Thursday, February 20, 2020

This Breathtaking Black Princess Series Is Everything I Needed To See Today

This is going to be a viral sensation for sure - and you may have already seen it! - but I had to make sure it gets in front of your eyeballs:

(The dragonflies in her hair! Eeeeee!)

 This African-American Princess series is the personal project of LaChanda Gatson, a hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles. She joined forces with Creative Soul Photography and a whole team of talented models and stylists to bring her vision to life, and I am BLOWN AWAY.  "The mission," writes Kahran of Creative Soul, "was to redefine and re-imagine the traditional princess with our own dash of style, culture and swag."

I'm only going to show you a few, because I want you to go check out the creators' post after this. But first, four more of my favorites:

Some of the Princess re-imaginings are more subtle than others; I had to go to the comments for this one. Can you guess who she is?

(Hint: Look at the colors and feathers.)

I'll list the answers at the end of this post.

I was so distracted by this gorgeous poppy print skirt that I forgot to guess which princess she is! 

Can you tell? The answer is in her top.

This one's a little easier:

I love the motion, the way her hair is swinging over her shoulder as if she's mid-twirl.

And one more:

 WOW. I'm just... I have no words. Everything about this series radiates power and beauty and I am HERE for it. Bravo to all the creators who brought this to life.

Now, head over to Creative Soul Photography's Facebook post to see the rest! There are 14 princesses total, and you really do need to see them all. Anna and Elsa are especially fantastic, and Ariel is giving off some SERIOUS Queen of Hearts vibes, omigosh.

Oh, here are the answers: After Tiana are Pocahontas, Moana, Belle, & Rapunzel. Who guessed them all without looking?


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  1. Wow, these are seriously gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ooooo!!!! So beautiful!!!!! Thanks Jen!!!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing. I love reimaginings of all sorts and these are breathtaking. The Jasmine's outfit might have been my favorite. Snow White's eyes were piercing my soul.

  5. I guessed them all correctly till Rapunzel. I thought Jasmine as well due to the purple colors but then when I went back to look realized all the hair should have given it away. They look amazing!!!

  6. I got them all! These are gorgeous!!!

  7. The Facebook link only took me to one of the photos. In case it happens to others:

    1. That happened to me at first, too, then 2 seconds later the page re-loaded to the album - so I think it's a slow link? Either way, thanks for this one - hopefully it helps!

  8. These are so gorgeous! I love all of them. I guessed all these correctly and I knew all the ones in the Facebook post except the feather one--people in comments are saying it's Nala but what do feathers have to do with lions or the Swan Princess who isn't Disney (or brown, for that matter)? Anyone know who it's really supposed to be?

    1. I'm guessing Nala based on the colors and the fan, since she's holding it like a lion's tail.

  9. I was so sure that #2 was Jasmine. She wears blue, has long flowing hair, and has pet birds!


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