Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Reveal! My Mini Bath Makeover

I finally put the finishing touches on my little bathroom makeover, so drum roll, please, because I have BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES. Woot woot!

(Seriously, aren't B&A's the best? Sometimes I go binge on Better After to get my decorating fix.)

Now, to be fair, I don't think my "before" was awful:

There were mostly practical issues that prompted the redo: cracking walls, a broken exhaust fan, and too much dusty clutter.

The light and fixtures had been painted several times already, and were ready to retire:

Plus I didn't like the wall color. Or the over-the-door towel rack, which kept the door from opening all the way.

John was raring for a new project, and had the room mostly gutted before I even knew what I wanted.
Boy moves fast.

He only mostly gutted the room, though. My secret shame, the 1960s peach shower tile, still lives on behind the shower curtain:
Someday, shower tile. SOMEDAY. [meaningful glare]

Within two days John had installed a new exhaust vent in the attic, door, trim, vanity, sink, light, fixtures, and painted the ceiling, trim, and walls.

The new, wider vanity meant we had to shift the mirror and light exactly 2 inches to the left. ARG. I at least helped come up with a solution for the light:

We traced a pretty shape onto plywood, which John cut and routed to make this backer plate. Since our new light has a smaller base than the old one, and since we had to move it over a few inches, the hole in the wall would show without this piece to cover it. Yay for less drywall work!

Here's all of John's work done:

The new wall color is a petal-soft peach, and I lurrrrve it. 

I actually hated to add anything after this point; it's just so clean and pretty! But sadly I still need towels and toiletries and stuff. Bah.

Right, here we go, big reveal time!

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Best $10 I've Ever Spent At Epcot

If you know Disney's Epcot then you're probably familiar with Mitsukoshi, the Japan pavilion's famous mega-store. It has everything from anime toys to Japanese candies, and is THE shopping destination of the World Showcase.

Anyway, last time I was there I stumbled across this:


And while I know nothing about Gundam, much less Gundam models, this was friggin' adorable and ONLY COST $9.99, so heck yeah it came home with me.

Very little of the box was in English, so I had no idea what to expect insideor if I'd need glue or paint or special tools. Worst case, I figured it was a $10 gamble.

Inside: four sheets of snap-out plastic pieces, and a sheet of tiny stickers. 
And as it turns out, that's all you need. (Yay!)

The pieces twist out easily from their plastic frames, and then snap together, no glue needed. 

And what really blew my mind? There are plastic ball bearing joints, so the Gundam is completely articulated! You can twist and pose his feet, legs, arms, hands, waist, and head.

Snapping the plastic pieces together is easy, so the only part that requires actual skill are the teensy tiny stickers:

Some were so small - and fit into such tiny nooks and crannies - that I had to smooth them with a toothpick. The metallic blue ones look amaaazing, the solid white ones, not so much. (If I do another, I might leave the white off.)

The kit instructions are an Ikea-like map of numbered illustrations, so nothing a good squinting-and-staring won't (eventually) decipher.
Since I love jigsaw puzzles and those tiny Metal Earth models, this little Gundam kit hit all the right buttons for me. I put it together in two sittings of maybe an hour each, so this is easily a one-night build.

Ready to see the finished product?