Friday, November 12, 2021

FoE & Tell: The Vader Zoom, Monster Food, & Kroger Browncoats

I'm here with another reminder from Fans of Epbot that your geeky family will always - ALWAYS - support wearing Darth Vader masks to important Zoom meetings:


We'll also encourage you to play with your food, and eat monster meals.

How cute are those lil' cheeseburgers??  John & I've watched the first 5-6 episodes of Monsters At Work, btw, and it's good! Definitely recommend.

This makes me want to start themed meals for movie night again. Remember our mashed potato pill bug for Emperor's New Groove? Ahh, good times.


Meeting fellow geeks in the wild is one of my favorite things, so I love this post from Kristi:

Tell me this didn't renew your faith in the 'verse just a bit.

(I've been tempted to print up cards with my contact info to leave on extra geeky-looking cars before. I figure that would freak people out, though, so I've resisted.)


Sneaking in a little holiday treat:

Leah, I desperately want to see your completed Cottage Core Cryptid Tree. PLEASE POST PHOTOS.

Are any of you planning unusual themed trees or decorations this year? John and I are discussing something new we want to try, so I'm excited. And on a completely different subject, do any of you know where I can get a small, safe-for-indoors smoke machine? :D

Speaking of trees, look at THIS:

Unbe-LEAFABLE! Elaine, seriously, this is incredible. I want one!

And here it is later with leaves!

This gives me Hundred Acre Woods feels.

Oh hey, just realized I saved two of Elaine's posts for today. Not only is she a crafter of magic trees, she's also fantastic at channeling my favorite Disney villain:

The eyelashes, the feathers, the little Kronk dragon on her shoulder!! Elaine, "bless you for coming out in public." You rock. 


Nothing makes John and I quite as happy as seeing our cat onesie tutorial helping other pet owners out there. We know how traumatic the Cone of Shame can be, so yay for better options! And check this out: I think it's the first dog in our cat onesie:

D'awwwwwg. :D

I know these onesies are just for recovery purposes, but all your pets are so dang CUTE in them.


I also love inspiring more craft nights out there, so here comes another handful of pretties:

Yay more Soot Sprites! (Hit that link for the tutorial.)

(One of last month's Squeeginner winner chose my "Farts" Soot Sprite, btw, which I found very validating.)

The Rainbow Butterfly Wreath continues to rise undefeated as my most-followed tutorial, so I'm proud to be the instigator of more rainbows in the world.

Followed closely by my Hobbit Door wreaths:

Arielle's purple door is the stuff that dreams are made of, hnnng. She made it look almost iridescent, just with acrylic paints!


Let's see, I better wrap this up, since the more photos I feature, the more work John has to do tracking you all down and asking permission to share, haha.

Let's end with Kelli's completely magical fairy photo shoot:

 You have to see the closeup of her phenomenal hat:

Look at the spiderweb on the back, complete with dangling spider!! Kelli, this is gorgeous, kudos to you and your hubby.

Now I want to make a fairy hat.


Oh hey, and go follow Kelli on Instagram for more magic - she's also a real live mermaid.


K, that's all for now. I know most of us don't have as many geeky friends in real life as we'd like, so I hope these roundups inspire you. Not just to chase after your passions, but also to chase after friendships with folks who inspire you. Find your people. Look for the ones doing what you want to do. Then - and here's the scary part - take a chance, put yourself out there, and say hi. Bonus points if they're local so you can see each other IRL.

I've learned to be free with my compliments and even a little *too* exuberant when I meet new people, to the point that sometimes I scare them off, heh. Sometimes the people I like don't want to hang out, or don't return my messages. That's ok. Because some do. And the ones that do have often turned out to be the best friends I could ask for.

I don't run Fans of Epbot on Facebook, so I get to sit back and watch y'all self-regulate and form trends and in-jokes and silly hashtags, and yes, form life-long friendships. I'm seeing the same over on the Epbot Discord. Whether you start there or at local events around you or other online fan groups, just know it takes work and a little vulnerability, but finding your people is always worth it, I promise.

Love y'all. Here's to hanging with friends this weekend.

::squeezy hugs::


P.S. I bought myself a new t-shirt, I think you'll approve:

It's... DINO-MITE.

It comes in 5 different colors and in kids' & men's cuts. It's soft, not too thick or thin, and the ladies' cut is just right for me in Large. Oh, and the graphic is rich and bright! I'm impressed for a $14 tee.

I spent this week cleaning up my Amazon store front, so the lists are updated with new products and reviews. I hope you'll bookmark it for future reference:

As always anything you buy through my store front or lists gives a little back to me and John, so thank you for supporting Epbot while you shop!



  1. Hah. I literally looked up your cat onesie post last night at midnight when my newly spayed pup would not tolerate a cone and would not stop licking. Did I mention my craft room is currently completely packed up due to a remodel so I have ZERO supplies. One old shirt and a pair of scissors later and the pup was safely ensconced in his very own post surgery onesie. It's not the prettiest thing, but it works!

  2. I want to know what that fairy hat is made of! Soooo cooool!

  3. CRYPTIDFOLK REPRESENT! I hope hope hope that Leah's Cryptid tree has at least one garland that's a Sea Serpent! Our 2' plastic tree is decorated with wee li'l Rudolph & Friends figures, and on the very top is the Bumble holding a gold star. :)

    I'm guessing some kind of carved foam for that hat, and I really want to know if I'm right!

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  4. Hey Jen, as a totally socially inept person, I wanted to leave this aside. Sometimes when I didnt respond to someone's texts. It was cause it was just too overwhelming to do the social. Even when I didnt respond, know it always made me smile that they cared. So please dont think a lack of response means you were somehow lacking. Im sure you reaching out made them smile because it reminded them that they matter

  5. Oh, this reminds me - I didn't *make* a onesie for my kitty post-surgery, but I bought one, and I wouldn't have thought to look if it hadn't been for you, so thank you! Though now I'm wondering if I had used your tutorial if she wouldn't have been able to get out of it. Completely. Twice. And it was quite the snug kitten size, even!

  6. One of Evan & Katelyn's videos recently featured a very tiny fog machine...I'm not sure which video, or on which channel it was on, but a quick search on the web and I feel like this is maybe the one they had? (you can maybe reach out to them and they can confirm though?)

  7. This is such a cheerful roundup! I really like the Hobbit doors. Your new shirt is rocking!!! :D

  8. Y'all are crafty people, so y'all could actually MAKE a simple, mini-fog machine!

  9. I loved all of these! Making secret plans now for the next time husbot has to be away for work...[Mwahahahah!]. The only thing I didn't get was the 'Kroger' part of the Browncoat note. I even googled but didn't come up with anything sensible. Anyone able to enlighten me? (I do get Browncoat = Firefly, just not the Kroger part) Thanks :-)

    1. So I have no idea, but Kroger is a grocery store, so maybe they were just commenting on the parking lot in which they found another geek friend? Like, your friendly Walmart Browncoat? That's all I've got.

    2. Ah, thank you! Never heard of Kroger grocery stores. That makes sense!

    3. I was wondering about this too. My state doesn't have any Kroegers. I was wondering if their employees wear brown shirts or coats?

    4. Love these roundups and all your posts, Jen!!

      I just realized that soon we might be getting your posts from the festival of trees (sorry forgot what it's called) with all the gorgeous artsy trees and wreaths. And, the ones from Disney World's Christmas, if you go this year. Love those. Makes gloomy ole Wyoming a bit brighter when I see your posts!

  10. Did I never send the pictures? I have hilarious pictures of my puppy post spaying procedure being high as a kite in a delightful baby blue onesie!

  11. I bought that shirt for my dad after you shared it on CW. His name is Rex. It's supposed to be delivered today. :D He'll be getting an early Christmas present.


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