Saturday, February 15, 2020

9 Epbot DIYs Recreated By You Readers!

Hi, all! john here with my second Epbot post ever! Woohoo! I'm terrified! 
(Luckily, Jen will edit this to death so I'll look smart and there won't be to meny mispelinggs.)

Today we're looking at some of your amazing recreations of Epbot DIYs. Honestly, it's such a wonderful feeling when Jen and I see your projects. Just today I got another email from someone who used our DIY kitty recovery onesie for their sick kitty. Then they showed their vet, who loved it, so now I'm a little weepy thinking about future cats who won't have to be traumatized by the cone.

We've actually heard from quite a few of you about the recovery onesie, and I'll never get tired of your pictures:

Jen and I were so stressed with our girls that this was a DIY of desperation - but seeing how many furbabies it's helped since then has made it all worth it. (Plus looking back at the photos of baby Eva and Suki cinched up in these things will always make me smile.)


Next is Gina's take on our Wand Holster tutorial. Instead of the House letters, she used her family's initials:

How cool is that? Smart to use grommets & metal rings, too.


Elsa made her own Wonder Womb:

Jen still has hers next to her computer. Amazingly the cats leave it alone! Clearly they sense her power.

This one made me laugh out loud:

I think Heather really nailed the eyeball placement on Hei Hei. And seriously, this is so, so good!

(This was an unexpectedly popular DIY, I think we've seen half a dozen Hei Heis! Each slightly different, all fantastic.)


James did our Harry Potter chess repaint with a set he found on Ebay:
I love the accent colors.


Gotta be honest, this next one freaked both me and Jen out a little. It's just so perfect of a recreation and it's art that we look at every day. So this was like being sent a picture of the inside of our own home:
That said, wow, Jennifer, I am in awe. Beautiful work!


Next up, Kara made... A THESTRAL!?!!


I don't know if the purple is the photo or the lighting or the color they painted it but I love it. 

 (Fun Fact: We had someone contact us a few months ago and ask us to make them a thestral, and then - here's the kicker - ship it to Germany.)

(We said no.)


Mary made our Jack Skellington wreath... sort of?

Charlie Brown! This makes me so happy. I never thought people would use Jen's design for other fandoms but now I want to try this with everything. Hmm... I bet we could do a Firefly version with the colors from Jayne's hat...


Speaking of hats, Sara made Jen's Mickey Pom Pom hat!
Jen was right. Bigger pom-poms are better.

Thanks to everyone here for sharing your photos, it's so encouraging for Jen and I to see you making our projects your own. Please keep sharing them on Facebook or tagging Jen over on Instagram. And as always, if you want to see more of our crafty tutorials, go check out our crafts page!


  1. I love seeing the crafts you and John come up with me, but it's equally cool to see how they've inspired other people! I always enjoy seeing your round-up posts about inspirations -- the Charlie Brown wreath is such a cute take on the DIY wreath!

  2. I'm glad the Hei Hei costume brought a smile. Of all the costumes I have made for my kids this is def one of my favorites.

  3. I think I mentioned it in a comment once before but I'm not sure. Have you guys considered having an EPBOT discord? It's a good alternative to Facebook with easy ways to share links, photos, chat, etc, and best of all it's easily searchable. Just thought I'd mention it again because I know some people (like me) don't use Facebook and always feel a bit left out of this kind of stuff. Just a thought! Love y'all's stuff!

  4. Great post, John!

  5. Ah, the things we'd miss if we didn't read the fine print. Too funny, john. :)

  6. I LOVED having your wand holster when I went to Universal last year! I got lots of compliments on it too.

  7. Thanks for sharing my chess pieces! I've actually handed them over to my girlfriend and family and repeated it with a different set of HP chess pieces now. Gold leaf chessboard is next on the list.

    I haven't done anything with Discord, but open to new possibilities. I do like FB though.


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