Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Toddler Grandma Style" Is Speaking to My SOUL

I've never really nailed down a personal sense of style - such as it is - before. I mean, I've shown you guys how much I adore the Mori Girl look, with it's frilly layers and comfy cottons, and you might remember my everyday corset looks from a few years back, for when my menstrual pain hits - but then I also love rainbow glitter sneakers and giant cat head purses and retro holographic Disney tees. You know, as one does.

WELL, this week I discovered my stylistic soul mate, as described by Cynara Geissler in her must-read article for The Establishment:


How cute is this?? And this, my friends, is Toddler Grandma Style.

Billing it as "The Fashion Approach That Will Set You Free," Cynara describes a style that goes light years beyond pairing prints or deciding if you're a Spring or an Autumn. She gets right to the heart of fashion: whether or not what you're wearing makes you happy - and then proceeds to question everything we know about "dressing like a grownup."

 "Our culture has absorbed and perpetuated the mind-numbingly dull idea that the best way to signal that you are a smart adult woman is to don suit jackets, favor neutrals, and wear heels."

So why Toddler Grandma Style?

"Because toddlers and elderly women are seen as devoid of any sex appeal, they stand outside the male gaze and as such get to ignore the rather limiting “rules” set out for women (in culture, and by ourselves) when it comes to personal presentation.

"Toddler Grandma Style has a message: Boys, this isn’t about you.

I can't stress enough how much I want - nay, NEED - you to go read the whole article (I'll link it again at the end), because it is in-your-face joy, and drops some serious, perspective-shifting wisdom at the same time. 

Also, I see a fair amount of outfit selfies over on Fans of Epbot, and I've gotta say: I think a lot of you are already on this style bandwagon. We just didn't have a name for it before. I can't help but wonder if we geeks are more likely to dress for ourselves, just because we're already used to liking things society considers childish or uncool.

Now, I dress a little Toddler Grandma sometimes already, but I was still curious what John would think of all this. After all, he's a guy who still likes to see my hair down and my boobs up, if you will, from time to time. So I read him all the bits about patriarchy and challenging societal norms, then showed him some of Cynara's awesome outfits.
John's response?

"That is awesome." 

 And, "Ooh, you'd look great in that."

I don't mention this because I think you need anyone's approval to wear what you love. I mention it because while this style isn't about "attracting the male gaze," it is about confidence and daring and being unapologetically YOU. And that is attractive.

John doesn't find me any less sexy because my shoes light up. He likes my bright colors and flouncy skirts. More than that, I think he likes how happy I am wearing them.

OK, enough of my cheerleading. Go read Cynara's article and fashion tips. (Plus she has more outfit photos!) Then, if you're feeling ambitious, head over to the Epbot FB page and show me your best Toddler Grandma style. I think I'm going to be shopping a little differently from now on, and I could use more inspiration!


Now let's announce some Art Winners!

The winner of the Flower Robot is Panthera
The winner of Dapper Harley & Joker is Amanda (of NerdHuffing)
And my Wild Card winner is Liz Jopson!

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Baby Groot Has That [SPOILER] That Made You Howl In The Movie

It all started when John gave me the Walmart exclusive baby Groot for my birthday:

He's life-sized, and like most toys, has some great detail that the paint job doesn't quite show off. So I set out to "spruce" him up a little. (More details on that in a sec.) Then I started brainstorming ways to display him, and what kind of accessories/props it might be fun to make.

At first I thought of the detonator, of course, but Groot isn't wearing the Ravager jumpsuit during that scene:

Plus it's already been done before.

My next idea made John laugh quite a lot, so we immediately dropped what we were doing (it was just work, no biggie) and spent the next hour making the Ultimate Baby Groot Accessory.

This is a mild spoiler, but more importantly, will make ZERO SENSE if you haven't seen Guardians 2. (Which you really should. Didn't you see my review?)


Here 'tis:

Iiiiit's a big toe.

Uh, thanks, Groot. Let us never speak of this again.

I'm actually darned proud of how that toe turned out, peeps. You know, considering it's my first time painting one.

And I hope you can tell Groot is more detailed, too, with actual moss on his head, all-over aging, and even repainted eyes!

Here, let me walk you through it all (yes, including the toe), so you can make your own!

I started with the eyes, using cheap craft paint right on top of the existing paint job. I re-positioned the pupils and added some orange color underneath: