Thursday, October 8, 2015

WDW's Fall Dapper Day, 2015

Last Saturday the dapper crowds descended on Disney's Hollywood Studios, and we were lucky enough to get the year's first almost-cool weather for the day. AHH BLISSFUL 78 degrees!

I snapped over a hundred group and single portraits that day, and loved every second of it. Unlike a convention, you're more likely to surprise someone when asking for a photo here - but without exception, it always made them smile. And I really like making people smile. :)

So, ready to see some of my favorites?

Love seeing more and more men get into the dapper act - and I hear this year's was the biggest turn-out yet!

As always, the dapper Disney Bounding caught my eye the most:

For those unfamiliar: Disney Bounding is a form of subtle cosplay achieved with everyday clothes. It's quite fun figuring out all the different characters!

Anna and Elsa are still popular choices, along with classics like these:

Check out dapper Boba Fett's antennae fascinator! And beside her are a perfect Haunted Mansion & Tower of Terror.

Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas:

And I totally fangirled all over these two:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How John Amuses Himself On Facebook

I told him to never scare me like this again.


 I think I just sprained something.

And since John looked especially ferocious in that montage, here he is back to being adorable:



(Dapper Day pics coming soon!)