Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hang Your Game Controllers With This Renter-Friendly, $1 Hack!

If you play video games - or live with someone who does - you know corralling all the controllers can be a pain. You want them out for easy access, but not cluttering up your end tables.

I'm a fan of wall mounts to free up horizontal spaces, so after a little googling I found these clever stick-on wall brackets from Playstation:

They cost $16 for the pair, though. Harrumph.

So how about we DIY a set of five brackets for just a dollar? Yep, that's it, one buckaroo.

Here's how my one dollar version looks:

They can fit any console controllers, and are practically invisible on the wall.

 John I've been using ours almost daily for about 3 months now, so I can tell you they're super sturdy. Best of all they look so clean and organized! It makes me happy every time I hang my controller up.

We mounted them next to John's chair in the fan cave, so they're within easy reach:

Right, ready to see the big one dollar secret?

All you need is this pack of tool hooks from Dollar Tree:

I also recommend a little spray paint and some adhesive command strips, but those are optional.

The brackets do need re-shaping, so let me show you how. Fortunately you can bend the metal mostly by hand.

First straighten the curved arms, so they're sticking out at a 90 degree angle:

Next, for extra security, use pliers to bend just the tip of each bracket arm up, like this:

The bent ends help lock the controller in place, and keep it from slipping.

Have your controllers on hand so you can test the fit. When you're happy with it, you can spray paint the brackets the color of your choice.

The brackets come with their own screws, but to avoid putting more holes in our walls I used command strips instead:

I angled the strips like this, so I can still reach the tabs if I ever want to remove them:

The tabs are hidden when the controller is in place, so this is a great option for you renters!

There you have it, a handy DIY for my fellow gamers! This is up there with my remote controller hangers for my favorite organizational DIY. In fact, you can see both in this photo:

See the remotes? We use them everyday, and this is SO HANDY. I like how tidy this area looks.

(That rainbow butterfly wreath is still one of John's favorite things. If you missed it you can check out the DIY here.)


And if you're feeling extra crafty, you can also take a mosey over to my Tutorials gallery:

I just did another tally since it's been a while, and sweet Stay Puft, I have over 220 tutorials there for you to browse! Yikes! Hopefully there's a little something for everyone, so happy scrolling.  :)


  1. That's so clever! I'm currently brainstorming a good way to mount a Lego Fawkes on my wall, so this is giving me some more ideas.

  2. I bet you could plasti-dip the ends to make them even more gentle on the controllers :)

    1. Love the hack! I was thinking electrical tape would also work to make sure they weren't too rough.

  3. I love this!! Also keeps them out of reach of little hands. 😉 Thanks!

  4. Wouldn't this lead to charging problems (i.e., desired controller not being charged when needed)? Or, do you swap out charger set controllers with these?

  5. Clean and organized, yes, but my first thought was that it made the controllers look like they are FLOATING!!! This is so cool!

  6. i have command strips on my walls, and when i tried to remove one.... it took a big chunk of paint off with it x.x i followed the instructions too!

    1. Go Slow and if they seem to be super stuck, Warm them with a Hair Dryer. That usually works well.

  7. I Know I'm Tardy to the Party but Jen, If you used the Clear Command Strips they would be even more invisible!


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