Friday, September 14, 2018

The 15+ Punniest Cosplays of Dragon Con 2018

At most conventions you're lucky to see 2 or 3 punny mashup costumes, but Dragon Con? Dragon Con goes all out. Every year I keep an eye out for these groan-inducing beauties, so here's the best of what I've found (so far!) this year:

 Dragon Con:

Give it a minute.


She also had a wand; you can see her waving it about menacingly in our Sunday video.


(Photo by Smoove Cosplaya)

The hamburger bun buns!


(photo by Elizabeth Wilson)

Mister Steve Rogers

I wasn't sure until the puppet came out, then I was all, "YAAAASSS!" And please note he has Thor's hammer, which he told us he was just holding on to until "that nice young man" could come and reclaim it.

These two were at our first FOE meetup at Dragon Con, btw - more proof that Epbot readers are THE coolest. (Plus Wonder Woman is the Elizabeth who sent me Gand-ALF's photo!)

Wonder Bread Woman:

I honestly love this design; most puns are just funny, but this one is pretty, too!

Immortan Joe DiMaggio

He told us we were the first people to get it. C'mon, geeks, put those pun-glasses on!

Doctor Stranger Things:

 (Photo by js8n)

That giant Eggo shield is everything.

Hela Kitty


That bow! :D :D :D

The Flash:

"Vegan" from Walking Dead:

I know I just posted this in my Bunny Hutch roundup, but I didn't realize it was a pun at the time! Ha! The barbed wire carrot is perfection.

French KISS
Ooh la la.

Lord Tony Stark:
 (photo by LadyMakeupSiren)

I don't know Game of Thrones well enough to say if T'Challa there is a pun, too - he could just be a Black Panther GoT mashup. Anyone know for sure?

Halo Gremlin:

There's a vehicle in Halo called a Gremlin. 'Nuff said.
Taco Belle

I actually spotted TWO Taco Belles this year; the other one had a giant taco hat.

And finally, this last one gets an honorable mention, since I'm not sure if they were really going for a pun:


You know, instead of Hellgirl? And she's with... Ariel Sapien? OK, Ariel's definitely not a pun - but still a fun mashup!

So tell me, Dragon Con peeps, who did I miss? If you have a photo of a pun costume from this year's Dragon Con, link to it in the comments so I can add it in! And if you'd like to see all my finds from last year, check out my 20 Punniest Costumes of Dragon Con 2017 - most of them are completely different puns. :)


  1. I saw the taco-hat Taco Belle, but not this one! Chick-fil-Leia slays me.

  2. OMG, sooooooo many bonus points to Mister Steve Rogers!! <3

  3. Lord Tony Stark's friends are members of the Night's Watch a.k.a. the Black Brothers - so I'm thinking Black Panther Brother and maybe Jack Black Brother?

  4. I really want to know what the story was for the person in a red shirt and apron with a computer monitor on their head in the background of the Gremlin pic!

    1. robot from furi kuri (fooly cooly or something like that) maybe? It's a rather unique anime with a pretty good soundtrack.

    2. Might also be a reference to the Robot Royals from Saga, they all have TVs for heads as well.

    3. i vote for it being an FLCL (Fooly Cooly) cosplay (or something else entirely), but I just discovered and binge read Saga in its entirety the other day and it was amazing (surprisingly adult/explicit scenes at times imo but still really enjoyed it)

  5. We saw a "Weeping Belle" as in the Pokemon "weepinbell" whose yellow dress was the pokemon's body, and she had a bellsprout (which evolves into a weepingbell) in a cloche in lieu of the rose, but I sadly didn't get a picture.

  6. Mister Steve Rogers! Hela Kitty! Taco Belle! Chick-fil-Leia! (Kermet flails in between each name)

  7. Perhaps the Hellgirl/Belle is Hell's Belle?

  8. I adore them all! Especially the Fred Rogers and Hella Kitty. I also hope Joe DiMaggio can find this and know how many people are appreciating his puny humor! I love it!

  9. Ariel Sapien could be a sott of pun, given that she wanted to be a human, Homo Sapien...

  10. All of these are great puns, but gotta say Mr. Steve Rogers is my absolute fave. Vegan is my second fave.

  11. These are so great. Mr. Steve Rogers is my favorite, but the french kiss is a very close second.

  12. Mister Steve Rogers! We talked to you at the meetup and I totally spaced on the pun!! I got it afterwards though! Well done! (I was Rita Repulsa!)

  13. Jen! Have you seen this lovely twitter thread about artists selling at cons? It was a spot of happiness and integrity on my commute today. Also her stuff looks super cute!

  14. The buns! Oh my gosh, the buns! :D And the Dragon Con? Love it.

  15. These are amazing! I'm getting so much costume inspiration from Wonder Woman Bread and Mister Steve Rogers. Awesome photos!

  16. LOL! Terrible and terribly creative!

  17. Thanks very much for including French Kiss in this prestigious group! We had so much with it at the Con this year, we are bringing it back for next Con2019, and we already have Ace Frehley back in the band!


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