Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mailbag Show & Tell: Lembas Land, Shield Maiden Ariel, & Baby Steampunk Cuteness!

Time for more of my favorite crafts & cosplays from the Epbot Facebook page and Fans of Epbot!

I'm calling this batch The Things Geeks Do For Their Geeklings, since today's goodies are all inspired by The Next Generation, and we have some seriously crafty parental units among us.

Starting with Christina H. and her stellar 8-year-old Rey:

  They turned her wheelchair into Rey's speeder! AAA!

Just look at that smile, and tell me your day isn't better.

Then there's Sara, who transformed her little geeklings' Candy Land board game into something above and beyond, then there and back again:

 Lembas Land, you guys! LEMBAS LAND. This... this is amazing. And I love the LEGO minifig stand-ins. Head over to Sara's blog to download your own to print.

Next we've got the fantastic foam flinger Jessica, who made her son's Five Nights At Freddy's mask completely out of craft foam:

WHICH IS AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, heat-forming craft foam like that takes skill!

Here's Landon's whole costume, along with a reference from the game:

While I've got you here, Jessica, could you ask Landon if Five Nights is too scary for a couple of thirty-something pansies? Because I'm trying to convince John to play. :D

Oh! And here's another incredible foam costume I can't believe I haven't shown you guys yet:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Quick Craft: Turn An Old Frame Into A Pin Display!

Peeps, I have a problem. A problem of shining, shimmering splendor.

I love cheap jewelry.

And by "cheap" I mean everything from the kids' section at Claire's to handmade Etsy finds to steampunk bits I put together myself. I love it all, and despite my occasional attempts at purging, I mostly hoard it all. I am the Smaug of sparklies.

Since you know I'm a huge fan of displaying what you love, I'm also the Gaston of glitter: I use sparklies in all of my DEEEC-OR-ATING!

Meaning I hang necklaces around lamps and candle stands:

 ... and I've even framed one of my statement necklaces on my night stand. (You can see another necklace looped around the candlestick there, too.)
Pins (or brooches, if you're feeling snooty) are trickier, though, and I've accumulated some really lovely ones over the years I want to display.

I went hunting for solutions, but most of them used cork - which only works for the smallest stick pins - or they were permanent displays using glue. I still want to wear mine sometimes!

So I found a pretty frame in my closet, discarded the glass, then grabbed a little unbleached burlap and some rolled cotton batting from JoAnn's:

It doesn't get much easier than this: just stick two layers of batting down to the frame's backer board, cover with the burlap, then glue the fabric edges to the back with hot glue (or I bet duct tape would work.)

 We used hot glue. Press it down with a spoon so you don't burn yourself.

 Put the frame back together, and you've got a pin display!

Really, the hardest part was figuring out what pin arrangement I liked best:

This is only an 8X10 frame, btw, and half of my pins are huge, so odds are you'll get better mileage out of yours.

The burlap's large weave makes it easier to attach the pins, but of course you *could* use any fabric. Just make sure you use enough batting to make it poofy, like a pillow. Too tight, and you'll never get the pin backs through. As it was, it was still tricky getting some of the smaller ones in place:

As rarely as I wear pins, though, I don't mind taking the extra minute to remove/replace them.

This would be a really pretty addition to your vanity, closet, or bedroom, and if you have LOTS of pins, you could even arrange them by color! I'm picturing a whole wall of frames - how gorgeous would that be?

Anyway, hope this sparks some ideas out there! John and I are hard at work on a new project this weekend, and it's too early to say if this will work (please work!) or be a total disaster. Ha! What are you guys up to?