Friday, August 13, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 1, Pt 2

More Star Wars goodness, comin' right up!

And since my first post didn't have any sexiness, I'm going to overcompensate and start you off with a little slave Leia action here:

See how the Leia on the right is *totally* making eyes at me? Yep. I know a girl crush when I see one - that's all I'm saying. And right in front of John, even! *tsk tsk*

And in case you were wondering, here's a close-up so you can see that, yes, the blonde's boobies really are popping out of her bra:

Helloooo, ladies.

There are actually two life-size Jabbas on the floor. The non-Leia festooned one is a really nice photo set, complete with both costumed and mannequin characters sitting around tables.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which are people and which are mannequins.

Well, until one of the "mannequins" moves, that is.

This Jawa got me a few times:

A bevy of bounty hunters.

(Click the photos for larger, clearer images)

This is Lindsay, a Cake Wrecks reader. When she tweeted that she'd like me to sign her book at the con, I jokingly told her to bring a cake. So...she did. It was a great Wreck, too, complete with Star Wars toys smashed in the icing blobs. Heh. (And before you ask: no, I didn't eat it. I left that dubious honor/risk to her.)

Hey, look! Non-licensed Disney characters!

More cuteness:

There's gotta be one at every con:

I just wish he was wearing Mickey ears.

With hair like this, you know I chased these two down for a photo.

Love the embroidery on the burgundy one.

Someone called this girl "Booba Fett."
That works.

This kid was great:
The details on his costume were really well made - and he wore sunglasses under the mask to make the eyes black and shiny. Clever!

One of the stranger sights of the day:

I'm assuming she was recreating the Luke-in-the-Tauntaun scene? The head was eerily realistic: the eyes even blinked. When we came back a few hours later the whole thing was gone, though.

Lots of R2's around:

The kid in the background is the operator.

This lovely lady got a lot of attention:

I think it might have had something to do with the rear view, though:

By the way, I love taking pictures of sexy girls at cons; it's hilarious how every guy in the area suddenly snaps to attention. Heh. As a girl I can also ask, "Can I get a picture of the back?" without seeming excessively creepy - which makes the guys taking pictures from 20 feet away totally jealous. :D

Oh, and that brings me to the famous Wampa gal:

She had plenty of guys following her - casually, of course, like they just happened to be going in that direction anyway, and the fact that most of her cheeks were feelin' the breeze had *nothing* to do with it - so when I asked for her photo, and she literally "rawr"ed for the camera while making cute little shimmy motions, I swear 30 jaws hit the floor. You're welcome, gentlemen.

And finally, my favorite of the day:

Steampunk Boba.

Awww yeeeah.

Oh, I almost forgot: Remember those two crazy characters from my last post? Well, mind your volume, excuse my cackling and nausea-inducing camera work, and check this out:

I almost hate to spoil this by telling you that these two are professional actors, but...they are. They're "street-mosphere" cast members from Disney, out to promote the Star Wars special party at Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday night. You'd never know it if you weren't really familiar with DHS, though - and didn't happen to spot their handler with the Disney name tag. ;)


  1. *laughs* God, I love this stuff. :) Almost makes up for the fact that I couldn't go...almost. I'll live through your photos and blog in the meantime.

    BTW, Steampunk Boba Fett...please allow me a moment of squeeness.

  2. I'm one of the few Star Wars fans I know who actually... doesn't get why everyone likes Boba Fett. Like, at all. But that being said. God, I wish I were sexy enough to be a chick at this con. Alas.

  3. I have been sharing this with my husband and he is threatening to change our plans tomorrow. I think it would be a riot, it's the kids he has to sell the idea to :)

  4. Being a costume fanatic (almost since birth), I LOVE these conventions... Not sure I'd have the patience (or nerves) to go to one though. Sooo glad Jen & Jon are doing this one for me! Awesome pics-- I can't even begin to say which is my favorite...

  5. *sigh* Maybe we'll get to go to one of these someday...

    I can see why so many guys were following the wampa gal though. Just look at those curves! Not to mention the outfit. I'm sure they don't see something like that very often. I learned that when I did LARP in highschool and would have guys following me around.

  6. Ack! I smiled! Where did that come from? Very sneaky. Well played.

    w.v.: dozingl i.e. I should be dozingl right now. or I'm going to sleep dozingl...y.

  7. I think I just developed an insta-girl-crush on Wampa Gal. Holy smokes!

    WV: bitypie - That chick's a real bitypie!

  8. OMG! Steampunk Boba Fett! Why just yesterday I was explaining to my 3 year old son why the clone troopers look so much like Boba Fett, because they are clones of his father Jengo Fett and all troopers are essentially Mandalorians, and the Mandalorian battle gear is very similar to the Clone trooper uniforms and....Well I'm preaching to the converted here. Of course you know all of this. Awesome pics. I especially love your description of the wampa girl. HAHA. guys are so transparent!

  9. BWAHAHAHA! Oh no, I seem to have dropped my light sabre!

    Normally At this point I'd be saying something like

    .... [swoon]....

    but yeah, not this time. ;) Perhaps some minor modifcations...

    .... [swoons from geekiness]....

    would make it more truthful (and less creepy).

  10. O.O

    I tink you bwoke my widdle mind with dat video. . .


  11. Thanks for your great photos. My family and I really need to go to this next year!

  12. Great pics ^_^ I would end up spending the whole con running around taking pictures. Or end up being like the Wampa girl.*laughs* (who I now have a mini girl crush on for her ability to wear that in public and feel as awesome as she seems to) *laughs*

  13. So jealous!! It's my dream to go to this since Comic-Con is a zoo. Plus it just looks more fun. :)

  14. Ummm Would you believe I've never even seen any of the Star Wars movies? I feel sheltered. Maybe I'll make that a weekend mission.

  15. My last name is Fett and I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I've had many people say my first name wrong, pronouncing it like Leia (which is kinda fun in my opinion), and I was Princess Leia for Halloween last year. If I'm ever able to go to a convention, I feel like I need to come up with a Boushh costume so that I could literally be a princess bounty hunter.

    P.S. I'm super jealous that you get to be there!

  16. OMG I am so truly jealous. I would love, love, love to be there.

  17. "I find the most erotic part of the woman are the boobies."
    -Zap Brannigan

  18. Thanks so much for showing all those photos! Looks like so much fun!

  19. Love, love, LOVE the pictures!! Thank you for sharing. I will adore wistfully from afar...

  20. Love it! Thanks for sharing for those who can't be there.

  21. Rockin' photos, Jen!

    My boyfriend belongs to a group of people who dress up in amazing Star Wars costumes for charity events. Just this morning we went to a big Back-to-School event sponsored by a local TV station, and I got to hang out with my Stormtrooper boyfriend and his close, personal friend Darth Vader. Freakin' amazing.

  22. Hey, it's Deevy Sea (DVC) in the clip!

  23. I love sexy nerds! There should be more.

  24. Steampunk Boba?!? ZOHMYGOSH! Is there anything better? These are great! Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Oh Jen. You make my geeky heart go fwommmm kshhhhhh kshhhhh wommmmmmmmmmmm.

    (that's light-sabre noise, for those of you who don't recognize it by type)

  26. Quick, let's hold an intervention for Missy. Meet at her place with DVDs. I've got the popcorn!

  27. I am so very jealous. The Steam Punk Fett is AWESOME! Also, the stuffed animal the 'trooper was holding... was that an Ewok by any chance? If so, made absolute sense.

    MAN I wish I could have gone this year! And it's in Orlando, too! How awesome. Right next door to WDW.

  28. I'm so jealous! I knew someone who was going to be part of the convention, and nearly acted on my threat to hide in his luggage. If he is in it next time, I think I might demand to go as his assistant. I mean, carrying luggage and fetching coffee would be so worth it!

  29. Come to Steamcon! I'll be there and it would be great to meet you guys.

  30. Love the video- I think this is the same actress who does the DVC videos.

  31. I'm so jealous!!! Have fun and give Carrie Fisher a hug from one of her merry band of stalkers- None of those Leias are as hot as she was.

  32. This is the 3rd convention I've been to but first time going to the Star Wars Celebration one.

    It really was a blast. You should look for a local one to your area & go at least once.


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