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My Death Eater Debut!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Okay, my turn!  

Ready to meet Jen, the Death Eater?


Dramatic pose!


Now a better look at the whole outfit:


  My costume has quite a few more elements than John's, but it's been fun putting them all together.
The cape is the leftover fabric from John's, and is about a third the size of his. There's still plenty for me to swish around, though.

My mask hasn't changed much since you saw it last; I just added more rust streaks:

I grunged up that cheap Time Turner necklace with black paint so it wouldn't be so shiny, and extended the chain.

The shirt is a thrifted sheer blouse with tiny beads & embroidery on the chest, but you can't see the detail at all in photos. (We tried dusting me with Fuller's Earth, but that just made it look like I have a lighter bra showing through on one side. Oops.) 

I cut strips out of the sleeves and poked leather cording through to lace them up again - which adds interest AND lets my dark mark show through:

The mark is an Etsy find: I bought three temporary tattoos for about $5.

The skirt started as two floor-length skirts from the thrift shop: one stretch velvet, and one sheer-with-lining. I hacked them up, also hacked up some black lace, and then sewed them all in strips around the top half of one skirt. I finished by cutting the strips into raggedy pennant shapes. (Ok, so I can sew a little - provided it's supposed to look crooked and shredddy.)

Another thing you can't see well: I sprayed the lace with bronze spray paint in patches, which gives it a nice feeling of age and warmth here and there. I was really keen to avoid solid "new" black. I wanted a little color variation for character.

My wand belt is the same design as John's, although I sewed the holster a bit differently.

(I've had a few requests for a wand holster tutorial, so that's on my "to do" list. Keep asking, though, to remind me!)

Oh, and I'm also wearing my oh-so-comfy Orchard Corset. I tried to avoid getting dust on it, but didn't quite manage. Good thing it brushes off!

And I finished the costume off with some fishnet thigh-highs (how do people wear these things? Most uncomfortable part of the whole costume!) and generously dusted-up boots from my closet.

I think that's everything!

Now here's my hood looking like a beret:
After these pics I sewed in a hair clip to the underside of my hood. Fingers crossed that keeps it from sliding around so much.

Since John and I had to take turns getting in costume and taking photos, sadly we don't have any shots together - but maybe we'll get some today!

Yep, John and I are debuting our costumes today at Leaky Con, so maybe a few of you will see us there!



Happy weekend, everyone!

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Cake or Death Eater?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Um... Death Eater, please."


Yep, it's time for John's big Death Eater reveal!

Ready for your close-up, Sweetie?

Oh yeah, he's ready.


Epic side-eye.

I've already done tutorials for the mask and wand, so the rest of the costume was relatively simple - assuming you can sew. (Which I can't. Good thing John can!)

John sewed the tunic from heavy embroidered upholstery fabric. It was pricey stuff, so to conserve fabric and provide a little ventilation, he used an old black t-shirt for the back panel. The pants are cheap cotton dress pants, and he's also wearing a cotton balaclava to hide his neck and ears. (Whose idea was it to have Leaky Con in August in Florida, again? ACK.)

The tunic fabric was solid black, so to make the embroidery stand out I gave John a good dusting with Fuller's Earth - the fake dirt & dust scenics use on actors. If you have a specialty paint store around, they may have it - it's quite cheap and SO FUN to use. (Just make sure you're outside; it's fine as flour and very dusty!)


We made the hood and robe using a pattern for a wizard's robe, just leaving off the sleeves and making the hood a bit longer & pointier. (I cut, John sewed.) It took a whopping five yards of fabric just for what you see here, so it billows out quite dramatically when John walks around.


The bracers are plain black vinyl which John hemmed & set with grommets on the inside edges. They're held on with black leather cording wrapped through the grommets and around. (The vinyl still looks quite new, so John may still rub on a little grey paint for age.)

John made the wand holster out of old leather belts, a large steel ring, some patterned vinyl, and metal duct tape for the decorative bits in the middle. (The tape looks great, but is pretty fragile; one end keeps peeling up. For my own belt I used a heftier glue, though, and it's holding up so far.)

To grunge up John's hands I swiped a little black craft paint over his nails and knuckles, and then had him wash his hands. The paint sticks in all the skin creases even through gentle hand washing, so it's a nice option for conventions. (And if you REALLY want it to stick, use black primer. That'll stay on for days.)

And finally, my favorite shot!


Coming up next: my own Lady Death Eater! 

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We Eat Death For BREAKFAST (Sneak Peek!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Full photo shoots coming soon!

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