Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MegaCon Orlando 2018: My Favorite Cosplay!

Squeaking in here a little late with my first batch of MegaCon cosplay - are you guys ready for this?!

I've already talked about my panic struggles over the weekend, so I'll spare you those details. Suffice to say I finished strong, and John & I got some really lovely shots I can't wait to show you.

That said, I was surprised by how little cosplay there was this year, compared to years prior. Don't get me wrong, still lots of costumes, but not nearly to the level I've come to expect. I know Momocon up in Atlanta pulled some away, plus I had a few cosplay friends blame the rising crowds and admission prices for their staying home. MegaCon is the biggest convention in the South East, with attendance topping 100,000 people, so that's daunting even if you *don't* have a costume (or anxiety!). It is MASSIVE, with a vendor room you'll never find the end of, celebrity photo opps with the likes of Jeff Goldblum and Elijah Wood, panels, and fun fan-built displays of everything from the bridge of the Enterprise to a big Mandelorian jail cell. (See our previous videos for those.)

Let's dive in to what we're all here for, though: the costumes! I'll be posting a mix of regular and black-out flash photos, since I know you guys like to see some of both.

First up, calling all Dizgeeks: who recognizes this family?

Here, I'll help you out:

It's Tarzan's parents!! I'm not sure I've ever seen someone cosplay this, so I about lost my dang mind. They are spot on perfection, and were so sweet when I asked for a pic, too.

Next up, Lettie from Greatest Showman:

Annnnd now I'll be humming This Is Me for the rest of the post.

Emily and her parents Jen & Jeff are friends *and* FOE (fans of Epbot), and lately Em's become enamored with The Invisible Man:

 Aren't they great? And can I just say how cool it is that a young geek girl would choose to dress up as The Invisible Man? Love that.

This lady had her own Power Loader from Alien:

I'm not sure if this next one is from a movie, so help me out here:

Her makeup was incredible - plus I love the way reds photograph with flash, so rich and glowy.

I tried to photograph Barb here from Stranger Things like an old fashioned Sears portrait, hah:

 That's our friend & prolific Disney Bounder Traci, btw, who's another FOE. (I think we found maybe two dozen of you - thanks to everyone who said hi!)

Anyone feel like seeing double?

Two Biffs from Back to the Future! Old Biff kept fanning his money around, it was fabulous.

 A stunning Rapunzel by Chelsey Gentry:
 Follow her on Instagram for THE most gorgeous princess dresses - which she makes herself!

Not only did Ace Ventura have business cards, he would hand you one after you took his picture:

The back of the cards have his cosplay page on it - brilliant.

A couple of clowns:

That looks like a Puddles the clown mashup, plus a lovely femme Joker. 

Holtzmann from Ghostbusters with her "salty parabolas":

 Any Fallout fans here? 'Cuz, look! 

[Thea Creature]

Nuka Girl!

I love that retro space girl aesthetic. And I low-key want to steal her ray gun.

 All hail Queen Ariel:


And one more gorgeous redhead, Jean Gray:

I really like the shadows in this one. So dramatic.

Speaking of X-men, here come Rogue and Gambit:

It's a struggle for John & me to light more than one person with our flash set-up, so I'm really proud of this shot. I even got her feet! :D

Speaking of couple shots, these two are pretty epic:

 I can't take credit for the pose; that was all them!

The closeup came out pretty great, too:


I am all about these purple feathers:

And the whole outfit, really. Gorgeous.

Not sure who this is, but check out that green glow:

I'm so impressed by the up lights, they look amaaaazing. I want to see someone do this for Teka from Moana!

Here comes Infinity War Cap with his new Wakandan shield:

Plus Lady Loki, looking lovely.

And finally, one more green monster:

[Brenna Mazzoni]

Hela! Who is looking Hela good, amirite? 

(She's also a phenomenal make-up artist and face-painter - click that link to see, it's crazy good.)

 I'll stop there for now, since I'm still editing photos. Expect more soon, though! And as always everything will be posted over on my Flickr eventually, so don't despair if you don't see your photo yet!

 Cosplayers, feel free to repost my photos of you (with credit is always nice), and if you'd like me to link to your page here on the blog, just leave your info in the comments.


  1. Chelsey is amazing!!! We have met her several times in Dallas.

  2. The lady with the purple feathers.. The first thing I thought was "Fabulous Harry! I love the feathers!"

    <3 Thank you for sharing. As I probably won't be going to anymore big cons after Dragon Con last year, I can live vicariously through your gorgeous photos!

  3. I think the Batman/Harley Quinn are combining this.

  4. I LOVE the Tarzan parents! So creative. I also love Old Biff with his Gray's Sports Almanac in his pocket. <3

  5. Fabulous costumes! I love them all. People of the blog if you haven’t gone to a con yet, you must! They are incredible!!

  6. Tarzan's parents are my favorite. They nailed it!

  7. Isn't that actually Biff and Griff, rather than two Biffs? You have alternate timeline old Biff, and then his...grandson IIRC, Griff, from 2015, in his "futuristic" clothes. (I'm still waiting for my hoverboard and my auto-sneakers, 2015.)

    1. Yes, the younger one is Griff Tannen, Biff's grandson.

    2. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing.

  8. Such amazing costumes and beautiful photos! I'm in awe. Thanks for fighting through the weekend and taking these stellar photos for us, Jen!


  9. I like how Harley's bellybutton is [accidentally] a diamond shape in that first photo. ^_^

    The Marie Antoinette-inspired look is *really* familiar to me. I want to say it's from a music video or an awards show performance?? It's bugging me that I can't think of it.

    1. Are you thinking of Madonna's performance of Vogue, back in the 90s? I can see that. ��

    2. No, it was within the past decade, at least. But Madonna's performance is what's making it so difficult to search for what I'm picturing in my head, lol.

    3. The Lady Marmalade video?

    4. The makeup is similar to Christina Aguilera's in that video, but that's definitely too much clothing, lol. X-D

    5. I was going to guess Harlots (on Hulu) but I don't remember that exact outfit / wig...

    6. It reminds me of the live-action Beauty and the Beast, but I can't find anyone specific from it that her outfit would match.

    7. Madame Garderobe, or at least that's my guess. She was the opera singer that turned into the wardrobe while they were under the curse.

  10. Not sure if this would have any effect on a Florida Con, but Memorial Day weekend was also Animazement. That's a big anime con (aprox. 14,000 attendees) in Raleigh, NC.

    As usual, great photos! I'm glad you managed to battle your demons and have fun despite (in spite of?) them.

  11. I thought you said on your cakewrecks page that there were a bunch of people wearing infinity gauntlets?

    1. Yep! I'm still going through & editing all my photos; there will be a few in my next batch.

  12. Is the green glowing guy Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four movie?

  13. I’m the Nuka girl (Theacreature on instagram) and it was so awesome meeting you guys! Y’all have been such an inspiration for me!

  14. I feel like the Marie Antoinette one is probably the Duchess of Quintonia from Tangled: Before Ever After. Just guessing, because it's not exact, but it looks a lot like her and the expression fits.

    It's fairly hard to find an image of her in that outfit, but This one isn't completely awful.


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