Monday, October 16, 2017

Jen's Gems: David Bowie, Middle Earth, & Lemon Head Babies!

It's Monday, you need these smiles.


Last week Neil Gaiman shared one of the sweetest things I've read in ages, but it wasn't written by him. It's by Paul Magrs, who in turn is recounting a story HE heard from one of his friends. Mild spoiler, it's about David Bowie, and you're going to love the Goblin King even more after you read this.

Take five minutes and go read what happened here.


Regal Robot shared a few photos from a magical place in Switzerland called The Greisinger Museum, and LOOKIE:

This is the museum entrance. Wha whaaaaaaat. Even better: most of the museum rooms are underground.

And check out the staircase leading down!

As you may have guessed, The Greisinger Museum is dedicated to all things Middle Earth. It opened in 2013, and you can find more photos and info on their website.

It does my heart good, knowing places like this exist.


This little girl Groot spotted at the Knoxville Fanboy Expo is giving me life:

I can't stop staring at her perfect Groot feet!  (Watch 'til the end to see the big smile under the mask.)

One more convention vid, this time from New York Comic-Con. I think I've watched this half a dozen times now, because strangers being silly together just makes me happy:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween DIY Roundup: Let's Make All The Things!

It's prime Halloween craftin' time, guys and ghouls! So let's plumb the dusty Epbot archives for some of my favorite tutorials to get those creative sparks flying.

First, let's talk COSTUMES. 

For easy last-minute accessories I've made a lot of fun stuff with cheap ol' craft foam, like this steampunk/post-apocalyptic respirator mask:

Again, all craft foam, though it looks more like real leather than the one I *made* with real leather!  Grab the free template and read the full tutorial here.

These foam wings are perfect for would-be dragons, bats, and other figments of your imagination:

I'll walk you through making your own here.

How about some foam bracers for your battle armor?

I've got the free downloadable templates (including the rose design!) here. You can modify these for all sorts of armor, or just throw them on with a battle-ready Belle or Alice outfit.

If you're rocking more of a Snow White vibe this Halloween, then you NEEEEED this poison apple:
The green glow is so intense it almost looks white here, but trust me - it is VERY green. I'll show you how to make it for just $3, right here.

How about a quick dollar store ray gun build?