Friday, November 26, 2021

10 Makers Of Fun & Funky Christmas Jewelry I'm Loving This Week

It's Black Friday, bots, so I bet a lot of you are bunkering down at home, eating leftover turkey, and - oh yes - shopping online. Woo woo!

So in the spirit of retail therapy that doesn't require elbow pads *or* pants, allow me to present some Christmas Jewelry Currently Endangering My Bank Account, or CJCEMBA, for short.

I'm not a big fan of traditional department store bling, so I went for a merry stroll down Etsy lane. I also did my best to focus on independent artists and makers, so we can help support some more small businesses while we shop.


Then please... jingle this way.

First up, the sweet vintage designs of Lali Blue:

Gema has 35 different Christmas designs in her shop right now, from brooches to necklaces to earrings, and they remind me of vintage holiday cards in the best ways:

I spent way too long trying to decide which ones to show you, they're all SO GOOD.

Most of them are also dimensional, with stacked layers of wood or acrylic. So cool.

Be sure to visit her shop to see the rest!


Disney fans, you'll want to bookmark Le Petit Mouse:

I can't get enough of these adorable gingerbread Minnie & Mickey pins:

She has plenty of non-holiday designs in her shop you'll love, too.


If you're A Christmas Story fan, then Wilder Mind Design Co has the earrings for you:

In dangle or stud, and made of wood so they're not... fra-GIL-e. ;)


Born 2 Blossom Designs is another shop tormenting me with too many awesome choices. LOOK:

For my Friends friends. Look at the glittery fez & mirror lenses in the sunglasses!

They also have A Christmas Story earrings:

And Elf!

Plus sooooo many more, omigosh. (The cans of cranberry sauce are a personal favorite, don't miss those.) Click over with caution.


I'm a sucker for pastel rainbows, and OhSoJo Designs is singing my song:

They have designs on both acrylic and wood:

... and once again, I want half the shop. (The gingerbread house earrings!)


Tarka Meadows makes delicate clay flowers and foliage mixed with beads and metalwork, and it is STUNNING:

Look at these snow-dusted holly and ivy leaves! And with the little silver bells? C'mon.

I'm sticking to just the Christmas designs here, but you really should click over to see her strawberry and lemon drop ones, too. Hnnnng.


The Crafty Anteater is apparently bent on extracting all of my monies, because HOW am I supposed to choose between this:


And this:



I bet you never knew you needed a hammer head shark in a Santa hat necklace, huh? Yep. Me, neither.


Hang on, I just realized I don't have any Grinch options in here yet. Can't have that!

Vanessa Cup Creations also offers these with peppermint candies instead of hearts. So cute!


Bella Notte Magic has pastel vintage cuties like these deer rings:

And these earrings that somehow transport me right back to the 1980s:

Anyone else feeling the nostalgia with these?

A little more Disney:

Yay, Donald & Daisy!


Bobbins Inspired has still more drool-worthy Disney pieces (she has a Llama potion necklace giving me grabby hands), and she offers everything as either a brooch or a necklace, and sometimes also as earrings:

For the coffee-lover in your life:

D'awwww. You may have noticed I really like Disney gingerbread designs, heh.

I could go on, but I think that's enough dangerous links for one day, gang. I hope I've provided some fun browsing options for those of you on your phone taking a break from family. (Hiya, yes, I see you!)

Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you're feeling safe and loved and full of all good things, like pie.

Mmmm, pie.




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  1. If you like retro Christmas goodies, have you seen the Putz House plans at Retro Renovation? I'm making one a year to add to our Christmas Village.

  2. Oh man, if it didn't cost almost $20 to ship to Australia, I'd have been the proud owner of a dinosaur Christmas necklace before I'd even finished reading your post!

  3. LOVE all of these choices, but the Crafty Anteater could bankrupt me!

  4. Thank you for sharing these links. I bought ornaments from Born 2 Blossom Designs. I'm so excited!


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