Saturday, August 14, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 2, Pt 2

Are you noticing that my posts are getting less and less wordy? Man, only halfway through, and I'm pooped!

Well, here's the second batch from day 2:

I have no idea who he is, but I certainly wasn't about to ask.

Even the back was awesome - lots of blinky lights.

Three bounty hunters discussing contracts, no doubt.

This is a large half-statue on a pillar.

Some of the things you see in the crowd:
I think this is actually a costume, but it looked pretty funny trussed up on the floor.

Oh, and I

caught up with steampunk Boba again today!

Really nice guy. When we asked him if he does other steampunk stuff, he rattled off a whole list of conventions and events all over the U.S., including Steam Con (?), which apparently is held in November in Seattle. John's eyes lit up, and he announced that we're going. (We've been wanting to visit Seattle again since the first book tour, when we only got to stay for a grand total of 13 hours.) guess we're going to Seattle this November?

Anyway, here's a close-up of his helmet and arm brace:

Off the main floor of the con is the Droid room, which is full of cool photo vignettes and, of course, droids:

That's a lot of droids.
They're also lining all the walls - this was just the center area.

And the best part? They're all fan-made. Every single one!

There are lots of fun variations.

Reminds me of Captain EO. :D

This nasty little guy keeps an eye on things:

And another awesome vignette:

C3PO has lights in his arm and leg that blink and twinkle.

In another room there are lots of costumed mannequins displayed:

Since there are so many *people* dressed in these outfits, too, though, this gets a little unnerving. Case in point: we ran into this guy later on:

I bet he goes into the mannequin room just to mess with people. (I would!)

Aren't you a little tall for a Jawa?

And finally, a storm trooper Mexican wrestler:

Yep. Pretty sure there's not much that can follow this.


  1. I am loving the droid room... that is just cool-- and the green tinted R2... just cool. But the tussed up Wampa was just awesome. :)

  2. My first thought on seeing those bounty hunters at the table: "He made a fair move. Screaming about it won't help you."

  3. That "nasty little guy" is named Selacious Crumb. Seriously.

    SO jealous. Someday I'm going to have to drag hubby.

  4. steampunk and starwars?! two great tastes that taste great together....=)

  5. Actually, I think the three bounty hunters had been playing poker. Nonetheless, next time I remodel my breakfast nook I'll use this photo for inspiration.

  6. The Steam Punk Boba Fett rocks but my boys got the biggest laugh from the Mucha Lucha Storm Trooper.

  7. Mucha Lucha trooper??? LOL! (now I have the cartoon theme song stuck in my head)

    I think my favorite is the 3 bounty hunters holding R2 hostage in the MF. :) It's a great shot!

  8. Yay, Steam Con! I was planning to go this year, but then found out the date it starts is our wedding. And my darn FH refuses to go to Steam Con for our honeymoon. :-( (I'm beginning to wonder if eloping wouldn't have been a better option.) Take lots of pics! And get your rooms early - they were selling out quick last I looked.

  9. What!? There's a steampunk convention here in Seattle! I am sooo there!!! I know this may weird you out, but I just may have to track you down and get you to autograph my copy of Cake Wrecks.

  10. So great! Wish I could have visited my parents in Tampa and driven out there, but too much work up in Mass!

    Girls Are Geeks

  11. The guy with the claws is from Star Wars the force unleashed ultimate sith version.:) .!.

  12. So last entry I got first comment and failed to jig accordingly. So this entry? ...yep, still no jigging.

  13. Speaking of steampunk, I'm sure you already know about this but I had to make sure, my boyfriend and I just finished watching SyFi's Tin Man. There is some seriously sweet steam-punk-ish inspired outfits. :)

  14. You are coming to Seattle in November?! YES!! I was at college in California during your last trip up here, and of course was here in Seattle when you made your trip to Southern California/Disneyland. You fully expect stalkers, right? Because after my sister's Tower of Terror cake, we're going to be trying to meet you! :)

  15. Wow, that's amazing! I don't know why but I found something in the second last one in dark brown robe endearing - almost cute... Maybe it's the fact he's holding a gun, (Or whatever it is.) who knows?
    (Sorry, I have no idea who 1/2 these people are supposed to be or even what they're supposed to be from. Sorry, I like being vague.)

  16. The first pic is of Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice from The Force Unleashed.

  17. Have you seen Stormtrooper Elvis yet? He was at CIV and we had to get a picture with him.

    Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you and your pictures. Totally bummed that I couldn't go this year, but I'm grateful for your updates. Keep them coming!

  18. I love that you are posting these!! Our satellite radio is broadcasting from there all weekend, so we have been listening to it. It was nice to be able to show my son pictures of what they are talking about! He wants to go next time! Thanks!

  19. Hey Jen, love the photos. You reminded me of my favorite Star Wars thing ever. I think you might get a kick out of it, if you haven't already seen it before. It is an a capella tribute to Star Wars using other John Williams music. Here's the link. I hadn't watched it in forever, but it's hilarious. Thought I'd share.

  20. Thank you for such an entertaining blog! I obsessively check this and Cake Wrecks every day. I thought you might enjoy this geek/nerd rapper if you haven't already heard of him - MC Chris. Here's a link to his Fett's Vette song on youtube...yes, a rap about Star Wars!

  21. When I was a kid we went to Seattle and went to the Space Needle. My sister and I both got smashed pennies there. I have no idea what happened to them. If you go, you'll have to visit the Space Needle and add to your collection.

  22. Did you see this??

  23. If I'm not mistaken, that half statue of Boba is the same that was at Comic-Con. Gosh this looks fun though.

  24. When I read your comment under Steampunk Boba Fett I jumped up and ran into The Boy's room, "Did you know there was a Steam Con here in Seattle?"

    Groggy teenager, "What?"

    Weirdo mother, "Yeah Jen said that she was talking to Steampunk Boba Fett at Celebration V and he told her about it."

    Teenager looks at me with a mix of excitement over the con, bewilderment over who these people are I am referencing and fear that his mother has lost it.

    Me,"Yeah you know that didn't sound at all crazy in my head when I was saying it. Come to the living room and I will show you what I'm talking about. Now we are planning our registration and trying to decide if we will costume up and the tea parties sound like fun and why is the theme Weird, Weird West but they don't have Poker listed in the games section of the site?

  25. I saw a luchadore Stormtrooper at a convention in Chicago. Either that guy really travels around, or there's more than one person out there with that idea...either way, that's pretty cool!

  26. My husband and I already have our passes for Steamcon II!Just let us know if you need a ride from the airport, lol!

  27. I was looking up the R2-KT charity and stumbled across the wampa's website:

    No kidding, that is quite the costume.

  28. The first two photos are Starkiller from The Force Unleashed from the Infinites storyline. This is were Starkiller kills Vader(Between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope) and becomes the Emperor's new apprentice.

  29. Steamcon is relatively new, as the first one was last year, but it was sold out as well. It was pretty popular! I lament the fact I'm all the way in FL!

  30. Those bounty hunters actually seem to be Mandalorians:

    Note that the center one has the insignia on his chest.

  31. Best guess on the first one that you didn't know who he was: Darth Revan. His mask should have had more red in it, if I remember correctly.

    What I wouldn't give to have a Steampunk Fett costume. Hmmmm... I wonder how difficult it would be to have a Steampunk Vader costume? Wouldn't be as cool as Fett, but still... Steampunk R2 anyone?

  32. Regarding the lady in the purple robes...

    Is she a Jedi, or a Hogwarts professor at the wrong convention?

  33. Steam Con?! Although, as a native Seattleite, I think the organizers need to rethink the date. Seattle in November is DREARY!

  34. You are going to LOVE the Steampunk festival is Seattle! It is amazing! :D

  35. Steam-CON! :D I always wanted to go but it usually lands in the mid of my finals prep. :P Which is lame.

  36. Love the Jawa story Jen! They've always been my favorite.

    I have to share this conversation I had the other day with my almost-6-year old daughter:

    Me: "Why are you crying?"
    Her: "My underware is ripped"
    Me: "Well, I don't think you need to cry about that."
    Her: "But,mommy, they are my favorite. They're the ones with the ROBOTS on them!"
    Me: *smiling*
    Her: "Don't laugh at me!"
    Me: "I'm not laughing at you, I'm proud of you!"
    Her: "You're weird mommy"

    Ah, my little geeky girl! :)

  37. If you can't make it to Seattle in November for Steam Con, shoot for Easter weekend and hit up Norwescon-also in Seattle-total mashup of all the geek-fests, primarily sci-fi/fantasy writers, but draws quite a showing from anything remotely related-lots of steampunk, and this year we anticipate a lot of Alice in Wonderland. They have a LARP room and table game rooms as well, among other things.

  38. Funny you should mention Captain EO... about the time you were at the Star Wars Celebration, I was at Disneyland, and one of the things we did was watch EO. It was strange (in a good way) to see it again after all these years!

  39. Yay!! SteamCon should be FABULOUS this year!! We're going...

  40. Seattle loves you! And what is this about "Steam Con" here?!?!

  41. The first picture is of Galen Marek, I think-- the antihero from "Force Unleashed."

    In the "dark side" alternate ending of the game, that armor is fused with his body by Darth Sideous.


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