Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jen's Gems: I Lost It At "Welcome Home"

I'm bringing back Jen's Gems, peeps! At least for a trial run, see how you guys like it. So here are some of my favorite finds from around the interwebz this week:

This girl is seeing Hogsmeade for the very first time. I was fine until the Conductor walked over:

 ...then I bawled.

Then I showed it to John, and he was kind of quiet, so I turned around and he was totally bawling with me. Ha! Thank goodness we cry at all the same stuff; keeps it from being embarrassing.

That's Rhapsody Artajo in the video, btw, who looks like a cool person to follow on FB.


This Dragonfly necklace by Milmine Design on Etsy:

...who also makes pretty pendants from vintage glass buttons:


I never thought I'd be raving about a stranger's wig to friends over dinner, but that's what I did last night. Because you guys, look what Bakka Cosplay did!

It's on fire! But not! But it looks it!

I am ridiculously excited and inspired by this. And you better believe the finished cosplay is phenomenal. Go see.


My favorite craft find in ages:

Allison of Dream A Little Bigger mixed UV-reactive pigment to make color-changing shoes! I sooo want to play with this stuff now. Go see her tutorial here.


If that Hogswarts Express Conductor didn't bring a tear to your eye, then the story of this 13-year-old boy who surprised his baby sister with a Disney photo shoot definitely will:

There's more to the story, though - more I won't spoil for you. Just promise me you'll go read it, because OH MY HEART and faith restored in future generations. Plus you get to see the rest of the gorgeous photos, taken by their mom!


And finally, here's John's contribution to your impending weekend of awesome:

via Reddit, but if you have the original source please share!

Because - and I quote, "some days, you just need to see a kangaroo basking in the sun on the beach."

Happy weekend, everyone! 

 P.S. - If you like these kinds of quick weekly wrap-ups, let me know! I get so caught up being an "original content creator" that sometimes I forget not everyone is online 16 hours a day, and maybe you don't see all the fun stuff I do. So hey, if you like 'em, I'll post 'em! Also feel free to suggest categories of things you want to see; this is just the tip of the iceberg, and believe me, I like LOTS of stuff.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017: Episode 3

(Did you miss Episode 2: The Best Mashup Cosplay?)

I'm going to kick off this photo batch with the most adorable child of all time, you guys:

This little girl was wandering around the lobby beaming at everyone and rocking her Princess Leia doll, and I can't even handle the cute. Look at that face!

She got high-fives from Chewie and the Leia behind her, who looks exactly like Carrie Fisher here:

All the feelz. All of them.

I have a few nifty puppetry costumes to show you today, and here's the first:

Can you spot the cosplayer? He's hidden inside General Grievous' robe! The feet are attached to his shoes, and with the articulated legs Grievous is incredibly convincing.

I mentioned before how family-friendly Celebration is, and it was such a joy to see so many parents cosplaying with their kids.

And look at those little Amidala dresses! WOW.

Some brave, hilarious souls:

I didn't see them getting any flak, though; everyone seemed to find it as funny as I do.

An incredible Obi Wan: