Saturday, August 14, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 2, Pt 1

Friday the 13th was a super late day for us, so we only caught the last few hours of the con. Surprisingly, the crowds were about the same as Thursday, and there weren't as many people in costume. I still found some doozies, though:

A Friday the 13th Storm Trooper. Kinda.

This guy was scarier, though:
The emperor here was creepily polite, if such a thing is possible.
I'm not sure the guy behind him is buying it, though.

Well, um...There's that.

This will give you an idea of the size of the main floor:

This was taken from the second floor overlook. The big open area on the floor is the divide between the food court and all the merchandise aisles.

More great photo spots - although I don't think you can sit in this one.

More large-scale decorations throughout the center.

Complete with "Droid on board" yellow bumper tag. :)

Leia looks less than impressed.

And speaking of Leia, check out these perfect buns!

That's her real hair! Awesome.

It was especially cold in the hall today, which resulted in at least one slave Leia in a sweatshirt:

Pimp Vader & Fett from Comic Con were even here:

What up, playahs?

Ok, who wants to see some cute kids?!?

So young. So angry. Darn that rap music.

I've been having way too much fun mentally filling in thought bubbles on these next ones:

I'll let you come up with your own version. :D

These are *not* kids, but they're kid costumes:

I hadn't heard of this organization before, but it sounds awesome.

Then there's this adorable little Wookiee:

And now with his head on:

So. Cute.

And speaking of cuteness, I've been able to resist spending money on everything so far except Katie Cook's original art cards (well, and that Lando shirt. I finally caved.)

Are these not totally swoon-worthy?!? I may be going back for more. I can't help it.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Reminds me of the other day at work. I'm in a children's hospital and we routinely sedate/anesthetize children for MRI scans. We allow the parents into the scanner for induction. So my patient's father's coming in and we tell him to empty his pockets of any metal.

    Imagine the surprise on the faces of the MRI techs (and hopefully not mine) when he places his service weapon on the table (along with his badge).

  2. oh, my heavens to murgatroyd, that tiny wee wookies is the cutest thing ever....

  3. Heehee I've been following Katie Cook's work for a while and since I knew she's there, was hoping for a "blog crossover" since I can't be there!!

  4. ooooh! LOVE the Sam the American Eagle art card!!! Those are adorable...googling as we speak to find more from Katie Cook :)


  5. mother: well, her spray-tan didn't turn out so great so we decided it would look better if we said we did it on purpose.

  6. If I were wearing a slave Leia costume, I would worry most about people seeing my underwear. I'd probably go commando.

  7. As a former Orlando-ian, I'm glad you got the Lando shirt! I couldn't have resisted.

  8. When I first saw the picture that you took to show how big the entire arena is, I thought the logo on the picture was actually on the sign and was trying to figure out how you managed it! It fits perfectly on the banner in the picture!


  9. I spy a mashup! In the third picture, those are Stormtroopers/Blockheads (from Gumby)! Woooo!

    - DB

  10. I am so tempted to ask you to buy and mail me one of the gonzo prints...I was over on her deviantart page, and I'm devastated that she isn't selling any of this stuff. Muppets plus Star Wars...could anything be better?

  11. I want those cards SO BADLY. So cute!

  12. OMG the tiny Wookie was the cutest thing ever! There were only a few of us around when he came up to get his picture taken in the action figure package, and suddenly, a large swarm of people grew around awwww-ing and whipping out cameras. So adorable. And good on ya mom for making that costume!


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