Saturday, February 22, 2020

Let's Spend A Day At Epcot's Festival of the Arts 2020

My favorite Epcot festival is ending this weekend, so c'mon, let me take you on a virtual visit with all my pictures from this year!
John and I were lucky enough to see the art fest twice this year, so if you couldn't make it out in time, don't worry: I've got you covered. ::winkwink:: ::finger guns::

Our friend Scott brought us in for our first visit, when it rained most of the day:

So you'll know which day was which by all the water on the ground in my pics, ha.



 Here's one from our dryer, sunnier visit a few weeks later:


 You wouldn't recognize the front of the park anymore; so much construction! There's a new giant walkway to the right of where Innoventions used to be that brings you all the way around to the Living Seas. I'm pretty sure it cuts through some backstage areas, though you can't see anything beyond the walls.

Over by The Land there's a gorgeous butterfly wing wall, perfect for photos:


 (My Figment shirt is by On A Roll Designs.)


At the entry to the World Showcase is this beautiful rainbow stage:

It's for... art presentations? I think? Anyway, at night it's all lit up with the same bright colors, and looks like a sparkly rainbow from across the lake.

FINALLY, the good stuff.

I tried to tag every artist I know in my photos. Sorry my watermark is covering that one up there - that's by Jeff Granito - who also made the AMAZEBALLS articulated Tiki Bird pin John wore at Christmas:

When you pull the toucan's tail, his drink empties and his eyes close. So cool.

 Also by Jeff:

That retro Micky & Figment! MY HEART.

 @MontyGog = Dave Perillo. 


Quick break from art to show off some fun Figment Disneybounds:

I spotted this lovely lady just as we came into the park.

And this is our friend (and FOE) Tracy!

There was a local meetup that morning for 'bounders, and their theme was Dreamfinder & Figment.

You know, in case you needed any MORE reasons to move to Orlando. ;) 

 The main walkway to the Showcase always has fun new sidewalk art on either side for the festival - but of course for our first visit, all the art was flooded:

So sad! Although most of them were holding together surprisingly well. I guess that fixative spray stuff really works.

Also "Leigh" does all my favorite chalk drawings - and I'm pretty sure this is her:

We stopped to chat and watch her work for a few minutes, while marveling that she could still move after drawing on the ground for hours on end. How. HOW?

Trevor Carlton's work!

One of the best things about Festival of the Arts is that you get to meet SO MANY fantastic Disney artists. I've been following a bunch of them online for years and years - many from before they even started painting for Disney - so I routinely go full fangirl. I've met Miss Mindy, Jerrod Maruyama, Ashley Taylor, and on and on. (I just missed Kristen Tercek, sob. I've been following Cuddly Rigor Mortis for, gosh, maybe 15 years?)

This last trip John and I ran into Tim Rogerson again, who's been one of my faves for at least a decade. To me these artists are rock stars, but every time we see him Tim is just as excited to show us whatever he's working on and chat for a bit - super approachable and easy to talk to.

Here's some of Tim's work:
 See why I like it?

Tim was midway through painting this Stitch:

Jasmine Becket-Griffith has a big section in the WonderGround tent:

I've been following Jasmine for nearly two decades. I literally found her by searching "fairy art" on Ebay, because this was before Etsy existed, ha.

Wow I'm old.

By the way, since I'm sure some will ask: You can only buy this art at the Festival during the Festival, but afterward some pieces MAY be available at WonderGround Gallery. Even better, you can buy things from WonderGround over the phone, and they'll ship it to you. So if you're desperate to buy something I've posted here, wait another week and then call WonderGround to ask. (I did this a few years ago to buy a print from WonderGround in CA, before we had our own store in Florida.)

This Merlin by Jared Franco stopped me in my tracks:

 I think I could stare at this all day - the way the sketch is coming to life? AMAZING. (And Archimedes on his head! Ha!)

 This is layered paper art by Karin Arruda. Pictures don't do it justice!

 If you haven't see all of the Realistic Disney Princesses by Heather Theurer, click here for a treat.
(Merida is my favorite - but honestly I think I love her steampunk Mr. Toad the best.)


Then there was the time I tried to show off my makeup with a Disney bathroom selfie and got upstaged by my phone case:

(I did go back to Dollar Tree and buy ONE more. This thing is magic under multiple light sources!)

 And while we're off track... FOOD RECOMMENDATION TIME:

Helpful people have informed me this is called taiyaki, and I'm a BIG FAN. It was a little soggier the second time I had it, but still delish when dipped in whipped cream. I forgot to ask them to leave off the matcha chocolate sticks, though, so I had to spend a few seconds gagging for dramatic effect. Bleh.

Oh hey, let me introduce you to our friends:

That's Christie, Tracy, me, John, Karen, Scott, Anna, and another John. My John and I rarely hang out in big groups, so this was a wonderful day. I love all these people.

That was our sunny day visit. For the rainy day it was just me, John, and Scott:

So of course I made them pose in the Mermaid Lagoon photo opp. :D

 This is fun: the festival is selling blank Mickey plushes for autographs:

The sign suggests you have all the artists sign him. Pretty cool souvenir idea!

And here's a phone case that gave me heart eyes:

Awww. I guess Bruni is worth melting for?

 No reason for this - I just love this building. (It's that glorious door trim, right?)

And finally, I don't know if these were installed just for the festival or not, but I started noticing some fantastic hidden characters around the World Showcase:

 They look like they're painted directly on the walls, but if you look closely you can see they're actually thin vinyl decals.

 Pascal was high up on a corner in Germany:

Probably the hardest to spot, this Amos from the short "Ben and Me" is above the second story window on the side of the America pavilion:
Talk about an obscure character; Eric in the comments had to remind who this was!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can see Peter Pan's shadow from a long ways off entering the UK:


 And if you explore the streets there, you'll find these three from Robin Hood:

 I really hope these "hidden" characters stick around, since I'm sure I missed a bunch!

 Speaking of hidden characters, look who else I spotted in the UK:

 Baby Yoda! This lady said she'd 3D printed him, which blows my mind. He was so perfect, even had little fuzzy hairs on his head!

 K, a last few beauty shots from around the Showcase:

This one makes a fun wallpaper for your phone, if you want to grab it.

 See how much more open France looks? They took out a bunch of light posts and opened up the paths. Scott had to point that out to me; I couldn't figure out what had changed. (Also, BRAG TIME: Scott is helping design the new Epcot, so he knows everything. You better believe I take full advantage by asking a million questions every time I see him.)

Well, Dizgeeks, thanks for going around the world and back again with me. I hope you had fun!


P.S. I'm not generally a fan of patterned leggings, but sweet Spaceship Earth, LOOKIE:

They're that annoying "one size fits most" business, but the review photos have some curvy girls in them, which is encouraging. They also look a lot more vibrant in the review photos. For $13, I'm thinking of getting a pair to wear with my metallic silver skirt & holograhic Epcot tee. :D


  1. Have I watched way too much Monsters INC & U or does anyone else see a hidden Mike Wazowski in the bolt, washer, hole, and square tubing to the left of the retro Mickey & Figment art by Jeff? Its just me, isn't it?

    Aside from that, this festival looks like so much fun! The art is gorgeous and your photos are fantastic, Jen. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the Festival of the Arts! I was able to go last year and got some great prints. (And drooled over others.) I'm 90% sure that I saw the Mushu and Cri-Ki decal last year.

  3. I love that Fabulous picture of John!

  4. I can't believe I'm correcting a huge Dizgeek, but that's not Jac on the American pavilion. That was Amos, the Me in the short "Ben and Me", the mouse who helps Ben Franklin invent everything.

    1. Aha! Thank you - I really wasn't sure on that being Jaq; and I barely remember the "Ben & Me" short. o.0 (I know, I'm being a terrible Dizgeek!)

  5. OMG taiyaki at Disney!?!? If they ever make a Mickey taiyaki mold, I'll have it made. *o*

    The 3-D printed Baby Yoda looks so lifelike -- even better than some of the official toys they just announced!

  6. Wednesday afternoon I arrive in Orlando and Thursday will be my first time at Disney since the early 90's. Your posts have gotten me very excited for this trip! And I'm going to have to get that Figment shirt!!!

  7. We were just there at Christmas, and it's so nice to put a "face" to all your pictures even though my feet ache just with the memory of All The Walking we did in Epcot. lol

  8. I love the baby Yoda lady's t-shirt and British Mickey ears!! Also, Jen, you NEED those leggings!!
    Thanks for the fun vicarious tour of the art festival! It's cold and windy here in Wyoming and there's still snow all over the ground, so it's fun to see a different climate.

  9. You meationed Wonder Grounds at Disney. EVERYTIME I go to Disney Springs I HAVE TO go look at the art gallery in the co op shop there! An artist that you might also enjoy is one of my favorites, Jim Warren. I do not know if he participated at Epcot this year or not, but his Gallery on the Boardwalk at Disney has a lot of Disney paintings in it, as well.

  10. wow beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing all of it! I took a look at heather t's website and the little anna/elsa/olaf ('never let it go') is tugging at my heartstrings! (and dumbo/mama (baby of mine)!) (i rarely comment on the blog from my phone - but on desktop now. hope its not too much work to moderate so many comments!)


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