Saturday, February 1, 2020

Come Shop The Disney Clearance Outlet With Me!

Every few months I like to check out the Disney Character Warehouse, our local clearance outlet for all the WDW parks. Almost everything in the store is at least 50% off the in-park prices, so I *HIGHLY* recommend a visit if you're here on vacation. 

   I always take a ton of pictures for my IG Story when I shop here, but this was a few weeks ago and I completely forgot to post them, ha. So instead you get a REAL LIVE BLOG POST WHAAAAAT.

  Now, there are two Character Warehouse locations, but since both have the same merchandise, I recommend this one in the Premium Outlets on Vineland. It's bigger than the one on I-drive, and not far from Disney Springs.

Before you ask, none of this is available online. At least not through Disney. You're likely to find re-sellers on eBay offering a lot of these things, though.

So with that caveat, let's take a look around!

 Lots of cute Christmas goodies:

Those velvet Mickey Santa backpacks were $45, down from $90.

And these little coin pouches were only $10.

Lots and LOTS of iron-on patches:

These sets were all $8, down from $20. They make me want to buy an old school jean jacket again and cover it with patches.

Cute Toy Story hair clips:

 I think they were $4?

As you can imagine I have to exercise a LOT of self-control in this store... but I did buy this:

Miss Mindy is one of my favorite artists, and I've been pining over her Mickey & Minnie vinyl figs since they first came out. Minne here was only $15, down from $30, I think?

And good news for the rest of you: Minnie is only $17 on Amazon right now. So apparently she's being clearanced everywhere. (And her matching Mickey is $22, so I should probably buy him soon.)

Here's a pic from Miss Mindy's page of the two together:


Speaking of art, there are usually some drool-worthy matted prints here from WonderGround gallery:
This adorable Bambi by Joey is $20 down from $40.

 Same for these Celebration matted prints.

There were a bunch of boxed sets of these Haunted Mansion plushes:

Plus the Headless Horseman with Mr. Toad:

Both boxes were $30 each.

The cutest chip clips:

... and another thing I had to buy:

My new favorite magnet! This Donald is layered acrylic, and cost $5.

There was such an enormous stack of these Haunted Mansion doorbell knockers that I bet you can find a bunch of them on eBay right now:

The rusted metallic finish is pretty cool, but as soon as I push the button I think you'll see why so many are here:



Moooving on!

I also bought these holo ears. Ostensibly to give away to one of you, but we'll see if John can pry them out of my hands. :D

Fantabulous apron:

I don't remember the price, but it was too high for me to try to turn the bottom into a skirt. :D (Those bat pockets, though!)

Egadz, I have so many more pictures!


This sequined tee was only $13, y'all. I'm on the verge of non-buyer's remorse over here.

Adorable $6 Alice necklaces:

And these teeny earrings were $1.99 per pair:

 If you're thinking you would spend all your money here, then I can tell you you are CORRECT. Temptations at every turn!

Trader Sam's purse:

This was $30 down from $65.

There are almost always a few Dooney & Bourke styles here.

The CUTEST coin pouches:

I'm realizing I didn't take many pics of clothing, but there are racks and racks of shirts:

I should note these stores get merch from ALL the Disney parks world-wide. I remember one time there was a big shipment of stuff from Hong Kong, which was pretty incredible.

You'll also see overstock from events like marathons and Food & Wine:


Some stunning Rapunzel dresses for tweens:

This was $150, not sure of the original price.

I've seen women's dresses here from the Cherry Tree Lane shop in Disney Springs, too.

There are always LOTS of phone cases:

And look how adorable these are!

Here's one for the WDW die-hards who've grown to love our 90s-era road signs:

And I don't know who could EVER use this Dumbo case... but it's cute!


I'll leave you with the best deal in the whole store:

Eeeeee!! C'mon. It'd be a crime NOT to buy a couple of these, right?

At least one of those rainbow ears is joining the rest of our Squeegineer Prizes this month, so you guys have a chance to win them here, if nothing else!

Which reminds me: We just picked our first ever Squeegineer winners for the month of January, woot woot! So Amanda & Ellen, watch your e-mail for a note from John. Once you choose your prizes we'll get those shipped out ASAP.


Oh hey, since I have Miss Mindy's art on the brain, I have to show you her newest Jack & Sally figures:

Miss Mindy Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm not even the biggest NBC fan, but DANG these are awesome. His dapper little umbrella! Her poofy skull bow! So good.


  1. Truly delighted, pleased, chuffed, happy, thrilled, elated, over the moon AND on cloud 9 to win an inaugural Squeegineer prize!

  2. Haha, I snagged the sequin Pixar shirt and the Squeeze the Day hat last time I was there, along with a Galaxy's Edge shirt that is surprisingly the most comfortable and flattering shirt I have now. A few weeks ago Disney Springs had this awesome women's Mandalorian shirt with an image of Mando walking over a shiny purple background. It was refreshingly different from all the other shirts that were just giant screen grabs (eye roll). But I didn't buy it and when I went back it was gone! I was hoping it would pop up at the outlet, but I didn't see it in your list here, so I think I may have missed my chance. :'(

  3. It's a stop on my list when we do get to take the boys! I adore Miss Mindy's work and have so many figures of hers on my wishlist!

  4. I never knew about this store. It's definitely on my list for our next Disney World trip for sure! Although last time we were at Disneyland our friend who was working there took us to the Disney employee discount store and that was pretty fun!

  5. I literally just showed my husbot everything in this post in preparation for our next disney trip! We’re DVC members and go at least twice a year and we’ve never been here, which is probably both a good and a bad thing. I’m so excited to go next time we’re down there. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. While I enjoy Disney, I wouldn't call myself a Disbot. But those ears recalling Spaceship Earth (*dives for bunker*) with the German flag bow? They're kinda calling to me.

  7. Eee, thanks for sharing all the great finds!

  8. I just bought the Dole Whip hat for my husband for Christmas, geez :P Of course we only get to Disney every few years so I wouldn't have been able to grab it in person anyway.

  9. patches!
    I have a small messenger bag I use as a purse (I think technically it's a military surplus map bag). I put some velcro on it (the soft side of the velcro) and put the hook side on the back of some patches so I can swap out the patches whenever I want. It does take a bit to sew the velcro onto the patches (since I do it by hand and some of the patches are thick!). I really like that it gives me something to do with the random space mission, fandom and dinosaur patches I've collected over the years. And the velcro means that I don't have to choose just one patch to have on the bag.

  10. That Rapunzel dress retails for $300!
    We asked a cast member at Disneyland once how many people buy them and they said that at least a few people per week and I have seen little girls wearing them in the park before. I can't even imagine spending that much on a dress-up item for a child (as I google how expensive it would be to make a grown-up version for myself ;))

  11. So once upon a time the Disney catalog distribution center was in upstate South Carolina, about 15 miles outside of Spartanburg. I believe they moved to Memphis and they probably have a similar outlet store there. It was only open 2 days a week and mostly had returns and mistakes (bad embroidery, etc).

    You're getting overcharged.

    1. I've never heard of a Disney outlet in Memphis, but hey, I've only lived here 55 years.
      We don't even have a Disney Store anymore.

  12. you can also go to the boys and girls club thrift store on 436 near aloma and snag at TON of disney merch. as well as fitbits used by employees at their marathons. I got a tshirt with the Falcon on it from when Galaxies edge opened for 5.00.


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