Friday, August 13, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 1, Pt 1

Man, I love conventions.

The people, the costumes, the panels, the costumes, the great geek merchandise....the costumes...yep. I love it all.

If you do, too, then you are going to LOVE the next few posts here on Epbot. See, John & I have 4-day passes to the Star Wars Celebration here in Orlando, and we're not afraid to use them.

And since I took over 300 photos today, we'd better get right to it.

This is the first thing you see upon entering the main floor.

It's pretty big.

The first costume I spotted today was also the most creative: a split Vader/Anakin. If I see him again I'll try to grab a better pic. (Mr. Scraggly on the right was sad because his 'saber had lost its force. Or, in non-Jedi terms: the batteries died.)

Yo, 'PO.

Now I want raspberry sherbet. Who's with me?

There are tons of free photo spots/backdrops around the floor, and they're all extremely well-done. The sponsors definitely went all out to make sure folks get plenty of photo souvenirs.

Just as I was about to take her picture, she exclaimed, "Oh, look at them! That's crazy!" which I thought was funny, given her own costume.

In her defense, though, these are the people she was talking about:

I have much more to say about these two in my next post. And video. Which you absolutely cannot miss.

Don't ask me to explain the stuffed animal. I have no idea.

This kid was hilarious, and oh-so-cute. To take his photo I went down on one knee, and he automatically mimicked me, then realized what he was doing and stopped mid-crouch. Before I could take another picture, though, he'd snatched off his helmet and made a run for it.

That's a lot of Leias.

The galaxy's best photo-spot.

That's no moon.

Four kids and a walking carpet.


Another great photo op - you can sit inside.

Lots of themed vignettes and doodads to photograph:

R2 goes punk? Heh.

I thought this was the cutest family.

I'd like a time machine just so I can go back and be exactly like this girl when I'm 12. Love the matching headband.

(Also, sorry for all the blurry pics; the lighting is terrible on the floor, and I'm always rushing to get the shot before the person moves or someone walks in front of me. And flash looks terrible. You know, excuses, excuses.)

Can't forget the merchandise!

John had to take a lot of work calls today. So, I just stuck this in his hand, posed him, and started snapping photos. I'm easily amused, by the way.

And speaking of Lando, somebody please convince me I don't want to spend $25 on this t-shirt:

I don't want to spend $25. I don't. [will...weakening...]

And I'll wrap up this segment with the world's cutest droid:

D'awwww. Suddenly I find droid-building to be an appealing hobby.

Stay tuned for lots more goodies, including video of those two colorful characters, more costumes, my fan encounter, and all the sexy ladies of the con. (All five of them. *snicker*)


  1. WhAAAt?!? You definitely need to spend $25 on that shirt. Especially if you live in Orlando. Seriously. How could you not get that shirt?

  2. LOVELOVELOVE!!! I so want my pic in the Kenner toy package!!!! Maybe I can go as Jabba.....

  3. The Star Wars geek in me is in ecstasy and extreme jealousy. But I can't feel too envious. I went to San Diego Comic-Con this summer!

  4. Look for the Her Universe booth (if there is one, I have no idea, but they were at SDCC and i wouldn't be surprised if they're there) they have great shirts and this thermal Empire Strikes Back hoodie that I am absolutely in love with, along with Star Wars jewelery and it's awesome.

  5. I love the whole thing, but I'm mostly amused by the fact that I have the same haiku shirt as John!

  6. Wow that looks so awesome! I went to the SW Celebrations in Indianapolis just before Episode III came out and it was INSANELY packed. There was a museum with outfits from all the episodes, miniatures, really cool stuff. I got to sit in on Warwick Davis interviewing a few of the Imperial Commanders (Captain Needa sadly died - for real - about two months later :\) and AND then on the final day my friend and I stood in line in the freezing April morning wind whipping at about 30mph making the 40 degree air feel like 30 for three hours to get in early to see George Lucas talk. It was... probably like seeing the Pope or the Dali Lama. I took pics of him on my cell phone (on the sly, photography was forbidden heh) and thought I'd uploaded them to my photobucket account before getting rid of the phone but *headdesk* I didn't. George Lucas' face was my wallpaper for a long time.

    But I had a ton of fun and you're making me wish I could go back again! Lucky!!

  7. Awesome! That looks like a lot of fun!! :-)

  8. After looking at this, I realize that my Star Geek level is seriously lacking and I went to this movie when it first came out and I was in 2nd grade! I do still have my Luke and Leia dolls but I was seriously disappointed that my Light Saber was NOT the real deal...most...seriously...disappointed.

  9. here's the website, and they are at celebration V. definitely check it out.

  10. Some cool and cute pictures. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to much more. And frankly the t-shirt is awesome...whether or not it's $25 worth of awesomeness is up to you. ;)

  11. Please please please start making droids!!! You would be the absolute goddess of such a venture!

  12. That looks like so much fun....*pouts* maybe someday...

  13. Thanks for the photo tour! My geek boy thinks these photos are "SO COOL!" My girly girls think all the Leias are pretty and want to dress like them. I think they're rather more well-supported than the original Leia (grin). Heck, I'd like to dress like them too.

    P.S. Ya gotta get the shirt!

  14. Have I told you lately how insanely cool you are? I haven't. Well your post just made my day. I'm kinda a Star Wars Fan if you didn't guess. did buy that shirt right? I mean had to.
    Thanks for the great pics and I'm looking forward to all the others!

  15. Obviously I took the wrong vacation with my family. We should have gone to this!

    I think you really need that shirt by the way. Just sayin'

  16. You HAVE to get that shirt. I'm not even into this stuff and *I* would.

  17. "What the hell is my husband doing at the Star Wars Celebration?!?"

    Well, that was my first thought when I saw that photo of John. My husband owns the exact same haiku tshirt (it's actually his favourite, even though people rarely get it) so when I saw it I had to do a double take.

    Yes, I understand that with a commercially available product it is likely that someone else in the world might, possibly, own the same shirt. Still... I'm going to check his passport later just to make sure.

  18. That droid in the last photo is awesome!

    I'm thinking droid making is in your future ^-~ and maybe mine, lol!

  19. I will be a bad influence and encourage you to buy that shirt <3
    Thanks for posting these pictures, I'm having a geeky blast! Out of curiosity, did you and/or John dress up?

  20. That is the best idea for an Orlando shirt ever! Still, $15 or maybe even $20, but then only if it came with some little freebies. I would have taken the picture and walked on, too, so don't second guess yourself. :)

  21. I loved all of your pictures. . .but what I got most excited about was the haiku shirt John's wearing, because I have the exact same one.

  22. I'm frugal and not *that* in to Star Wars but even I would spend the $25 on that shirt.

  23. OMG I love that shirt. You should totaly buy it and then post a picture of yourself wearing it so we can live vicariously.

  24. You mentioned wobbly/blurry pictures. Consider making a Monopod, invention of Photojojo.
    I tried to img src but blogspot wouldn't let me.
    Monopod: eye hook with attached cord.
    Screw the eye into your camera's tripod mount, step on the string - and no more wobbly pics. You can turn the camera any way you need, but the tension between camera and foot keeps it steady, and when you go again, just wind it up on your hand. I haven't tried it, but my friend says it works for her.

  25. If you haven't already, you NEED to get that shirt, and post pictures of you wearing it so we know you brought it home with you.

    Those photos are awesome. A guy from one of my classes is there too. :) And I wish I was.

  26. Hahah, I bought my husband that exact same haiku shirt. Also, that girl in the trooper costume is awesome. I was go back and be her when I was twelve too.

    You should totally get that Lando shirt. DO IT!

  27. Holy cow, how could you walk by that shirt and NOT get it??? Please tell me that you either realized the foolishness of your ways and bought it or are buying ot tomorrow.

    Looks like a blast!

  28. Have you seen this? I thought of you when I found it:

    And also when I found some Ghost Busters action figures at the thrift store today.

  29. I would so spring for the Orlando shirt and I'm in Seattle. You can't find awesomesauce like that just anywhere.

    Also need to include the loves for the Haiku shirt, I have it, The Boy has it and one of my best friends had to go out and get it because he decided it was an instant idiot test.

  30. I should have known you guys would be Threadless fans.....I LOVE that shirt! :-)

  31. My husband has the exact same haiku shirt and he probably is on the phone with work just as much. =P
    Wish I was there. /sigh

  32. So Cool!
    I was Leia for 2nd grade Halloween (dyed my hair black and did the "cinnamin buns"), but would have rather been an awesome storm trooper with purple. Where do you get ST costumes like that in tween sizes?
    And why is the man behind Jedi boy wearing one swim fin?
    BTW, met my new 3rd grade students tonight. One boy already thinks I'm cool 'cause his mom stalked me on FB and found out I like Star Wars. That's resourceful and creepy!;-)

  33. I have to say, gotta love the "full-scale" model of the TIE/In. At least I assume that's actually the full-size one. :D

    As for the Dathomir Witch Sister, which clan was she from? :) (SWG geek, sorry)

    Great pics and blog! Keep it up!

  34. I probably know so many of those people you posted pics of. My husband and I are members of the 501st. We couldn't go to CV cuz of money and kids :( Hubby is going to DragonCon though. He goes every year. I get to stay home with the kids cuz we have no one to watch them.

  35. After reading so much about Lando I kept thinking about this particular Scrubs scene (not sure if you're a big Scrubs fan, but this is funny nonetheless):

  36. My husband is there and bought the same shirt on the first day. I say get it! Just watch out on the ladies sizes. If they are all on the same model you may have to go two sizes up, based on the shirt he bought me.

  37. Totally random question about something John was wearing - not the haiku shirt. Is that a RoadID I spy?


  38. This makes me wish I was there so I could be as nerdtastic as you are. And I'd make you buy that shirt.

  39. I grew up near Orlando and would buy that shirt if I had to sell the one I was wearing!

    Can't wait to see a photo of you in that shirt.

  40. I know this should be about all the Star Warsy stuff in your last five posts, but I love the haiku shirt... :) Did you see the wee toddler R2 & 3PO dresses?

    p.s. my captcha is "reaborti" - is that latin?


    This looks like SO much fun!!!
    Love all of the photos (and video) that you took! Thanks for sharing your fun with those of us at home!
    :) Mags / MagsGraphics

  42. holy moley where can I find that "orlando" shirt?! :o

    name, make, anything...

  43. I told my husband about that t-shirt and he said "Surely you belong with us at Sea Level."

  44. I have the same haiku shirt John is wearing. Most of my customers don't get it. *sigh*

  45. Oh. My. Gosh. JOHN IS WEARING A THREADLESS TEE!!!!!!!!! :D


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