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Epcot's Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disney World doesn't do much for Easter, but Epcot does have a fun little egg hunt around the World Showcase. The hunt lasts from April 10th through the 20th, so if you don't/didn't catch it, don't worry; I've got you covered. Please, walk this way:

While there are no Easter decorations in the park, it does fall during the Flower & Garden Festival, so Epcot is already decked out in its flowery best.

Plus, fun fact: Epcot is home to lots and LOTS of wild bunnies. We weren't even looking, but still managed to spot four or five different little hoppers around the park that day:

I overheard someone asking if Disney brought the bunnies in special for Easter. Hee! (Sometimes we like to mess with tourists by exclaiming how lifelike Disney's animatronics are getting - which works especially well with the deer you see along the roadways. Hehehe.)

Anyone can hunt for the eggs in each country, but to get the little map & prize at the end you have to pay $5 - super cheap for Disney, so I say go for it. Here's the map:

You place each sticker in the country where you find that egg. Easy-peasy.

The eggs you're looking for are huge - about two feet tall -  and range from "ridiculously obvious" to "kind of hard to spot" so it really is a game for all ages. Even though it's a little too easy, John and I still had fun with it - and it encourages you to really LOOK at each of the countries, which is nice. There are so many details even we locals walk by without really seeing.

Spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to know where the eggs are, GO NO FURTHER. (I don't know if they change the eggs' locations each year, but they probably do.)

 A good rule of thumb is to look up; lots of rooftop a balcony eggs.

You can only see the front of most of the eggs, so I was delighted to see both wings and back spikes painted on Figment's:

 Thumper's egg was waaaay up high on the water tower over the Cool Outpost:

Here's the most hidden egg of all. See it?

Dooby dooby doo wa dooby dooby doo...


Mickey was another tough one; that roof top was really high, so the sun's glare made it hard to spot.

Again, most were pretty easy, though:

Or really really easy:

Whether you finish the egg hunt or not, you still get a prize when you bring your map back:

Sadly you only get one, but for me, the choice was easy.

Then I set out to find the prettiest patch of flowers for my egg's photo shoot:


(There's nothing inside the egg, but it does open.)

Aaand I'll leave you with a pretty flower picture:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Frozen's Elsa & Anna at Epcot

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yesterday John and I went to check out the Easter egg hunt at Epcot - which I'll post pics of soon - but along the way we stopped over in Norway to check out the infamous line for the Frozen princesses. It's easy to spot, since it stretches outside the land's boundaries, and a helpful cast member informed us the wait time - on a Wednesday afternoon, mind you - was about 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. And I'm told that's about average. (!!)

Then he told us you can walk through the side gift shop and sneak a peek at the princesses through a large doorway. Sold!

Of course, that doorway had it's own huge crowd, but after waiting five or ten minutes near the back I managed to worm my way up to the rope. Then I had this view:

The velvet rope keeps the crowd back and to the side, so everyone just leans as far over as they can and sticks their cameras out. Since I was at the back and too short to lean, I just had to zoom through the sea of arms and hope for the best.

Happily I got a few Ok shots, though! Here's the full meet & greet set:

The window backdrop is really lovely, with a view of Elsa's ice castle in the distance.

Elsa and Anna themselves were true to their film personalities; Anna was a little more gregarious, while Elsa was more regal, playing it cool. [pun intended, always]


I only stayed long enough to see a few families come through, but it's easy to see why this is one of the toughest jobs on property, making hundreds of "magical moments" for hundreds and hundreds of families - who've waited that long! - every day, on demand. The sisters even took the split seconds between families to throw us bystanders a quick wave and a smile:

 They called this "the sister hug:"


 My favorite was when this little girl dressed as Elsa came through:


 And my favorite shot:

Look at that face! I bet that expression made the four-hour wait worth it for her parents. 
(Even if I DO think they're crazy to wait that long. Ha!)

Hope you guys are having a great week! I still have SO many pictures to sort & share, but look for the Easter egg hunt & the final FINAL batch (really!) of Megacon costumes soon.

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Chainmaille Jewelry for Newbies

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you're like me, "chainmaille jewelry" brings to mind Renaissance Fairs, metal bras, and lots of intricate-but-drab steel chains.

Ah, but it turns out modern 'mail jewelry is so much more! Lookie!


I've been having an education through my friend Sharyn, who's recently fallen into the craft with a passion. She got me this Nouveau kit through Blue Buddha Boutique, and it's a great beginner's project; I finished in just a few hours with almost no prior experience.

The instructions in chainmaille kits are usually sold separately, but right now this one's free to download if you want to check it out.

The Nouveau kit is only for the necklace & earrings, but there were enough pieces left over that I made up this bracelet, too:

And here's another closeup of the earrings & pendant:

I loooove the colors.

(Still have to convert the earrings to clips, though. I was too impatient to wait to get the clips first!) 

In fact, all the colorful anodized rings available now are what make chainmaille SO much prettier to me. Here's a teal & orange Helm's Weave necklace Sharyn made me:

The flower bracelet is one I made back in college from a kit, back before colors were a thing, and the two next to it I had custom made at a convention a few months ago. Simple, but oh-so-pretty!

I asked Sharyn if I could show off some of her project pics, just to show you guys what's out there. Check it out:

 Patterns: "Bees to Butterflies" (a Byzantine variation) and Byzantine

The copper circles (the design is "Japanese Cross") remind me of shiny bubbles. So pretty! And that "Celtic Vision Star" pendant? Awwwwesome!

Here's Sharyn's latest project, which she's been colorfully cursing on FB:

Sharyn has a few books of patterns, but I found instructions for this one - called "Bicubix Blocks" - available as an instant download here on Etsy for $6.95. And here's a closeup of one of the blocks:

Apparently this is one of the trickier patterns Sharyn's done, so maybe hold off until you have some experience under your belt.

Oh! And speaking of things I found on Etsy, look how magical when you add glass beads to chainmaille:

This "glass caterpillar" is an original design by Etsy seller Kat Wisniewski: and she sells the full tutorial as an instant download for less than $7! Suh-WEET.

Or, if making one seems too daunting, you can also buy one from Kat for $75. Check out the rest of her shop for more tutorials and ready-to-wear jewelry like these pendants:

If you want to dip a toe in, just search for "chainmaille kit" on Etsy and you'll be inundated with choices. For tools your bare essentials are just two pairs of chain nose pliers, which are smooth inside so they won't scratch the rings. (Anodized/colored rings are extra easy to scratch, so you can further pad the pliers with plasti-dip, or improvise like I did and just wrap each side in electrical tape. :D)

I've already been having fun shopping for kits, so here are a few I'm eying now:

  Acute Helm's Weave kit & instructions, $10 - and you can choose from 14 different colors.

In addition to colorful anodized rings, there are also colorful rubber rings, so you can make stretchy bracelets like these:

"Byzantine Stretch Bracelet," kit & instructions $17

"Twist of Fate" stretchy bracelet kit & instructions, $17

And because I'm a sucker for rainbows:

"Shaggy Chainmaille Rainbow Earrings" kit & instructions, $12.50

Celtic Flower Pendant Kit & Instructions - your choice of colors, $15

Ok, I think I've given you enough shopping fodder, if you're interested! But if you want more, Sharyn recommends both Blue Buddha and Weave Got Maille for kits, supplies, and tutorials (which are sold separately.)

I've barely even scratched the surface of what's out there, of course, so if any of you more experienced 'maillers have links or advice to share, go wild in the comments, yeah?

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