Friday, November 5, 2021

A Hufflepuff Wedding, Tangled Lady Knight, & The Labyrinth Family Cosplay To End All Family Cosplays

Happy Friday, my pumpkin-spiced pretties! It's a gray, rainy day here in Orlando, which I love, but the rain also knocked out our power, which I don't. John and I just spent 10 minutes driving around a Wal-Mart parking lot, trying to get close enough to mooch some wi-fi, hah. (John IS inside buying groceries, so I feel less mooch-ish. [Moochy? Mooch-inary?])

Not that I'm complaining; I have the pitter-patter of rain on the car roof, cold a/c on my face, and a post full of nerdy loveliness to share.

So let's do this.

First up, event planner Hannah Hester teamed up with photographer Christine White to create the most STUNNING Hufflepuff wedding shoot:

This is gasp-worthy gorgeousness. And look at the wands!

You know I'm not subtle with my fandoms, but when it comes to weddings I can appreciate a little restraint. You definitely have to look twice to catch all the Hufflepuff-y touches in this shoot, but that adds an extra thrill of discovery, right?

Swooning over the vintage mix of golds and soft yellows.

So perfect!

They included touches of honey: a honey cocktail and honeycomb design on the wedding cake:

In true Hufflepuff fashion, of course there was a cat:


Go see the rest of the wedding photos (there are so many more!) over on PopSugar.


You know, that wedding was SO sophisticated I think we need something ridiculous to balance it out. Hang on.



These'll do:


 Jen of The Real Violet Pie makes fantastic little Burton-esque animals - mostly dogs and cats - and recently she turned her cats into headbands.

Here's a parent/child pair:

Omigosh. Y'all. I love these so much.

 Follow The Real Violet Pie on Instagram for more!


Now for a bit of badassery.

Eliza of Eldritch Arts is a cosplayer and artist I've been following for ages, but I only recently learned she's also a lady knight:


Eliza has been jousting at her local ren faire all this past month, and she even made herself a new Tangled flag to carry into battle:

Yasssss. I so hope they play the end of the Kingdom Dance when she enters the field.
Give Eliza a follow on Instagram for more amazingness. Would you believe she only has 1800 followers?! Lets show her some love, bots!


We have a lot of board gamers here, so I think you'll appreciate Leen Dirk's incredible attic make-over:

She turned it into Board Game Heaven!

Leen says this build took 7 months, mostly because materials were hard to get over in Belgium. WOW do the results look worth it, though:

That stone accent wall is actually wallpaper! Clever. The gray and teal color combo is so soothing.

There's even a tea & snack cabinet with a cozy reading chair:


Check out all the details on Leen's original post in The Board Game Group.


Cassie Lee shared her family's absolutely EPIC Labyrinth costumes in Weird Secondhand Finds, and I am agog. AGOG, I say:


Over 90% of their costumes were either thrifted or made from scratch, and I can't get over the creativity of the Worm in particular:


They used a puffy snow-suit for the body segments, and blue fringe down the sleeves for the hair tufts! The three pony-tails in the wig and red glasses are the perfect finishing touches. Only thing missing is a nice cuppa tea!

You can browse Cassie's FB album for lots and lots more detail shots. My favorites are the Worm, Sir Didymus, and of course Junk Lady:

Look at the details - Didymus even has an Ambrosius plush!

Cassie writes that Junk Lady's pack only weighs about 20 pounds, so it's more awkward than heavy. Not only am I delighted to see another Junk Lady in the world, I'm also super impressed by the screen-accuracy! (John & I have our own Junk Lady we made back in 2016,  so she's near and dear to my heart.) Absolutely epic, I love this family.


 I hope you're having a fantastic Friday, and that some of these added extra smiles to your weekend. Mine's already looking up; we just got word our power is back on, woot woot! I'm gonna go home and stand in front of the open fridge, just because I can.

OK, maybe not, but I will play an extra round of Overwatch tonight to show my appreciation.

I'll leave you with the TikTok that made me laugh and turn super green:
(Sound on for full effect.)



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Love y'all, thanks for being here.



  1. I really wish that HP wedding were an actual wedding! Seems to be just a collab photoshoot for portfolios, but still STUNNING!

    1. Well, H. E. Double Hockey Sticks. I thought it WAS a real wedding. Now I'm sad.

  2. The Puff wedding is amazeballs!

    P.S. have you heard of Puffs: The Play? Look. It. Up. It's a ridiculous romp of Puff fun. I hadn't heard of it either, and then my son got cast as Oliver. I laughed my butt off!

  3. ......... How can I convince my entire family to buy all the Christmas presents on Amazon via your link? Or at the very least, the ones for me? Lol! But seriously.

  4. You are 1000% my favorite blogger, Jen!

  5. You're definitely my favorite blogger!!!

  6. Dang... My partner's board game collection is extensive, but that is next level.

  7. Oh Jen, you're the bestest blogger of them all!

  8. You ARE my favorite blogger! Sometimes I wait a day or two to read your posts, to enjoy them even more from the anticipation

  9. The parents of the child dressed as the worm had better watch out for that one. They're already a rock star!


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