Monday, October 24, 2016

October Art Roundup: Treat Yo' Self With Ice Cream, Mermaids, & Cuckoo Clocks!

Time for my monthly roundup of favorite art finds!

The artist known simply as "Jesi" calls her work "quirky art for happy hearts." And is it ever:

Even her prints are on real wood!
Did I mention most of her art is based on puns?

 Then there's this Stranger Things inspired pin:
Ermergosh so many favorites.  Head to Jesi's Etsy shop for loads more, and follow her on Instagram for give-aways and lots of behind-the-scenes eye candy.

 Next up, these stunners by Nen Chang:


 Lady Mechanika!


Friday, October 21, 2016

My New Halloween Wreath! (AKA, YAY GLOWING SKULLS)

Not since my Eyeball Flower Wreath from last year have so many of you jumped on a craft tutorial, and I am LOVING all your Glowing Skull photos!

 A rainbow of skulls!

I'm dubbing Emily G.'s "the Portal pair":
 ("This is a triumph.")

Spooky even with the lights off!

There were several epic quests to round up supplies:

And some forced improvisations when that frame proved elusive:

Meg T. made a mini version!

 Jen H. wins "Most Creepy" with her horrifically fabulous red-lit skull:
I swear I can see eyes in there. [shudder]

She sponged some gold paint on the frame, too, which looks awwwwesome.

Jen made another one with a flickering tea light in the skull, too, and oh dang:

But what really got my gears cranking was when a couple of you went the extra EXTRA mile: