Friday, September 13, 2019

The Punniest Cosplays of Dragon Con 2019

I always love a good mashup cosplay, but if there's a pun involved then I am over the moon. Lucky for me, Dragon Con is THE place for clever and groan-worthy costumes, so let's take a look at what 2019 had to offer.


(This is Rebecca Buress - a friend and FOE who helped organize the Epbot meetups!)

And she's in search of the Winter Smolder! Ha!

The Sailor Moon Scots:

The two red pom-poms were my first clue, then as I got closer I spotted the Sailor Moon symbols on their kilts and the ribbons on their shoulders.


That's Davros/Bob Ross, for those of you rusty on your Doctor Who villains. On the back he has a Bob Ross painting that reads, "A brother from another mother," and "Happy little accident."

And speaking of everyone's favorite Time Lord...

Doctor Who:

TARDIS scrubs and a scarf stethoscope! Love it!
(This is Diane, another FOE at our first meetup!)

Stevie Wonder Woman:

Photo by Dave Mattingly

[singing] "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she WONDER-full?"

Now a couple classics you might remember from my roundup last year:

French KISS:

What, no baguettes? ;)

Taco Belle:

 (Sorry I caught her in such terrible lighting!)

Dr. Stranger Things:

That Eggo shield, though. 

These next three were the biggest hits in my Stories:

Rambo Brite:

Ruth Vader Ginsburg:

The gavel lightsaber!!

Lisa Frankenstein & Lisa Frankenstein's Monster:

Check out the back of her labcoat:

Mister Steve Rogers:

Talk about a character mashup made in heaven: Cap & Mister Rogers put together is too much wholesome goodness for this world!

Momo Lisa:

Someone sent me this one on Instagram, since I had only a vague idea of who/what Momo was before this. I don't really recommend much Googling on it (yikes), but suffice to say it's a horror character. I also only have video for this one, but it's pretty great:

And finally, does an accidental pun count? Because originally I thought this was intentional and it made me SO DANG HAPPY:


(That's Will the Wise from Stranger Things on the left - Will's Dungeon Master persona.)

Later I found out these two had just met and were taking turns playing each other's games: D&D and Jeopardy. But seriously, fellas, you've gotta team up next year and combine the two, because I *NEED* Jeopar-D&D to be a thing! I mean, can you imagine? 

"I'll take Harry Potter for 400, please."

"You're late to Potions while Snape is giving a Pop Quiz. Snape has a passive perception of 18. Roll for stealth."


OK, gang, what'd I miss? If you spotted a punny costume at Dragon Con this year (and only from 2019, please!) then give me a link in the comments, so I can add it in! Also let me know if you recognize any of these cosplayers, so I can credit them.

And finally, if you want MORE punny cosplays, check out my roundup from last year! All but 3 are different from this year - and Chik-Fil-Leia and Hela-Kitty are still two of my favorites. I also have punny roundups from 2017 & 2016, and again, almost no repeats. (Oh man, I'd forgotten a lot of these: Sher-Loki? Bruce Banana-er? Bahaha!)


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  1. The Doctor Who is Diane Masters May (on FB at least)!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yup, That's me, Diane May. :-) (Who had to delete the last comment because I couldn't edit to correct bad spelling.)

  2. These are absolutely fantastic!!

  3. I saw a guy as Dragon Con and was a dragon dressed in a prison jumpsuit with a booking panel on it

  4. People are so creative! I love so many - Dav-Ross is hilarious, and Rambo Brite of course! And Stevie Wonder Woman! So great!


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