Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Wrecky Week

Most of you know my "day job" is my other blog, Cake Wrecks. (Well, ok, now all of you know.) I created Epbot as a kind of pressure valve for CW; it's where I come to blow off steam. I quickly learned that I didn't need to talk about my stress to relieve it, though; writing about fun things other than cake, and interacting with those of you who share so many common interests, was really all I needed.

Still, sometimes I hear from one or two of you asking about my day job, either for advice on how to grow your own blog, or just for an insider's peek at what it's like to write for 80,000+ people a day.

Advice could easily fill a book, but I can answer the latter in four words:

Sometimes it really sucks.

Granted, there are a lot of caveats to that. Obviously it doesn't always suck. Sometimes it's amazingly wonderful. Sometimes I can sit back, look at the next day's post, and feel a small spark of pride over that one particular punch line that I just *know* is funny.

Then the post goes up, and - sometimes - everyone gets mad at me.

Hey, it goes with the territory, I know. Frankly, if you're writing online and NOT ticking off someone, you're probably not doing your job right. And to be fair, we usually get very, very, VERY little criticism. So if half a dozen people are reading us the riot act at once, it can feel like our own personal Dooms Day. Rational? Of course not. Human? I like to think so.

Every person I talk to about CW always asks, "Do you get a lot of bakers mad at you?" The answer is we really don't. In the history of the blog we've had less than a dozen bakers ask us to remove a photo. Considering that we have well over 5,000 photos posted, those aren't bad odds!

What no one expects - and certainly, what *I* never expected - is that you get far more flak from readers for joking around about, well, anything. Over the years I've learned to self-censor pretty well, but we still get knocked on our tuckuses once in a while over, say, claiming that a certain kind of dessert is a deep-fried donut. When it's NOT. [twitch]

And rather than dying down, sometimes these ridiculous "controversies" only escalate further with time. Arguments between readers break out. Lectures on "cultural sensitivity" are given. Tweets of deep "disappointment" are written, and curt, "Unfollowing" comments are left.

All this, over cake.

So, yeah: sometimes it sucks.

Again, it happens. You have to take the bad with the good, and try to keep in mind that 99.5% of readers are *not* offended, and that many of the remaining .5% are just plain loony. In fact, for every "controversy" we've ever had, we've always gained readers in the long run.

However, let's say you're having a particularly rough Monday. The kind of Monday where your new accountant calls up and tells you that your *old* accountant has been royally messing up your taxes and payroll, so much so that it's likely you now owe the government a sum roughly equivalent to half of your home's purchase price.

Then let's say an hour later the sweet college girl you pay for monthly house-cleaning gets mad and quits when you ask her not to bring her unemployed boyfriend along to "help."

Now, reeling from dramas big and small, you log on to moderate comments on a nice, safe, easy King Cake post. And you get lectured. Yelled at. Accused of who-knows-what. There are even e-mails, earnestly explaining baking techniques, traditions, and why someone as ignorant as yourself should not be writing a blog.

This was not me I'm talking about, by the way: it was John. He's the one who handles everything in the morning, because, frankly, I've learned that if I work until 4AM and sleep 'til noon, I get to skip any surprise morning ambushes. And after that triple-whammy, I'm kind of impressed John didn't post a big blinking "EFF YOU ALL VERY MUCH" on CW and shut the whole thing down then and there.

Instead, he woke me up.

And let's just say that this time *I* wasn't the one throwing dining room chairs around.

I like to look for humor in horror, so to speak, so Monday night I wrote a post that honestly made me giggle. After three years, those kinds of posts don't happen too often, so I cherish them when they do.

Needless to say, the reaction to Tuesday's post was even worse.

Adding to that, Tuesday afternoon we had an hour-long conference call with our accountants, which involved a lot of incredulous "And who advised you to do THAT?" on their part, and a lot of shell-shocked, confused silence on ours.

Tuesday night, John showed me this insanely hilarious King Cake photo which had just been submitted. I looked at him and said, "No. We can't. We just...CAN'T." Then I looked at the cake again, and knew we'd never be able to post it any other time, and that we really needed more posts for that week, and I thought, 'How much worse can it get?' And I wrote the post, and I went to bed.

By the time I emerged from the bedroom Wednesday, comments were already shut down. John was gone. Julianne, my friend and part-time helper, emerged from the office wide-eyed to explain that he'd taken comments off-line after only two hours.

"Well, that's a record," I said. Then I logged off of Twitter, shut down e-mail, and went and read a book.

That afternoon I had a doctor's appointment, because over the weekend I'd had a relapse of my health problem. (Which I feel kind of bad blaming all on that poor corset.) It was my first relapse in nearly two months: another record. I'd been starting to think I was cured. I'd even been writing (and deleting, and writing again) posts about it for here on Epbot, so I could share with you all how amazing I've been feeling, and how wonderful life has been, and how excited I was to face the future again.

But the badness came back. Perhaps as a hefty dose of foreshadowing, too, since it brought with it a pretty bad week.

Still, it could always be worse. We get a surprising amount of fan mail for a goofy cake blog, and there were a few encouraging e-mails this week about the King Cake fiasco in particular. Lots of 'LOL's and "Don't ever stop!"s and such. This was one of the weeks when those e-mails really made a difference. (Of course, most readers had no idea a problem even existed, since most readers [wisely] never venture into the comments.)

We've increased my treatments back up to once a week, since my relapse occurred during our first attempt at spacing them out to two weeks. I still don't feel as well as I did 8 days ago, but I have hope that I may again soon. (And when that time comes, I look forward to telling you guys all about it.)

I tend to clean when I'm stressed, so having the cleaner quit gave me something nice and physical to do. There's nothing like scrubbing bathroom floors on your hands and knees to give you a fresh bit of perspective over some stranger online calling you a misogynist.

And, at the end of the day, if we do owe the government half the amount of what our house cost, then I guess we'll get through that, too. It won't be easy, but it could always be worse.

At the very least, I might not have you guys, or this blog.

Thanks for being my pressure valve, all.

[Note: After writing this post I spent some time catching up on the current disaster in Japan, and was reminded yet again how petty my problems really are. It also reminded me that helping others is often the best way to lift yourself out of a funk, so if that's you, too, click here for a list of ways you can help the Japanese people.]


  1. Just so you know, I thought all the king cake stuff was hilarious. I am sorry about all the internet trolls that made you feel so bad. I don't usually comment...I like to read and go. I am one of the silent many!

  2. Don't fret about the CW post, Jen. People need to get over themselves. That was the funniest post I've seen yet and I look forward to more in the future (no pressure, right?).

    Hope you are able to get your health back on track. And may the IRS officials be sucked into a black hole this week. Bless them.

  3. Jen and John and co., I love you and I love Cakewrecks and Epbot, and even though you have no idea who I am, I think that I have the right to give you a digital hug.

  4. I hate it when I have those weeks where nothing goes right! So, in hopes that this will bright both of y'all's day little: 1. I really enjoyed all three king's cake posts and 2. here's a big hug and thanks for both of you from me!

  5. Man, why do people gotta be so mean? For the record, I LOVED your king cake posts. And how could a blog called Cake Wrecks NOT post that one last king cake pic? Whoo-boy.

    I hope this week is better than the last. In all regards.

    -long time reader, infrequent commenter.

  6. Jenn,

    I'm so sorry you had such an awful week. I follow both of your blogs and found all of the king cake posts hilarious. Some people are just too sensitive over certain subjects.
    I hope that this week is better. In fact, I know it will be.

    Wishing only the very, very best,

  7. I looked at him and said, "No. We can't. We just...CAN'T."

    Well, I have to say that:
    a) I'm really glad you did cause it was the funniest thing I'd seen in days.
    b) I'm really glad you talked about it here and posted the link back to it because I clicked and then laughed a Mythbusters about to blow shit up Jamie laugh.
    c) I really needed that laugh since the multiple Japanese situations are extremely personal to me and the volcano today was kind of the last straw and I was wondering if my half-bottle of rum would be enough to get me through the night or if I should go buy more alcohol before I started drinking.
    d) Now, I can't stop giggling. It's a vast improvement of my mood.

    *hugs and gratitude to you*

  8. Jen (or Gen), I don't often comment, but I have to this time in order to make sure you are reminded that you are awesome! I don't know you in person, but I followed you to EPBOT from CW because I love how your friendly personality shines in your writing, philanthropy, and girl-geekness. Life certainly does get tough sometimes, but when it does for me I know I can come to great blogs like yours and enjoy some of the fun you have through your posts. Please keep your chin up and I hope your challenges go away quickly. Thank you for your honesty and humor at EPBOT!

  9. Aw! So sorry to hear about your troubles. It's probably not much consolation right now, but the government is not likely to saw off half your house and run off with it... they are willing to work with you if you do end up owing money. I've known people who had that happen and got through it. You will be OK. And that highly questionable cake was one of my favorites! Please don't stop because of the 0.5% of loopy readers, because the rest of us love what you do!

  10. Aww, Jen, sorry to hear you've had such a bad week. For what it's worth, I thought the King Cakes were great and had me laughing out loud (right down to the last image - priceless). If you want to offend EVERYONE you'll have to work harder - I totally appreciate your efforts at CakeWrecks and am still geeking out over your penny desk. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. I'm so sorry for everything that's been going on in your personal life this week & you don't deserve any of the flack you're getting on the blog either. I don't know if you realize quite the impact you've made on peoples' lives. I've been really sick over the past 2 years and your blogs are some of the few things that can make me smile. You are so loved ((hugs))

  12. You are awesome, keep doing what your doing because BOTH your blogs make me laugh/smile every day! People are crazy and way to uptight and more people need to find the funny in everyday things like you and your lil crew can! Thanks for all the awesome! Keep up the good work!

  13. I'm a long time reader who rarely, if ever comments on your CW blog. Love the blog, bought the book, but not a much of a commenter.

    That said, anyone who gets their undies in a wad over cake humor needs to increase their daily dose of sunshine. *hugs*

  14. I did wonder why you didn't just post a (Yes, we know King Cakes aren't fried. We're being funny. This is a humor blog, remember?) disclaimer on that first post and then let it all slide. I mean, you've done that sort of thing on other posts when people were bothered by factual errors. And when I read that post, I did get the impression that you didn't actually have any clue what a king cake was, and I probably would have posted a little, 'by the way, King Cake isn't fried and is actually very tasty/fun, though ugly' comment if I'd had time that morning.

    But now that I've heard what ELSE was going on I get why you guys were less than your usual easy-going selves. Just remember that all the people in your comments box also have crappy days/oversensitive sometimes and that I guess we all just need to cut each other some slack.

  15. I am writing this from my lounge in Christchurch, New Zealand, where my window is boarded up because it smashed during a devastating earthquake not quite 3 weeks ago. I love both of your blogs, I was so pleased when you started EPBOT and have shown it to a number of friends who love it. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that sure there are some horrible things going on at the moment but the things that are making you feel down are just yours, you don't have lots of other people to turn to who are going through the same thing. One of the first things I did when I got power back was check my reader, searching through for your posts because they make me smile. Keep it up!


  16. Aww, Jen, holy cow. I'm one of the above-mentioned "never ventures into the comments" people, and I had no idea it got so rough. I'm glad you have this place to release pressure, and I appreciate the honest look into the behind-the-scenes issues of having an uber-popular blog.

    Take care of yourself. I look forward to hearing that you feel GREAT!

  17. *Hugs*
    I loved you when I thought you were just funny. Then I found out you were geeky and crafty too. Know that you have some readers out here that really appreciate you!

  18. You can't please all of the people all of the time, or even some of the people some of the time. It's always amazing to me how heavily, emotionally invested readers find themselves in what they read online, and how much projection they do onto what they read. Putting yourself out there on the internet in any way, shape, or form is a brave thing, as there is always someone waiting to tell you how insensitive/ignorant/uninformed/etc you must be. I am a huge fan of your posts on both blogs, and while I usually do my best to steer clear of the comments, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts.

  19. As someone who has lived in southeast Louisiana for 85% of her life, I will tell you that I thought the King Cake wrecks were hilarious. I know the King Cake is an honored tradition, steeped in symbolism and history, but when it all boils down it's still a donut-shaped pastry with a plastic baby inside (hey, it *used* to be a bean), topped with more violently colored sugar sprinkles than is healthy or necessary. Now, I have had some absolutely delicious King Cakes, but I have also seen some horrific monsters lurking on the clearance rack at chain grocery stores.
    I guess my point is that anyone who can laugh at something until it becomes, well, close to home is a stodgy hypocrite. I found the King Cake posts to be all the more humorous because I am exceedingly familiar with the pastry. In fact, before this year I usually found myself wondering during Mardi Gras season if this year would be the year that you featured some King Cakes, so I was immensely pleased to find posts about them this week.
    Keep up the good work, and don't let those who take things personally get you down. And I hope your health improves.

  20. You and John are two of the funniest people on the interwebs. If the pearl clutchers and clenchers can't see that, I say @#$% 'em.

    I hope things turn out ok with your tax problems and that your health improves.


  21. I'm sorry you had a wrecky week. Just know that you are very well loved (from afar, not in a stalkery way...) and even when that .5% of looneys are attacking, the rest of us are behind you all the way! I've not read the comments at CW in ages, so I missed the drama. But I think the posts were hilarious.

    So sorry about the other issues as well. ((HUGS))

  22. Jen we love you. And your amazing husband. I honestly dont know how you guys made it thru with all the stupidity of last week. I almost had a blood vessel burst and I had to not visit cakewrecks for like 3 days cause I couldnt believe how upset people were getting. Seriously, i was getting anxiety even thinking about going to the site and reading the comments. Im sorry about your health, and Im praying for you and hoping you get better. Seriously though, your book and website have been on tv, in print, on the radio. You guys are amazing.


  23. Yuck, hateful trolls. It's like they truly expect you (general you) to live and die by what was seen on a funny cake blog. And woe to unto you (specifically, *you*) if you get anything different than their expectations. Cause, you know, that would be WRONG. *ish*
    You, however, get the last laugh (at least I hope you do) because they come to YOU for all the funny in their lives! (even if they're having an un-funny day!)

  24. I rarely venture into, and even more rarely leave, comments but I feel the need to say that anyone that gets that upset over CAKE needs to take a long hard look at themselves! It's CAKE people! As an amateur decorator (and occasional wreckorator) I love CW and have shared it with many, many people (including several professional decorators, who LOVE it!) and I ADORE Epbot. Us geeky girls have to stick together. ;)

    **having a hard time not making a joke w/ my WV--dicalou** ;););)

  25. I am so sorry to hear that you got so much flak over the king cake posts. (I thought the last king cake post was Hilarious. Even before I read your comments I was thinking "dear god, did no one in the bakery notice?"). And I'm sorry that that came during a particularly craptastic week for you.

    I've had 2 of my other favorite bloggers give it up because they got so tired of all the horrible emails and comments. I'd hate to lose Cake Wrecks, too. (Hopefully you will never have a reason to stop writing Epbot.)

    I hope the treatments kick in and you feel better soon. And that you get better, again.

    (ps. you may get this twice. blogger had a little hiccup. my apologies if you do.)

  26. I have been your fan for what feels like FOREVER now. I LOVE Cakewrecks. I LOVE Epbot. I have talks with my friends on our own blogs about how cool you guys are and how we want to take a trip to Disney and invite you guys to come with us. (You'd come, right? That wouldn't be weird at all, right?? Okay, maybe a little...)

    Anyway, just add me to your list of fans who has never been offended and finds everything you do as awesome. Even when I don't get it (I'm not nearly as geeky cool as you!), I still love it all.

    Keep up the good work. And take care of yourself. I need you well for my family trip to Orlando. I just know we'll have SO much fun together. ;)

  27. Sorry about all of the trouble. I know how weeks like that go... all too well.

    As for the King cake. Good grief. People need to get over it. Half the population has parts that look similar and a lot of the other half is trying hard to see those parts. So what is the big deal?? And if it is kids we are worried about, 1 kids normally wouldn't get that and besides all kids, of both genders, need to learn about the anatomy of each gender. Some people are just too nutty.

  28. both your blogs are great. i almost never comment, but now seems like the right time. you do an amazing job on a regular basis. i have never been disappointed. ever. so eff all those bitchers. you rock!

  29. The King Cake posts were definitely hilarious and some people need to learn some basic manners. It never ceases to amaze me how many people take the "anonymity" of the internet as a free pass to be jerkwads.

    You guys rock! Epbot and CW are two of my all time favorite blogs and I share them with a zealots passion LOL! Don't let the haters get you down. It's sad they have nothing better to do than insult and/or demean something intended to bring joy and humor into folks lives.

    Also, the final King Cake post was EPIC! My husband had to do a double take on my screen when I started choking with laughter. Seriously, good stuff!

  30. So sorry you health problems have been flaring up, and I sincerely hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I also wanted to say I thought the King Cakes were hilarious, and I loved the response from you guys. It was amazing. Thank you.

  31. Jen,
    It is truly sad that people are so quick to judge and so slow to humor in this case. As someone who's career is a constant "you're amazing/you suck" (I'm a singer/dancer/actor) I know how hard it is not to take negativity directed at you personally. Just remember. You have one fantastically awesome book, another on the way, and not one, but TWO hugely awesome blogs. You use your powers for good at Christmas by encouraging donations to a variety of worthy organizations. On top of that, when we, the masses, are having a week like you did, you give us a few moments of laughter and joy. And let's not forget your fabulously awesome championing of Katie!! You are a girl geek role model of the highest order!!

  32. Poor Jenn and John!!

    Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to follow suit?? Ugh. No fun and no fair!!!

    If you can step back and look, though, for every MeanietheUglyTroll comment you got, you had 50 people who thought it was hilarious, and truly got it.

    That, and the fact that you actually post the comments from your trolls shows what kind of a fabulous blog you guys do.

    Now, go eat something deep fried, and mail a King Cake to your former accountant and to the IRS guys that are bugging you.

  33. Just another (generally-silent) follower with the same message: sending love your way!

    it may be obvious, but all the same, I will say it: trolls have ugly faces and bad breath and no amount of cake can cure it!

  34. From another of the usually silent, thanks for posting the last king cake image. LMBO over it!

    Sorry about all of your troubles! Hope things work out for you.

  35. I love your blogs -- both of 'em -- and I appreciate the daily giggles. I'm usually a lurker, but sometimes a girl has to pop in to say thanks. :) I even got off the ipod and on the "real" computer to do so. ;) hee hee.

  36. I second Katalina's comments. Love you guys!

  37. What a sucky-suckipants week you've had, Lady.

    Thank goodness you ended on a visual geek joke - I would have had to flounce from lack of geeky content otherwise!

    (Not really. Also - I can hex your old accountants if you want... Just sayin')

  38. Jen, first of all, get well soon. Take care of yourself first (and John) everything will work itself out. None of those people who left terrible comments know you and accordingly, nothing that they can say can change who or what you are. You are an amazingly talented, wonderful person. Stay that way!! With Love, Carrie

  39. Oh, golly - I don't usually read the comments, but now I want to!

    That last, er, "King Cake" did leave me giggling helplessly.

    I do love you!

  40. I am one of those you mentioned who avoid the comments section altogether. I love your humor and I don't need to hear from the trolls. Your blogs are always a bright spot in my day. Thanks!

  41. Those King Cakes were hilarious! Cajuns seem to take themselves a bit too seriously, which is surprising, IMHO.

    Sorry to hear your health problems have flared back up. I hope you get control of them quickly.

    You do a great job on both blogs, which is pretty incredible, considering most people only do an okay job with one.

  42. My family thought that the King cake posts were funny too. I even went out and looked up what they were *supposed* to look like and what the tradition was, so I learned a little bit. Because I have enough sense to know that a humor cake WRECKS blog is not the place to get a factual lesson on social traditions. It's where one makes fun of such things :) Not like any other holiday has been left untouched! I'm sorry that *some* people didn't see the humor in it and that those people were so loud about it.

    My girls ask every day if they can see your blog. They know that sometimes they can't, and that's ok. It's so much fun to look each day! We really enjoy the Sunday sweets too.

    HUGS to you all at CW. I hope that this next week goes better!

    I love Epbot too! You are definitely my kind of people :)

  43. WE LOVE YOU JEN! Keep posting, please! Never give up!

  44. Hello! I have been reading both your blogs for a while (and saw you on tour, you are both so great!) and am not a person who comments; but I had to add my two cents about not letting the crazy people get you down! There are so many of us that really love and enjoy your blogs, we just aren't crazy trolls so maybe you don't hear from us as loudly. But we are here!

  45. That King Cake post nearly killed me. I laughed so hard I started doing that laugh where no sound comes out, just a faint wheezing noise. I had to call my husband in from the other room to see it and his response was "WTF!?" except he used the actual words.

    What you said about some people not reading the comments is true in my case; I had no idea you were getting such negative responses. For the record I have never less than LOVED each and every post on both CW and Epbot, and I recommend them to my friends all the time.

    Keep your chin up, girl! For every hater that sends to a crap-filled email, there are hundreds more that love what you're doing.

  46. I swear it must be in the air! Had a nicely craptastic week, (going on month) myself, and really, the few smiles I got to have this week were from reading CW! While my computer was down, I had to use a dinky netbook, so wasn't online as much as usual, but reading your posts was one of the first things I did do. (: I have to agree with all, take a deep breath and when you get a mean post, delete it while repeating to yourself, "It's EFFIN' *CAKE* people, get a life!"
    Feel better sweetie, you're much more loved than not.
    And heck, I'll make the joke... wv; moutch~ when your mouth overrides your brains' desperate desire to shut up.

  47. I comment on CW a out once a week, but I'm also one of the first to read it (yes, I have an internal alarm that tells me it's time to check the CW blog), so I didn't see how ugly it got. It makes me sad that people can be so petty. I love CW and Epbot, and recommend both often. Hang in there - you are loved!

  48. I rarely ever comment because my work filter has deemed your blog process evil or something but I want you to know that I found Cake Wrecks and it was just what I needed at the time. It makes me smile at a totally crappy job. And then you opened Epbot and I felt the geek girl love and look forward to what you'll share next. Let the stupid people leave because the silent majority thinks your amazing. Just wanted to let you know that after your horrible week.

  49. It's rare that I take a look at the comments and I'm so glad I didn't this week. You all are so gifted at what you do and yours is the first thing I check each day! I LOVE your humor! Don't let those critics get you down. Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you!! Jen, I hope you're feeling better soon. Here's a hug from CA.

  50. I hope this Blogger Bus o' Love barrels right over all those trolls - it's a free country and they don't have to look if they're so easily offended. In fact, shouldn't we just ban them from the intarnetz for their own safety?...

    Keep looking at the bright side, and know it will all work out for you and John.

  51. Take heart. You and your hubby's comments on Cake Wrecks have made my and many others burdens lighter SO many times! Some people just have no sense of humor at all and are only happy when they are hurting others. Don't give them the satisfaction!! Of the tax troubles, I can only say, from experience, "This too shall pass." Sending love and light your way!

  52. I just can't understand how anyone can get nasty over a humourous cake column! I LOVE your blogs, they are the only ones I never miss and I think you need to make a "Katie" book for yourself of all the positive comments you get to help you through the bad times with a few nasty weirdos. Give each other extra hugs and keep your chins up. You are amazing.

  53. Please don't let the trolls get you down. You are WINNING! duh. :)

    We love you up here in Idaho. Whenever you feel like givin' up the Florida sunshine, you could always come up here.

    Kudos to you and John and your whole outfit. Keep up the good work, k? I don't know what I would do without CW or Epbot. Love 'em both and you all too.

  54. I love both you and John and love reading both of your blogs. I did venture in on one day only because of the warning you or John had added at the bottom and was amazed. It's freaking cake people! Get over it!

    I laughed and will continue to laugh. People who get bent have issues of their own and they are not yours to deal with. I know it's easy for me to say ignore when it's not me being blasted. Just know there are so many more that love you guys and never want you to stop!

    Oh, and I got to the last post and was too late to comment. It had already been shut down. All I wanted to say was O...M...G! Really? And that I thought the person who made said cake was a man who had an obvious fixation on a certain body part. lol. FREAKING FUNNY!

    You guys rock and thanks for giving a link to help with the disaster in Japan. I can't watch the footage without crying. So devastating.

    And good luck with the accounting. :( Taxes suck.

  55. Jen, I've been reading Cake Wrecks for a very long time, and Epbot from the beginning. I've been blogging myself for nearly seven years now, and over those years I've watched the blogosphere gradually erode away - in part because of competing things like Facebook and Twitter, but also, according to a theory put forth by a friend of mine, in part due to a collective recoiling-in-horror when blogs (and blog comments, and blog comment arguments) provided us with a window into what other people were really thinking - and most people decided they'd really rather not know.

    Through all that time you have soldiered on with a pace of posting that most people would find impossible. And as other blogs have grown scarce or silent, both of your blogs have regularly provided me with humor and amusement and laughter. I've found myself gradually coming into sync with your posts - when I saw the title "Hoo-Wheee!" on my Blogger Dashboard, I already had a pretty good idea of what I would be seeing when I clicked through. And education, too - when I saw some cakes in a supermarket done up like Rollen Stewart's wig*, I immediately recognized them as feeble attempts at King Cakes - thanks to you!

    So: bottom line: I am one of those many, many readers who greatly appreciates everything you've done and are doing. Thanks for providing some laughs in these grim times!

    *I had to Google "baseball fan rainbow wig" to find that guy's name, and his bizarre story.

  56. Jen, I'm sure my comment here is just an echo of what all of my fellow epbot readers all are saying, but without your amazing Epbot blog...I'd be losing my mind. As much as I love reading all of my other geeky girl blogs, they lack something you really have the corner market on here. They lack a personal vibe that makes me connect with them. A lot of them solely talk about geek/nerd stuff and rarely talk about themselves. But you put all your idiosyncrasies and all of your flaws and successes and failures and wonderful life up for everyone to read and be happy about.
    I love reading your blog and as hard as it is to swallow all the awful comments, know that I genuinely care about you and I've never even met you!
    Keep surviving. Sit down, watch some Star Wars and stay away from the computer for a few days.

  57. I'm another infrequent commenter, but a daily follower. Your blog is a bright spot! I live in Mississippi, very close to Louisiana and King Cake territory. I didn't even know what a King Cake was until I moved here 5 years ago. I thought the plastic baby baked inside was funny, but I think the pictures you posted of the various King Cakes was hilarious!
    Posting online gives people such a sense of freedom and entitlement that sometimes they just can't sensor themselves. It's a shame. Your blogs are funny, insightful, sometimes edgy, but always enjoyable. Thank you for brightening my day on CW and on Epbot. Don't let other people's hang-ups hang you up.
    I wish you the best with your health, the IRS, your cleaning lady and your blogs. Stay strong!

  58. CakeWrecks is the only thing that gets me going in the morning!! That tear-filled, asthma inducing, uncontrollable laughter is my catalyst for getting dressed -- so please don't stop because people are uptight and miserable! Bullies, that's what they are! We need you. Don't ever stop <3

  59. I'm reading and writing from Tokyo, where there are constant aftershocks, regular (and indefinite) black outs, empty grocery stores, completely dry gas pumps, and a 70% chance that a M7 earthquake will happen in the next few days...

    And I say THANK YOU for persevering even in the face of idiots who don't appreciate you like the rest of us do.

    Humor really does heal a world of hurt.

  60. Dear Jen and John (my favorite of all people that I've never been lucky enough to meet),
    I read the comments on Epbot more frequently than the comments on cakewrecks, because the epbot comments tend to lead to all sort of additional awesome geeky things that I would not otherwise see, but sometimes I read the cakewreck comments, because I'm bored, or I go to comment and they seem interesting, or it's one of those posts where you leave the caption up to interpretation, or Ive been home sick for entirely too long....
    Last week was a combination... I read the comments on monday's post because I was confused by tuesday's post. Those comments made me love tuesday's post even more <3
    I was home from school and believe I had read almost all of wednesdays comments before they were disabled... and I agree that disabling them was a good idea.
    At this point I don't know why anyone who has a problem with your blog, or posts, or comments, or supposed lack of cake knowledge, is still talking. they should really just go away and not be involved if they don't love you. Not following you is *their* loss - not your problem.
    I'm sorry you've had such a rough week and health problems :(
    Maybe I'll make you a lovely get well/ boo taxes cake, and send you pictures before I eat it :) (you live much too far to actually give it to you... just be glad you have 19842936 time more sun and warm than here)
    Anyway, now that I've described my cakewreck comment stalking in much more detail than you could possibly care about, I just wanted to let you know my real point:
    I love your blog. I love both your blogs. And you are a total inspiration to many young female geeks / aspiring cake decorators. Were it not for cakewrecks, my love of cake and cake decorating would never be what it is. My decorating skills would be no where near what they are. I would have far less geeky craft products sitting around waiting to be finished whenever I need something to do. And I would never have seen ghostbusters. And the loss of any of those things would be way sad. Thank you so much for making my life better. And I'm serious.
    Never stop being just the way you are because of a same portion of silly people who don't appreciate you.
    Jen and John,
    keep on rocking, wrecking, and being *AWESOME*
    you've touch the lives of tons of people you've never even heard of and that is impressive. be proud.( I was even thinking of you when I got my wisdom teeth out. teeth extractor guy = scary. jen survived= faith that I can too)
    I'll stop talking now.
    Much love to you both (in a non creepy way)

  61. Well, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, the rate of serious mental illness among adult Americans is right about 5%. ( So if you assume a normal distribution of readers for Cake Wrecks, and you're getting hate mail from approximately .5% of your readers, and anyone who would get upset with Cake Wrecks is by definition seriously mentally disturbed, you still have the approval of 9 out of 10 crazy people. So I think you're doing okay.

    Sorry to hear about the tax situation, and your health. That REALLY sucks. I do have some steamy, shiny distraction for you, though, in the form of an early typewriter. Behold the Malling-Hansen Writing Ball: There's more info about it here:

  62. I have to say that I stumbled across Cake Wrecks one day last year.

    I remember that day very clearly, because as my husband and I sat watching mind-numbing television, I was trying to keep the giggles to a minimum so as to not disturb him. At times, I let go with a huge guffaw, and had to explain what I read that made me laugh so hard.

    Since that time, I have been a faithful and loyal reader of Cake Wrecks. When you started your pressure relief valve, Epbot, I followed you over here.

    All that is just a long winded way to say I am a long time reader, but way infrequent commenter. (And I rarely read the comments.)

    I have to say that I am one of the ones who saw no issue with your King Cake post. Um ... Did they not get the memo you write a *humor* blog?!

    Of course, if people were to accept a humor blog as fact, they have their own issues. (Wikipedia, anyone?)

    Sorry to be so wordy.

    I appreciate the humor you and your team bring to the world wide web. I also enjoy the resourcefulness and creativity I am exposed to here.

    Please do not let those few speak for the majority. It must be disheartening to go to bed believing you've been clever and funny and wake up to madness.

    I hope there's a rainbow for you and John at the end or even in the midst of this storm. And, maybe, there might be a pot of gold for you, too. (Which would certainly come in handy in the whole accountant realm!) :)

    Thank you for doing what you do. I have learned a lot from reading your posts and been exposed to many things I would not normally have even been aware of. I even find myself cruising the bakery looking for a wreck to submit (no luck, though).

    Thank you for all that you do. You are much appreciated!


    WV - nurste: I hope that John is able to get you nurste back to health.

  63. Because my last comment wasn't long enough ... {:rolleyes: at myself}

    When you get down, just remember the sheer Girl Power you wield ... just think of Katie, the Star Wars girl!

    All over, people wore Star Wars shirts to honor a young lady whose story would have been known, but not nearly on the scale it was. And, think of the totally awesome book Katie got that will remind her when times are tough that there's support out there for her.

    Well, those same things can be said of - and for - you.

    Keep up the good work!!!



  64. I love all your posts Jen and John. Some people are just too easily offended now a days. Feel better soon!!

  65. The King Cakes posts were great! I also never comment or look at comments, so I was shocked there was such controversy. Um, it's CAKE people. It's funny cake. On CAKE WRECKS. Sheesh. Keep up the awesome and hilarious work. All the best to you both!

  66. Gosh - I want to say so much - and so many have already said it all. I am like Joy - I am one of the silent many - but I felt I had to comment today. LOVE the blog. You make me LAUGH OUT LOUD so many times, I really do enjoy it. So sorry to hear about your health issues and your IRS troubles ... hope you are able to work thru both! Thanks for everything! (c:

  67. Jen, dear, I had to comment. I love what you and John do so much! You always make me smile and add a sweet little moment to my day. I deal with health complications daily, too, and I know how that part goes. Keep your chin up--we love you! Sucky days suck, but better ones are coming!

  68. You do a fantastic job with BOTH your blogs and I live in awe of your wit. I frequently link to or pass on your Epbot posts.

    I'm sorry you're having a bad week. I pray you feel better and that things work out with your finances.

  69. **HUGS** that's it. Just **hugs**

    wv: hointati: organised "hoi polloi" as in "The hointati at Cake Wrecks are just a little bit sensitive, aren't they?"

  70. You keep me entertained both here and on CW, and I appreciate it greatly! While it won't undo all the crap, thank you. It's nice to be given a reason to laugh or gawk in awe, especially on such a regular basis.

    And please don't feel bad about feeling bad... just because someone else's life is worse, it doesn't mean you aren't allowed to feel lousy when life empties a chamberpot (of any size) on your head. Still stinks. :p

  71. As a King Cake lovin' Cajun, I noticed the error in the first King Cake post, but I wasn't offended. I can see how it can seem like that to someone who didn't grow up w/it.
    And for the 2nd King Cake post, I just thought that it was hilarious :)
    I usually don't comment, but I wanted to encourage you to keep on writing; reading your blogs helps relieve my stress tons.

  72. Jen,

    I hope you feel better really soon and that your tax problems can be sorted out easily.

    Hang in there and don't ever forget that you make people laugh day after day and that is contributing more to the world than most people ever will!

    Hugs to you!

  73. You? Rock.

    Also, what everyone else already said.

    And how I did not know that you were both EPBOT and CW, I have NO idea. Possibly because I read through Google reader.

    Anyway. ~HUGS~ Sending healing vibes and spraying the Drama-B-Gone round your door step.

    Srsly, people. It's CAKE.


  74. I hope you never stop being so funny. I read your blogs every day because I have to find something to laugh at every day or I go nuts. Your blog fills that perfectly. Although sometimes I have to groan at your puns! And I can't look at sprinkles without grinning now! I want to thank you for being able to make others laugh even though you are having a rough time. My prayers are with you.

  75. Awww...that's awful! I'm one of those people who rarely comment - to be honest, I don't get people who just make a habit of being "comment trolls." I love reading both Epbot and CW and I've been inspired by both - I keep meaning to send you the cake I made for my sister's birthday, when she asked for a Cake Wrecks cake. Of course, it's since been surpassed by the hand-painted "Wicked" poster I did on her last cake...
    Keep on truckin'. The stuff with your accountants is a pain though...brings to mind that old joke, "What do you call the guy who graduated last in his medical class? Doctor!"

  76. Oh ignore all those complaining people! I love both of your blogs and if people can't take a funny joke, then this really isn't a place they belong!

    To all of the whiners out there, it's cake people, relax!

  77. What a horrible week. Money and health problems are awfully stressful - I'm so sorry you're undergoing so much at the moment. Really hope you can feel back up to speed soon and you're not too discouraged by your relapse. You and John deserve a break after all this and I hope there is a way of the finance issues working out to be much less serious than they seem at the moment.

    And the insane commenters? Well that's just terrible. You're warm and funny and I love your writing. Keep going and if necessary stop the comments and change your email address! Xxx

  78. Jen

    We follow only a few blogs; CW, Epbot, and a couple that you recommended.

    We do read all the comments (unless it gets much more than 200). We don't often comment, but feel that if someone does make a comment, then they should at least read all the others'.

    Remember that most negative commenters are hiding behind the tag, Anonymous. They are basically bullies. Do not forget all that you did for Katie. Don't let the bullies get you down.

    We all have to learn to laugh at ourselves. This is something that those bullies should take to heart.

    Your blogs have some very great followers, so don't worry over the .5%.

    @Becky C, we agree with you, we've learned so much from these two sites. We'd never heard of King Cakes before and had to do research on the interwebs.

    We don't follow Twitter, so had no idea that you were getting even more negativity from there as well.

    We both have long term health issues, and humour is the best medicine. Our day is always brightened by your blogs.

    It has been such a rough week for many. Hopefully things will improve. Our week started at -20F; now it is above freezing and the snow is starting to melt. Can Spring be near?

    So, thank you from two fans from Canada.

    Jean & Laurie

  79. Jen and John, I thought the king cake stuff was ridiculously funny!! I could care less how it's made and only care about how ugly those things are. I REALLY never understood people who have a need to appear super smart by correcting somebody on a HUMOR blog, get a life people and stop reading if you don't like it, why do you feel like you need to announce your "unfollowing" to everybody else? Bizzare.. Sorry to hear you are having all these issues, I know all too well things piling up on you when you have a business and when you least suspect it.. Please at least consider how many of us truly enjoy your humor and your writing and it provides such a nice distraction from our own problems.. I hope your health improves, your accountants figure stuff out, some CakeWreck readers remove a stick out of their a!@#$ and you find a new cleaner.. Steam ahead!

  80. Jen-

    YOU ROCK...and like another reader/commenter said, "WINNING!" haha. I love CW, I love Epbot and I think you (and John) are hilarious.

    Keep up the good work, the funny posts, and FEEL BETTER SOON! I'll be praying a house falls on the IRS for ya!

  81. Oh my! Thank you for posting that last King Cake. You really had no choice. It was so awesome it needed to be shared.
    It really is amazing how such a small percentage of people, also known as the crazies, can turn an otherwise pleasant day on it's head. Thanks for the Epcot warning on some of the posts, much appreciated.
    And much appreciation for sharing your humor. It's a nice way to end my day after dealing with so many of the crazies myself. I work at one of those places where when they come in and go off on a rant all I can do is politely smile and tell them to have a good day. I wish I had a turn off comments button at work. That would come in handy.

  82. Wow... I must admit, I don't bother to read the comments most of the time, so I had to go back and see what all the brouhaha was.

    Some people get their knickers in a knot over things, don't they lol


  83. *BIG HUGS*
    My impression is that last week was bad to some degree for just about everyone. My mum called to talk because four people at her work (employees and employees' family members) died last week. I finished three weeks straight of nonstop marking and then immediately had to have my first ever fillings. And then it was Friday and we were on tsunami advisory. And through it all, there was CW to keep me smiling. Thank you and John for being you.

  84. Cake Wrecks is the first thing I look for on my Google reader every day, though because of time zones it's not usually up until I get home from work. And I get inordinately excited whenever there's a new Epbot post. I cannot tell you how many times I've read this blog and said to my wife, "I want to BE her!"

    You are, in all honesty, an inspiration.

    Sending you all the good vibes in the world and hoping things start looking up! *HUGS*

  85. I'm so sorry people couldn't get the joke...Sometimes people are jerks. Hope that's the last you have to deal with that for a while! I just wanted to let you know I thought all of the Mardi Gras posts were really funny--I was laughing so hard at that last one...and I'm from New Orleans, and even though I don't live there any more, I make sure to bake at least one King Cake during the Carnival season. It was great to see those terrible cakes! I love Cake Wrecks and I'm glad you aren't too discouraged.

  86. Very sorry to hear you had such a terrible week. I loved the King's Cake wrecks and I usually don't comment because I get the updates via my RSS feed.

    As for your old accountant, chances are he went to the same school with the one I used to have because, wow, bad advice! A pox on them (and the IRS boys too!)

    Hang in there - you and John are loved!


  87. I've been attacked by cybertrolls myself (on an essentially non-moderated messageboard), so I know how that is. And I know what it's like to have one of those weeks where you feel you just can't win. I think that happens to everyone from time to time. Kudos to you and John for not losing your minds and continuing to offer up your goofy cake commentary. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch myself at the moment, and your posts usually make me smile (or bust a gut laughing). :)
    Praying your health and other issues get sorted out quickly. Hang in there! :)

    PS: And for the record, I thought the King Cake posts were hilarious.

  88. you make many a BAD day or week better for me I enjoy both blogs and check them every day.. and venture into the comments most days everyone has a good time and there seems to be people who get offended over silly things, like a cake that looks like privates, and then must defend their offense because they cannot be the one wrong... now I hope you feel better I get to go train a new person to do my job yeah, fun weeks for me


    wv: cloen when your done with your house you can come cloen mine ;)

  89. You are on my 'daily's' list: the blogs/websites I check every day because I like them so much. I never comment - I just enjoy, giggle and smile.
    You are wonderful, I love you sense of humor, I learn new words from you at least once a week (being Dutch).
    As a geeky nerd please always take the Law of Relativity very serious! :-)

  90. Seems like you're receiving a lot of love and support from your readers :)

    Jen, I've been reading Cake Wrecks for a looong time now (not from the start, but I've caught up with these posts too) and I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your posts on both Epbot and Cake Wrecks.

    I may have been (just a little bit) bothered (and I say bothered not offended or shocked) maybe once or twice with something that you wrote. Nothing worth unfollowing you, that's for sure.
    But, 99.9999% of the time, I've been impressed with your wit, your sense of humor and your writting. You really are gifted.

    Hope you'll feel well really soon !

    And don't forget how amazing John and you are. Because you are.

  91. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gasp! just saw latest King Hoo-Ha Cake) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (*just read all the other King Cakes posts and comments) HAHAHAHAHAHA--- Wait a minute!! Did someone indicate that Wikipedia isn't a valid source for facts??!

    That's okay... I get all of my facts from the 10,000+ Cool Facts app on my phone - surely THAT's valid, right??


    :) Mags

    PS - ignore the trolls. :P

  92. I don't typically post to here or CW, but I enjoy both your blogs. Don't let the short sighted humerless ones get you down. You bring many a bright spot into peoples days with both your blogs.

  93. Jen and John, I'm so sorry you guys had such a rough week! I can't believe there are so many CW readers without a sense of humor. I thought the King Cake posts were hilarious. Hang in there, guys.

  94. I, for one, find each and every CW post hil-LAR-ious...and I think I'm still cleaning coffee out of my keyboard from the final king cake entry spewage.

    On all of the rest...take care of yourselves because, as you know, if you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything.

  95. I had a long, supportive comment for got too long. *blushes* I sent you an email instead, but suffice it to say, I love you, John, Cake Wrecks, and Epbot.

    Your problems may seem small in relation to those of the world, but they're huge in your world. We all love you and support you, and most of all I hope you feel better soon!

  96. I don't care what others say - I love Cake Wrecks. I don't think I've ever been offended by anything I've ever seen there - sure, some stuff has been veeerrry cringe-worthy, but never offensive. I thought your King Cake posts were funny, and I enjoyed them, so don't listen to the trolls. *hugs* And I really hope things start looking up for you soon.

  97. Don't let the pedants get you down (both of you!). Think how petty their lives are. Please continue to post, and puncture, sacred cows.

    And, BTW, I work in women's health, and if posting funny ladybits cakes (or those appearing to be the same) makes you a misogynist, well, you're the funniest one I've ever seen. (And I'd be happy to send them a real misogynist if you'd kindly send me the address).

    Maybe those of us who don't often venture into comments, and just love what you do every day, need to speak up more...I know I will! Drown out the pedants!!

  98. Boo on them. And boo on bad accountants and flighty college kids. I long, long ago learned not to read comments on news articles and blogs with large readerships because it makes my blood pressure shoot up about 400 points, but I'm sorry you have to deal with such crap. People seem to lose all sanity and good manners on the internet for some reason. Things will look up, I'm quite sure. In the meantime, I'll be trolling for a spectacularly bad cake somewhere just to entertain you :)

  99. I thought the last King Cake post was hilarious. So much so, that I had to tell a few co-workers to look at it. Don't let the trolls get you down!

  100. *Hugs* to both you and John! I loved the King Cakes - they were hysterical. Don't let people get you down and don't ever stop being YOU. Your fellow geeks and nerds will always be here for you =)

  101. Hope you get better soon!

    You cant please everyone all the time, they can either keep reading or just stop following, sounds like they keep reading so they do in a strange way like the blog or they wouldn't come back, take it as a compliment and smile at the crazy

  102. I never read the comments on CW or any other blog for that matter, so this is news to me. And I NEVER post comments, but I just wanted to let you know that I think CW is awesome. I get a surge of excitement whenever I see a new post show up in my inbox because they never disappoint!! It always adds a little sunshine to my day.

    You guys are great! Keep it up!

  103. I've been trying and trying to think of a favorite baked good that I would get offended about if you made fun of it. But I can't. Maybe I'd get upset if you attacked my grandmother's lemon chiffon pie, but my grandmother is actually a horrible baker, so I would end up agreeing with you that yes, it is a terrible lemon chiffon pie. I hope this week is better than the last for you!

  104. As one of those readers who rarely ventures into the comments section of either blog, I feel I needed to take the time to stop by this one.

    I adore both EPBOT and CW and I'm very glad you posted that last "King cake". It made me LOL (for real) at work.

  105. Thank you for doing what you do.

  106. I don't comment often (so I guess that makes me a lurker - sorry!) but had to tell you I read both blogs every time you post and LOVE them both! King cake thing was hilarious! Sorry you had a crappy week but if it makes you feel any better it really is a sign of how well you are doing - why else would anyone bother to try and knock you down if you weren't already "up"! You make me laugh out loud on days when I need it most - keep it up!

  107. We love you Jen! I'm sorry that people suck and sometimes life sucks too!
    I wrote you before about how your blogs helped me through a rough summer with one of my daughters in the hospital and my husband at sea. Now one of my younger girls is losing the ability to walk and the doctors can't figure out why. She is geeky and brilliant and beautiful and watching her suffer is killing us.
    Everyday she and I check out Cake Wrecks for a good pressure releasing laugh, and every day you deliver.
    So, when the ROUS's attack, please try to remember you are doing some of us a world of good.

  108. I'm so sorry about your week. Saying prayers that you'll have a wonderful week. I love both of your blogs. It's easier said than done, but just forget about all of those negative people. If they don't like it they can leave. We'll be staying to laugh!

  109. obviously, if people are getting in a huff about something you write on a humor blog, they havent been reading you long enough and shouldnt be.

    Keep on doing what you always do.

  110. Some people really need to chill out. I don't always find everything you post funny but that's life. Not everyone is going to be amused by the same things. Does that stop me from checking Cake Wrecks every day? No. Have you heard of Team Starkid's A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel? If not you should check them out on youtube. There are a few major plot points in the second musical that I really just do not find amusing at all, but that hasn't stopped me from watching half a dozen times. I'm sure it's hard to take that stuff but I hope you remember that for every dozen people who freak out there's about a hundred more who understand they're reading a humor blog.

  111. I don't know if you're still reading at this point (I wouldn't be, if I were you) BUT I feel I should tell you that I saw the, uh, questionably-shaped King Cake and laughed hysterically, then sent it on to one of my my best friends, who is from New Orleans. She wrote me back to say that she *also* laughed hysterically and sent it along to another one of her friends. Oh, and did I mention that we both graduated from a very, very good women's college? And that she is getting married to her fiancee (note the spelling - it is deliberate) in May?

    I'm pretty sure it's not that you're a misogynist - it's that some people have too much time on their hands and no sense of humor.

  112. it took me a minute to get the last king cake post, but when i did i almost fell off my chair laughing! your blog is great! don't let the people who don't understand it's all in fun get to you!

  113. I giggled like a little kid over every single king cake post! Some people need to grow a sense of humor, and realize that jokes are NOT the same thing as cultural insensitivity. Keep at it.

    Praying for your family over the financial and health issues especially. Hope this week looks up for you!

  114. I'm another one who doesn't usually comment or read the comments others posted, but once you mentioned how rough the King Cake crap had gotten I started reading them. I think it all boils down to this. Some people can't take a joke. They simply cannot recognize when someone is kidding. These are not the target audience for your writing. Those of us who do understand humor, and who are able to look at ourselves and laugh, are the 99.5% who read your blogs. Don't give in to that 0.5%, they'll never get it.

    I love your blogs, and getting Cake Wrecks in my email inbox everyday is a little joy. Keep up the amazing work, and remember that you are definitely appreciated.

    Now go have a slice of cake. And remember, if you store caloric foods on the top of the fridge, the calories get scared of heights and jump out. Guilt-free cake! :-)

  115. I've been reading both CW and Epbot for several months now, after someone mentioned them over at the Pop Candy blog on I subscribed using Google Reader so I don't usually see the comments and have never commented myself until now. Both of your blogs I find hilarious, especially the King Cake posts last week. Don't let the negative commenters get you down. They obviously have no sense of humor.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  116. Another lurker who wants to offer some good wishes for you... and share a Star Wars moment from my weekend.

    My son is 4. We've decided to hold off on watching Star Wars with him until he can follow the story a bit better. Last night my husband was flipping channels and came across The Empire Strikes Back. My son asked what it was, and when my husband told him, his repsonse was "No Daddy, I can't watch that! It has war... and... STARS!"
    Hope that story gave you even a tiny bit of a smile. You've given me a lot of happiness - both on this blog and on CW.

  117. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS. Both of them. I hardly ever write, but Cake Wrecks is The Only Blog I faithfully read every day. EVERY DAY. Sometimes (gasp), it doesn't make me laugh out loud. But that's OK. I consider CW to be a pack of pure awesomeness. I have the book in my office. (At a law firm). :)

  118. Love to you and John! sorry there was a lot of suck last week. I thought the posts were funny, anyway, and I hope things get back on track soon

    WV: diarsop. Adjective describing content of a daily journal written by a teenager in looooooove.

  119. Here's another of your readers who rarely comments :). I love both your blogs very much. CW makes me laugh out loud and I have learned some really interesting stuff through Epbot. I have never understood people who are nasty online. Why bother? Surely it takes less energy to simply close the page than to bother to leave a nasty comment? I don't get it.

    I love your blogs, please tell John so too. He sounds lovely :). Good luck with the health issues and remember the 99.5% of us who are nice people.

  120. Don't let the haters getcha down. I love Epbot and CW. Keep doin what you're doing. CW is a much needed laugh in my day!

  121. I usually wait around my laptop starting at 9:25am so I can be sure I don't miss a new post of CakeWrecks in the rest of my crazy day. Last weeks post about King Cakes made me really laugh and stayed with me throughout the day to give me chuckles that no one else understood. Keep up the great work. Some people (defenders of King Cakes) just can't admit to themselves the truth UGLY CAKE = LAUGHS! Obviously your wit and humour in Cake Wrecks is lost on those people and who needs them anyways? Keep the laughs coming, please.

  122. Lots of people who don't ever comment really love you guys (and get weird looks from co-workers when laughing uncontrollably). So here's a hug from a (previously) non-commentor.

  123. I love both your blogs :)

    And some people you can't please no matter what. Working at my day job i've learned that even (especially) when you bend over backwards to help a customer, they never appreciate it.

  124. In the immortal words of modern poet Rihanna... "Ain't got no time for no hey-tahs....just live your life.. aaa aa aaaa." Brush off the people who don't know the value of humor or how precious a laugh can be. If these people choose to spend time complaining about CAKE humor, when the world is going through so much pain, they are the ones with the problem not you. Keep your head up and please blog on.. it's one of the best parts of my day :)

  125. I had a dream about you two last night (relax, it's not that kind of dream!). I dreamed that I lived in an apartment down the hall from you and John (I don't really live in an apartment, as I don't think you do either, and I have a family in real life which I totally ditched for the dream, which is not at all shocking with their tag-team efforts all night long to keep me from sleeping more than 30 contiguous minutes).

    Anyway, as I was saying, I dreamed we were neighbors. And I was being neighborly and and saying hello and you invited me in and we had some random chitchat. Then I finally revealed I was a CW fan and you two were trying to match me up to one of your many commenters that you knew by name (online name, or nickname that you gave them).

    "Oh, you must Short Cheryl."
    I shook my head
    "Tall Cheryl."
    I shook my head and looked incredulous at 5'3".
    "Pink Cheryl. Strange Cheryl. Wild Cheryl..."
    The guesses went on a bit more before I had to sheepishly admit that I had almost never commented; perhaps I had a few times when CW first started but certainly not at all recently.

    Then we had a little more random conversation and I said goodbye and went on my way, thinking what cool neighbors I had and what great bragging rights I now had with all of my friends. "Jen and John from CakeWrecks? Yeah, they're my neighbors. Good people."

    So, um, my point (besides wanting to share my dream in a non-stalkerish kinda way) is that for every person who comments, there's a whole lot more who never do but who read CW on a daily basis. And we all enjoy your posts, each and every one of them. Which really is why we don't post, because it's tiresome to say "Hey, funny post again, LOL, keep up the good work" every single day (and, we assume, boring for you to read that in the comments from tens of thousands of people every single day).

    Which I know you know. But really, you do need to stop and think of it more often. For every one of those 80,000 hits you get daily, minus those that actually comment, are happy happy readers. Every single one of them. Cause we all know people don't hesitate to post when they're not happy. So imagine each one of us giving you a high five (hmm, that'd be painful after the first 100 or so) or a thumbs up or proudly claiming you as a neighbor. Cause you and John rock!

  126. I'm not one who typically comments here or on CW, but I just wanted to give you a note in support of all you do. I adore CW and look forward to reading it each day to make my day a bit brighter and can honestly say I've never been the least bit offended by anything you've ever written. And if I have, it's made me laugh even harder because that's the type of sick individual I am :)

  127. My mom's favorite saying, when she was going through her uuuuuuuuuuuuugly divorce from my father, was:

    "Don't let the turkeys get you down!"


    Hugs and smoochies,
    Carmen, the Un-Stalker

  128. When I read the comments on the first King Cake post there were about 6 comments that made me want strangle the self-important pricks who wrote them BUT in return there were a dozen comments who made me laugh out loud (at work) with their sarcasm and wit. You do have some loony readers but you have so many more great funny fans!

  129. I check both your blogs first thing each morning and never fail to smile. Thanks for sharing with us - I takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to the nuts out there who have so little perspective on life that they get worked up by a humor blog about cakes. I kind of feel sorry for them - something must be missing in their life that this is where they are spending their emotional energy.
    It might not be curing cancer, but making 79,990 (not counting all the over-shoulder readers)people smile every day is certainly no small feat!

  130. You are an inspiration to many. Try not to let the insensitivity of a few ruin all the joy you've brought. Hang in there. Everything gets better with time. In the interim, I'm sending you Hugs across the internetz. :)

  131. Jen,
    I have been following cake wrecks since waaay back when it was a baby blog... riding a carrot into stardom filled with buttercream dreams. Hehehe.

    I appreciate the hard work you and John put into it, and it brings a lot of laughter into my life whenever I am in need of a pick me up. Epbot just feeds my geeky girl soul as well.

    The great thing about the internet? It brings people together, the bad part? It turns normal people into raving lunatics that use a keyboard as a weapon just because it is easy, convenient and well, haters gotta hate.

    I for one, loved the king's cake post and thought it was hilarious. Hope this week is better than last!

  132. I looove both of your blogs and you have never offended me, only made me laugh hysterically. <3

  133. I actually almost bought a king cake this year because of your post. I've really always looked at them with a "who in their right mind..." attitude. Your humorous outlook on them made me want to try it.
    If I lived closer to you I'd have brought you a pie (a deep fried one) partly because that is what southern girls do when a friend has had a crappy week and partly because it is Pi Day and everyone should have a pie today.
    I hope this week is better for you.

  134. Go to Disneyland. Just go. Do some sort of blogging thing while you're there so can write off the whole trip.

    I have always wanted to tell you that my husband has never taken any kind of interest in decorating our home at all. Since I introduced him to your blog he really wants a "steampunk office". And I think it's cute and I love that he cares. Your blog saved my marriage. (Okay maybe not that extreme, but wouldn't that make you happy?)

  135. Sorry about the King Cake fiasco, I thought you were spot on (though I did go buy a slightly wrecky KC from Publix after all the king cake talk and it was sugary sweet awesomeness)Don't let a few annoying trolls get you down....if someone's not offended, you're not doing it right.

    Hoping your new accountants can work some IRS magic for you! And a giant hug for you to feel better (and it has to last 10 seconds or its not a hug)

  136. Jen and John,

    Being a long-time CW reader (and owner of the autographed book, thank you very much), I'll admit to being one who never ventures into the comments, except when you refer to them in a post. I'll have you know that when I first came across CW, I went back to the very beginning and read (and laughed until I peed a little) EVERY SINGLE entry. You do a great job, and I love very much the heart you put into making our (collective) days, every single day. You're amazing. I'm sorry there are people out there who don't have a bleeding clue. But I guess that comes with the "there are PEOPLE out there" thing..

    I love you guys. Had no idea you were dealing with all that. Know that more than once I have have prayed for you and thought of you. Not sure if that means anything or not. Keep on, my friends.


  137. Silent follower(and professional baker) who needs her CW fix every day here too... honestly Jen, people need to lighten up, it's just cake!
    Hope things get better with your health.

  138. People who are regular readers of your blog know that you and John both make fake ignorant comments for humor's sake (...unless John really DOES think every flower is a daisy? Still funny, nonetheless.) That's part of what makes your comments so funny. I admit that I may have contributed to an EPCOT once or twice, but in an earnest "let me ', is too much. Let me sum up" kind of way, not to be nasty or superior. People who make those kind of comments (especially Anonymous who claimed that making fun of ugly King Cakes was like making fun of Katrina) have no business reading a humor blog, because they clearly have a stick implanted in a certain body part. So if you lose them, dear Jen, well, they were never "yours" to begin with. And if they go away, life will be so much better for you, John, #1, and those of us who think controversy and ugly cake have no business near one another. Here's another virtual hug for you--((((Jen))))

    wv: weadi--I'm weadi for more funny cakes!

  139. From what I've noticed, humor tends to consists of sarcasm, exageration, or both and those who don't understand that are the one who get fussy about stuff. I love CW for my morning giggle and I love EPBOT for my geek fix. Keep it up!

  140. Jen, you and John are awesome. Full stop.

    Hugs and kudos to you both, for putting up with the stuff you do!

  141. I'm so sorry Jen. You and John don't deserve ANY of what happened last week. Just want you to know that here's another reader that loves you guys and your special brand of hilarious wreckiness. You guys are so awesome that you deserve all of the naked carrot jockeys in the world! :)

  142. I love Cakewrecks and Epbot! Don't ever change, even when there are mean and way too overly sensitive people out there! Hope you start feeling better Jen. Virtual hugs to you!

  143. Don't let all the trolls get you down! There are much more important things to do with one's life than to nitpick on a cake blog. Seriously, I would pity those people more than anything.

    I'm one of the many who just reads the post, laughs my head off, and then moves on to enjoy the day. Why get bogged down in other people's opinions? Not worth the time. Just keep doing what you do because, as you pointed out, 99.5% of us look forward to your posts daily and much of the time that laugh is what gets the days started on a high note.

    Love you guys!

  144. I love you guys! You, Jen, and you Jon. (in a strictly platonic over-the-internet kind of way, you understand) Very, very few times have I been offended by CW, and if I am..... I just pass on by, not looking closely, and enjoy the rest of the post, or the next post. And THIS blog is also a daily fix for me. So keep up the good work!!! Don't stop!!! We NEED to see those daisies! And deep fried cake! And geeky girly-ness! Please don't stop. I hope you feel better.

  145. I didn't read all the comments, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat.

    Your blogs are witty and so fun to read. You have a wry sense of humor that is to be taken just as that. Humor. Ha ha, funny. Please don't take this the wrong way, but the people who are dissing your writing are not intelligent enough to "get" the joke. That's why they correct you about things not being a deep fried donut.

    I want to ask these people where they were when you had your charity donations up at Christmas? All of the responses you received to those posts sure totaled more than the donations you received for your charities. Hypocrites.

  146. aw hell.

    the manthing asked me to make a king cake, and while i was making it i debated sending you photos...because DANG those things are ugly. tasty, but ugly. and there's no way to fix the ugliness.

    except maybe with carrot jockeys.

  147. Oh sweetie! Don't you know how special both these blogs are to so many people? Speaking for myself, there have been so many times I've turned to CW or Epbot to escape some of my own demons. Laughing at the cakes and your commentary reminds me of just how goofy and absurd the world really is. Then turning to Epbot, and all the cool stuff you post about on there, I can be amazed and impressed, thinking about how FRAKKING COOL the world can be!

    So all those people raggin' on you? To hell with them. Envision a vast crowd of people, filling up a Super Bowl sized stadium, all cheering for you and your work, actively enjoying and listening to what you have to say. Then envision the percentage of people who are being all grumpy and snarky about it. It's tiny, isn't it? Then tell those people to DIAF and GTFO!

    We love you, babe. Don't ever forget it.

  148. I dont often comment, but I'm an avid follower of both CW & EPBOT. I just have to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!! & it's obvious that they are all in good humor.. and honestly, had you NOT posted that King Cake, I wouldnt have choked on my drink & laughed so hard i bout fell off my chair... and what a tragedy that would have been!! ;)

    So thank you Jen (& John!) for all the laughs and fabulous posts!! Whenever I am feeling down, I know reading CW or EPBOT will cheer me up in a heartbeat!

  149. Jen & John, you guys rock. I have been an avid reader of CW since I found it about 18 mos ago, and of Epbot since you started it, Jen. You bring a smile to my face every day. I'm sorry you guys had such a rough week, I hope you don't get discouraged by the (few and loud) people out there who only have a sense of humor when it suits them. They obviously didn't get the joke, and I think their panties getting in a bunch points to something wrong with them, not with you or CW. Duh! You are the best. And as for all the other crappy stuff this week, I know it will get worked out, and I'll be waiting to hear the good news when it does. *hugs* Oh, and the last King Cake? GOLD.

  150. I *so* wish those people who write to complain would just stop reading instead. I will never understand people who complain just to complain. I really love your CW blog, and have learned a lot of fun things on your epbot blog! Keep up the GREAT work!

  151. *sigh* I hate how people lose all common courtesy when they respond to things online. It's like the fact that they can hide behind a username makes them think they can be cruel and say things they wouldn't to your face. Sounds like a rough week and I hope that this one is much better. I love both blogs (this one especially) and I want you to know that we appreciate you. I hope you feel better and that the IRS mess gets resolved quickly and painlessly.

  152. THE king cake made me laugh. and then blush. and then laugh.
    but even if all i did was blush... it's one post out of loads and loads of awesome ones. there's been a couple cw posts i've opted not to read fully, but like... because of my issues, not yours. as you so wisely pointed out, its a blog about CAKE.

  153. Hi Jen! Long-time lurker here, first time commenter! Just want you to know that I think you & John are hilarious and that you guys should never stop doing what you do. Cakewrecks never fails to at the very least get a chuckle out of me & sometimes has me just rolling around on the floor gasping for breath. Keep your chin up & ignore the losers who have nothing better to do than pick on you about something that is obviously a joke (Don't go on a humor blog if you don't want to encounter something funny!).

  154. I think you and John are great! I read Epbot and CW everyday. I'm from Cajun Country, home of the now-infamous King Cakes. And NOTHING you wrote was offensive. Those people need to relax and reprioritize their lives. Its a freaking cake, for crying out loud! Don't ever stop doing what you love (and I hope you guys still love blogging after all this crap.)

  155. Just want to add to all the love you're getting, CW ALWAYS makes me giggle (especially that last king cake, laugh out loud funny there) and the comments on the King cakes contained a lot of stuff that was way out of line. Keep up the great work, my 4 year old and I love to look at all the wrecky goodness you post! And thanks for Epbot too, while I won't be redecorating my house, I am now a fan of steampunk thanks to you! And feel better too :-)

    Another Jen

  156. I am sure this has been said many times now, but you guys are awesome! Those .5% of looney people are just that...looney. People need to get a life and find other things to do besides criticize someone who trys to bring laughter to the world! With all the horrible things that go on out there, we NEED things to laugh about! Who gives a rat's @$$ if you call something a donut when it's something else? I mean seriously! People need to chill and figure out why they feel the need to trash someone like you. I'm just saying. Even though I don't know you, you feel like a friend. I'm sorry you you've had such a horrible week. Here's to hoping this week is much better!

  157. Jen, John, Number One, the rest of the crew, and assorted cats,

    I always read your blogs every morning right after I check the status of our finances -- I used to do it the other way around, but I find your wonderful absurdity helps ease the pain on those days when everything is crashing.

    You make me laugh, with accompanying snorts. You tickle my inner geek, and make me realize I may not be the only person who actually knows Mr. Spock's blood type, and that knowing it isn't a character flaw. You've awakened a burgeoning Steampunk obsession that has my husband shaking his head -- although he insisted we watch "Eye of the Storm" twice more, after I showed it to him the first time. When my 11 year old son is having a bad day, all I have to do is sing "Is that a cow duck with horns, and a goatee?" and we spend the next 15 minutes (we can't just watch it once) watching "I am Beautiful" and laughing until we cry. I always keep a spare volume of "Cake Wrecks" in reserve, so I can give it to friends who are having a bad day, and it invariably makes them feel better. Your 12 Days of Giving is kind and wonderful, and lightens my wallet while filling my heart.

    I could go on and on. Every day, you bring joy, laughter, kindness and decency to the world in vast qualtities, with enough snarkiness to keep from being cloying. You make a difference.

    Last week's deep fried brouhaha reminded me of one of my favorite Bloom County cartoons, "Offensensitivity." Here's the address:

    I thought you'd enjoy it.

    Thanks for all you do. Live long and prosper.

  158. Just yesterday I spent over an hour showing my sis-in-law CW and trying to get her hooked. I love your stuff.

  159. I have been reading CW for quite awhile (and this blog since it started) and it is always the best way to start my morning. Whatever personal crap I have going on is gone for a moment when I read your blogs. I cannot tell you how valuable that is to me.

    I also love how you and John harness the power of your readership for good with your charity sponsorships and encourage all of us to donate as well.

    I am one of your readers who usually follows the Internet Golden Rule of "NEVER READ THE COMMENTS!", so I did not know of all the controversy until it is mentioned in an edit (I.e. "Threat level: EPCOT!") being a Moderator is tough, but us true fans are so thankful that you are there posting a little joy for us 6 days a week.

    I am sending positive vibes your way that you feel better soon and for an easy settlement to your tax woes.


    P.S. Thank you for taking the time to answer my tweet about "WV". I will now proved what I learned...

    WV: bacyc

    No matter what you post, I will keep coming bac y(a) c!

  160. Know that we love you, Jen. Sorry you had such a wrecky week. I promise the goodies I'm bringing back for you will help cheer your mood. Hang in there!

  161. jen i hope you feel better, i will pray that you do!

  162. Keep on wreckin'! I had no idea this was even a thing, since I read in a rss feed, so commenting to let you know that I like both your blogs, and that I hope that your health gets better!

  163. As one of those who rarely ventures into the 'comment zone', I'd like to tell you that there are a large number of people out there who are severely lacking in perspective. This somewhat limits their sense of humor.

    The vast majority of us use your site as a way to blow off our own steam while we're at work. Personally, I often have to stifle a laugh if the students are around. Your blog keeps me sane while working with my highly enjoyable, yet incredibly crazy, students.

    Today's post (pig of DOOM) did make me laugh out loud,which is a welcome relief.

    In the immortal words of Sandra Boynton - "Don't let the turkeys get you down."

    Verification word "adorix" - I adorix your blog.

  164. *Hug* Sounds like a rough week! And don't worry too much about CW, there are some people in this world that sit around waiting for things about which they can be offended. I know we all know some in real life, and the internet is full of people like that; with opinions no one wants to hear!

    Having said that, I have lived in Louisiana all my life, have eaten several king cakes every Mardi Gras, and have even made my own once (it was the best king cake EVAR!), and I wasn't offended at all.

    Grocery store king cakes usually look like those you posted and taste just as terrible, and really some famous bakers fall into that category as well in my opinion. And anyone dumb enough to think your "deep fried donut" comment was serious really shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place.

  165. Hey Jen, LONG time reader, first time commenter here. To both you and John: Don't ever stop. You two are such a great team and it's such a pleasure to visit CW's and Epbot. I'm sorry some jackholes have to come along and rain on your Cake Wrecky parade, but I've always enjoyed the show :).


  166. Dear Jen (and John),

    You rock. That is all.

    Actually, I lie. Next year, just play it safe and pick on the paczki (poonchkie, to the uninitiated). It actually is a deep fried doughnutie thing, and I don't think the Polish will get their panties in such a wad :P

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... <3

  167. My day job involves content moderation for retail websites. Having to deal with that sort of insanity for work means I've stopped reading comments on many, many websites in general. I'm very picky about where I actually read comments anymore because there's only so much internet insanity I can take.

    Something about the past week or two has just made the world explode. I hope you feel better soon.

    PS: I totally scrub the bath tub when I'm depressed or freaked out.

  168. And not I feel guilty for leaving a comment on the first Kiing Cake post. I don't think it could be interepreted as negative but I'm second guessing myself.

    I thought all the posts were funny. I was also excited that you even included King Cake which I happen to like but don't really think is "Cake" This is my opinion and I do not expect you or anyone else to agree with me.

    Sorry it was a bad week. It wasn't good at my house either but things are getting better.

  169. Jen,

    Your blogs are great. I fall into the category of avid reader / infrequent commenter (this may be my third one). Also, I don't usually read the comments left by others, I only want to see what YOU have to say :D

    I love your humor (John and coconspirators included) and have shared your blogs with many friends. Appreciate the laughs you supply!!

    The King cake posts were hilarious. Just try to ignore the trolls who are oblivious to the fact that cakewrecks is a HUMOR blog and don't seem to have a sense of humor. ugh.

    I am sending digital hugs and well wishes your way.

    hope you keep on posting.

    Jeni S.

  170. This almost moved me to tears. You know what is even more incredible than Epbot and Cakewrecks? The awesome people behind it. As one of the 99.5%, I'm cheering you all on from the sidelines. Never give up. You don't know how brightly your blogs shine in the lives of many hurting people. You all are awesome; get well soon, get some rest, and by all means, eat your King's Cake and have it too.

    Remember, those .5% don't have a blog with millions of readers/subscribers.

    You do.

    And at the end of the day, that's all that matters! :D As soon as they agree to strut their stuff on the internet, we can find out just how witty and politically (in) competent they are compared to you guys, which, if their manners and civilities (or lack thereof) are anything to go by, I'd say are very lacking.

  171. My grandmother used to sing me this song - "Accentuate the postive, eliminate the negative..." (She never sang more than that.) There is so much love and positive energy out here for you, and John (hubby of Jen), and whoever you want us to love that you will get better, this crisis will blow over, and no troll will ever write an ugly comment on CW again. I enjoy EPCOT's in a shaking-my-head-in-disbelief king of way, though. And the situation with the IRS may seem insurmountable now, but it's just daunting because in the abstract "IRS" seems huge and monolithic. The secret? IRS agents are ACTUALLY human beings, and they will work with you, and they do understand *bad* accountants - personal experience? Oh, yeah. You know, when Mensa considers you a great blog, you can pretty much ignore anyone else who writes ugly stuff - they obviously don't have the brainpower to understand! Ditto, Amen, and me, too, to every comment about how fabulous and funny you guys are!

  172. Your posts are always funny, and if some idiots think that saying something is fried when it isn't is so controversial, they need their own pressure valve.

    I hope your health improves, and that your money situation works out.

    PS. the government is very good about working out payment plans, especially for large sums. If you call the DFA or the IRS (depending on who you owe it to) and explain your situation, they'll send you right through to someone who will help you out.

    And if you need to do a fundraising drive (everyone who donates $20 or more gets a signed copy of your new book, or something like that), I bet your readers will pull together to help bail you out. I know they will.

  173. I love both of your blogs. Don't change them. My mom used to work in politics and gave me this piece of advise: 95% of people will never write to complain or complement. Only 5% do. So take the nasty emails and multiply by 95 to get a number of those of us who snort at the cakes you post and ENJOY IT. And please feel better.

  174. 1.) I loved your King Cake posts. They may taste great, but they are all butt-ugly. And pretty much look like badly iced donuts.

    2.) If your accountant screwed up, shouldn't he/she be at least partially responsible for the results of those mistakes? Seems to me that if you hire someone to do a job, they should be held responsible if they don't do it correctly.

    3.) Even when your problems seem petty in light of, oh, a national disaster, they're still pretty darn big in the context of a single person's life. So feel free to wallow in self-pity. Everyone deserves that on occasion.

    4.) I personally love both of your blogs. Please please please don't ever change the way you write for the idiotic/loony .5% of your readership who can't seem to comprehend that it's all in fun. I'm beggin' here.

  175. Good vibes are sent your way! Sorry you've had such a crappy week... FYI, the vagina king's cake made me laugh and groan... and your comment made me text my husband some incomprehensible text while he was at work. Made my day. Don't take the douches personally!

  176. I've never commented on CW or Epbot, but I just wanted you to know that you have provided countless laughs and good times in my house, and right now, things are rough and we don't laugh nearly as much as we should. But I can always count on you to make us smile when we need it most. Thank you so much, and don't let the haters get you down! Please don't ever stop! <3

  177. Hugs, hon. Help we help destress your life.

  178. I too found all the king cake posts to be hilarious, and you have never offended me! Hopefully you can ignore all the naysayers. I still love you!

  179. Jen- I loved the king cake posts- they were hilarious, as always. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, I get on cakewrecks so I can laugh it off.
    I know what you mean about cleaning to blow off steam- It really helps me too.

  180. Hey, add one more person to your FAN list! I think each and every one of your blog entries on CW (and here too) are FUNNY and AWESOME. And YES I thought all the king cake stuff was hilarious too! Don't let any of the haters take away your thunder and steal your happiness. Pretend you're Obi Wan and just let the force be with you and tell them to "move along", nothing to see here.

  181. To tell you how much good you do, even with getting the craptastic comments, I too, have some serious health issues and ended up in the ER last week. My job bears down on me and the threat of firing is constant, if I could afford to quit I wouldn't think twice.

    Last week in the midst of all the bad there was a shiny light of geekery, you responded to my e-mail. I never thought you would and you absolutely made this nerd's week! Despite the small percent of people who suck, you do a ton of good for your thousands of followers who might not smile for a full week at time without you.

    "It is not he who reviles or strikes you who insults you, but your opinion that these things are insulting."
    - Epictetus

  182. I *never* post comments, and I'm sure there's tons more people like me who just read and enjoy and never stop to tell you how much we like what you do. I'm a teacher, and it's the same way. The people/parents who are happy with what you're doing are often much quieter than the few you make angry. I guess we quiet ones need to do better about speaking up. Keep up the good work! I think you're hilarious.

  183. Unfortunately, some people just have no sense of humor! I love both your blogs. I was introduced to Cake Wrecks after spending two Christmases ago watching my brother laugh like a crazy person over your book. Epbot makes me feel like if we actually knew each other, we'd be friends. Keep it up and good luck!

  184. Oh, Jen. I'm so sorry your week was terrible and no-good. I've only ever commented once, and now I think I might comment more on those days when you seriously make me fall out of my chair laughing. Cake Wrecks is pretty much always a bright spot in my day. I'll tell you more often now that I know how awful the bad commenters can be to you.

    And I hope this week is 110% fantastically better. Keep up the laughs!

  185. Aw, guys. I'm one of those readers who just enjoys CW without ever venturing into the comments - but I wish I had this week, if only to send y'all another email telling you how awesome you are.

    The bizarre thing about blogs, to me, is that I feel like I know you guys -- I feel like you and John are old friends, even though you wouldn't know me from Adam. It makes me mad that people have upset my friends, especially stupid, oversensitive people with no sense of humor. I'm sorry you've had such a crappy week, and I hope it looks up soon -- thanks for taking all the crap you take to provide your readers with a daily mood-lift. You're the best.

  186. You are made of win.

    Leave the King-Cakers to their diabetic comas* and you just keep being way smartier, wittier, and awesomer than they could ever hope to be.

    *(And before anyone freaks, I AM a diabetic, and do not actually wish comas on anyone. kthxbai.)

  187. Jen, I hope you feel better soon, and that your financial woes are straightened out as painlessly as possible.

    I love both Epbot and Cake Wrecks - you are funny and wonderful!

  188. A hug to you both. I hope you guys continue to post what ever strikes you as humorous.

    And I hope you both have good news( regarding owing the gov't)and a better week.


  189. I'm so sorry people got so stupid at you. I'm among the many who never read comments so I had no idea you were seriously getting so much flack (I thought the follow-up posts were just more joking =/)

    Hope everything goes back to happy normal soon!

  190. Jen,

    I've never commented here or at CW before, but I felt the need to show some support for this post. I've had family living in the French Quarter of NOLA from the 1890s to Katrina and I guarantee you that all five generations of them would have found your King Cake posts as hilarious as I did. Especially the last one. Oh god, the last one...

    Anyway, my point is some Louisianians *glare* are seriously lacking in perspective. Really, is there anything more ridiculous than Mardi Gras? We put on costumes covered in feathers, hold a big parade where we throw beads to women who flash us, eat half-stale cakes HOPING to chomp down on a plastic baby, and we're supposed to get rage-y when a cake blog treats it all as less than SRS BZNS? I thought the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth was for Ash Wednesday. Huh.

    Good on you for not locking down the blog and leaving a giant "YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL" message. I don't think I would've shown that much restraint, especially if the IRS was breathing down my neck. You and John are clearly awesome people and I wish you both the best.

  191. How could people not understand it's a JOKE? I'm so sorry those readers were out for blood.

    Have you thought about letting the previous accountant know how horribly he screwed up? Maybe leave some feedback somewhere so others in your area aren't given the same bad advice? Say, the Better Business Bureau?

    Thank you so much for daily bringing a humorous moment to my Dilbert-like existance in a windowless cube farm. I look forward to reading your blog and forgetting how much I hate my job every day. (Someday I'm going to quit and become a clown... someday.)

    Thank you again for the "I Want Sprinkles" button. It looks great on my clown apron. :) (I still need to send you a picture.)

    Thank you for raising so much money for so many organizations that help people and pets. You and John have huge hearts and anyone who thinks less than this just isn't paying attention.

    Btw, do you need me to click on all the links on your blog for awhile? Oh wait you can't answer that. If your clicks increase, that was me. ;)

  192. I am one who usually doesn't read the comments, but I have to tell you CW and Epbot are two of the best parts of me day!!!

  193. I love your snark on Cake Wrecks. I will never abandon you.

  194. The final king cake post was hilarious. Haters gon' hate.

    I've been following Cake Wrecks since about two months after it started. It's one of the first sites I check when I wake up. I love the fact that you're staying true to the blog, and not selling out to other blog-nomming blogs that go and ruin the funny.
    *cough* Cheezburgernetwork *cough*

    Keep on doing what you're doing. Remember, as Terry Goodkind once wrote, Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid." [...] "People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People's heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool."

    Hopefully you get the reference ;)

  195. Your blog/s make me smile every time I look at them, so I'm very glad you guys are keeping things rolling.

    I've been there with the owing half the house.....I promise, it does get better. Were now down to half of what we owe on our 3 year old sensible car. ^_~ And we found out 2 years ago.

    The King Cake post(s) were very funny, and I laughed. I know what they are and aren't, I know the difference between the regional people in that area, and the very integrated traditions from many different people.
    But the style of life there is to have fun. Even in death they want people to have fun. To smile.
    And it seems that's something that needed to be remembered.

    My rule when posting a comment anywhere, is if it isn't nice, don't say it. We all have opinions, not all of them nice and rarely the same.

    I hope you get to feeling better and that things get less chaotic soon!

  196. I thought that last king cake was the best. Jen, people take themselves WAY too seriously. You and John are very funny, and have never offended me. Some of the cakes offend me, immensely. Disturbingly. Inexcusably. But never your commentary. : )

    I realize you have lots of fans so I am just one more. But I am so glad to be getting to know you better on Epbot, and hope all works out well with the accounting (yikes!!!!) and if you ever decide to get a change of scenery, come visit California and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk (a la Lost Boys) and walk in the redwoods and I'll make you my homemade Black Bailey's cake. : )

    love, your reader

  197. Just to add my 2-cents to the pile of awesome comments going on here: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I've read CakeWrecks for years & years & I've been an avid Epbot follower since you started it. Some people just can't take a joke. Comedy will ALWAYS piss people off, that's how you know you're doing a good job, I guess. Think about all of the comedy greats: Steve Martin, George Carlin, Andy Kaufman, Janeane Garofalo, etc. They have all majorly pissed some people off & to those people I say "lighten up!" Your blogs are great! You're an inspiration to an aspiring blogger like myself :) Keep on trucking!

    Also, I'm sending warm healing vibes to you! *HUGS!*

    Erin :)


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