Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Let's Open The Ghostbusters "Mini-Puft Surprise" That Lives Up To Its Name

Listen, I really love Ghostbusters.

That's it.

That's the only explanation I have for this.




("Goo bag" is not something you get to say often. Goo bag goo bag goo bag.)

I can't imagine WHAT would be causing y'all to doubt at this point.

Yep, yep. Same.

Drum roll, please...

You can find the "Mini-Puft Surprise" in-store at Walmart or Target, or online on Amazon, where they are getting absolutely ROASTED in the reviews. Dang. People... do not like these. Ha! So buy at your own risk?

That reminds me, if you liked this post, you'll probably also enjoy my overly detailed review of the Ghostbusters candy bars.



P.S. Speaking of scary things (look at that seamless segue, much talent, so wow) my drafts folder for Epbot is like the closet in your spare room: in desperate need of purging, generally ignored, mildly feared, and only ventured into when you know exactly what you're after.

I was in there this morning, though, looking for an old art draft, when I stumbled across a snippet I must have written well over a year ago. It's a sweet, gut-punchy reminder of how far we've come, though, so I thought I'd share:

Yesterday while eating breakfast I found myself wondering what it'll be like to finally go to a convention again.

Immediately I pictured a crowded con floor, and everyone - the cosplayers, the staff, the volunteers, the shoppers, the parent chaperones, EVERYONE - is wearing a "Free Hugs" badge in bright colors. The whole day total strangers swap hugs or fist-bumps, laughing from the sheer joy and relief of it all - or sometimes sobbing on a shoulder or two - and my gosh I want that so badly for us.

Also that's how you get soggy toast.

Life is better now, and happily most of us who want them get more hugs. Still, lets remember to soak it up, and remember how much we need each other, k? I was never a big hugger 'til I started meeting all of you out in the wild, and now I look forward to the day when I can safely offer "Free Mom Hugs" - or fist bumps or jazz hands - at a con. (Can you offer mom hugs if you're not a mom? Is that weird?)

Anyway, that's it. Love y'all.

Don't forget.


  1. You sure can offer mom hugs if you're not a mom. It's the quality of the hug that makes it a mom hug. That warm, cosy, encompassing embrace. <3

    1. Yes! Definitely! "Mom" is the adjective that describes the hug. They're like mom jeans or dad jokes (which, can we agree that these are mostly just silly puns? Dads shouldn't have a monopoly on silly puns.). There are no parent police going around fining non-parents for things that are associated with parents. Hug away! Or fist bump or wave or stick out your tongue (there's a little kid who I trade raspberries with at church. At some point that will cease to be cute. Until then, I'm all in!) whatever you and the other person/people are comfortable with in the situation.

  2. What in the name of Bowie is the deal with those terrifying "Cutie1" figures advertised on that Amazon page?! WHY DO THEY HAVE BUTTON EYES AND ZIPPER MOUTHS?! And why, WHY, are they $35?!?

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  3. The Amazon reviews keywords paint such a good picture of this product.
    like glue
    worst slime

  4. Rumor has it that Hi-C will be bringing back to the EctoCooler flavor when the new movie comes out. That was always my favorite!!

    1. Back in '90, when my brother and our friends did a Beetlejuice party, we used CANS AND CANS of EctoCooler and like 5 different clear alcohols to make the party punch, which we of course called "BeetleJuice". Good times, I haven't tasted it in so long, I might have to get some to use as a mixer!

      Your Pal,

      Storm the Klingon

  5. Excellent Hitchhiker's Guide reference!

    1. Right? I quote that entirely too often and rarely does anyone even notice no less appreciate my references!

  6. This is perfect timing for me to ask: did you see this latest Device Orchestra? Ghostbusters!

    1. Well now I have, and that was delightful, bahaha.

  7. You are a mom - they just happen to be fuzzy and feline

  8. Free hugs do not need to be called Mom hugs. Just Free Hugs will do.


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