Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fun Beauty & The Beast Builds

I took a little blogging break last week - sorry if you noticed. I wish I could report it was for something fun and worthwhile, but really I just sat around playing Magic Kingdoms, writing stuff just for me, forgetting to take and do the things that make me feel better, and then feeling bad about all of that, ha. 

Plus I miss conventions, dangit. We're in the midst of a long dry spell over here, which happily will be broken with Star Wars Celebration next month, but still. That's too long! Is it too much to ask that we have a large gathering of geeks in costume at least once every two months? Is it?

I know I'm spoiled, but cons feel like a great big family reunion, and I miss seeing my tribe en masse. So if 10,000 of you could just trek on over in your geekiest finery and hold panels on topics like "SuperWhoLock" and "Moana vs Marvel" I'd really appreciate it, kthx.
Not that it's all glum and gloom over here; John and I are actually neck-deep in a new project I can't tell you about yet, because that would jinx it. We're trying some exciting new things - most recently dying plastics - and hoping it all comes together in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed!

So while I don't have any process shots or new builds to show you just yet, I thought I'd share some online treasures I found while semi-hibernating on the couch. (Because my favorite thing to do when I'm not doing anything is watch OTHER people do stuff. Who's with me??)

First there's the fantastic build videos by Aoudie, who sculpted her own Lumier, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and even Babette the feather duster from Disney's original Beauty and the Beast:

Even if you never plan to make one yourself, these are SO FUN to watch.


And off topic, but her Evil Queen Mirror from Snow White blew my mind:

How trippy and perfect is that face? It uses the same trick as the library busts in the Haunted Mansion - simple, but incredibly effective. Love it.

Next there's this mini Wardrobe by The Square To Spare made almost entirely out of popsicle sticks:


WOW. Now I want to buy some jumbo popsicle sticks! She makes it look so easy!

There are truckloads of Enchanted Rose tutorials going around, but I really like the one from Cooking And Craft Chick of the live-action movie's version:

The video is a little long and has some focusing issues, but I'm so impressed by her use of glue for the glass frost, and the way she attaches the rose is so much better than the clear-fishing-line method I've seen before. Give it a watch:

The only thing I'd change is to twine the light strand up the stem and into the rose itself, just for that extra magical touch. I've also seen some people use purple lights instead of white, which looks surprisingly cool!

Right, I think I've wasted enough of your time for now. Have you seen any great Beauty and the Beast builds or tutorials lately? Made anything yourself? Share your links in the comments; I wanna see!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mailbag Show & Tell: Lembas Land, Shield Maiden Ariel, & Baby Steampunk Cuteness!

Time for more of my favorite crafts & cosplays from the Epbot Facebook page and Fans of Epbot!

I'm calling this batch The Things Geeks Do For Their Geeklings, since today's goodies are all inspired by The Next Generation, and we have some seriously crafty parental units among us.

Starting with Christina H. and her stellar 8-year-old Rey:

  They turned her wheelchair into Rey's speeder! AAA!

Just look at that smile, and tell me your day isn't better.

Then there's Sara, who transformed her little geeklings' Candy Land board game into something above and beyond, then there and back again:

 Lembas Land, you guys! LEMBAS LAND. This... this is amazing. And I love the LEGO minifig stand-ins. Head over to Sara's blog to download your own to print.

Next we've got the fantastic foam flinger Jessica, who made her son's Five Nights At Freddy's mask completely out of craft foam:

WHICH IS AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, heat-forming craft foam like that takes skill!

Here's Landon's whole costume, along with a reference from the game:

While I've got you here, Jessica, could you ask Landon if Five Nights is too scary for a couple of thirty-something pansies? Because I'm trying to convince John to play. :D

Oh! And here's another incredible foam costume I can't believe I haven't shown you guys yet: