Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Costumes of Megacon 2011, Part 2

Oh, you guys, Saturday at Megacon was sooo crowded!

Don't believe me? Check this out:

Yeah. Oy.

With great crowds, however, come great costumes. So let's get right to 'em:

An excellent (though backlit) Joker and Batman.

Everyone's favorite Big Sister:

You'll be seeing more of her (with her Little Sister and Big Daddy!) in my next post.

Old school Joker with a gorgeous Harley Quinn:

I really like the way this Splicers shot came out:

Sometimes a little over-exposure can be sweet.

And now: Steampunk!

And a closer look at these two:

Check out the hardware on these guys:

Pyramid Head:

Ok, this next one made me laugh. I was shooting this awesome zombie pirate - he just had a skull for a head - when he suddenly noticed me standing there with the camera. Now, you wouldn't think a zombie skull could smile, but darned if he didn't manage it!

Take a look:

It's all in the head tilt.

Prepare to do a double-take:

It's the Christopher Reeve look-alike from Dragon*Con!
And can I just say: grrrrrrowl.

(That was my sexy tiger growl. In case you couldn't tell.)

Oh, and also the Silver Surfer. (He's on his surfboard, but I'm so short I had an arm get in the way. Sorry.)

These guys were fun:

And this guy was just plain "Weird."

Can I call you Al?

More great Tangled cosplay:

Heh. Aheh.

I actually managed to startle myself with this one:

Hey, you try having this pop up full-screen while you're sorting photos. It's kinda creepy, Ok?

Oh, I should mention that we went to both Trek panels: first for William Shatner, and then for the TNG trio:

Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn.

Interestingly enough, right off the bat Marina assured the crowd that this panel wouldn't be as bad as the one at Dragon*Con last year. So I guess they must have gotten a lot of (deserved) flak for that train wreck. Anyway, I'm happy to report that it was much better: plenty of laughs and fun, and no drama at all.

Now let's continue with a pink, half-nekkid Snork:

Just kidding. He's not a Snork. He's a [commenters, please fill in the blank here*], of course!

[*Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z. Thanks!]

And speaking of mysteries, who wants to guess what's keeping this lovely lady in her costume?

I'm going with "a hope and a prayer," myself.

This one's for my friends Scott & Missy:

And finally, one more goofy cartoon reference:

It's Powdered Toast Man.

Who is from Ren & Stimpy.

Which I learned from Google.

That's only the first half of Saturday's photos. Part two, coming soon!


  1. The pink guy is Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z ^_^

    I love the Steampunk costumes! The girl's skirt is swoon worthy =D

  2. <3
    I so wish I were at megacon right now...
    Currently working on a scheme to get Dragon*con...
    *evil scheming hand gestures*

  3. Love the con pics! Just wish I could have been there! And sad that you didn't get a pic of my friend in his costume. He was dressed as Nightwing. =)

  4. what is keeping hre in her costume? spirit gum or super glue, or even double stick tape. LOTS of it. I don't env her getting out of it though... ouch!

  5. WEEEE! Silent Hill (Red Pyramid)! I'm a big fan of the film. I didn't even know the movie was based on a game until several months after I had seen it. And was he REALLY Red Pyramid, as in did you photograph his backside? Because in the game and the movie, that butcher's apron only covers the front naughty bits!

    The zombie pirate smile...that's how all Jim Henson muppets smile. :) You're right--it's all in the tilt. It's amazing how we can make things without lips "smile!"

    That Christopher Reeve/Clark Kent/Superman isn't the guy from the film Confessions of a Superhero*, is he? Because that guy, while he's a spitting image, has some...well...issues. We'll just put it at that.

    As for the pretty lady in the pink...I say it's glue.

    And thanks for the pics of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend and Powdered Toast Man! Haven't seen PTM in AGES!

    *Confessions of a Superhero is a great film, BTW--I highly recommend it.

    The Burton Inspiration

  6. Micropore tape is known in the (UK) business as "tit tape".

  7. Spray floral glue keeps costumes in place without fear. Its an old theatre trick.

  8. Love the steampunk costumes!
    Powdered Toast Man made me laugh. :P

    And I have to ask: were there any Doctor Who costumes? If so, please tell me you took pictures!

  9. I think the lady in pink is relying on the power of Tit Tape!

  10. "...who wants to guess what's keeping this lovely lady in her costume?"

    Probably some lingerie tape.....and some really good costume construction.

    Thank you for sharing all of the photos!

  11. I <3 Powdered Toast Man!! Also found it a little funny that at the bottom it says Part 2 coming soon and yet this post is titled Part 2.

  12. Ah I love it! The man-wench and I weren't able to make it this year, but we are going to Dragon*con, and I'm going in costumes 3 days (though he may not be)!

  13. Gambit and Deadpool in the same picture!! *swoon*

  14. ooh, that crowd looks like the SDCC crowd.

    that said: go to San Diego for their comic con...just once. you'll never need to go back. heh.

  15. Powdered Toast Man!!! Alley - oop!

  16. I am *huge* fan of the Bioshock games but haven't seen much cosplay. That Big Sister suit is amazing!

    (Hell, seeing all of your awesome pictures are making me jealous that I wasn't there!)

    My brother goes to ComiCon in San Diego every year and bugs me to go with him. I'm so going to have to start planning a costume now!

  17. Thanks for letting those of us who have never (and are not likely to) attended a con to live vicariously through your shots of the costumes. If by some chance I ever went, I doubt that I would be in costume because a) my costume-making abilities are severely limited and 2) it would have to be something REALLLLY comfortable and not at all form-fitting.

    As for the TNG panel, after the debacle at D*C, I'm not sure that I would have gone to it even if I could have walked right in without waiting in line. Several of them came across as spoiled babies who have no respect for the fans who have revered them and helped boost their careers. I have no time for people like that, which is why I have such ever-lasting love for Nathan Fillion (and the whole Firefly bunch, really.) He is aware and grateful that his Firefly fans have had a part in his success.

  18. It's totally costume glue keeping her contained. Many actresses use it when they have a plunging neckline to wear on the red carpet.

    I just wanna know if the Christopher Reeve look alike stuffs his costume like Reeve did?

  19. POWDERED TOAST MAN!!! Aha ha ha ha!

    And that is the first time I've seen a Weird Al Yankovic cosplayer. Very clever, dude, very clever.

    These posts are fantastic, Jen! They should create a photo-posting job just for you. :D

  20. OMG, Michael Dorn got OLD! Dang! Suddenly I feel very much that way myself. {sniffle} It's been a while since I've been to a con; how dare these people age along with me???

    The costumes look great, though, even if I don't know what two-thirds of them are even when you name them. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy them anyway!

  21. Powdered Toast Man!!!! Yes!!!!! I love Ren and Stimpy; I still have my Log. ;-)
    Gotta get to a Con. It's becoming a moral imperative.

  22. POWDERED TOAST MAN!!!! I love it! Sometimes I sing the Log jingle to myself.. just because.

    "It's log, it's log.. it's big, it's heavy it's wood" Sigh.. when cartoons were awesome...

    Forgive my stupidity, but in the picture you tagged for your friends Scott & Missy... who are they? I'm at a loss.. Lady in pink is o.O

  23. Majin Buu!!!! I love Majin Buu! And as for the one lady, I say it's roll on body adhesive. (Also known as sock glue in the Irish dance world.) You can get it at a lot of places, and the stuff is amazing. Especially for strapless items.

  24. Yay, thanks for the shout-out!

    Much as I'd love to do a con as The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, neither of us is in shape for it.

    However, we happened across Superman II the other day on TV, and I thought we could make a nice General Zod and Ursa. Classics!

  25. Did you (or anyone else there) see the guy dressed as Marty from Back to the future? He took a picture of my husband, son and myself, but it didn't hit me who he was until he started to walk away. It was such a wonderfully perfect yet subtle costume.
    This was our first con (we were all dressed steampunk) and LOVED it. Thank you Jen for exposing me to all this through CW and now Epbot, otherwise it would never have really been on my radar.

  26. That last one made me laugh!! I remember watching Ren & Stimpy all the time!!!! ...and powdered toastman's saying "Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!!"

  27. Question - what's the best way to find out about some conventions (non-sucky conventions) that wouldn't involve a trek to the other side of the country for me?! I'd love to get into the convention scene - just looks like too much fun!!

  28. MINIONS!!!

    Ah, I love the Venture Bros.!

    I have a silly crush on Doc Hammer ^_^

  29. My friend went to Megacon and I really wanted to go but couldn't. :[ I am jellis.

  30. Laura -- the pair you asked about are from the Venture Bros. cartoon. The one in pink is Dr. Girlfriend, and the guy with wings is the Monarch.

    Clever names, no? :D

    Jen, these are fun pics as always! I want moar. :D

  31. the zombie pirate kinda looks like Captain Jack Sparrow at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean (the very first one... remember that one?) when he is cursed and running through the moonlight in the treasure cave. Anyone else see it?

  32. Are you sure the zombie pirate was smiling at you? Maybe he wanted to eat you! Say it with me now....BRAAAAAIINSSS!

  33. The Monarch! and Doctor Girlfriend! YES. My fiance and I are still planning on putting together a costume for them, though I'm intending on going as Doctor Mrs The Monarch. But still, Venture Bros. cosplay: always A plus. :D

  34. I think the skeleton pirate is supposed to be Captain Jack Sparrow from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie...
    I wish I were there!!!! My friend and I are currently scheming to get to Dragon*Con this year... *evil cackle*

    ...Oh. huh. There's her comment over there. *laughs*

  35. The sun has come out! Thanks for posting these awesome pics, Jen! I really like the steampunk (especially the one with the tricorner hat), and I LOVE the skeleton zombie (smiling--Now how can my day not be better with that?)!
    So, do you dress up for these things? You should 'cause it looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to see what creative costume you and John could come up with.

  36. I love seeing costumes like these. They give me inspiration for my imaginary costume for my imaginary convention.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I second the glue hypothesis. I'm not sure what other names it's found under but "sock glue" can be rolled on and does a really good job of attaching lightweight fabric or small latex appliances to skin while being easy to remove. The only downside is that if you sweat too much it comes loose since it's water soluble. I use it to attach my pointy ears at cons.

  39. The "Hope and a Prayer" girl is a Star Sapphire from the Green Lantern comics.

  40. the fact that you haven't seen enough ren and stimpy to know of powdered toast man makes me weep for you! you should go watch it now:) it's amazing:)

  41. i agree with ncsudancelover that the zombie pirate is most likely jack sparrow in the first movie after he takes a coin out of the chest and hops into some moonlight to evade getting himself killed (in typical jack sparrow fashion heheh)

  42. Firm Grip ^_^ It's a pageant swimwear trick that is most likely one of her tricks for keeping that costume on. But wowza.

    I love the superman growl by the way.

    WV: lizoids: something you'd expect to see at a con.

  43. For some reason, I find it incredibly awesome that someone dressed up as the Powdered Toast Man. I haven't watch Ren & Stimpy in about 15 years or so, and even then, I never really cared for it, but I knew that's what the costume was from the second I saw it.

    I hope they have Cons in England, cause I move there tomorrow, and it'd be nice to go to one.

  44. You didn't know Powdered Toast Man!??! Ren and Stimpy was a classic I-shouldn't-have-watched-this-as-a-child show!!

  45. Powdered Toast Man AND Jonathan Frakes! *sigh* What a con!!!

  46. Oh my goodness, Powdered Toast Man is AWESOME!!!! So good to see him at a con!
    And the Drow was a little creepy. I wouldn't really like to see that full-screen, either.

  47. I love all of this, but had no idea who any of the characters were. . except Powdered Toast Man! I love all the steampunk stuff and where I saw this site
    Hope you like it!

  48. 1. Gambit!!!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!!

    2. Girl with the fall-off costume, looks like there's a fake-out cut-away for her boobs... If you look close enough, which I did because I was wondering how the hell that worked, it kinda looks like a slightly different shade of skin tone, so I'm assuming a flesh-toned panel... Figure skaters do it all the time...

  49. Heres the Skeleton Pirate's FaceBook site.
    He doesn't even have a face!!!!


  50. The Splicers are my friends!!!! I sent them the link. I was looking through all the blog posts, and was hoping to catch them in the background, but they got an actual pic. lol

  51. I think if you look very closely at hope & wish costume girl (I am sure John can help with that part), you will see that I believe those boobs are fake. They appear to me to be plastic & attached to her collar and the costume...I could be wrong though. It is an old drag queen trick.


    Must convince the Taller Half to do that with me sometime. Maybe Halloween... *starts plotting*


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