Monday, August 2, 2010

Geek Chic Round Up

Some fun apparel and accessories that have caught my eye recently:

Robin sent me a link to this sweet Neverending Story t-shirt.

Do you recognize it?

It's the oracle!

Ah, obscure 80's fantasy movie reference ftw!

Lisa found this next gem:

These shoes were made for...typing?

I can't find any more info on these, so I don't know what brand makes it. Anyone know?

Then, while I was researching the keyboard shoes, I stumbled across THIS:

[swooning] [falling on floor] [drooling]

I've never worn high tops before, but I can see making an exception here.

Just look how pretty!


These are custom Keds being sold on Zazzle, so they're seller lShakespeare's own design. Kinda pricey at 65 pounds - that's, what, $130? - but considering John has spent that on running shoes before, and that you're pretty much guaranteed to be the only one in the room wearing typewriter sneakers, I guess it's not that bad.

The design also comes in regular low tops and slip-ons, but I think the high tops look best.

This next item is rather bittersweet for me, but the design is so amazing I have to share it anyway:

So here's the thing: the second John saw this ring (and thanks, Jessica, for sharing the link!), his eyes went big as saucers and he asked, in classic kid-in-a-candy-store form, "Can I have one? Pleeeease?"

C'mon, who can say no to that? Besides, he wanted it for his wedding ring, since it's about a billion times cooler than the plain band he usually wears.

So, we bought it. And while it IS a very cool design, I'm afraid the feel of it is kind of loose and rattly. It jingles when you wear it, because there's so much space between the outer rings and the gears. Plus it feels a little crunchy when you twist it.

I contacted the company (which has excellent customer service, btw) and was told that's just the way the ring works, because they wanted it to be loose enough to spin with one finger. All told, though, we'd much rather see a tighter design that's a bit harder to twist, if that means less rattle and a smoother spin.

The ring costs $165 (available here), so we're going to be returning ours. And yes, we're really bummed about that. Say, any of you make jewelry? :)

Well, to end on a happier note, here's a cool USB ring a bride had custom made for her game-developer husband:

Found on Mashable

The inside reads, "For a lifetime of memories."

Man, that's nerdy.

I love it.


  1. £65 is about $103 right now. Royal Mail is obnoxious, so you may be waiting for ages if you order them from the UK!

  2. A friend of mine does a lot of Steampunk inspired custom made jewelry. Check him out!

  3. Get out of my BRAIN! <3

    I saw that gear ring on a "genius" in the apple store, and swooned. He let me play with it and I went all teary eyed. I didn't notice a rattly / loose problem... In fact I was impressed with how well fit the gears were... So I'm sad to hear Jon's was less than, and that the company claims that it's standard. His definitely wasn't, and he got it from the same site. *sigh*

    Best of luck in the geeky ring search.

  4. Jen, instead of returning the gear ring, why don't you just squirt a little super glue under each gear? It will stop it from turning, but it will also stop the rattling issue. Plus, it will still look awesome, even if it doesn't turn. Just an idea.

  5. go on over and visit the folks at Designet International at They are near Buffalo, NY and can custon design a ring for you with whatever you want. Spinning gears or non-spinning or whatever else your little heart desires. Decent prices too.

  6. Melody, you're making me wonder if I shouldn't try an exchange, just to see if it IS a fluke. The company said they're all loose, but perhaps the one we got is unusually so. Hm...

  7. Dang it! That's a bummer about the gear ring.... I had seen it and my husband wanted it so bad... Now I know better... Oh well...

  8. Something Blue, as much as guys love playing with their rings, I think I can safely say the spinning is the most desirable part. :) If it were less expensive we might consider trying to finagle it, but $165 is a bit steep for a non-functioning stainless steel ring.

  9. My husband's wedding ring is the One Ring from LotR. He told me it was the only way I'd actually get him to wear a wedding ring (Sure, I believe that!).

    It was pretty pricey since he's got large fingers (About $600 for a size 12 in white gold), but this ring is HEAVY and each one is custom-made.

    Sad thing is, I can't remember where I bought it from. But they were super nice to work with and I think I got the ring in just over a week.

  10. I'm not sure if it is the same designer, but a handful of Moschino sneakers have keyboard bottoms:

  11. How comfortable do you think this

    keyboard shoe is?? Awesome!!

  12. Here's another pretty ring that might take your interest! Such a sweet and brilliant idea! <3

  13. That USB ring is AWESOME. I got my husband a USB watch for Father's Day this year from that he wears religiously. His wedding ring is already semi-geeky in that it's black titanium :)

  14. Wow, I really should get that Neverending Story Oracle shirt, because I absolutely love it! Cool typewriter shoes too.

    Girls Are Geeks

  15. When I saw the oracle shirt I had a nerdgasm. I am reluctant to show the gear ring to my husband as he might want one too.

  16. The geek in me wonders: is that USB ring functional?

  17. Michelle - maybe the site was Your post got me searching because my husband's name is Elrond (really-yes from birth-hippie parents) and he would freak for a One Ring. Then I saw the design for the Ring of Elrond and now I think I know what he's getting for our 20th wedding anniversary next year!

  18. This is my current favorite Geeky clothing item.

    Totally <3 it! I usually just wear it around the house since I get way too many freaky looks when I wear it out and about. Probably because I live in Redneckville and people have no clue what it is.

  19. Haha, the USB ring and the keyboard-sole shoe were both featured on Gizmodo! I'm an avid fan of video games and gadgets, so this blog is definitely up my alley.
    I'm pretty sure the Gizmodo article said the shoe was only a prototype/dream design. Sigh.

  20. You might check with Lynette Andreasen ( to see if she can craft something similar (if an exchange of the current ring doesn't pan out, that is). She makes some cool, creative jewelry and will do custom orders. (I contacted her about my hubby and I getting a set of the wedding bands with an engraved, copper spinning center band, and she replied quickly.)

  21. WANT SHIRT!!! **squees, flails, and falls off bed.**

    Loved that movie!! Even though it didn't really follow the book towards the end, it was still amazing!!

  22. I actually bought that gear ring for my fiance as his "engagement ring". He loves it.

  23. Us computer geeks are a nerdy bunch but hey - you love us! My late husband and I were both computer programers and met in a bar - his pick up line "Boy, it's comp-3 in here" which is computer for packed! Talk about nerdy. :)

  24. I'm dying over the shirt, but it appears as if it would only look good on a dude with a long torso, not a girl with curves. Waaah.

    My husband's wedding band is a meteorite, and he has to guard against rust and staining his finger. I guess having the cool nerd factor comes with a cost.

  25. I kind of really want the typewriter slipon shoes. Hey, it's cheaper & easier than finding a real, antique typewriter... right?

  26. Jen(or anybody), You should check out Vans-gogh handpainted shoes. I found them on accident once. This group of people (i think they're siblings) paints whatever you want on a pair of plain white canvas Vans shoes (or keds).

    They are so beautiful!! You should check it out.

    They're also on facebook, just search vansgogh handpainted shoes.

  27. I found the keyboard shoes, but they only ship to the Netherlands :(

  28. Yep, can tighten/improve gear ring in our shop. E-mail me if you are interested.
    shadowcat (at) engineer (dot) com

  29. I vote yes on the typewriter shoes. Just saying.:)

    And yes,I do make jewelry!:)

  30. There is a new stempunk series of Disney VinylMation coming out. Thought you'd be interested since it combines 2 of your interests.

  31. More geek jewelery:

  32. Did you see this website in your searching online for the shoes? What awesome ways to use keyboard keys!! I sooo want the set of bowls!

  33. I showed the gear ring to my engineering/math teacher friend, who couldn't resist buying one for herself. (She's very ADHD and needs something to fiddle with in staff meetings or she'd go insane) Her ring is not at all rattly and spins quite smoothly. Her only complaint is that the band, by virtue of the design, has to be pretty thick, so it's not comfortable to wear on the finger she purchased it for, but she now wears it on her thumb and has spent many a meeting happily spinning away...It might be worth ordering another one, just to see if John's luck is any better...


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