Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Back To Dragon Con! My Favorite Flash Portraits of 2019

MARTY! We've got to go back. 

Back... to Dragon Con.

I've been putting this off while I work on too many upcoming projects (Halloween is gonna be LIT, yo), but I finally finished all my flash edits from Dragon Con, which now seems like a million years ago. Going through these has me all excited again to show you my favorites, though, so buckle up.

First my only non-flash shot, for your last look at sunlight this post:

This is my friend Emily as Sarah from Labyrinth, in Sarah's rarely cosplayed cosplay dress! (From the first scene of the movie.)

  I wish I'd had flash for these to give them a little more oomph, but we weren't set up at the time. You can still see all the lovely details, though. Em made everything herself!

Now, let us turn to the dark side - or rather, the Dark Crystal side:

Aughra is wearing her outfit from the new Age of Resistance show on Netflix, and DANG. She looks like she stepped right off the screen! (Best quote from John: "Wait, she's a good guy? AND STILL THAT CREEPY LOOKING?" Ha!)

A stunning Storm:

And a spot-on Grandmaster & Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnorak:

 With his melt stick!

Officer Dangle from Reno:911 cracked me up with his action pose:


I'm all about Rose's giant hair in Steven Universe, and this cosplayer nailed it:

 So, so pretty.


Dragon Con brings out the most obscure cosplay of any convention, part of what makes it so fun. You'll go from seeing the animated DNA chain from Jurassic Park:
 (This cosplay was MADE for black-out flash.)

... to Princess Diana in her wedding gown!

Since Dragon Con is an older crowd it also has the most throw-backs to classic fandoms, so you get a nostalgia buzz pretty much everywhere you look:

Adam & Barbara from Beetlejuice!

 And here's the good witch Glinda from Wizard of Oz:

 Now on to newer characters with Deadpool & Domino:

Plus a Detective Pikachu cameo for the Ryan Reynolds connection, ha.

My favorite non-pun mashup of the weekend:


Ursula Doc Oc! GENIUS. Seriously, I'm in awe. Plus her makeup is sooooo goooood.

A better look at the full costume:

The photo didn't turn out how I hoped, but at least you can see how amazing this is!

This Darth Maul was body-painted head to toe, and it was flawless:

 Seriously, is that black design laser-cut somehow? The lines are razor sharp!

Because everyone loves a good meme cosplay:


The addition of the alien-print boxers is a hilarious extra touch. :D

Beautiful Shuri from Black Panther:

 And this guy ended up looking like a painting! I love it when that happens:

He looks like a World of Warcraft orc, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?

[Update: I was close! This is Vol'jin, a WoW troll, not an orc. Thx, commenters!)

Spider-Man and an excellent Hobgoblin:

I can't tell if that's a full mask or separate prosthetics, but either way: BRAVO.

 Another fantastic Valkyrie, this time in her actual uniform:

True Story: I took this next photo for the amazingly sparkly headdress, and didn't realize we caught someone in the background with our flash 'til I started editing.

Now, normally I paint out any distracting people in the background, but I figured, just this once...

... you guys might forgive me. 


(Look at her face. She totally knows he's back there.)

(John: "Uh, yeah, it's be a CRIME to hide that guy. C'mon, now.")

Here's a sweet twist on Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas:

 I love her yarn hair, it really adds to the ragdoll look with her patchwork dress. 

(Suddenly I want to see a Sally/Raggedy Ann mashup. Think anyone would get it?)

There may come a day when I tire of seeing people dress up as the three warrior dudes from Mulan in Geisha garb... BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.

The only thing missing is the armload of fruit shoved down the bosoms. Ha!

Ohh, here's another stunner: Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls!

I don't often do side-by-sides anymore, but I have to show you this in case you don't know the character:

THIS is Mojo Jojo. The way the cosplayer interpreted this 2D character is simply STUNNING. 

And speaking of stunning, let's end here (for now) with a shot of one of my favorite cosplayers in her glamorous Loki gown:


I've split this final batch in two, so if you're sad this post is over, don't worry: I still have one more Dragon Con post coming up!

And if you're sick of cosplay photos, don't worry: I only have one more Dragon Con post coming up!


I have some other things to post in between, so watch for that final batch to pop up unexpectedly some time in the next 2 weeks or so.

Cosplayers, as always, feel free to download my photo(s) of you to share! And be sure to comment below with your account if you'd like me to tag you here in the post.


P.S. I saw a photo this week of a girl wearing Loki horns with everyday clothes and a t-shirt that read "Low-Key," which is brilliant, and then I realized you COULD have your shirt say "Low-Key Halloween Costume" and basically win Halloween with minimal effort.

Look, I even found a pretty Loki horns headband for it!

The reviews say it's solid metal and top heavy, so you'd have to add foam or clips or something to keep them from sliding forward. Other than that, though, perfect Halloween costume, right?



  1. The Warcraft one is a troll, not an orc. Trolls have the long tusks and blue skin.

  2. The "low key" / Loki reference is also from American Gods (Neil Gaiman)... Which makes that a very impressive reference/mashup

    1. I was just going to say this! Glad to see another comment called out this reference. :D

  3. The Dangle outfit cracked me up. One year for Halloween my boyfriend (at the time) dressed up as him and one of my friends dressed as a "sexy sheriff." Hilarity ensued.

  4. Dang. I've already purchased all the components of my Black Widow costume, but I am super tempted to do a low key Halloween costume now...

    We are dressing as Avengers as a family.

  5. OMG the DNA cartoon XD and also, who is the nekkid guy supposed to be?

    1. The *mostly* nekkid guy is one of the Spartans. There's always a huge group of them around - we have a clip of them all together in one of our videos.

  6. The blue WoW guy is actually Vol'jin, leader of the trolls and (late) Warchief of the Horde. And he looks AMAZING :D

  7. I'm actually glad that you did Sarah in the natural light. It's a gorgeous setting and the soft light is just perfect.

  8. At first I thought that was Kida, not Storm. 😁 All amazing costuming. 😍

  9. So, I did the thing...

  10. MOjo Jojo!! He looks amazing...

    Thanks for sharing these pics!

  11. Lovely photos of lovely costumes! Never too many convention photos, especially from you two! So many cool costumes, DragonCon is on my 'maybe someday' list of conventions to travel to. Till then I'm happy to see your coverage of it, here and on IG and YT.

  12. Is it wrong to say that Darth Maul never looked so good?

  13. Hey, one thing's confusing the hell ouf of me: geishas are a part of Japanese tradition, not Chinese, and Mulan is based on a Chinese story, so... anyone know how they would be called?


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