Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Getting Hoth in Here

So while I'm roasting down here in my Florida sunshine, you guys are sending me pics like this:

By Michele H.

And this:

By Brandi M.

And even this:


Catherine R. even spotted a snowboarding Wookiee:

I love it!

This little cutie has the coolest horsie in the 'verse:

via @DarthVader, by Migpix

I'm sure you've probably seen the snow Jabba by now, too. Yep, I'd say winter seems to agree with Star Wars geeks. Although we really need some life-size tauntauns next, don't you think?

And finally, not Star Wars, but an amazing feat of icy engineering by Epbot reader Allison H. and family:

This little house took Allison and three helpers 6 hours and 600 snow bricks to build. WOW. (Did I mention that she and her hubby are both architects?)

And why is it so small?

So their son could enjoy a house just his size, of course!

All together now: awwwww.

Check out Allison's blog for more photos and fun, and thanks, everyone, for sharing the coolness! I think I'll go crank the air now and dream of layered clothing.

Seen any other awesome snow sculptures or structures? Share your links in the comments!


  1. How awesome. I now know what I'm going to do with my son's AT AT next...

  2. So awesome!! But just looking at the pictures made me cold! I'll stick to sunny SoCal and the 75-80 degree weather we've been having this week!! =)

  3. This
    is the coolest snow slide I've ever seen. Totally want to grab a disc and spend hours sliding down it...


    Snowman slide!!

  5. Cool! Thats what it looks like here in Minnesota. Its warming up here and the snow is starting to melt but we still have a few feet.

  6. Have you seen this?

  7. How cool is that mini house!

    My kiddos are oohing and aahing over your post today. Helps that they just got book orders in and are dying to get the star wars sticker collection.

    No more snow here, or they'd be begging to make a scene of their own!

  8. Perhaps you already realize this, but back in January when Atlanta was hit with the snowstorm and was subsequently stuck in ice, the area was dubbed "Hothlanta." There were many pictures and videos taken of Star Wars action figures in the snow to take full advantage of the nickname. :) (A quick YouTube search will bring up lots of hits.) [[sorry if this got posted twice...]]

  9. @ Thumbellina - No, I totally missed the Hoth nickname! Although I do hear "Hotlanta" every Dragon*Con, because of the heat. I guess the jump to "Hoth" made sense from there.

  10. I don't know if they are Harrison Ford-Life size, but this Tauntaun is life-sized for a 3 year old.

    (i hope the html link thing works. my apologies if it doesn't.)

  11. kelly, did you see the post before the Tauntaun post?

    Sno-bocop starring the smallest Robocop ever!

    Remember our favorite little cyborg? He's at it again!

    From the first photo, where do you get an AT-AT that big? I mean it doesn't look human-sized or anything, or maybe it is and I'm just trying to convince myself it's an optical illusion...?

    I feel sorry for the face-planted AT-ST. I always thought of AT-ATs and AT-STs as being alive themselves, kinda like how they were depicted in Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side. (Something, something, something, complee-T.)

    The Burton Inspiration

    WOO HOO! First time I wrote the HTML code for a link without looking!!! ;)

  12. Here's your asked for snow tauntaun:

    He also has a rather awesome snow Robocop on a different post.

  13. unrelated:

  14. I think I'll stick to my Tauntaun sleeping bag...SO much warmer than getting out in the snow to make any of those creatures! That said, those are some wicked cool creations...

  15. My husband and I built snow dogs this year - in the shape of our dogs.
    Snow Wheatens!

  16. O. M. G. Totally loving the R2D2 and AT-AT!! But wishing I had the sunny Florida weather you are enjoying!

  17. I haven't actually seen any of these (and I'm kind of surprised) but I've always loved Calvin's snowmen/creatures from Calvin and Hobbes. Every winter I would aspire to create one...and I never did. Now I live in a place where it might snow once every ten years and the opportunity is most likely gone for the foreseeable future. But it's definitely something I would love to see others do. (Anyone?)

  18. I don't have pictures, because my very rude neighbour instructed her brats to tear it down out of spite, but my spouse and I spent 6 weeks building up a wonderful mountain of snow in the main yard of my condo complex. We managed to make it over 8 feet tall and it had a 10 foot radius. We spent the last 2 weeks carving out the interior to make a giant igloo-esque structure with snow-block walls leading to the entrance. Just as we completed it the girls next door spent 6 hours demolishing it for no reason other than the fact that their mother thought it wasn't safe and wouldn't let them go into it.

    Not that I usually like to see kids get hurt, but I did find it rather ironic and funny that for all her worries about safety, the only time her "angels" got hurt was when she allowed them to try and demolish it.

    The structure was soi solid that after an hour and a half of these two kids (12 and 7 - 95lbs and 75 lbs) jumping and pouning on the roof before one of them finally got her foot through. Even after breaking through the roof with her foot, it was another 3 1/2 hours before they were inside.

    We ended up with a circle of wall that couldn't be torn down that was unevenly about 5-7 feet tall. I cried for hours that night over the petiness of some people since the whole project was intended to make a giant snow playground for all the kids in the neighbourhood.

    We tried to rebuild making it so that the girls couldn't climb on top to wreck it again and this time all the children got involved. Unfortunately the mother of those sweet angels called our p[roperty manager complaining that her babies would be hurt because of this and they brought in a bulldozer to get rid of it this time.

  19. Jen, Check this out!
    you'll love it!


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