Friday, May 11, 2018

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2018: Sunday at Epcot

Ahhh, you thought I was done with Dapper Day photos, didn't you?


Well, sorry and/or SURPRISE!, 'cuz I still have all of my Epcot photos from Sunday to show you! Although John tells me enough is enough already, so I have to cram everything into this one last post. 

Right. Deep breaths, gang. HERE WE GO.
Lets. Get. DAPPER.

...with the Three Cabelleros!

I love "Donald's" little sombrero. So cute!

That reminds me: I've had several people mention they have a hard time figuring out Disneybounds. Just so you know: it's not just you. Using fashion to represent a character can be super subtle, and I frequently have no idea when I ask for a photo. That's what makes it fun, though: watching for those little hints, then seeing if you've guessed right. (It's perfectly fine to ask; I do it all the time!)

Here come two Disneybounding couples - let's see if you can ID them:

Did you guess?

That's Belle and Beast on the left, and then - a little trickier - Jasmine and Aladdin in their wedding finery on the right.

Of course not all Dappers are Disneybounding. Check out these lovelies in their vintage pastels:

And this gorgeous group:

... and this one!

I was two for two this year: I found Courtney and her hubby both days, woot woot!  Now, look at this butterfly headpiece:
Seriously, click on that photo to embiggen; you need to zoom in on all those fabulous, fluttery details. (Also her mushroom purse, which is so cute I can't stand it.) Then check out Courtney's Instagram to see all her previous Dapper Day looks!

Here comes my favorite accessory of the whole weekend: NAUTILUS PURSE!

I mean, first we should discuss how fabulous both these outfits are: Rocket Raccoon! Sparkly tentacles! But I hit screechy fangirl levels once I spotted that purse. She told me her friend 3D printed it, and the top section hinges open. You guys. Lost. My. MIND. I need to find out if that file is open source somewhere. Then I need to find a generous friend with a 3D printer. :D

Here come some obscure Disney characters: anyone remember these hats?

That's Alice Bluebonnet & Johnny Fedora, both from a 1954 Disney short I have zero memory of. Here's the video if you're like me and need a refresher/introduction - it's super cute!

Two Coco inspired pairs:

And a rainbow of dresses:

Here's my friend Christie rocking her Space Unicorn look:

... and John taking her picture:

Also putting up with us that day was our friend Karen:

These two ladies should be sainted for the day I put them through: no rides, no shows, just chasing down Dappers for 6 hours in the 90 degree heat. Oh, and listening to John's jokes the whole time. :D

This family is practically perfect in every way:
Especially the penguin dress. Think that comes in my size?
(One flipped over, but she has felt versions of Bert & Mary dangling from her belt!)

Some of my favorite vintage Dappers:

This group looks amazing every Dapper Day! Go follow Brittany (in yellow) on Instagram, she has the most gorgeous retro style year-round.

This gent just makes me happy:


And given how perfectly his shirt and shorts match, I bet he dyed them himself. A doff of the flower-covered cap to you, sir!

Jack and Sally 'bounds! And I'm liking this trend of using a flower basket instead of a purse.

Picture-perfect ladies with drool-worthy colors:

And here come two more fun 'bounds:

You probably recognize Hades on the right, but who else gave a little squeal when they recognized the Aperture symbol on the left? DAPPER PORTAL, YOU GUYS. Her tote bag even has the Companion Cute on it. Love it.

Speaking of squealing, I made it awkward by asking for a closeup of this girl's hat, and then she had to bend way down because I am super short - but worth it, because LOOK:

Do you see it? Huh? Do ya?



Really, the whole hat is made of dream stuff. Vintage Epcot logo! Iridescent fabric!

More pretties:

That's Mulan, Evil Queen, Snow White, and Sanrio's Pompompurin (aka the cute yellow dog), which I just had to Google.

My friend Traci 'bounded as one of the dancers from Greatest Showman, which makes me so happy - but now I need to see a whole group of Greatest Showman Dappers. You guys can make that happen, right?

Traci also sent me a photo of this Dapper Figment I missed:

And that's my photo of dapper Captain Hook. (He's wearing a tiny hook around his neck.) Again, SO MUCH YES for Disneybounding fellas.

Can we talk about all the incredible feats of hair here? In 90 degree heat, 3000% humidity?

 I'm low-key girl-crushing on the lady in red: look at those perfect bumper bangs! Hnnnng.

Ok, gang, think I'll stop there - so go see the rest of my Sunday photos over on Flickr!

And if you'd like to join in the fun next time, be sure to check for their scheduled dates and more info.


  1. MONORAIL HAT!! <3 I'm in love. I also love the Dorothy bound with a little Toto sticking out of her purse!!

    1. Yes!! And I think she's standing beside a Donald Duck bound, too. :)

    2. I was thinking that was a Madeline bound!

  2. The pic that's labeled a "rainbow of dresses" is totally a Maleficent and three fairies bound :-)

  3. The group of four ladies in purple, blue, green, and red are Disneybounding as the fairies from Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent, Merriweather, Flora, and Fauna. And the girl with the rainbow umbrella/parasol appears to be an Alice bound (the black shoes and hair ribbon, plus hair color/style and the blue in her dress). Gorgeous pics as always! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your lens!

    1. I kind of thought this was the case when I saw the rainbow dress ladies myself!

  4. What an awesome recap!! You found SO many amazingly dressed people!! Thanks for sharing. <3

  5. Companion Cute. I love that typo. :)

  6. I love all of this, but JOHNNY FEDORA AND ALICE BLUE BONNET!!! I adore that short and it makes my heart so happy to see someone incorporate them into dapper outfits!

  7. I don't really know why, but that first picture of non-bounders, of the four ladies, the one with the red headed lady in pants on the right? I thought it was the midwives on Call the Midwife.

  8. MARY POPPINS! Ok, I love the interpretation of Bert in his Jolly Holiday outfit--my husband and I want to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party as Jolly Holiday Bert and Mary, but I was at a loss for ideas on how to make it so husband isn't dying of heat (we're going in September). This is brilliant!! Definitely stealing, but dunno if we can rock it quite as well as they do! :)

  9. I am in love with all of these outfits!!! And for the first time, I have to say john (thofJ) is wrongwrongwrong, when he says enough is enough already. I can never have enough of your Dapper Day pictures and commentary (the commentary is what makes it special!). :)


  10. Too much Dapper Day loveliness? Impossible!

  11. OMG! I remember the cartoon about the hats in love! If I'm not careful I may fall down a You Tube wormhole of old Disney shorts now. Thank you :)


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