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July Art Roundup: Supernatural, Sherlock, Star Trek, & More!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thanks to SuperCon in Miami, I have lots of new artists to share this month! I tried to do better this time by asking artists what wasn't available online, so I could buy more things for the give-away board that you couldn't easily get yourselves. Makes my give-away board that much more enticing, no? ;)

First up, Franciso Perez. His new take on Mario &Yoshi would be perfect in a kid's room:

 "Mario & Yoshi" 12X16 print $17

I'm also digging his minimalist Batgirl:

Check out his store for more!

I picked up one of these from Cryssy Cheung for the give-away board:

 Leia & R2D2 8X18 print, $15

I love the unusual size, and the soft watercolor background.

She also has cute 5X7 prints like these for only $5:

 Click over to Chryssy's etsy shop for more!

Melru of Ionitron doesn't have an online store - she only sells at conventions - but check out her super fun MegaMan:

And I liked Melru's Mario print so much I bought one for the give-away board! Who love ya? Huh?

 Love that soft color palette.

As John and I were walking through artists' alley we were stopped in our tracks by the most stunning painting of Spock:

Amanda Tolleson's art is so photo-realistic she's routinely accused of using actual photos, so she started taking process videos as proof. (She had one playing at her table on an iPad.) Wowza.

Her Sherlock and Supernatural art is equally jaw-dropping:

In fact, John bought her darker Castiel print for his man cave. Then I picked up that Sherlock up there for the give-away board, since Amanda doesn't have an online store.

Don't fret, though; Amanda will still sell via e-mail, if you're interested! Head over to her DeviantArt gallery to see the rest of her work, and you can contact her through her website for prints. (I don't remember the exact prices, but they were really reasonable - in the $30 range.)

 And speaking of Castiel, here's John's favorite art piece of the con:

 "Wayward Son" by Newsha Ghasemi, 13X19 print, $15

John loved how this illustrates something we never got to see in the show: Castiel rescuing Dean from hell. (And check out the hand burning his shoulder. Very. Cool.)

We've been watching Supernatural again from the beginning, so all the fanart really caught our eye this con. :)

Newsha had so many great prints, but this was my favorite:

"Someday I'll Be..." 13X19 print, $15

Check out all the Disney version homages here: Eric's wearing Ursula's shell, Ariel has a fork in her hair, and around them on the beach is Sebastian, Scuttle, a pipe, dancing couple, etc. LOVE. And I kind of like how both of them have tattoos; it adds more life and depth to them somehow.

And I have to say, this resin-coated print is STUNNING in person. The colors almost look metallic, the reds and blues are so vivid. The image here just can't do it justice.

And if you like that, Newsha also has a Beauty and the Beast one:

 "For Who Could Ever Learn..."

Love all the castle characters on and around the little side table.

And finally, one more big print you can only buy in person at a convention or win here at Epbot:

 Maleficent, by Danielle Otrakji

Such a great style! (And did you miss the dragon eye?)

I still have lots more to share and post to the give-away board, but my scanner suddenly isn't co-operating [>.<], so I'll have to save those for next month.  SO... give-away time!
Since I'm swimming in new art again (LOVE having that problem!), I'll choose TWO randomly selected commenters this month to take their pick of anything on my Pinterest art give-away board. I'll announce the winners sometime next week, and as always, I'll ship anywhere, so happy commenting!

And happy Friday, too! Hope you guys have an awesomely geektastic weekend. (John and I are happily ensconced in a major makeover of his man cave. WOOT! There will be construction pics soon!)

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Quick Mailbox Makeover

Thursday, July 24, 2014

You ever have something in or around your house that is just SO embarrassing that, even after a major makeover, it still looks like someone else's "before" picture?

This is going to be like that.

So... this was my mailbox a few weeks ago:

[cringe] They say sharing your pain is cathartic. For the record: not feelin' it.

Aaand after a couple of evenings sweating it out in the blistering sauna of our fair state (it was 98 degrees at 6:30PM today. WHY.) I managed to paint, sand, and stain our sad little lizard condo into relative submission:

I dub thee, "almost respectable again."

I know I should plant some flowers or something at the base, but did I mention it was 98 degrees out tonight? DID I? Plus John won't let me just stick some fake silk plants out there, so... harrumph. (Be glad I'm not the one in charge of plant life. I'm still lobbying for astro-turf.)

The good news is this was a no-cost makeover, since we already had all the spray paints and stains in the garage. I was able to sand all the rust off the numbers before painting & clear-coating them, and the box has at least six layers of copper paint and clear-coat on it now, so take THAT, sun! [shaking fist at sky]

And now I think I'll use my freshly freshened mailbox to send one of you that resin dragonfly necklace! Eh? (How's THAT for a segue?)

So, the randomly selected winner from my last post is... bmuir322! Congrats, bmuir (Can I call you bmuir?), and please e-mail me your mailing address!

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More Resin Rose Petals: Final Batch & Give-Away!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[This is a continuation of my first rose petal resin post, in case you missed it.]

I couldn't resist making just a few more necklaces with those resin rose petal gems, and this time, I experimented with linking two or more together:

I used larger chain links (harvested off an old necklace) glued directly to the backs of the resin as hefty hanging loops, and smaller O-rings for the connections everywhere else.

For this teal-and-coral set I also made another adjustable ring, since the teals matched.

The pink petal is curled at the bottom, but honestly, that imperfection makes me like it even more!

Renee (my amazing friend who made all the resin pieces) happened to send me enough matching pink gems to pull of my most complex design: 

It was incredibly easy to put together, though, since the E-6000 I used gives you plenty of open time to adjust the rings and make sure they're even on all sides.

I did learn one thing the hard way: if you put your hanging loops on the side of a gem, make sure they're at the top of each side, not the middle. Otherwise your pendant will be top-heavy and flop over while you're wearing it.

Ask me how I know. ;)


(That's basically what the backside of all the gems look like, though; again, the links don't stick out much at all, so it's quite comfy to wear.)

The good news is you can peel the E-6000 off your resin even after it dries, so re-setting the loops wasn't a problem. Then again, that could also be BAD news, since obviously you don't want your glue peeling off in the future! Still, it took enough effort that I'm not too worried; you'd have to really yank to risk breaking off a gem.

And finally, the dragonfly necklace!

Mega thanks to all of you who weighed in on the placement; the decision was almost unanimous, so that made it extra easy on me!

You like? If so, comment below, because I'm going to send this rose petal dragonfly necklace to one of you! That's right: iiiiit's give-away time.  I'll announce the randomly selected winner in my very next post, so get to commenting! (And as always, I'll ship anywhere, so international comments are welcome!)

UPDATE: The give-away has ended, and the winner is bmuir322! Congrats, bmuir, and please e-mail me your mailing address!

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