Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The 10 Punniest Cosplays Of Dragon Con 2016

The next time you see a crazy mashup costume, think fast: you could be looking at an epic geek pun.

In fact, here are the 10 punniest cosplay mashups I've found from this year's Dragon Con; a mix of my own pics plus several more I found combing through galleries online.

1. Piggy Stardust
 Cosplayer: Amanda Ayer


Three Kermit Flails for an epic Bowie/Muppets mashup!

2: The Purple Rain-ger
Cosplayer: Billy Light of Deconstructive Studios 

That's Prince plus Power Rangers, everybody.
And please note the hair on the helmet, for it is glorious.

3. Lisa Frank-lin 
Lisa Frank + Benjamin Franklin = the most colorful Founding Father?

4.  Gand-ALF 
Photo by td2timemvp

Your cats shall not pass.

5. Beaker Gone Rogue!

Photo by David Ngo

This cannot be unseen. Bahaha!

6. Sher-Loki

Complete with a magnifying glass in her staff. YES.


"I am Sher-Loki, and I am burdened with glorious game - which is AFOOT."

7. Rey Stantz
Photo by Joe Ricciardelli


8. Peter Porker

Photo by David Ngo

Ermergersh, who knew a Spider-Pig could be this cute?

9. Wierd Al Dalek, aka WierDALEK:

This photo is actually from 3 years ago, but I *think* this guy was there again this year. Either way, LURVE IT.

10. Jon Snow White

Photo by Celsaga

He knows nothing of poisoned apples.


(Thanks for the tips, commenters!)

11. Ruth Vader Ginsburg:

Photo by allistelling

"I've got a hilarious feeling about this."

Also, to whoever this is: I love you.

12: Elsaba (Elsa + Elphaba) and Glindanna:

They're letting it go to defy gravity.

So what'd I miss, gang? If you know of any other punny cosplay from this year's Dragon Con, then please, link me up in the comments!


  1. PURPLE RAIN-GER! I need this cosplay so much in my life! 💕

  2. Love them all, buy Piggy Stardust and Gand-Alf are killing me! Can't stop giggling!

  3. WeirDalek! NEVER would I have thought of those two together, that guy's a genius!

  4. Purple Rainger makes me so happy!

  5. I'm rolling. Those are some great pun cosplays. Purple Rainger may be my fave.

  6. Actually, the Peter Porker isn't so much a pun as it is a real Marvel character. Oh, the '80s.. That's Spider-Ham - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Ham

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  8. Spit my coffee at Gand-ALF! And the cats "quotation".

  9. Some people are so clever! Love it!! Great imaginations made great costumes!


  10. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite... But I think I gotta go with Piggy Stardust. Because it's Ms. Piggy!

    And Anonymous is correct - I remember that comic book series, Peter Porker. . :)

  11. I laughed way too hard at Gand-ALF. Seriously, tears rolling down my face.

  12. Maybe not a pun because they are from the "same" universe, but I got a picture with Barf Vader!

  13. spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does...

  14. Beaker gone Rogue might give me nightmares. Disturbing Marvel/Muppet mash-up nightmares.

  15. I saw an Elsaphaba (Elsa + Elphaba) at D*C this year. Wish I had a picture - I thought it was really clever.

  16. Sorry if someone else already posted this and I missed it, but Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider Ham is both a pun and an existing character. He was created as a Spider Man parody, and I think his comic was published by Star.

  17. I also saw Elsphaba, at Chicago's C2E2! And I did not get a picture either. :-/ I wonder if it was the same person.

  18. Amazingly, Spider-Pig is an actual comic book character! He is most seen in Marvel's Web Warriors comic, and is cartoonishly awesome.

  19. Loki Holmes was really stressing me out until I read the caption.

  20. My fave was the Ruth Vader Ginsburg we saw, but Rey Stanz and the Purple Rainger are right behind her.

  21. Holy Hannah this made my night!

  22. Somewhere recently I saw a picture of someone cosplaying Freddie Sailor Mercury....

    1. Hee, that was here! I spotted him at one of our last local cons here in Florida.

  23. Hahahahahaha!!!! PUNS!!!! I love puns!!
    Thank you Jen. Those were great.
    Maureen S

  24. I shared that Purple Rainger picture on Facebook when it was going around. A friend commented that he saw him there and that he had a purple boombox playing Prince as well.

  25. My best friend and I were Civil War: Civil War -Captain American and Iron Man as Civil War era ballgowns :D I was so sad I never ran into you while we were in them! We were in the Vintage Vogue fashion show. I will never come up with a better pun than that :)

    Here's a picture! I'm Cap:

  26. Not a mashup, but one of my favorite visual pun costumes from a local con... a few years ago I saw a guy wearing a big sandwich board with the table of elements chart square for iron. He was... Iron Man.

  27. It was my first time trying to be punny. I was a Southern Belle (from Beauty and the Beast!)

    Luckily everyone loved it!


  28. For the record, I did WeirDALek at Dragon Con for 3 years: 2012 (sans DalACcordion, since I didn't have time to finish it), '13 and '14. I retired the costume after getting the DalACcordion autographed by The Weird One himself after a concert in '15. I still cosplay plain ol' Weird Al, mostly out of laziness.


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