Sunday, August 15, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 3, Pt1

Saturday at the convention was, again, not as crowded as I expected, and therefore also not as much costume action. Still, there were a lot more silly mash-up costumes, which are always a hoot:

Elvis Stormtrooper: "Uh, maytheforcebewithyou, uhthankyouverramuuuch."

Elvis was also one of the officiators at the wedding vow renewal gazebo:

Other choices included Darth Maul (who looked particularly hilarious under all that pink tulle & twinkly lights) and Obi Wan.

Scottish stormtrooper:

Uh...dapper pink stormtrooper?

And my favorite: Star Wars Mario Brothers:

Awesome sauce.

LEGO appeared to be a major sponsor, as there were lots of statues and small-scale dioramas around:

So Lego Fett fit in nicely:

There was even a massive Lego mural:

Fans were invited to help assemble the small tiles for free on Thursday and Friday, and they finished on Saturday:

Pretty sweet, right? According to a fact board nearby, this used over 160,000 Lego bricks.

A particularly voluptuous slave Leia.

Another freebie: you could assemble your own Styrofoam diorama:

You had your choice of a cave, tunnel, or random ice clumps to display with your toys/miniatures:

They hung on to everyone's work until Sunday, so the display area filled up more each day.

It was fun seeing some of the creative ways parents modified their various child carriers:

LOVE the Yoda back pack - complete with sleeping child inside.

A blaster-fied stroller:

And a nicely done Tusken baby pack (although this baby is just a doll):

Stay tuned for my next and final installment, which includes my personal Droid-driving escapades and a harrowing run-in with a pack of wild Sand People!

So, you know, the usual.


  1. Love, love, love the Mario bros with light sabers! Also, the lego stuff is incredible.

    Girls Are Geeks

  2. LOVE the Star Wars Mario Bros! They are indeed awesome sauce.

  3. As soon as I saw this on inside the magic, I immediately thought of you. What's more Jen than a steampunk slave Leia?

  4. Just a quick note to say that I *think* the "blasterfied" stroller is actually a snowspeeeder. The markings on it appear to be that of Luke's, to be specific.

    And while it's cool, it has NOTHING on the AT-AT stroller you can find at Daddytypes.

  5. I know that Mario...I just sent him the link to this post, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it. :)

  6. I've always thought that men in kilts are hot... and that stormtrooper is no different. I even think my husband would approve.

  7. ok... I think I am a tad obsessed with this blog. lol. This is the
    3rd time today I have checked for a new post. I think I need a life. lol.
    I love love love epbot and cake wrecks. Thanks for doing what you do! These two blogs always make my day!

  8. You can post as many pictures from the Con as your heart desires. Well no duh this is your own blog. I am not a Con go myself, but I love checking out all the costumes. The dapper Stormtrooper was my favorite. It is amazing the amount of detail that people put into creating their costumes. I understand that they get the inspiration from the movies, but still a ton of creativity has to go into figuring out how to construct the costume. I guess there are probably websites and/or youtube videos that help people figure out how to make them? I imagine it was probably harder to make the costume and/or find materials before the internet. Still I wonder how people do it? Do you ever go in costume? Who would you want to dress up as? Not sure if you read these comments, so these questions maybe silly.

  9. I know Elvis Trooper! Personally! He's a friend of mine and my husband's :)


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