Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wrangle Your TV Remotes With My Easiest DIY Yet

You ever have one of those light bulb moments where you think you may actually be a genius?

I had one last week, and ever since I've been stupidly excited to tell you guys about it, so thank goodness I finally have pictures.

Quick back story: we finally got new chairs in our game room (yay!), but they have no storage (boo).

Our old chairs looked like this:

(Look at baby Suki! So tiny!)

Our new chairs are separate recliners, which meant we needed to replace the lost storage - and cup holders! - of this old set.

So John built a fantastic little storage table to go between our new chairs - essentially a wooden version of what you see up there - but the TV remotes were still always in the way. (To be fair, they were always in the way with our old chairs, too.)

 Can you believe John made this?? It's OK; if I hadn't watched him do it, I wouldn't, either. 

(Pro Tip: Those cup holders are less than $10 on Amazon, and you could drill holes in your existing end tables to install them. Just saying, if you have cats, cup holders are a GAME CHANGER.)

I promise I AM getting to the remote wrangling, but first look how nifty this is:

And no, this isn't the easy DIY to wrangle your remotes. I'm not THAT mean. [evil grin]

In fact, even though our new table is brimming with storage, our 3 remotes always ended up on top, where the cats knocked them off... and then they were always on the floor. Grrr. 

I turned to Amazon, and found this thing called "The Remote Wrangler."

That's when I had it.  MY MOMENT OF GENIUS.

Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing in those silicone remote holders? 

I'll give you a sec.


Here it is, my Mad Scientist cackling-in-the-moonlight moment:

These are the silicone holders from Bath & Body Works that you use to attach your hand sanitizer to your purse. They cost $1 each. The "Remote Wrangler" up there costs $20.


They even have built in loops for hanging!


Now, for one of our remotes the case fits perfectly with no overlap, and for another the strap does cover a row of buttons:


It doesn't press on any of the buttons, though, and since we never use those anyway I just left the strap as-is. You can easily cut the strap thinner to fit around your buttons, though, which is what I did for our Roku remote:

The silicone is stretchy and sticky, so there's no way it's coming off these remotes unless we take it off.

 Now all that's left is to hang them up! You could use any sort of stick-on Command Hook for this, but since I wanted something a little fancy I ordered these off Amazon for $8:

 I stuck them to the front of John's new table, and...


No more remotes clattering to the floor or being stepped on by the cats! WOOHOO!

You can see I shortened the silicone straps all the way and trimmed off the excess, so they look like custom straps now, right? Eeee, this makes me so happy.

Oh, want to see our new chairs? These were my birthday present I picked out last May... which we finally purchased last month, ha:

They're more streamlined than the old set, and more importantly, don't kill my back like the old ones, either. Aw yeah, let's hear it for LUMBAR SUPPORT! Woowoo! Anyone? Anyone? 

Yes I'm old what.

The chairs are from American Signature, and astoundingly were the cheapest power recliners we could find in all of Orlando, while also being the prettiest and *almost* the most comfortable. (There were chairs for double and triple the price that were arguably more comfy, but these are already a massive step up, so I'm good.) These are $400 each, here's the link.

 Our leather couches in the Steampunk Room are also from American Signature, so we're big fans of the brand.

 (You can download John's laptop decal for free here.)

 I see you're admiring John's custom mouse rest. Pretty cool, right? John does all his computer work in this room (he hates desks), but these chair arms are too round to set his mouse on.

We debated a number of solutions before landing on this one: that's stacked EVA foam that's been glued together - each piece cut to fit the curve of the arm - then covered in vinyl. Because it's foam it's both grippy and slightly flexible, so it doesn't fall off, and it's removable, so John can switch chairs when he feels like it.

 I will say this has been an enormous amount of work to replace all the features of the old center console, but everything here is such a massive upgrade that I'm super-duper chuffed.

 Now I'm just using up all the pretty pictures I took.

 I hope you guys use this remote wrangling DIY - my easiest one yet, right? - and if you do, send me pictures! I'd love to see where and how you hang your remotes to fit your space. One of my favorite things is seeing how you guys improve or customize my DIYs.


I'm finally working my way through my backlog of Dragon Con flash photos, so those of you waiting for the rest of my coverage (all 2 of you?), I promise it's coming soon!


  1. I was more focused on trying to figure out why anyone would want two remotes hanging off a lanyard...but, when you asked if anyone saw what you saw in those silicone remote holders, I knew exactly what you were getting at! That's fantastic re-purposing! And you have no idea how happy tidied up remotes makes me. Hint: SO happy!! :D

    1. Oof, right? Hanging all your remotes off one giant strap seems like a TERRIBLE solution; you'd always be getting bonked by the other 2 when you picked one up! o.0

    2. I thought the same thing. The part where you can hang the remotes was genius but the lanyard part threw me off. Why would I do that to my poor little neck? And there would likely be a boob issue. Jen's solution is perfect. I don't have a cat but I have a HUGE Great Dane with a very happy tail. ^_^

  2. Genius! We only have one remote we use regularly, but when we had several this would've been so helpful! I wouldn't've thought those little holders would be so strong!

  3. Loving it!! And it's great timing too! We're are working on our first attempt at a media room, and we don't have any real room for a table. I will definitely be mulling this over in our situation.

  4. Poo, only the fancy Pocketbac holders are on Bath & Body Works website. Hoping they have them in store when I stop by tomorrow. It's about $14 for a 5 pack on the big online reseller sites. This is such a great idea!

    1. Ours has big jars of them in store - and if you don't see the plain black ones out, be sure to ask! Ours only had colors displayed, but lots of black ones in the back.

  5. "...that you use to attach your hand sanitizer to your purse" - oh man, we live in different worlds, haha.
    Looks great though :)

  6. Such a great idea and the storage table looks amazing! And those chairs looks like heaven to sit in :D.

  7. Actually, this could help with my problem --- finding the remote!!! With 3 kids and a husband our dark remote doesn't stand out against the dark couch, dark recliner, or dark floor so it is not fun trying to find it when it doesn't make it to its home tray. I am envisioning pom poms or sparkly awesomeness attached to the back. Shiny!!!!

    1. Bahaha, great idea! Or maybe something that glows in the dark?

    2. I actually think they make those hand sani holders that glow in the dark!

  8. My kids are constantly losing the remotes, causing stress for everyone. Now I need to make this. I like the lanyard, because if they're in a big bunch they will be much harder to lose.

  9. Excellent moment of brilliance. Thank you for sharing. Your joyful and sometimes snarky posts lift my spirits every time I read them. Thank you for the shares and the feels.

  10. Okay, the remote hangers are brilliant. But I'm mostly here to comment about how gorgeous that room looks with the new chairs! Wow, great job!

    1. Thank you! I love it so much in there now, the chairs really were the last piece to the puzzle.

  11. My comfy chair is near a wall, so i put cup hooks up and used an old folding toiletry bag that has clear pockets to hold all my bits and pieces essential for comfy chair sitting...remote, cell phone,asthma meds, stuff lkke that

  12. Just want to comment on how brave you are to have leather chairs with cats in the house! We had a leather/faux leather combo sofa a few years ago and it didn't take long for it to look pretty shabby. The cats were taught to use scratching posts so they didn't actively claw it, but they slept on the it and liked to sit behind us when we watched TV, and - stuff happens! We only buy fabric-covered furniture now. Your new chairs look awesome!

    1. We've converted everything we can to leather/vinyl, just because I'd rather have scratches than fur everywhere, ha. I found it impossible to get the fur off the fabric furniture, where this stuff I can just use a dustbuster! Plus it's nice being able to wipe it down with a wet cloth/leather cleaner.

      I've found that real leather takes scratches pretty well; most of it buffs out, the rest we call "character." ;p The vinyl-covered things, of course, fare worse; much easier to gouge/rip - so all our upholstered pieces (except my teal chairs) are real leather now, including these chairs. Hopefully they'll hold up as well as our steampunk couches, which I think are aging quite prettily.

  13. Genius. Simply genius. And the room looks gorgeous!

  14. I love this! My remotes are always disappearing, mostly down between the cushions of the sectional. We finally ended up hooking tiles to them.

  15. A fascinating way. The decoration is also awesome.


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