Tuesday, May 8, 2018

DIY Rose Box For Mother's Day, Flower Lovers, And/Or People Named Rose

 Here's a fun little craft I made up the other night:



Are you impressed? :D

Ok, not really.

There's a little more to it.


Inside I have my rose petal ring (remember that?) displayed on a rolled up paper scroll - cute, right?

I like the idea of putting rose petal jewelry inside a rose gift box, plus you could write a little note on the scroll.

This was surprisingly fun to make and kind of hard to mess up, which is my favorite sort of craft. Plus it's a perfect box for a Mother's day gift, right? (Sadly last year's Wonder Womb plush will NOT fit... unless you make a mini version, which I would very much like to see. Hint hint.)

SO, who wants to make one?

The box, I mean, not a mini superhero uterus. (Although...)


- This cupcake-shaped paper box from JoAnn's:

 It's $1 in their paper mache section - over by woodworking.

- At least 3 large silk roses:
 These are from Walmart, and were left over from the hat John made me for Dapper Day. I think the whole bunch originally had 5 roses and cost about $3.

You will also need:

- Craft paint in green & your flower color
- Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
- (Optional) Matching ribbon to tie around the base

I'm sure most of you know where this is going, but let me walk you through it anyway.

First, paint the top lid pink (or whatever color of flower you're using), inside and out:

This doesn't have to match your flowers exactly - which is good, because you'll see mine really doesn't.  Just err on the side of a darker shade, so that if any shows through it'll look like a shadow.

Next make a hole in the very top center of the lid. A drill or dremel is ideal, but I was lazy and used a thumbtack instead:

Widen the hole with a knife:
 You need it just large enough to jam in the center stem of your silk rose. So, disassemble your rose (mine came apart in 3 sections of petals) and jam in that center stem:

 Like so. Use some hot glue to secure it.

Next cut apart all the petals, like this:

And you are ready... TO GLUE.

I found it best to glue the petals good side down, like this:

This way they're pushing UP, if that makes sense, and hold their shape better.

Glue the petals in rings, slightly overlapping. Space them as much as you can without having any box show through:

As you get further down the curve of the box may start to make gluing the petals straight a challenge.  I found it helps to pinch each lower petal like this:

 So many dirty jokes, so many relatives reading this blog...

... then glue it to the the box like that, with the pinch in the middle.

 See the wrinkles? Helps with the curve.

The final row of petals should glue straight across, though, since they're standing almost straight up. If any of the edge petals try to flop over backwards, use more hot glue to stick them to each other.

Now you should have a big giant rose on your lid:

Oooh. Aaaah.

So let's finish the bottom. First paint it green, inside and out:

 My green really REALLY doesn't match my leaves. Not a big deal, but you might try to match yours better.

Clip off the leaves from your flower bunch and start hot-gluing the largest ones straight up around the base:

 I spaced them like this, then did a second row of smaller leaves overlapping to fill in the gaps. Again, use hot glue to stick down any bits that are sticking up.

Once that's finished, tie on a pretty ribbon (I tacked mine down with - you guessed it! - more hot glue) and you're done!

Now go find something pretty to put inside, and decide who among your friends/family is WORTHY TO RECEIVE SUCH A GIFT.  ::haughty glare::

[uncomforable silence]


Who wants more pretty pictures?!

Oh! And if you're hankering for more tutorials, mosey on over to my Craft Page for over 150 different fun/geeky projects, partner.

(I blame the rustic wood photo backdrops. What.)


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  1. I.... need to get to JoAnns!

  2. Very cute! Walmart should have the "spring" flowers on clearance right now, as long as the other stores have the same mod schedule as mine. Reset floral last week so things got marked down so pink roses and tulips and lilies mostly.

    Also, cat pics and videos are everything I need, hahahahaha!

  3. My eleven year old wants a Sailor Moon birthday party in August. I think a gift box like this, from a certain tuxedo/mask wearing mysterious man might be perfect! She already has a plush Luna.

  4. Yay! This is great, especially since I have a bestfriendbot named Rose. :D
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  5. That is adorable ^_^ I..may have a project in mind now using your idea. I will totally share if it works out!

  6. Yes, I am impressed! This is beautiful <3. And Kitten videos and Disney photos are not a bad thing... :).

  7. Great idea! I know how I'm packaging my Mom's next gift. Hmm, I bet I could do something similar with poinsettias for Christmas...

  8. Hat John made you for Dapper Day? I do not recall seeing that. We are going to need pictures, please.

  9. Now why could you have posted this a month earlier? Like when I designed the costumes for "Beauty & The Beast"? Would have made FAB crew gifts!!!!

  10. This will make a most wonderful box for our teacher appreciation gifts! Thank you (as usual) for the inspiration!

  11. I really wanted to make this, but I cannot find the cupcake box. :(


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