Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"And The Streets Are Paved With Chee-eeese!"

John and I watched An American Tail on Netflix over the weekend - and you guys, it totally holds up!
Funny how I remembered almost nothing of the story, but could sing along with every song. Here's a test: Remember when Somewhere Out There played a zillion times a day on the radio? If not, then OFF MY LAWN, WHIPPERSNAPPERS. (Kidding. I love all you whippersnappers. Who else can I fill with my knowledge of great 80s cartoons? And will explain Tumblr memes to me?)

So naturally first thing yesterday I went digging through my office closet, because I have exactly ONE bin of old childhood dolls, and I couldn't remember exactly what was in it, but I had this hope...


(Let's pause to appreciate the mental image of a thirty-something woman, on a ladder, face inside a tupperware bin, yelling, "YESSSSSSQUEEEEEE!" If these cats could talk, y'all... they'd have NDAs.)

Anyone remember this Fievel doll? Apparently it was a Sears exclusive, though I could have sworn my grandmother got it from K-Mart. His floppy velvet hat is filled with stuffing like a pillow, and I would carry him around with my face buried in it. :) Although I do remember him being a lot bigger...

Anyway, fifteen minutes of lint-rolling and a light scrubbing with a damp washcloth later, and Fieval is nearly good as new. He smells a little... old, though. Not bad, just like something packed up a long time. What do you think, Febreeze? Toss him in the dryer with a dryer sheet? Moms, help me out here!

He'll sit on my desk with E.T. now. That's right, 80s movie stars, UNITE. 
(I just need a giant StayPuft plush. Did they even make those back then?)
Speaking of old movies, I noticed FernGully is on Netflix, too, but I don't think I've seen it - should I? Anastasia is there, too, which is gorgeous (the music! Ah!) plus John and I quote Bartok the bat on an almost weekly basis. (You'd be surprised how often you can work in a good "And then I'd KEEK her, sir," to a conversation.) So definitely watch that one if you haven't.
So tell me, guys, other than the popular Disney stuff which we all KNOW is good, which of your favorite childhood movies still hold up today? Extra credit if they're streaming online so I can find them!
BONUS MODERN MOVIE THUMBS UP... to Sing. Sure, you get the entire plot line in the 2-minute trailer, but it's sweet, head-bopping fun, and worth a Redbox rental.

Plus I love Rosita the pig. Girl rocks it.

(Don't worry, more Star Wars cosplay is coming! Just breaking things up a little in-between.)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017: The Best Mashup Cosplay!

(Did you miss my first batch of SWC cosplay? Go see!)

Get ready, fellow geeks, 'cuz this round it's ALL MASHUPS.

Awwww yeeeeeeeeeeah.

 I'm forever drawn to mashup cosplay because it's all so gosh-darn creative - and often hilarious. In a crowd of screen-accurate everything, I will be the one running towards the guy who combined Star Wars with Back to the Future, like so:

It's Han McFly!

Check out the details, you guys:

The back of his shoes say Falcon - and the "Solo" glows, too!

Here's a Pinkie Pie Mandalorian and Ackbar on vacation:

There were lots of stormtroopers on vacation, too; pool floats and sun visors over armor galore.

In fact, it's amazing just how versatile stormtrooper armor can be, from Hamlet to high school cheerleaders:

The use of Vader's helmet for Yorick's skull is brilliant, y'all. BRILLIANT.


Then there's the Freddie Mercury trooper, who traveled with his own boombox, got the Cantina band for backup, and put on a show:
YES. (They were playing Somebody to Love. It was awesome.)

Check it out, the four Hogwarts Houses as Jedi!