Friday, July 21, 2017

We Made A Figment Rocking Horse! Er... Rocking Dragon?

After John knocked out that Death Star shelf last month in just 2 days, he decided to take on another quick little woodworking project.

Over two grueling weeks later, and our "quick," not-so-little project is finally - FINALLY - done. It's more of a prototype, really, since of course we realized all sorts of ways to improve and speed up the process *after* the fact, but it's done and cute and delightfully rainbow-licious and did I mention it's finally done?

So without further ado, here 'tis:

Our Figment Rocker!


We've wanted to make another rocker since the AT-AT, but figuring out something fun and unique while still being relatively simple was tricky. In the end John came up with the idea (If you're new here, John cosplays an amazing Dreamfinder, and we sculpted our own Figment), which I then sketched out:

From there we enlarged it with a projector so I could trace a full-size version:

Next we figured out the layers and thickness so I could make all the paper templates.
Then I traced the templates onto 3/4" MDF:


... and sent John out to the garage to start cutting.

John works fast, so in almost no time he had the basic shapes down:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reader Spotlight: Wand Boxes, Batman Shelves, and A Narnia Reading Nook!

Let's see what some of your fellow Epbot readers are up to!

First up, Lisa K. turned a vintage TV into a cat bed, and I am obsessed:

 Her paint job gives it a delightfully retro, Toon Town vibe. Which of course is the BEST vibe.


Gary S. over in the UK made not one, but TWO display shelves inspired by our light-up Death Star!
 First the Death Star itself:

(I totally did a double take; I thought this WAS ours at first!)

And then the Bat symbol!

YES. This is exactly what I was hoping someone would do!

Hard to see, but the Bat has shelves, too - perfect for a smaller Pop collection.

Now quick, someone make one for Wonder Woman, Superman, the TARDIS, and the Ghostbusters symbol. :D (Unless of course Gary beats you to it!)


Ian was inspired by my old Metal Tape Tutorial to upgrade a lackluster wand box into something SHINY:

Looove that top diamond pattern with the W. And the added feet!


I think this is still a work in progress, but Rebekah is transforming her daughter's closet into a magical, Narnia-inspired reading nook, which you MUST SEE: