are almost all of what I'll show you here on the site. 

 Oh! And not all 'bounds have to be Disney: look at that adorable little Pee Wee Herman! And I'm crushing on Snow White's yellow chucks. (Granted, I want to wear Chucks with every dress.)

I love the visual puzzle of Disneybounds; figuring out who everyone's character inspiration is more than half the fun. Let's see if you can guess these:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Best of Orlando's Festival Of Trees 2017, Pt 2!

It's time for more glittery holiday goodness, starting with:


I'm such a sucker for black and white checkers with classic red and green.

And here's whole tree of fuzzy white animals, which I would very much like to snuggle:

See that collar of icy branches under the topper? I like that. In fact, my favorite tree (which I'm saving for last, of course) has an interesting layered effect similar to that. I also like the little red berries sprinkled throughout.

If you ever have a container that's too big for your mini-tree, here's a neat solution:

I like how the designer off-set the tree and put that house beside it. You could also do this with a pretty wrapped gift or stuffed animal. (Because I'm not the only one who decorates with empty gift-wrapped boxes, right?)

Here comes the tree that was almost my top favorite:
Snowy pastel prettiness!

Just look at all these sweet details:

It was covered in gold forks, you guys. That's right: THEY USED THE FORKS. Plus pink and teal mixers and little cake crowns!

This is a girly baker's DREAM, right here - and all that fake snow is perfect with the colors!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, check out these green mossy place settings: