Friday, September 13, 2019

The Punniest Cosplays of Dragon Con 2019

I always love a good mashup cosplay, but if there's a pun involved then I am over the moon. Lucky for me, Dragon Con is THE place for clever and groan-worthy costumes, so let's take a look at what 2019 had to offer.


(This is Rebecca Buress - a friend and FOE who helped organize the Epbot meetups!)

And she's in search of the Winter Smolder! Ha!

The Sailor Moon Scots:

The two red pom-poms were my first clue, then as I got closer I spotted the Sailor Moon symbols on their kilts and the ribbons on their shoulders.


That's Davros/Bob Ross, for those of you rusty on your Doctor Who villains. On the back he has a Bob Ross painting that reads, "A brother from another mother," and "Happy little accident."

And speaking of everyone's favorite Time Lord...

Doctor Who:

TARDIS scrubs and a scarf stethoscope! Love it!
(This is Diane, another FOE at our first meetup!)

Stevie Wonder Woman:

Photo by Dave Mattingly

[singing] "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she WONDER-full?"

Now a couple classics you might remember from my roundup last year:

French KISS:

What, no baguettes? ;)

Taco Belle:

 (Sorry I caught her in such terrible lighting!)

Dr. Stranger Things:

That Eggo shield, though. 

These next three were the biggest hits in my Stories:

Rambo Brite:

Ruth Vader Ginsburg:

The gavel lightsaber!!

Lisa Frankenstein & Lisa Frankenstein's Monster:

Check out the back of her labcoat:

Mister Steve Rogers:

Talk about a character mashup made in heaven: Cap & Mister Rogers put together is too much wholesome goodness for this world!

Momo Lisa:

Someone sent me this one on Instagram, since I had only a vague idea of who/what Momo was before this. I don't really recommend much Googling on it (yikes), but suffice to say it's a horror character. I also only have video for this one, but it's pretty great:

And finally, does an accidental pun count? Because originally I thought this was intentional and it made me SO DANG HAPPY:


(That's Will the Wise from Stranger Things on the left - Will's Dungeon Master persona.)

Later I found out these two had just met and were taking turns playing each other's games: D&D and Jeopardy. But seriously, fellas, you've gotta team up next year and combine the two, because I *NEED* Jeopar-D&D to be a thing! I mean, can you imagine? 

"I'll take Harry Potter for 400, please."

"You're late to Potions while Snape is giving a Pop Quiz. Snape has a passive perception of 18. Roll for stealth."


OK, gang, what'd I miss? If you spotted a punny costume at Dragon Con this year (and only from 2019, please!) then give me a link in the comments, so I can add it in! Also let me know if you recognize any of these cosplayers, so I can credit them.

And finally, if you want MORE punny cosplays, check out my roundup from last year! All but 3 are different from this year - and Chik-Fil-Leia and Hela-Kitty are still two of my favorites. I also have punny roundups from 2017 & 2016, and again, almost no repeats. (Oh man, I'd forgotten a lot of these: Sher-Loki? Bruce Banana-er? Bahaha!)


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  1. The Doctor Who is Diane Masters May (on FB at least)!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yup, That's me, Diane May. :-) (Who had to delete the last comment because I couldn't edit to correct bad spelling.)

  2. These are absolutely fantastic!!

  3. I saw a guy as Dragon Con and was a dragon dressed in a prison jumpsuit with a booking panel on it

  4. People are so creative! I love so many - Dav-Ross is hilarious, and Rambo Brite of course! And Stevie Wonder Woman! So great!

  5. Oh man, I saw pictures of Rebecca's Cap-punzel a dozen times on FOE, and this is the first time I noticed the Winter Smolder! ><

  6. The Sailor Moon scouts make me so ridiculously happy, you have no idea. Especially since the Sailor Jupiter one is wearing my family tartan, and the original Sailor Jupiter is my favorite. Just... Squee!

    1. I seriously need a sailor moon kilt pin like right now. Although my current one is a Leaf of Lorien and I gather that it'll be difficult to remove.

      (I'll see myself out)

  7. I just LOLed at work, loudly, when I saw Ruth Vader Ginsburg!! I love Stevie Wonder Woman and Mr. Steve Rogers too. This is one of my favorite annual posts you make. Thanks for all the happy, Jen!!

  8. Hello, I was French Peter Cris last year in French Kiss, and changed to a drastically different character this year, French Eric Singer. Eric wears same "cat man" makeup that Peter wore. We added French Ace Frehley this year. Please let me know a time we can meet you in 2020, after the parade, so you can get pic of all 4 of us. I do not see how to add a photo here, so I will follow you on Facebook.


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