Friday, May 4, 2018

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2018: Saturday Part 2!

Right, Jen, it's crunch time and you still have a loooot of Dapper Day photos to share. So stop talking so much. (Like that's going to happen. :D)

Mouseketeers! Pineapple suit! (And a pineapple purse!)

The first thing I noticed on this next group was her blue Gonzo fascinator - I wish my photo showed it better, because I'm still Kermit-flailing over it:

Yesssss. We need more Muppet 'bounds, you guys. Kermit's rainbow shoes! And Fozzy's polka-dotted neck scarf! Love love love.

I'm a huge fan of all the color-blocking on Dapper Day. So many cheery color combos and dreamy pastels... it's just the most beautiful the parks look all year, gang.

More matching pineapples and a twirling Tinkerbell:

Ooh, you know what else needs to be an everyday thing? Flowers in hair. Like this:

Oh hey, and another pineapple purse! Spring Dapper Day is very fruity. :D

Another genius 'bounding group coming up in 3...2...

I've got a dream, and it involves flowery viking horns. Yep, this is a whole group of the vikings from the Snuggly Duckling pub in Tangled - including a 'bound OF the Snuggly Duckling!

Ok, real talk: click that pic to embiggen and look at the lass' hand in the middle. She's wearing a lace cuff with a hook on it. Think she's always yearned to be a concert pianist?

Details like that make me want to chair dance around my office. Keep 'em coming, Dappers.

Another incredible floral head piece and a pair looking perfect in purple:

Love that Coco-inspired umbrella.

Emperor's New Groove is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, so let's give a hearty "squeak, squeakers, squeakity" for this Kuzco 'bound:

She's wearing big teal earrings - and that pose is perfect. BOOM, BABY!

That reminds me, at the risk of raising a controversial topic: please be careful with your cultural character bounds, guys. This lady Kuzco did it right: stick to fashion and fashion accessories, and steer clear of costume-y cultural elements like headdresses, face paint, etc. I only saw one cringe-worthy 'bound all weekend, but that's still one too many, right? So hey, when in doubt, don't.



This group gets bigger every year, and they switch up their styles each time, too: remember when they were all flappers? This year they went for a 60's mod style, so fun.
Check their hashtag #DapperAvengers on Instagram for more.

While we're assembling, here's another great Cap & Bucky:

[Bucky: Bri Rose Cosplay]

More gorgeous gals (& gent):

The pink dress in the middle has seahorses on it. YASSS.
(At Epcot I found a dreamy dress covered in pastel dinosaurs. Oh yeah. Make sure you come back for that.)

I always try to get the shoes in for Dapper Day pics; the shoes never disappoint. (Plus I'm always looking for inspiration for flats, since I'm too much of a wuss to wear heels to the parks, ha.)

Alllll about the penguin purse on this Bert 'bound:

Oooh, and I just noticed she's wearing cute lace-up flats! Nice!

Another off-the-hook floral head piece:
Whaaaaat. As pretty as it is gravity-defying.

These two made a sweet pair:

The green is a subtle Pascal 'bound - see the Tangled purse and Pascal pin?

Orange Bird! Yes!

That pin is the perfect mix of vintage and fun - and I'm digging the pastel citrus combo. So good.

From pastel citrus to bold watermelon:

This is Asia Ellington, btw, an incredible artist you should go follow on IG immediately. She's been sketching out some of her favorite Dapper Day outfits from around the parks - and before that she did an art drop of Figment dressed as a Dapper Dan and I MISSED IT, DANGIT. [sob]


And finally, this guy's suit may have won the day:

Even his socks had flamingos on them! Oh, and definitely click the pic to embiggen, because Cinderella on the right has her entire gold coach in her head piece, and it is jaw-on-the-keyboard GORGEOUS. Especially combined with those pink glasses. Hnnnng.

 I have lots more photos from Saturday, of course, so click over to my Flickr gallery to see the rest!  I'm sorry I can't feature everyone here, but even writing these up takes me an embarrassingly long time, and I've got to move on to Sunday's picks. There are sooo many more amazing outfits and 'bounds, though, so please do go see the rest - and then stay tuned for Part 3 from Epcot!


  1. Ellington is officially followed. Also, Yessss to more Dapper gents. That Ariel, that Flamingo suit. Adorable.

  2. I agree. Bounding is about character INSPIRATION, not accuracy, and that opens the fun up to more cultures! Plus who doesn't love big teal earrings?!
    Pinkie Welborne, 17
    (totally wanting my own pineapple purse now, Lol!)

  3. I love, love, love all the creativity that goes into these outfits. I'm so impressed by all the people who do it.

  4. The pineapple suit is available at Kohls. We saw it last Sunday and got hubby to try it on...looks like he belongs on a cruise ship! I tried it on also...sweet same.

  5. Bert with the penguin purse is definitely my favorite! So cute!

  6. Looked through your Flickr. LOVED THE Alice Blue Bonnet and Johnny Fedora. That is my absolute favorite short. Also loved the penguin purse. Wowzer to all the 'Bounders who love the craft enough to tolerate the heat.

  7. Thank you Jen for sharing all the Disney magic and fun for those of us who live way too far away (Ottawa, ON) to own a yearly pass and go whenever the wind blows (at least according to my hubby who I love dearly but can be ever so practical about logistical things like budgets and distance :) ). One day I will make it for Dapper day but for now I am going to swoon over all the pretty pictures.

  8. I LOVE the Muppet bound!

  9. It was great to see you at Dapper Day again! Hope to catch you next time, and hope you had a fantastic day!
    - The Dapper Avengers <3


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