Friday, August 6, 2010

The Cutest Geek Toys EVAH

One of the things I like best about being a geek is that we geeks still revel in the Joy of the Toy. Sure, we don't always call them toys: "action figures," "art dolls," "limited edition screen-used stand-in photon-rifle prop" - whatever. They're toys, and as a girl geek I say the cuter, the better.

(Found via Super Punch.)

This adorable little Batman is only $7.99, if you pre-order him.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but somehow they managed to cutify an AT-AT:

Just look at those feet!
(About $45 over at Big Bad Toy Store, which isn't afraid to call it like it is.)

Of course, we always want the toy we can't have the most, so in my case, that's this guy:

Image from Proton Charging

This cute 3" tall slimed Venkman figurine came out last April, but was only sold in the UK, and they only made 150 of them. [pouting]

But wait, what's this? They make an un-slimed version?!?

Which is...out of stock. Curses! Foiled again.

Adding insult to injury, I learned that they also made this adorable t-shirt:

But that's no longer available, either.

You're killing me, WeenIcons. Really.

(And don't think the Star Trek captain makes it all better, either. It just makes it partly better.)

Plush David Tennant, anyone?

Better snatch him fast, though; Esty seller GirlCalledRic only has 1 in stock.

Any Kingdom Hearts fans out there?
I have this adorable chibi Sora cell-phone charm hanging on my purse strap, along with my felt PS2 controller.
(Play-Asia has been sold out of these for a long time, but I did see some available here for around $13.)
And here's the controller (I have the gray one):

They're 3 inches wide, hand-made, and only cost $7! I purchased it from rabbitrampage on Etsy, but sadly she doesn't have any available right now. If you're crafty, maybe try making your own? (And then sell more to me? Hehe.)

Or, if BioShock is your game:

ThinkGeek has these Big Daddy dolls for about $20. This bouncer version won't be back in stock until the 18th, though, and he's cuter than the Subject Delta.

And because robots are always cute, and robot dogs even more so:

(My inner 12-year-old just squeed a little. Now I'll just need an extra long Doctor Who scarf, some Jelly Babies, and a sonic screwdriver. [And yes, you CAN buy all those online.] Heh.)

I'm not sure how big this remote controlled K-9 will be, but he's available for pre-order now on Entertainment Earth.

Prepare to meet Cthulhu, Destroyer of Worlds!!

He also likes to snuggle.

And, hey, only $10 over at NoirNathra's Etsy store!

Obviously I've only just scratched the surface on all the adorable geek toys out there; the vinyl collectibles alone could (and do) fill entire websites. Still, be sure to link to your favorite in the comments: I'm always looking for more!


  1. I suppose "earrings" aren't really a toy, but I got these for my birthday last year:

    I wore them on my first date with my boyfriend. He noticed them in the middle of a sentence and completely forgot what he was saying--being a geek girl is the best thing ever. (I mean, even the nicest jewelery isn't going to render a guy speechless. Come on.)

    And, yes. I want that batman.

  2. *whimpers* I want all of these....but esp. the Big Daddy doll. Bioshock is one of my favorite games...both of them :)

  3. Yeah, but what do you think about Red Dwarf?

  4. I suppose it's especially geeky of me that I knitted my own extra-long Doctor Who scarf. There's at least one website (but probably several) dedicated solely to reproducing the pattern.

    And I love, love, love the scarf. It keeps me warm during our cold Wisconsin winters.

  5. Can I also add that I totally love what you're doing with EPBOT? Cake Wrecks makes me laugh every day, but it also makes me never want to eat cake again.

    EPBOT is inspiring me to want to be crafty and make things. I've even signed up for a sewing class this fall so I can alter clothes and make whatever else you might inspire me to make!

    Keep writing about what you love, because I love reading about it!

  6. I went to check out the Batman because I love Batman. I thought I would love to have him, then I saw Batgirl. MUST HAVE HER!!! She is super cute. The red hair flip makes me squeal!

  7. Jen, did you check out the Weenicons Facebook page? They have the cutest little "backgrounds" on there. That place is so adorable!! Thanks for posting this!!

  8. OK Jen, so my daughter and I were checking out the blog, as we do everyday. As I was scrolling through she said "That's David Tennant" and I said "Who" and she informs me that he is on "Dr. Who". I has d no idea that I had a geek girl in training...makes me so proud! We love this blog and all the neat ideas you come up with. I Love Batman!

  9. I LOVE the Sora charm. that is just adorable.

    This is one of my favorite toys, the Mighty Mugg Wolverine. I definitely squeed when I first saw my roommate come home with one of these:

    Hasbro also has a whole line of Star Wars cutesy toys in the Mighty Mugg series. My favorite is the old Obi Wan, but I got the 'Biggs Darklighter' one for my rabbi, a total Star Wars nut.

  10. I want these A-DORABLE earrings. Too Cute!!!!;ga_search_query=doctor+who+earrings&;ga_search_type=handmade&;ga_page=&;order=&;includes[0]=tags&;includes[1]=title

  11. I have also made a Doctor Who scarf, which I gave to a friend, and hopefully will make another for myself sometime within the next year or so. (maybe)

    But that K-9 robot is SUPAH COOL!

  12. And don't forget to get some geek toys for your cat! If you have a cat, that is. Check out this Etsy shop.

    I ordered a lightsaber as a gift for a friend. It's pretty awesome.

  13. K-9 the robotic dog stands about 18inches tall(counting his spinning ears), makes great laser noises and says some phrases in his cute British K-9 voice while he rolls around the room. My nieces and nephews LOVE playing with him (and two of them are 13 years old!).

  14. Bit of a long-time lurker here... while I was in the U.K. in June, I picked up a little guy like this at Forbidden Planet. I haven't even taken mine out of the package. I call him bitty!Ten. :D I could only BARELY resist the Cyberman from the same set.

    Aaaaand I love this blog in general. Just by the way. :)

  15. The book with the pattern for Cthulhu has a lot of other geeky crochet patterns. Only the basics are needed for a lot of them. I have an entire army of zombies in my room. The book's available here: Creepy Cute Crochet. Cthulhu is one of the more difficult patterns, but the author has video tutorials of some of the tougher bits on her website. It also has variants on some of the patterns in the book and some free patterns. She has a Cthulhu bib pattern on her etsy, but I've been trying to resist buying it until I can think of a use for it.

  16. You would love the little monsters over at Britts Monsters etsy shop.

    She special made me a little troll named Gabby, and she's one of my favorite things.

  17. There is one "unslimed" Dr. Peter Venkman on eBay right now:

  18. What about geeky toys for your cat? I've bought both an xbox 360 controller for my cat Hermione and a slurm can for my cat Kif - both stuffed with lots of catnip, from this shop:

  19. Hey Jen, try this eBay link. They have the unslimed one available to buy now.

  20. I so want Cthulhu! Adorable!

    As an aside, Jen have you seen Vinylmation yet? I'm sure you have. Vinylnation is where I go. They have steam punk Mickeys!

  21. Slimed Venkman makes me pretty happy. Our Etsy finds always have great stuff, this week included Katamari pillows, squee!

    Girls Are Geeks

  22. @ Anneliese - thank you! It means a lot to know my fellow geek girls are enjoying this!

    @ masterpiecelost - oh, man, ALL the mighty muggs are adorable, aren't they?

    @ Hi! I'm Erin - Ok, the geeky cat toys are all kinds of awesome. I may have to order a snitch for our two girls. Or a die. Or a controller. Yeah. :D

    @ Cici - I totally squealed. Those are SO. CUTE. Who makes them?

    @ stillapill & Michael - [gasp] - I didn't see that when I searched ebay before! Just contacted the seller for a shipping quote. Thank you!!

    @ Anony 10:20 - yes, I have a few vinylmation Mickeys already. Most of the designs are pretty "meh" to me, but the steampunk & diver designs are pretty sweet.

  23. Kambashi has several great lines
    I love the String art dolls. I carry the Moody Cow on my purse.

    the Blabbos & Koonin pets are also cute

  24. I don't care what they say, I want a Marauder's map. If I don't have enough money saved up by the time I go next year, then I at least want a Fluffy. Nothing says cute like a 3-headed stuffed dog that snores.

    I don't suppose you and John could drop by the park and tell me if they're worth buying? For research purposes? Hey, if you get a revenue stream from your blogs due to advertising, wouldn't research for your blog be considered a tax deductible business expense?


  25. Hi Jen!

    I assume you've checked weenicons keyrings.... But did you see this:

    That Ghostbuster Keyring IS available ;)

  26. These are great!! I need some inexpensive Dr Who stuff for my sister's birthday!


    This is pretty awesome. Cute wittow Iown Man.

  28. With K9 you could also order a sonic lip stick, gather up some local children and play Sarah Jane Smith

  29. Awwww. How often have my parents come to my living area and complain about the hanging toys and tags and shirts? These are soo cute, and I completely want them.
    Love Epbot.

  30. Have you heard of this place: ?

    It's an awesome site. You will want everything on there (Gods know I do). I linked to cuddly 'Star Wars' toys, which are pretty darn cute.

  31. My husband introduced me to Dr. Who and later shopping here in utah we founb jelly babies at our local harmon's I was surprised but he bought a few boxes and they really are good I easily could have eaten them all in a day but we forced ourselves to only eat a couple a day thought I know we both sneaked them when the other wasn't watching. And I love the things you post on both sites I think I might be slighlty addicted I check like three times a day even when I know its not gonna change.


    My friend just sent me this link- there goes the rest of my afternoon. Combining Hello Kitty and Cthulhu? Genius!

  33. Here's a bigger, geek toy.

    official video

    test run by geek

    If they become affordable, I want one. How about you and John (we know men love machines)?

  34. Oh geez..I am in LOVE. Jen keep up the great posts, I love both of your blogs, but I am learning from EPBOT which is so cool. I had to visit Etsy after Edana showed her earrings and look at what I found - I manage a hotel called the Pineapple Inn and I love steampunk - its a win win! Oh and is awesome. My favorite site for odd geeky toys is - check out the Shakespeare action figure.

  35. Eeee, so cute! I personally prefer a different Cthulhu from Etsy artist moonscreations - - but I may be a little biased... she's my baby sister.

  36. You can get the weenicons toys at the UK version of

  37. here is a link to a pic of the knitted that i got all the way from australia:

  38. The back of mine says "Character Options Ltd.," which led me to their site, though Forbidden Planet's site also has the same basic assortment of the baddies. Nobody seems to be offering the Doctor at the moment, maybe because people like me snapped him up!, but I'm willing to bet that Googling "Time Squad Tenth Doctor" would track him down. :D

  39. How about this little guy? Squeezy adipose toy. :D

  40. I work at and we sell some awesome geek toys! I got Star Wars chopsticks for my husband last year:

  41. Burger King had a string of Star Wars toys when Ep. III came out in theaters. The Han Solo one was my favorite. He winds up and vibrates to break out of the carbonite!

  42. The unslimed Ghostbusters doll (sorry "action figure") is all over ebay
    item #'s

    The t-shirt too in two different styles.

    Sadly can't find a slimed one. :(

  43. tiny purple elephantAugust 7, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    Jen, i would love to see a post on anything related to star trek the next generation . Im a new fan to the show (no i have not been living under a rock lol!)

    Also, are you a fan of big bang theory. I would love to see marina sirtis on it.

  44. AAAAHHHG.... This takes me so far back... I was like 5 when I first started watching Tom Baker on PBS. My mom got a pattern at a Dr Who Convention for THE scarf and I wore it for years. I'm almost tempted to get it out of the box and put it on right now in the south Florida heat!

  45. You shouldn't have to order your Jelly Babies online. Some of the Central Florida Publix carry them. So does the Super Target on 192.

  46. You wanna see a cute AT-AT, you gotta watch "AT-AT Day Afternoon":

  47. Awww, little Cthulhu wouldn't hurt anyone, he's so sweet.
    I made my chap a Cthulhu dice bag - the tentacles certainly tested my sanity. He turned out so cute I almost didn't give him away.

  48. I have a whole jewelry store dedicated to geeky stuff, and I also have some fun little gameboy I Spy bags, filled with little video game charms for kids to find!

    You can check them all out at

  49. We have 2 big K9's plus an itty bitty remote one! They're "officially" the kids toys, but when they're in bed... "Affirmative master!"
    Sooo cute!

  50. I think Jelly Babies also pop up at World Market.

    Side note: ever seen the "screaming" JellyBabies science experiments?

  51. I iz wanting the Kingdom Hearts thing now!
    *sadness, doom, and despair*

  52. Jen, I just HAVE to pimp my friend's etsy site. I think the kind of stuff she and her guy make is right up your adorable geeky steampunk alley.

    just check out the little monster dudes and tell me you don't want one...

  53. Found this cute Batman plushie at Six Flags.

    Saw they had several others as well (Superman, Flash...)

  54. That Cthulhu is sooooo cute!!! When I saw these featured in a knitting and crocheting magazine the other day I just knew I had to post the link here. Unfortunately this is just patterns and not the finished product, but still...

  55. The Venkman is still available on Ebay UK :)

  56. EEE I have the Knitted Cthulu plush! And a zombie sheep by her! And I was just looking at the DR Felt doll, but there were two in the shop when I looked at them.

  57. Eeeeep! There's a bouncer plush too?! I have the subject delta one, but now I neeeeeeeed the bouncer too! Thanks a lot, Jen...

  58. I'm expecting our first child and my mother is already making amigurumi toys. I desperately want this set ( but my mom refuses to make it until our child asks for it on their own. My husband and I are already scheming...

  59. I MUST have a K9!!!!!!!!!! I tried knitting a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf but it came out more like a blankie by the time it got done stretching. We enjoyed it on the sofa for years though!

  60. Wow, I actually gasped, out loud, at the David Tennant doll - squeee!! :D


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