Monday, May 21, 2018

John Just Made Me Cry With A Poem About A Spider

 I mean, maybe it's the wonky hormones, but is it dusty in here?


Maybe I've just been watching too much Lucas the Spider.

Did you see there's a new this week?

When he cuddles the little black cat cut-out.  



  1. My daughter got a remote control spider for her birthday and named it Lucas. It's as big as my foot!

  2. I cannot count the number of times I've spoken to the spider on the windshield - "Hold on buddy! We'll be stopping soon!" Once it was a lizard, I stopped and got him/her safely on his/her way.

  3. So sweet. I often feel bad when I get where I'm going and think "I'm sorry, little spider, but we're miles from where you started. I hope you find a safe home with good hunting here."

  4. I had the same reaction when he cuddled the little wooden kitty, too.

    Have you seen the one with the harp? Mean bird.

    1. Yes! I watch all of Lucas' vids multiple times, they're so short & sweet.

  5. When I see one on my way to work, I wonder what it thinks when it ends up somewhere completely different. I also wonder if it has a family back home that it will never see again if it gets off the car before I go home. Glad to know I'm not the only weirdo out there.

  6. Lucas is the best... after you guys ;)

  7. I love that poem so much. Just when I thought John could not get any more adorable or ideal. You are seriously blessed in him, Jen!

  8. Lovely poem! ❤
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  9. This is so sweet <3. Hope the spider made it :).

  10. John's poem reminded me of this poem by Nikki Giovanni, which has always struck me as beautiful and politically relevant. I'm glad John's poem had a happier ending.


    I killed a spider
    Not a murderous brown recluse
    Nor even a black widow
    And if the truth were told this
    Was only a small
    Sort of papery spider
    Who should have run
    When I picked up the book
    But she didn't
    And she scared me
    And I smashed her

    I don't think
    I'm allowed

    To kill something

    Because I am


  11. I would have treated up too. And Yvonne, thank you for the Nikki Giovanni poem. Btw Jen, since you introduced me to Lucas the Spider I have used it whoever I think someone needs a little joy in their lives.

  12. Lovely poem John!

  13. The onion ninjas are at it again...

    We have several spiders who have taken up residence inside our station wagon. I wish they qualified me for the carpool lane. ;)


    1. I have had teensy pale green spiders in my car ever since I bought it in 2011 (it was brand new, just off the truck) -- I think they live in the headliner, and wonder how they manage to find enough water.

  14. Don't leave us in suspense! Did the spider make it!?

  15. Did you see that there is a Lucas the Spider plushie now!!! It is in pre-order

  16. I harrassed my hubby for a Lucas plushie daily until he sent me the confirmation that it was ordered. I shamed him for Christmas, Valentines, wedding anniversary, and my birthday to convince him I really wanted it. He's bummed that it won't arrive until October.


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